}Elena{ is skinny dipping in the river, playing around by the bridge under the trees. She giggles from time to time and slight splashings can be heard under there.

<Nephthys> Having figured it is high time for her to meet the other shifters, pulls up her car, a brand new black sedan, to Jean Lafitte park. With a slight sigh she steps out of the vehicle, making sure that nobody is around and disrobes before attempting to shift into Feline.

}Elena{ spends a little time, laying on the bottom, feeling the water rushing over her and watching the light above filter through it. She sighs a bit, soundlessly, before popping back up to the surface again to feel the sun on her.

<Nephthys> Shivers in the air now that she’s nude in the middle of a forest and sighs attempting to shift once again

<Nephthys> eventually manages to shift into her feline form. A black furred cat, far too large to be a housecat, too small to be a panther. She spends some time prowling through the woods looking for anyone else.

<Nephthys> eventually catches scent of another bag of clothes, and moves along the river. Looking for their owner. She’s not hiding, standing tall in her exotic feline form.

}Elena{ swims back and forth from bank to bank, graceful and faster than most animals would be even. Her silhouette visible as she doesn’t ever breach the surface.

<Nephthys> Waits by one of the banks, wanting to be noticed before approaching. She cleans a paw for a moment. The wilds were unfamiliar territory for her, especially wilds with this much wet dirt. The only wild training she did as a kit was in the desert of Aswan which was far easier to clean out of her fur.

}Elena{ pokes her head up out of the water and shakes a bit of it from her ears before noticing the cat sitting near to her things. She curiously swims closer, effortlessly moving through the water but stays in it as she studies the animal, blinking her secondary eyelids on her otherwise human face

<Nephthys> Looks closely at Elena’s face And nods at her. Understanding something hidden beneth the surface. She bows her head and steps away from her things, knowing that most likely they won’t understand her words in this form, she depends on body language

}Elena{ pulls herself just to the bank where she can sit in the shallow water, half in and half out. “I am guessing you are not some poor critter a local has dropped off. But you understand me?”

<Nephthys> Nods to Elena and purrs a moment. Not quite ready to shift before her yet, that could be construed as a threat. This is her least-threatening form and she’s sticking to it for now.

}Elena{ nods and remains in the water for now, where she feels safest. She brings a webbed hand up and uses it to pull the hair more away from her face. “I see. You should be careful out here. There have been banes tearing things up downstream. Some of us are trying to repair the damage though.” She tilts her head. ” You are very small… Are you a Spirit, or a Shifter?”, she asks with a pause long enough to get

an answer to either.

<Nephthys> was unfamiliar with shifters with webbed hands, though she had heard tales of aligators. Either way, she focused on shifting back into her breed form. Figuring that she’s with someone else nude so that would be less embarassing.

<Nephthys> shifts back into homid, covering herself with her hands “Shifter.” She says once her throat allows her to.

}Elena{ tilts her head, not the slightest bit embarrassed of her own form, she doesn’t bother covering. “Oh. I see. I have never seen one like you before, but have seen bigger cats. Are you looking for something?”

}Elena{ waves one webbed hand. “My name is Elena Selune. My other name is very hard to pronounce.”

<Nephthys> “My name is Nephthys.” She says bowing slightly “And I thought it was time I introduced myself to the other shifters in the area. I’ve never seen one such as you either… Frog?” She asks curiously

}Elena Selune{ blinks a little and then looks at her hands and laughs. “No, but I can see where one would get that impression certainly. I am more of an elemental in physical form. I do not change my form, but I do travel back and forth between this world and the world of spirits.”

<Nephthys> Nods at that and says “I’m new in town so I thought it would be best to introduce myself.” a fair assessment. “I am aware that there are a number of wolves here… I’m also looking for someone to act as a go-between so I can learn a spirit-gift.”

}Elena Selune{ watches her for a few moments more before responding. “There are a few shapeshifters, not all wolves. I can speak with spirits, and may be able to assist. Do you know what type of spirit you may be looking for and are you prepared for what it may ask in return?”

There are two naked women down by the bank of the river, one closer to the trees and the other sitting in the water and they are just talking back and forth.

::Maryska is meandering through the forest, possibly along a path that takes her close to the river bank. She’s only wearing a t-shirt and jeans with her biker boots, and still sporting her sunglasses as her foot falls land on the ground, she’s not attempting to be sneaky, she’s just out for a leisurely walk.

}Elena Selune{ perks up as she hears someone else coming, her senses very sharp. She slides into deeper water, but swims in the direction of the sound a bit to get a better look.

