<Nephthys> Gasps for air as she comes up on the other side and breathes in the sweeter scent of the umbra. Despite being wet this side of things was comforting as she swims to the shore of the river

This side of things is pure and wild and yet is slowly being overtaken by shadow, a corruption is creeping closer from downstream.

::Maryska focuses for a bit and after a little bit of time she begins to see the other realm, her hands reach out for it, her fingers find their way through the webbing between worlds as she pushes her way in, hearing, feeling, smelling the two worlds together for a brief moment before she slips fully into the spirit realm.* “This is not an easy place to slip into.”

}Elena Selune{ seems to have even more defined aquatic features here in the Umbra, her ears resembling tiny fins and what looks like gills in her neck as she swims to the shore and climbs out onto the bank. “It is because of the corruption. I want to perform a cleansing rite. Then it will be right again.”

<Nephthys> scrambles onto the bank. She shakes free some of the water from her skin and pants slighlty, not having liked the swim at all. “Alright. How can I help?” she asks

}Elena Selune{ “I know a ritual that will help remove the corruption and make the land pure again. It requires at least two shifters to assist… but more is good. Another has already agreed to help me as well. A large man-form named Jonas.”

<Nephthys> nods at that, covering her breasts with one hand but leaving the other dangling free. She may have been raised by Bastet, but there are some homid habits that you can’t break. She reiterates “Just tell me what to do.”

}Elena Selune{ nods. “I can get your contact information and reach you when it is time if you would like to help. For now… we’ll look for something that can help teach you what you need to know.”

::Maryska Looks about the place and nods slowly as she takes a moment and then looks at the pair of them. “Wait, what magic are you wanting to learn Nephthys?”

}Elena Selune{ looks around cautiously and then turns, heading upstream. “Best bet is to go this way… and we can avoid the banes as well.”

<Nephtys> looks to Maryska “I want to learn to sense the primal nature of people. To see which aspect of nature they work with.”

::Maryska nods and shrugs.:: “A valid thing to know.” ::she would follow the two up stream as she headed with them, her boots landing softly on the spiritual plane, she enjoys the walk with a sniff of the air, keeping her eyes open and her hands ready for a fight if one should arise.::

The group goes upstream some distance, and the landscape is not too different than where they came from, save for the lack of a bridge here being the most noticible thing. It’s very quite though, at least at first. The further they get upstream, the more alive things seem and the more noises they begin to hear.

<Nephthys> Keeps her wits about her. The umbra is beautiful, but dangerous. It’s the realm of Nala and Gaia and needs to be afforded respect.

}Elena Selune{ pauses after they get into an area that seems particularly noisy and full fo life. She watches the strange spirit creatures that move about freely, some looking like their more physical counterparts… some not. She takes a breath, which makes her gills flair up before she steps forward and speaks up. “<spirit speech> We are seeking a spirit to teach this one to

observe the nature of others in the physical realm.”, she watches carefully, and waits.

<Nephthys> sits crosslegged. In awe of the spirits. She’s been through the umbra a few times and it never ceases to impress her.

::Maryska looks around and then slowly lowers herself to her knees, resting on her heels as she places her hands on her thighs, though she looked relaxed, she was ready for a spirit that wasn’t the one coming to teach things, she was feeling al ittle more on edge after seeing the corruption.

A deep blue rabbit-looking creature starts to hop closer to the sitting Nephthys. It is the size of a medium dog and has a purple gem, resembling amethyst set into it’s forehead like a third eye. The eye shifts colors as it moves closer, much like an old mood ring.

}Elena Selune{ turns herself to watch, but is very careful not to disturb. She tursts Mary to watch and make sure that other things aren’t getting too close either… cause just because they are Gaian, doesn’t mean they are friendly.

::Maryska simply keeps her eyes open and her reactions ready.::

<Nephthys> Looks the rabbit over, tilting her head slightly in a more feline gesture, which looked odd in her current homid form “Good evening.” She says coolly

}Elena Selune{ “It says to gaze into the stone until you can see your own reflection, and you will come to understand.” As she speaks the colors start swirling and changing in the stone of the creature, rather hypnotically.

As Nephthys studies the swirling stone in the Bunkle’s forehead, she begins to see the reflections of anything and everything. As everything has an aura, a vibration… something that can be sensed if properly studied.

<Nephthys> Obliges the spirit gazing into the stone deeply. She tries to comprehend everything that it’s showing her, and this takes time… slowly she seems to know. And nods to the spirit. “Th… thank you.”

The stone once again turns a soft lavender before it turns and hops off into the more lush foliage again.

<Nephthys> Stands up “Alright… That’s what I came here for.” She says bowing to miss Selune and nodding to Maryska.

}Elena Selune{ watches curiously and smiles. “It knows you are trying to help. But we should be heading back… we should leave the area before nightfall. And to get you back, I need to take you through the water again.”

<Nephthys> laughs a little “Of course you do.” She says smirking “Lead the way.”

::Maryska would walk with them again, following the two, she would be quiet for a long while.:: “This place still makes me feel strange when I am here.”

<Nephthys> looks Maryska over “It’s the shadow of the world. Behind the curtain of the stage as it were. You’re kinfolk, it’s natural to be a bit… put off by the Umbra.”

}Elena Selune{ looks over at Mary and raises an eyebrow, then at Neph but she keeps quiet on that matter. “At least following the river makes it easy not to get lost.”

<Nephthys> nods “Reminds me of the Nile.” She says shrugging

::Maryska nods quietly.:: “I’m just not a spiritual person, too much time fighting, less time praying.” ::she rolls her neck a bit and looks out over the water.:: “No mater what stream, or river, if you were born close to it, you are born a part of it.”

<Nephthys> “Doesn’t mean I like being wet.” She says grinning “Just as you were born close to the Umbra and part of it.”

}Elena Selune{ smiles and then when they reach where the bridge should be she prepares to enter the water once more. “We all have water and spirit in us. But we are part of other worlds as well. Once we get back, I wish you safe journey and I hope to meet with you all again soon. Perhaps we can work together to clear the corruption out and keep it at bay.”

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