<Jonas> checks his little notepad and grabs the phone downstairs to dial Lynn.

<Lynn> answers her phone, eyeing the clock and the curtains before responding. “Hello?”

<Jonas> sits down on the little stool behind the counter, “Lynn? This is Jonas. We spoke previously about doing some work on your revolvers?”

<Lynn> moves about quietly, not much background noise. “Oh, yes. You’re ready then? I can be over in about 45 minutes.”

<Jonas> “Drop by. The shop is fully functional and waiting for work. I’ll see ya soon.”

<Lynn> “Alright. I shall be there shortly.”, she hangs up and then gathers her things, then checks her other messages before driving her jeep on over to Jonas’s place. She brings the case in, smiling from under the old fashioned hat.

<Jonas> was in the middle of holding a long barrel up to the light to look through it when the bell chimed on the door. He sets it down immediately next to 5 others and waves to Lynn, “Evening.” He heads over to the front counter where he conducts most of the business and motions for her to set the case down, “When was the last time you fired them, and how’d they seem? Anything specific I should be looking at first?”

<Lynn> thinks a moment. “Couple of months ago. Was teaching some guys at the range. Reaction time seemed slow but… Hard to say for me sometimes. I always am just worried I will break them. I tend to forget my strength when excited.”

<Jonas> nods and grins, “Vampire problems. Okay, so I’ll give ’em a once over. I’m gonna have to fully disassemble them to make some patterns and molds and get measurements for fabricating new parts out of much stronger materials. You’ll be without them for a bit while I do that and then I can return them until I get the parts made. It will take time, but that’s because I don’t call the job done until it’s done perfectly and you and I are

both happy with it.”

<Lynn> nods in agreement and puts her hand out, in that ‘shake on it’ stance. “Sounds good to me. I don’t use them too much save for target practice and right now I gotta whole nest’o snakes to deal with I’d rather use more- lethal measures on.”

<Jonas> “I’m working on something that will be amazingly lethal even to us despite still being just a gun. Also, I’d like in on the snake hunting.”

<Lynn> looks somewhat intrigued at that. “I’d love to have a look when it’s done. As for the snakes, more the merrier in that department. If we find something first, we’ll make sure you’re called.”

<Jonas> nods, “Excellent. I’ll get to work on your revolves tonight, then, and will call you as soon as you can come pick them up. Are you interested in custom ammo for them? I’m currently doing some silver rounds for a few people. I can do something with lower power cowboy loads if you want?”

<Lynn> looks like she is considering, then nods. “Sure. Also would like ten rounds for a .50 Cal … We are thinking of using some bait and nailing that nasty thing running around from a distance before he even knows we are there.”

<Jonas> “Gimme a second.” He heads off toward the door marked “Private” in the back. After about 2 minutes he comes back out with a box that looks pretty small in his hand. He offers it to Lynn when he gets back to the counter, “From my personal stash. These are Hornady match ammo. Nothing spectacular but as far as your basic bullet goes high quality. I’ll write the cost into the work I’m doing for you. It’s $55 before tax and I suck at


<Jonas> “What sort of 50 cal do you have?”

<Lynn> pops open the box as she takes a look. “Barret M82A1.”, she offers with a shrug. “I am hoping one or two shots will be enough to drop it, but worst case it should slow the thing down so those at close range can finish it this time.”

<Jonas> nods and smiles slightly, “Good choice. I have one of those as well. Are you talking about a corrupted werewolf? I’ve heard mention of one. Maybe I should cast some silver 50’s, too.”

<Lynn> nods as she closes the box back up. “Yeah. That thing is going to be a problem. We are getting reports of sightings, people going nuts… It needs put down.”

<Jonas> “I’d be a horrible protector of people if I didn’t help with that, too. When’s the hunting party leaving and who’s bringing the beers?”

<Lynn> laughs lightly, nodding. “You tell me what kind I will make them available. As for timing… I am told the other heavy hitter has a moon problem so we will have to time accordingly.”

<Jonas> “Moon problem is one way to put it. I should be ready as soon as he is. I don’t think my pet project will be, but that’s okay. I still don’t have enough ammo to fire it for more than like a second or two anyway.”

<Lynn> nods her head a bit at that. “Okay, sounds good. I am told they have a plan of sorts but… I will let you know if we get a date set.”

<Jonas> “Alrighty. For now I have some work to occupy me. I’ll be in touch.” He extends his hand.

<Lynn> shakes his hand firmly and smiles. “Good. I look forward to working with you.”

<Jonas> “Same here. Catch ya later.” He’ll take the case over to another workbench and pop it open after laying out some supplies like pencils, paper, a micrometer and such.