::Maryska’s foot falls don’t change in pattern, the voices get her attention, more so when they cut off, she glances in that direction and begins to make her way over, never know, if its a good swimming spot maybe she’ll be able to come here herself.

}Elena Selune{ glances toward Neph to see if she is going to hide as someone else comes over, since she seemed shy about her furless form. Elena on the other hand isn’t really bothered. She looks at the newcomer and smiles as she treads water in the deep part of the water, the current not bothering her and she stays in place easily.

<Nephthys> watches the newcomer for now. Still covering herself but not really saying anything. She offers a slight wave to her, with her free hand “Good evening.”

::Maryska would see Nephthys and smile at the woman.:: “Hello again Nephthys, it’s good to see we find each other frequently in this city.” ::she looks to Elena holding the grin, who is your friend?” ::Her mix of southern and Slavic accents makes for a strange sound.

<Nephthys> “I have just met her.” She says nodding at Elena

}Elena Selune{ swims back toward the shallow spot she was sitting in before. “Hello. I’m Elena. I work at the aquarium, but I have been cleansing the area of damage so I come here often as well.”

::Maryska crouches down on the waters edge running her fingers through the water.:: “Water’s nice, is it a private swim? Or can anyone join?”

}Elena Selune{ gestures toward the water with a webbed hand. “It’s not too fast, you should be fine. And I do not mind.”

<Nephthys> wrinkles her nose “Water… I’ve never liked water.

::Maryska takes a moment as she sees the woman’s hand, keeping it in memory as she begins to slip her clothes off, examining the brightness of the day and then looking at the water.::

}Elena Selune{ chuckles a bit at Neph. “Well, plenty of cats like water… but I suppose you are a desert variety by the looks of you.”, she ducks back into the water effortlessly and brings up her feet, which are very flat and almost flipper-like though they could pass for human feet at a distance. “Water is very cleansing, purifing.”

<Nephthys> shakes her head “And very wet… I’d prefer not to be wet, thank you.”

}Elena Selune{ smirks as she ducks down and moves along the bottom before popping up again. “Then you may not like how you would have to get into the Umbra to speak with your spirit you are seeking. Because I can travel and bring with me only those submerged in it.”

::Maryska keeps her sunglasses on as she slips into the water, she took off her underwear and bra as well, slipping into the nice cool waters.::

<Nephthys> frowns at that and slowly sticks a toe in the water trying to enter… it’d be at least a week before she could carve out her den-realm… So this would have to do. Still she moves carefully and cautiously into the water

}Elena Selune{ circles around, movinging quickly, even against the current. “You do know what you are looking for, and prepared in case it wishes to challenge you? You also did not answer what you were seeking it for.”

::Maryska looked between the women as she was now treading water.:: “you’re seeking spirits?”

<Nephthys> “Any gaian spirit can teach the gift I’d like to learn.” She says softly “And yes, I’m prepared.” she says as she’s finally in the water up to her waist

}Elena Selune{ swims past Mary, and smiles a bit at Neph. “She is. I talk to them all the time… and the ones here are scared. They have been under attack lately. So they may ask for help, now that you all are starting to arrive.”

::Maryska nods with interest.:: “I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve never met any that have… Aquatic features.. ”

<Nepthys> Has finally gotten in up to her neck “That’s what I said… Though I have heard tales of crocodiles…”

}Elena Selune{ swims a circle around Mary, watching her before nodding. “For simplicity sake think of me as a water elemental I suppose. Though part of me was once human and my form allows me to go out into the physical world to help cleanse damage caused by banes and such.”

<Nephthys> Looks over at Elena “How long do I have to be under?”

::Maryska nods a bit, she wanted to be a riddle, that was up to her, all riddles came to be solved eventually, one just had to have patience.:: “Very well, is this happening now? Am I to come for this bargain as well?”

<Nephthys> Nods to Mary “If you’d like… I’m just trying to learn something useful.”

}Elena Selune{ tilts her head and looks to Mary. “Can you cross yourself? It gets harder the more people i try to pull with me. You’ll only have to be under for a few seconds. We’ll go down and come back up on the other side, hopefully.”

::Maryska nods:: “I can do this on my own, I will meet you here, there.” ::she makes her way to the shoreline and begins to get dressed again, not seeming to care that her clothes will get wet, once she’s gotten dressed she draws a knife and just looks into the shiney blades surface.*

<Nephthys> dramatically inhales and then goes under.

}Elena Selune{ grabs onto Neph and pulls her across with her, sliding into the spirit world before they both rebreach the surface.