::Maryska made her way into the park like she did the previous nights, blue jeans and western boots, leather jacket with a denim vest over top, black T-shirt underneath and wearing mountaineering shades with leather blinder caps on either side. Seemed to be a popular place so she made her way to the first bench she met everyone.::

<Nephthys> is at the park as well. She stands out somewhat, being a woman of north-african descent wearing a black pencil-skirted buisiness suit with a gold eye-of-horus necklace, and a pair of ankhs hanging from her ears. She has ditched her heels from the previous day for a pair of sneakers, better for walking through the park with at any rate.

::Maryska s eyes scan through the park, seeing the few people strolling around at this time of the day, making sure she can ensure that she isn’t giving anything away, allowing her gut instincts, the animal instincts that she’s managed to culminate over the years of her training to help her, her eye’s falling on Nephthys, her nostrils flare a little as she seems to feel some of the same connections, but still remaining

wary, not really wanting to reveal too much at the moment, but definitely taking in the obvious cultural references to the sun god, she’d nod and speak politely regardless with a soft Ukranian accent mixed with southern twang.:: “Evening Miss, nice night.”

<Nephthys> spots Maryska and grins from ear-to-ear. Like a child eyeing their favorite sweet. “Evening.” She says walking up to her, feeling the same connection to Luna she herself feels. “It is nice isn’t it.” Her own voice has a distinct arabic accent, but it is still cold, calculating, flawless english without any mannorisms of her native tounge mixed in.

::Maryska nodded and gestured to the seat next to her.:: “if you want to have a seat and talk a spell I wouldn’t mind the company, not sure if you were heading anywhere in particular.” She would stand up showing a little etiquette to the person she was meeting as she made the offer. “My names Maryska.”

<Ashe> was bound to start thinking of this park as a second home from the frequency he was appearing here. He’d come to meditate, wearing a pair of black jeans and a sand coloured t-shirt that contrasted the straight black hair that hung loose down his back. As he rounded a path in the trail he paused. He wasn’t expecting to see Maryska here or the woman from last night, but he suddenly had the urge to playfully place bets on if

they’d get into a cat and dog fight. He approached from his position, sticking to the obvious open with a pleasant grin, “Well, fancy this. It is an honour El-Mahdi-san, maryska-san. I didn’t know you knew each other.

<Nephthys> chuckles upon spotting Ashe and waved him over “It’s alright, I just met miss Maryska.” She says smirking a bit. “Seems all of the strange and unusual are out tonight.” She adds looking between the two for cues on how the two feel about each-other.

::Maryska waves to Ashe with a smile.:: “Ashe my friend, come on over!” ::she then looks between the two. :: “we’ve only just met now actually, and thus far, it all seems pleasant.”

<Nephthys> smirks “Well I like to think I’m pleasant.” She says “Nephthys El-Mahdi.” She says nodding at Maryska “Recent arrival from Egypt.”

<Ashe> opens his arms, hands palm up in a helpless gesture and looks mockingly taken aback, “What? Strange and unusual? I’ll have you know that I am completely normal and boring. I am only strange on days that end in ‘y'” He grins and slips over to the bench to lean on it casually, “This park does seem to attract interesting people. maryska-san’s pretty cool, she helped me out the night I found out I was in crazy town.”

::Maryska grins:: “You were panicking and looking like a frightened deer, it was either help you or knock you out, and helping you seemed like it would cause fewer problems.”

<Nephthys> smirks “Sounds like Ashe.” She says chuckling slightly “Still I’m new so I’m not one to judge.” She looks around to make sure the humans are out of earshot “So, miss Maryska. What do you change into?” She asks deciding it’s safe.

<Ashe> Rolled his eyes, “At least this deer has some teeth.” He rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish expression, “Knocking me out… probably would have worked too, but Let’s save that for when we’re better acquainted.”

::Maryska looks up at Nephthys and speaks softly enough so that only they can hear.:: “I’m from the wolf family, but I do not change at all.” ::she shrugged slightly.:: “Blessed with something’s, sadly not that.”

<Nephthys> nods at Maryska “Ah well. I’m not a wolf, but I’m a… distant cousin let’s say. Siding with the Mother. I believe a meeting is in order, no?” She says leaning back against the bench.

