Sparks seems to be hanging out downtown most likely at a dairy queen it was a hot day and nothing sounded better then some ice cream.

<Nephthys> After her brief excursion into the wilds, the werecat decides ice cream would certainly hit the spot. She’s gotten back dressed in her usual suit, though getting all the water out of her hair has been difficult. She’s a woman of north-arican descent and as she heads into the Dairy Queen her heels clack against the floor.

<Nephthys> paused upon entering the establishment. Her eyes darting right at Sparks. She felt a power that was definately from Khem. There was no doubt about it. She approached cautiously. “Evening.” she says in cold, slightly accented english.

Sparks would look curiously over to Nepthy her seeming to be rather curious of the women that just walked in, she seemed to be from an interesting biological descent. “Oh hello there.” Sparks seems very surprised at this whole thing and seems to jump slightly.

<Nephthys> chuckled at that. “Oh and I thought I was jumpy. No you just seemed interesting from across the room. Mind if I join you?” She asks. With more words, it’s clear she has an arabic accent, with some hints that it’s distinctly coptic.

Sparks. “Oh I just didn’t expect to get anyones attention so quickly my names Sparks, and sure you may join me. I’m not that Anti social.” she giggles softly

<Nephthys> “Well you know what they say about strange people.” She says grinning slightly “They attract each other. Either way, have you ever been to Egypt?” She asks grinning much broader. Looking like a cat with a new toy.

“Well it’s complicated, I have never been myself but I do seem to have the experiences of being there

<Nephthys> “Well. I’m from Aswan.” she says softly “Maybe you’d like to discuss your experiences somewhere less public? Or perhaps you speak Arabic?”

“I wouldn’t mind talking elsewhere that was less public, but first of course we need to get some ice cream, more so for you, you look very hot girl.” she winks playfully

<Nephthys> smirks “I’ll get some to go. What’s your poison?” She asks getting out her wallet

she smirks cheekily to Neph. “Well hopefully I haven’t irritated you so much already you want to poison me…but ice cream wise a large oreo blizzard would be so good!!”

<Nephthys> has a quick trip through the line, and gives Sparks her blizzard and has for herself chocolate dipped in hardened chocolate

Sparks grins to Neph and says with a smirk. “Man you are pretty awesome right now look how good this looks.” she says looking at the blizzard and finally beginning to scarf it down…her holding onto her head and crying out softly in agony. “Oh god brain freeze, girl down girl down.” she says slowly letting her body slouch down the chair dramatically

<Nephthys> just raises an eyebrow at that and takes a lick of her own ice cream before offering Sparks a hand to get back up.

Sparks smirks playfully to Neph and takes the hand. “Sorry I can be a bit over dramatic and whacky.”

<Nephthys> “No? Really? I never would have guessed.” She says snarkily. “If you’d like we can chat in my car. I’m new in town and you can show me the sights.”

“I’m pretty new too but perhaps we can go bowling that’s always fun or did you have a view you wanted to really see I know a few of them because I took the tour myself.”

<Nephthys> “I was more interested in talking about Khem.” She says using the more ancient term for egypt to see if it rang any bells.

Sparks: oh yes that would be quite the interesting conversation that a certain part of me would know quite well.

<Nephthys> nods then gestures with her head to the door before heading thataway

Sparks nods as she comes out with Nepth

<Nephthys> has a brand-new black sedan and heads to it… Frowning and smudging off a little bit of dirt that got on the door.

<Nephthys> climbs inside and unlocks the passenger door for Sparks.

Sparks comes into the door now that is was unlocked for her. “Man this is a nice car looks brand new.”

<Nephthys> “It is.” She answers. “So. I’m a werecat. One with a long history in Egypt. I’ve never quite met someone with an aura like yours…” She answers

Sparks: “Oh that’s so cool I’ve never met a were anything before, I’m what you call a mummy so I died once before and now I’m not dead anymore.”

<Nephthys> That gives Nephthys an eyebrow raise “You don’t look like you’ve been dead for a few thousand years…”

Sparks: “it’s weird right? so basically what happened is I have some old guys spirit in my body who gives me the ability to be resurrected as a mummy and in return I have to help people.”

