Dan strolls down the streets of New Orleans, his Taco Bell cup in hand.

<Nephthys> is currently pacing around her apartment building. She’s got some preparation to do before the full moon next week and she wanted to suss out just how many spirits she’ll have to evict building her den realm. She’s a woman of north-african descent dressed in a pencil-skirted suit with hard high heels.

Dan is just enjoying the evening. He’s been doing a lot of research lately and is just looking to blow off a bit of steam at the moment an unwind. He’s an unremarkable looking man with medium length unkempt brown hair, wearing jeans, a black hoodie, and beat up Chuck Taylors. He tends to spend a fair amount of time looking at/playing with his phone, but never seems to walk into anything or lose sense of his surroundings.

<Nephthys> Looks up at Dan as she passes him. His nature pinging to her honed senses. She waves his way, then spotting the phone decides to follow him instead. Her heels clacking as she does

Dan somehow notices her waving despite staring at his phone and heads over towards her to see what she wants.

<Nephthys> Smirks at him playfully “Evening. Nice night for interesting people to be out and about.”

Dan looks straight at Nephthys for a minute as his eyes focus and unfocus briefly. “yes, interesting people about indeed I see. I’m Dan, and who might you be?”

<Nephthys> “Nephthys. I’m new in town, still meeting all the intrigeuing people around here.” She says grinning from ear to ear.

<Dan> Well, I’ve been away for a while and just got back. So I’m not exactly new, but I don’t know everyone either. So where are you from Nephthys? And what are you up to here?

<Nephthys> “Aswan, Egypt. And i’m here to study.” She says shrugging. It wasn’t a lie but it wasn’t the whole truth either.

<Dan> Never been out to Egypt, but I’ve read about it. Sounds like an interesting place. I’m here studying myself. I feel we may have some research overlap even based on what I see. I can tell you have a certain spark of life about you.

<Nephthys> smirks and sarcastically quips “Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

<Dan> Well, in public we try not to be TOO obvious about things, but I’m sure I was able to see it the same way you were able to pick me out of the crowd, so…

<Nephthys> rolls her eyes “Obviously hiding things with sarcasm is beyond the perview of the world.” She says chuckling. “Seriously, ‘spark of life about you’. That’s about as obvious as shouting it from the rooftops.”

<Dan> well, if someone who knows is listening in, we’re already boned anyway and no use trying to hide it. But if a random passerby hears it they’ll just think I’m hitting on you. It serves its purpose well enough. Though we could go somewhere more private if you prefer and be less oblique.

<Nephthys> shrugs and says “My place is upstairs. Mind you I’m still unpacking.” She says gesturing to her apartment building.

<Dan> Sounds good to me. *he takes another sip from his cup and follows in the direction she indicated*

<Nephthys> leads Dan up to her apartment, a loft up two flights of stairs. It’s in a partially unpacked state, with a large pile of books next to a partially assembled ikea bookshelf. There’s a futon, an easy chair, no TV, and lots of boxes.

Dan looks around the room, quickly noting the titles of the books out on display and trying to get an idea of which have been read. “Want some help with that bookshelf?”

<Nephthys> shrugs “I’ll get to it at some point.” She says “Havn’t had time. Distracted.” Her books are a very ecclectic bunch, notably they’re in lots of different languages, most certainly some Dan doesn’t recognise.

Dan will quickly memorize all the titles, including the ones he doesn’t recognize for later study. “No worries. I know how it is, moving is pretty terrible.”

Dan punches some buttons on his phone which generally seems to be in his hand at all times

<Nephthys> heads to the kitchen and puts on a pot of tea “Oh the moving isn’t that terrible, it’s just trying to find time to actually do things.” She says chuckling “So you’re a mage.” She then says smiling

<Dan> Yes, and you’re a werewolf it seems. The first I’ve seen here, though I know a few mages and a vampire or two in town.

<Nephthys> bursts into laughter “Nope! Guess again!” She says smiling brightly.

<Dan> Huh. Well, some type of shifter for sure (well, unless I totally misread things), but I suppose you couldn’t guess what type of mage I am so we’re somewhat even I guess.I’ll admit to not knowing a lot about shifters.

<Nephthys> shrugs at that “True, but the next time you accuse a cat like me of being a dog you might get clawed.” She says smirking, leaving out exactly what type of cat she is.

<Dan> Cat eh? Well, I guess the Egypt thing would make sense then. I guess more reading for me to go.

<Nephthys> “Mmmhmm.” she says smirking “Though there are other shifters there. Snakes and such.” She says shrugging.

<Dan> Yes, trying to figure out what’s real and what’s myth is about 90% of the job researching here, even when you automate parts of it. There’s a huge list of potential shifters from world wide mythology and almost certaInly some are real and some are fake. Not that I have a great way to pull apart the truth there but there’s some data. *his eyes unfocus a few more seconds, as he looks down at his phone* Bastet eh?

<Nephthys> Narrows her eyes. Even with her spirit gifts and abilities to discern the truth that bit should have been hidden from him. Either way she shrugs “Yes. That’s the right term.”

<Dan> Well, a quick googling of werecat shows a few options for names, add in a bias towards Egyptian nomenclature, plus some regression over likely correct sources.. it’s not exactly magick. *he grins a bit sheepishly* Like I said, research is mostly throwing out what’s wrong until nothing else is left. But that was still only the most likely answer, so glad I got it.

<Nephthys> Shrugs “There’s secrets hidden in wrong answers as well as right ones. Don’t discard them too quickly.”

Dan looks thoughtful for a few seconds, then hits some more keys on his phone. “Excellent thought, I’ll have to keep that in mind”

<Nephthys> Shrugs “At any rate. I’m Nephthys, I’m friendly. I do know that some mages have… historically not respected the territory of shifters. This is mine, both here and the umbra. Understand?” She says gesturing to the room

<Dan> Umbra? *pokes at his phone* If I’m reading this right, that’s not a worry at all. And hey I respect everyone’s apartment, as I’d expect you to respect mine. Yes, we both are drawn to the same places of power which through history has lead to… some unfortunate conflict. I hope we can avoid that here.

<Nephthys> “I hope so.” She says softly “Because I would hate to have to show you my claws in anger.”

<Dan> Yeah, I try to avoid fights myself, lacking in claws as I do. I’m more a share in knowledge and power type personally to the degree possible. It’s why finite resources are just so frustrating.

<Nephthys> Shrugs “There are ways around money…”

<Dan> Yes, but what we call tass and you call… something else, isn’t something that you can just break into pieces and share around. And the sites that generate it are similarly difficult historically to share.

<Nephthys> Frowns at that “There’s other ways around that too. Have you considered asking the spirits for help?”

<Dan> Spirits and I aren’t quite on speaking terms. Not any hate, just that’s not my focus.