<Ashe> was beginning to get the distinct impression that not being able to change was something that Maryska was not proud of, though the significance of it was lost on him, her words made it clear how she felt. At least they did to Ashe. Without thinking, he places an arm around her shoulder and gave her a squeeze of encouragement, “The blessings you have are more than enough, Maryska-San.”

::Maryska nods to the lady with a smile.:: “I’m happy for the company.” ::she pats She’s hand that wraps around her.:: “Thank you Ashe. So Nephthys, my distant cousin, recently from Egypt you say, how are things there?”

<Nephthys> “Hotter than here.” She answers dryly, “And a lot less green, except by the Nile. The nile is beautiful, especially at night.” She says looking up a the sky somewhat dreamily.

<Ashe> lingers with his arm comfortable around Maryska’s shoulders as he listens to the ladies talk, but he doesn’t have much to add or any real knowledge of Egypt, “El-Mahdi-San has travelled here to learn.”

<Nephthys> nods again, this time to Ashe “I’m a seeker.” She adds. “Seeking answers.”

::Maryska nods to both Nephthys and Ashe, and makes no move to remove ashes arm from her shoulder.:: “I just came here to see a new state, I was born in Texas, which is a nice place, my parents own a farm next to a river, really beautiful at night.” ::she looks at Nephthys.:: “what cha seekin? Or is it just to know things first hand? ”

<Ashe> was curious what Mahdi-San was seeking as well, but he hadn’t been keen on prying himself so he was silent for now. He’d made no secret of his own reasons for coming here

<Nephthys> thinks a moment on how to say it to Maryska without breaking her oaths. “My branch of the family has a curse.” She says looking at Maryska “We lost an important battle, and now we just want to serve the Mother more than we are. I’m seeking ways to weaken or break the curse.”

::Maryska s attention becomes more apparent, she actually seems to sit forward a little, her interest definitely towards the Arabian woman, her words come out with the sounds of piqued interest.:: “Oh really, looks like we might share somethin in common.” ::she rubs her finger on her lip a little.:: “There’s whispers about my family condition, a lot’s been lost over time.” ::Then she looks at Ashe for a moment.::

“You’re buyin me a drink later right?” ::she grinned a near predatory smile at the man as she asked the question

<Ashe> was also thoughtful, “Maybe you should talk to the voodoun? They know a bit about curses?” It was a long shot, but then Ashe was distracted by the odd question as he gave Maryska a slightly confused look, “Huh?” It takes him a moment to realize that his arm is still draped over her shoulders and his eyes go wide with a flustered blush as he all but leaps to the side as if burned, “That isn’t! That’s not. I mean… you’re

very pretty… not that I…” Ashe face palms, shuts up, and groans, “I’ll buy you a drink, Maryska-San.”

<Nephthys> looked at Maryska “Your family wouldn’t happen to be…” She looked at Ashe a moment and back to Maryska “One that walks… very very quietly would it?” She asks not wanting to say the words “Silent Strider” just yet, not in front of Ashe. She then chuckles “Oh leave the mouse alone. That is…” She flashes him her own look “unless he’s buying for both of us.”

<Ashe> makes another groaning noise, looking more flustered as his face is buried in his hand, “And you as well, Mahdi-San…”

::Maryska shook her head a little at the question, she knew what it implied.:: “Niet, mine are more of Shadow.” ::she grinned at Ashe.:: “why’d you take the arm away?” ::she patted the man on the shoulder and then looked back at Nephthys.:: “However, I believe we may be in a circumstance that is similar, even though they have different outcomes…it would not hurt for families to firm bonds over daughters willing to

break chains.”

<Nephthys> nods “Indeed. I’m sure a meeting with the other wolves are in order.” She says smirking and nods to Ashe. “Well then it’s settled I suppose.” She says chuckling his way.

<Ashe> holds out his hand, flustered despite the smile, “I didn’t wish to impose. I…” he trails off in what sounds like it might be embarrassed cursing in Japanese as he realizes they are teasing him, “Yeah… I think there is a decent bar not far from here.