<Nephthys> Looks somewhat dissapointed “Really… it felt more like you were chosen by Osirus or something…”

“We are chosen by Osirus by his spell of life is the reason I life now.”

<Nephthys> that got her attention. “We’re the children of Bast.” She says hoping that would ring some bells. “Especially my tribe, the Bubasti.”

“Bast isn’t that the cat god if I remember correctly?”

<Nephthys> “That’s right. Mother of cats, mistress of revenge, lady of beasts…” She says sounding dissapointed again… How can someone who was chosen by the egyptian gods care so little for them.

“I am new to this whole egyptian thing, the thing with this is we were chosen to have a second chance and to use that second chance to help others, part of which is we tend to learn a lot of these gods and even see the underworld

<Nephthys> Sighs slightly “No offence, but even being what I am, if I didn’t know half of this stuff they wouldn’t even let me outside let alone just leave me out in the world.” She frowns a bit “You probably don’t even know about the war against Set…”

“The Followers of Set? oh ya we hate them, they give us a lot of trouble and we tend to keep away from them, I hear they even kicked a whole tribe of shifters out of eqypt with some weird spell.”

<Nephthys> perks up again “And kept another tribe from leaving.” She says and smiles devilishly, maybe she could help with what she’s seeking.

“Sparks: Man those set guys really really suck then that is brutal as hell.”

<Nephthys> “MMmhmm.” Nephthys agrees. “I’m actually looking for ways to undo those curses if you don’t mind keeping an ear out. Maybe some memories might crop up?”

“maybe they might my friend.” she smiles and writes down her number and hands it to the shifter.

“I’ll keep an ear out.”

<Nephthys> writes down her own number, signing it with an eye-of-horus with a catlike pupil.

Sparks grins as she draws her very own eye of horus on her own signed paper.

<Nephthys> smirks “Either way. Stay in touch.” She says taking a big lick of her ice cream cone.

Sparks: “perhaps we can hang out Sunday then it’s my birthday that day.”

<Nephthys>”I’ll buy you a cake.” She says smirking “Any place you want me to drop you off?”

“Why don’t we hang out at your place perhaps we can do each other’s nails.” She smirks to the Bastet

<Nephthys> shrugs “I’m still unpacking…” She says chuckling

“Awww man lame, perhaps my place then, I’m not doing nails on the side of the street.” She smirks

<Nephthys> Shrugs and drives off for Sparks’ place after keying it into the GPS

Sparks seems to smile as she’s driven back to her place. “So what do you like doing in your spare time, my friend?”

<Nephthys> “Reading mostly.” She answers “Just got done reading Don Quixote.”

“I’m a gamer myself totally into gaming.”

<Nephthys> “Havn’t done much of that…” Nephthys says shrugging “Considering I was raised for this life, I havn’t had much time to just ‘be human’.”

“That’s a shame perhaps when you get time we can do a bit of gaming and just hang out.”

<Nephthys> “Besides electricity, let alone internet is crap in southern egypt.” she says with a chuckle.

“Heh I wouldn’t know that much, are they at least better then the US’s fucked up ways of throttling you?”

<Nephthys> “Dialup unless you’re crazy rich.” She answers

“Man that’s all kinds of just lame, Egypt isn’t an internet place.”

<Nephthys> “It’s not so bad. I’ve got a lot of time with books…”

I imagine you must get sand everywhere after a long day.

<Nephthys> “Better than mud.” She retorts pulling up to Sparks’ place

“Heh I suppose so, still I’d rather not have anything in my more private areas.” She smiles and gets out to unlock the door

<Nephthys> “Well that’s for anything really.” She says shrugging “But it’s easy to keep stuff out in cat form.”

“Shane for me that I don’t have the ability to shift between forms that’s a rather shitty point for me.”

<Nephthys>”Well for those, you use pants.” She retorts again.

“Full of jokes I see…I like that it’s fun.”

<Nephthys> “Sarcasm is part of the package. Meow.” She says giving a “claw” gesture with one hand.