::Maryska nods at the two and looks in the direction that the mage place was.:: “did we want to just go back to that rather nice place from the other night? We can speak freely and enjoy drinks.” ::she looked between the two looking for a confirmation or declining action at her suggestion.::

<Nephthys> “I’m still learning all the places about town.” Neph says at Maryska’s suggestion. “And I could use a drink… It’s hard to find decent alcohol in egypt, islamic country and all.”

<Ashe> shook his head, “As a newcomer, I would not feel comfortable bringing someone that has not been met by the ones established, to their home.” It was a matter of courtesy. Maybe it was a shifter thing, to bring people home, but it wasn’t Ashe’s call to make.

::Maryska shakes her head slowly.:: “Egyptians invented beer.. Not being able to have it is like Russians not able to drink Vodka.” ::she frowns a bit at that thought.:: “Well then let’s go to a bar that we can talk.”

<Nephthys> smirks “I’d say to speak in another language for security, but I doubt either of you speak Arabic.” She adds with a wink

<Nephthys> then looks thoughtful “Well we could pass notes. I can read any language if it’s written.” She says getting up, and dusting herself off. “Lead the way.”

<Ashe> Shakes his head, “I only know japanese and english, though it would be nice to learn a different language.” he waves for the ladies to follow, finally returning to a normal feeling temperature as he calmed down, “The bar I am thinking of has booths that are pretty private… and… I can keep our voices from carrying beyond us.” He winks at the two of them.

::Maryska chuckles.:: “No, I don’t speak Arabic, or Japanese, I would like to though, mostly because new languages are a new knowledge.” ::she pushes up off of the bench as the way is led by Ashe.:: “I could use a beer or two right about now.”

<Ashe> “Just don’t break the bank. No hundred dollar glasses of whiskey.” Ashe wasn’t hurting for cash, but it wouldn’t last long if they started trading shots of top shelf stuff.

<Nephthys> “I think a whisky with cream will do nicely.” she says with a slight purr

::Maryska nodded.:: “I’ll make it easy on you, one beer.” She grinned a bit.:: “I did say a drink.” She looked at Nephthys again.:: “whiskey and cream a favorite of yours?”

<Nephthys>”Yep.” She says smirking “Call me old-fashioned but it’s just something to get me drunk, and something to make it go down smooth.”

<Ashe> chuckled, “I think I can manage too beers.” He winks and holds the door open for the ladies both and only enters once they are past the threshold. The place is dimly lit, much like a tavern, and there are many booths and tables with various patrons around. Soft music played in the background of the drinking establishment and it seemed to be more a social club than a bar. Ashe would show them both to a booth and order a beer

and a whiskey with cream for the ladies and, finding out they didn’t carry sake, opted for a glass of diet coke, “I’m a cheap drunk.” He admits with a sheepish look. Once the drinks are delivered, Ashe takes a drink menu, unfolds it, and places it on the edge of the table like a short and useless little curtain that was maybe 10 inches high. He looks at the two ladies and grinned, “No one will hear us now.”

::Maryska looks at the tiny shield that the man it up and lofts a brow, then looks back at him.:: “You’re serious aren’t you.” ::she seemed to disbelieve the idea for a moment, but just shrugged, there were still a lot of things she didn’t understand totally and this may just have been one.:: “it’s interesting how quickly I’ve managed to make these incredible acquaintances in such a short time.”

<Nephthys> looks at the menu and nods “Neat trick.” She says sensing that he did indeed use some sort of magic. She slams back her shot , wipes the cream mustache off her face and then just as quickly licks it off her hand. “Very useful.”

<Ashe> grins at Maryska, “I’m serious. It’s a handy little trick, but not something that is hard to do. Mages can affect the world around them. Light, sound, heat, cold, energy…. I am pretty good at manipulating those things.”

<Nephthys> “Ah so *THAT* is what you are.” Nepthys purrs a bit “Havn’t met a namebreaker befor you.” She looks over at Maryska and then shrugs “I’m a cat.” She says nonchelantly.

<Ashe> “Namebreaker? What does that mean?” Ashe was pretty sure that he’d never broken anyone’s…. name… It was an odd moniker to him, “I kind of figured you were a cat with the picture you gave me.” He sipped his diet coke with a smile, “How many kinds of shifters are there?”

::Maryska smirks:: “It certainly suits you.” ::she says as she watches the woman with the cat like mannerisms.:: “I’ve never met a Cat shifter before.” ::looking at Ashe now as she sips a beer.:: “and learning more of magi.”

<Nephthys>”I’ve heard tales of crocodiles, hyenas, snakes…” She says shrugging “But there’s more wolves and cats than any others.” She says giving a glance at Maryska, sure that she knows why.

<Nephthys>”As for namebreaker, it’s a moniker that we use to describe mages.” She says thinking of how to explain it “As the stories say, you take what is named and twist it, meaning we need to come up with new names to define things.”

<Ashe> Lifts an eyebrow at that, “Huh… I never really thought of it like that. I certainly influence things, but twisting… isn’t how I see it.” He looks between the two of them, “How do you keep people from knowing about that? Shifters, that is. It seems like they would stand out…”

!identify Suzy Lavender1

<Nephthys>”I can’t speak to the wolves, but us cats are clever and can travel where we want unnoticed.” She says grinning ear to ear.

::Maryska smirks:: “Magic.” ::She chuckles as she takes another sip of her beer as she answers Ashe’s question.:: “It’s literally an innate thing in humans minds, they freak out, run for cover and forget it like a bad nightmare, that’s if anyone does something stupid.” ::she looks to Nephthys and gestures to the woman with the top of her beer bottle. “And that..although, from some of the instances I’ve seen of my

people, there are fewer clever ones.” ::she sighs, as if admitting that actually hurt a little.::

<Ashe> that got a laugh out of the young man, “Right. I shouldn’t have asked.” The shifters seemed to have their own kind of magic to them. It was a little surprising to hear Maryska speaking of her people that way. What sort of people could survive without wits? Especially in this world, “Your people sounds a little short sighted by that, Maryska-san?”

<Nephthys>looks between Ashe and Maryska and speaks up “The wolves did something I think Maryska wants to forget they did in the distant past. The world is still healing from those scars and I’m sure they’ve learned their lessons.”

::Maryska s eyes focus on the bottle and look at Nephthys for a moment and then back to Ashe.:: “When your own people are responsible for genocide based on stupidity, as well as a lot of other things..” ::she gestured to Nephthys.:: “There’s a reason why there are more cats and wolves than the others, and it’s not because of the cats.” ::she takes another swig of her beer.:: “I really don’t want to talk about the

errors of my ancestors though, learn, move on, make a new tomorrow.” ::she sounded more disdainful.:: “Mistakes lead to curses, and wolves have plenty of curses.”

::Maryska frowns.:: “Niet, I don’t wish to forget, I wish to fix.”

<Nephthys> Nods at Maryska’s statement and adds “And sometimes you get curses from doing the right thing but failing…” She says solumnly

<Ashe> lets out a breath, “The deeds of the past weigh on the shoulders of the decedents. I was always torn with the crimes of the parents falling to the children.” His Japanese Heritage was for it, but it wasn’t very american, “Hopefully you both will be able to alleviate your curses. Perhaps… mages might be able to help?”

<Nephthys> thinks on that for a while and then looks to Ashe “How familiar are you with Vampires?” She asks “And undoing their blood-magics?”

::Maryska frowns a bit more.:: “This conversation is depressing, people screw up, now it’s on us to fix it Da?” she grins and nudges Nephthys with a smile.:: “We’ll fix this, mend bridges, and our mage will help.” ::She grins and looks at Ashe.:: “Yeah! What the name breaker said.”

<Ashe> Blinked a little, “Well… I have met a couple vampires. I don’t know much about them, but they seemed decent enough. We could probably talk to them. I’d be honoured to help…” Ashe trailed off. did she just say -our mage-? Was he… claimed? “Ashe, not name breaker… you make me sound like I go out smashing things with magic.” He laughed at that.

<Nephthys>suddenly looks DEAD serious “No. Don’t breathe a WORD of this to them.” She says staring Ashe down. “I’m willing to trust wolves, and I’m willing to trust namebreakers, but not the corpses posing as people who cursed me and mine.” She says squaring her shoulders in such a way that if she was currently furry you’d be damned certain all the hairs on her body would be standing up.

::Maryska nods and sips her beer giggling a bit and then looks at Nephthys.:: “Yep.” ::then looking back at Ashe she nods.:: “Perhaps this is best kept between us three until we can find more of our own more discreetly.” ::she looks between them both and pats Ashe on the shoulder.:: “You’re a good man, you have honest desire in you, it’s good to have, I will enjoy spending time with you both.”

<Nephthys>Slowly calms down, her nostrils flaring a bit as she bites back the rage. Luckily she didn’t come close to frenzying, but it was still not pleasant, losing her temper like that. She takes a deep breath and says “Thank you, Maryska.”

<Ashe> Sits back, startled at Nephthys’ outburst, but he doesn’t cower or break eye contact, doesn’t yield. He isn’t aggressive though, merely holding his ground, “I won’t speak of it.” Ashe offers honestly. He wasn’t intimidated, but he respected a persons privacy and secrets. “I’ll see what I can find out outside of asking questions, but I am largely untrained as a mage and lack a good deal of learning.” He relaxes at the touch

on his shoulder and sips his diet coke.

::Maryska smiles a bit and gives Nephthys a bit of a sideways look and a grin.:: “We’re not just mans best friend you know.” ::she giggles a little and sits back further into the booth sipping her beer as she contemplates the two that she shares a table with.:: “All three of us wish to learn, grow, and accomplish something in our life times, and the two of us met fortuitously tonight…I believe the fates brought us

together, laid the paths for us to take to meet, we can utilize our knowledges for the benefit of common goals.”

<Isabelle> steps inside and lingers for a moment, while gazing about briefly as she takes in the mood of lounge bar. Then she let the music draw her in, wandering slowly towards the bar. She was young, with a very Irish look except for a lack of freckles – creamy pale skin, long red hair, and emerald green eyes. She was dressed for the hot, summerly weather in New Orleans, in shorts

made from a pair of worn jeans, a green top that matched her eyes, a braided leather wristband on her arm. She scouts for interesting people, while ordering tequila with lime and salt from the bartender, her gaze dropping eventually to Ashe and his companions. There was something about the Japanese-looking fellow, almost familiar … she found herself wishing for her pencils and

drawing pad, and mentally cursed herself for not thinking of bringing them. It was a perfect day for practicing. She was quite terrible at it, truth be told … her people were little better than stick figures, her cityscapes looked like something out of Toontown, her nature scenery looked something a five-year old could make, but portraits were both more complex – and at the same

time easier for her. She always needed to follow proportionate rules, and they always turned out better than anything she did free-hand. She realized that she had been staring rather much at the group, not just at Ashe … and lifted a hand to wave with an apologetic smile.

<Nephthys> “It’s alright, you didn’t know.” She says looking at Ashe. “But yes, vampires cursed us when we lost a great battle we faught standing side by side with the wolves.” She looked over past the menu that was on the side of the table and made their voices not carry past the table and raised an eyebrow “Friend of yours?” She asked looking between her two companions

<Nephthys> is a woman of north-african descent. Currently dressed in a pencil-skirted black business suit, and wearing an eye-of-horus gold necklace and a pair of ankh dangling earrings.

<Ashe> Was a man of Asian looking origin with long straight black hair that cascades down his back. He was wearing black jeans and a sand coloured t-shirt. To the magically attuned, magic was in use, dampening the sound leaving the table so that is was muffled and incomprehensible to anyone else at the bar. Ashe nods to Naphthys in empathetic understanding, “I am sorry for that, for what it is worth.” Then his gaze shifts to the

woman at the bar and he smiles warmly and kindly, waving a hand, “I don’t know here, but she seems interested in us… might be worth it to invite her over, and nice.” He’d wave Isabelle over to the table so she could enter Ashe’s affected area.

::Maryska sat sideways in the booth a little, one leg curled on the seat and under the other that dangled, she was wearing her hair long and black, seemingly just free of any real style, a pair of mountainerring sunglasses with leather blinders, even in this low din of light. Her face was youthful, seeming to have no lines or weathering, a black leather jacket surcoated by a denim vest, and a black t-shirt underneath

that, black jeans and a pair of biker riding boots. “hopefully she’s not a risk.” ::she says to the two that she’s sitting with.:: “I’m not exactly the kind that’s good at making people forget with magic…”

<Nephthys> Shrugs “I’m sure Ashe and I can cover up anything.” She says waving Isabelle over to the table and subtly listening to the spirits about her

(Derp, I forgot. The air around the booth is a couple degrees cooler than the rest of the room)

::Isabelle lifted her small platter with two shots of tequila, a wedge of lime balanced atop each shotglass, and a small container with salt in the middle, did a merry bow and appreciate nod to the ground, then made her way towards them. It rapidly became clear to her why Ashe had seemed familiar, as she felt the subtle Magick woven about the area, and enjoyed the cooler chill. The

first weave was an interesting one … dampening sound, at a guess? That would explain why she had overheard nothing from them. She made a mental note to replicate it for the future. “Thank you for the invitation … I’m Isabelle.” ::she placed her platter down at their table and took a free seat, still smiling brightly:: “”I’m sorry for staring, I was contemplating attempting to

draw you. Interesting faces usually makes me want to. But I didn’t bring my things tonight.” ::she nods towards Ashe:: “And we, unexpectedly, seem to have something in common, as well.”

<Isabelle> lifted her small platter with two shots of tequila, a wedge of lime balanced atop each shotglass, and a small container with salt in the middle, did a merry bow and appreciate nod to the ground, then made her way towards them. It rapidly became clear to her why Ashe had seemed familiar, as she felt the subtle Magick woven about the area, and enjoyed the cooler chill. The

first weave was an interesting one … dampening sound, at a guess? That would explain why she had overheard nothing from them. She made a mental note to replicate it for the future. “Thank you for the invitation … I’m Isabelle.” ::she placed her platter down at their table and took a free seat, still smiling brightly:: “”I’m sorry for staring, I was contemplating attempting to

draw you. Interesting faces usually makes me want to. But I didn’t bring my things tonight.” ::she nods towards Ashe:: “And we, unexpectedly, seem to have something in common, as well.”

<Nephthys> Lets out a curious trill of her tounge as Isabelle approaches “Well-well, Ashe. Seems more of yours are coming out of the woodworks.”

<Ashe> lifts his eyebrows at Isabelle’s introduction and gets a red tinge to his cheeks, “Ah, draw us?” He was flattered and also embarrassed. His eyes widen with a bit more surprise and he looks between Mahdi-san and Isabelle with borderline disbelief. “Someone… needs to tell me what keeps giving me away. Seriously.” But he laughed and gestured to a seat, “I am Ashton Blake, or just Ashe of the… Akashics?” He says that with

a little uncertainty, “At leas that is what the others think.”

::Maryska looks at Isabelle and tilts her head.:: “Hunh…cool.” ::she shrugs as she really has no idea exactly what she’s seeing, just something, sort of like Ashe, maybe they were the same kind? she’d stow that information for later however. “I am Maryska.” she offered to the woman as she joined them in the seat opposite as she was sitting on the inside of the booth next to Ashe.::

<Nephthys> Looks Isabelle over for a while and shrugs “Nephthys El-Mahdi.” She says shrugging “Pleasure to meet you miss?”

<Isabelle> “Your need for secrecy and cooling from the summer heat gave you away, cousin,” ::Isabelle comments, with a merry twitch of her lips:: “My Avatar may have provided a small nudge, as well.” ::she smiles a bit wider at the two women:: “Isabelle Temple, it is very nice to meet you both as well. You are, perhaps, Kindred?” ::she returns her attention briefly to Ashe to tilt

her head puzzledly:: “So the others say? Have you received no training, then?”

<Nephthys> Shakes her head “Havn’t heard that one. You have two more guesses.” She says with a grin.

::Maryska sips her beer and smiles at the lady that seems to be trying to guess, and Nephthys wanted to make a game of it, far be her from wanting to ruin someone elses fun, she just remained quiet for the time being.::

<Ashe> Winces, almost to himself, “Only the quiet is intentional.” He admits with a soft breath and a rueful look, but that changes to a small playful one as Maryska and Mahdi-san decide to have a guessing game, “I came to New Orleans, not long ago, to find others like me. The Akashayana Sangha… has been a set of words tuggin at my mind. I am… driven to find them. I have no training.”

<Isabelle> ::That ruled out vampire. Not that she had had much experience with them, but Kindred was their own term for their breed. Well, it was the Camarilla word. She knew there were others, perhaps with their own slang:: “Vampire,” ::she explains, not really expecting that to be the answer:: “Sorcerer?” ::it was a different type of Magick they used, and she had never had the

pleasure of meeting one – it was possible. She turns her head to answer Ashe::

<Nephthys> shakes her head “Strike two. One last chance.” She says waggling her finger at Isabelle.

::Maryska grinned looking at the new lady as she cleared her throat a little but still said nothing, sipping her beer, she moved the one foot curled under the other and put it on Ashe’s lap, setting the bottle down. “I believe you owe me a second beer?” ::She said with her Ukranian accent tinted with a texas twang.::

<Isabelle> sends Ashe a briefly sympathetic look. “If their name echoes in your mind, then it is for a reason. I hope you find them soon. I am of the Verbena. I cannot teach you to be an Akashic, but I can teach you some other things. I grew up in a family of Mages, I never carried the burden of having to learn alone. I would be honored to aid you on your path.”

<Ashe> Scratches the side of his head and gives Isabelle an apologetic look, “I am sorry Isabelle-san. I don’t know the difference between and Mage and Sorcerer. I only know what it is I seek and the other mages here called me Akashic. They said they will find me a teacher…. do you know of the other mages here… I would not turn down help in learning” She seemed to be educated and knowledgeable. The young man pauses then and

blinks. Something was on his lap? He looked down at the appendage and followed it to it’s owner and blushed and flustered at Maryska, “Ah… y-yes Mar-chan. Maryska, I mean.” He hurridly waves a server over, and drops the magic long enough to order another beer for his… friend… with a foot on his lap.

<Isabelle> ::What else … Fae seemed out of the question. Not more familiar with the Fair Folk than what she knew from fairytales, she couldn’t imagine them to be that. Werewolves? They did not look like werewolves, but she had only one guess left, and what did she know what a werewolf even looked like?:: “Werewolf?” ::she finally inquires, glancing between them questioningly::

::Maryska smiles to the man, and then looks at Isabelle.:: “for me, yes, I’ll let Nephthys tell you herself.” she looked as the other woman had taken a moment to go to the bathroom, and then back at Isabelle.:: “I am of that line, but I do not change shape.”

<Nephthys> chuckles “No-no. she had three guesses. That’s how it works.” She says smirking “I do change shape, but not to a wolf.”

<Ashe> would give Isabelle a hint, but he was more focused on the foot in his lap to be that cheeky. The beer he ordered was delivered shortly and Ashe was content to be quiet for the moment as he tried to figure out what this all meant…. maybe Maryska just wanted more room? He could have moved a little? But now there was a foot in his lap. He was trapped.

<Isabelle> contemplated acting to rescue Ashe from his predicament, but he was simply too endearing right now. She grinned a little, then nods the the other two:: “Well, half a win, I suppose … I am sorry to hear that you cannot shift, though. I hope that will change with time. Perhaps the community here can help, there are some very knowable individuaks here.” ::she thought Maryska

was a somehow handicapped wolf; she had never heard of Kinfolk::

::Maryska would take a hold of the beer and pull her foot off of the mans lap as she leaned forward, twisting in her seat a little, sitting next to him comfortably, looking at him.:: “for a cool table, you’re sweating a bit.”

::Maryska then looked to isabelle.:: “if such a thing happens, I will be happy, if not, then such is life.”

<Nephthys> nods “These things have been known to happen.” She adds and streaches out a little “But our cousins who can’t shift are still respected… at least for my part of the family.”

<Ashe> Swallows nervously and licks his lips, “Ah…. yeah… I am.” He admits sheepishly and looks around the table, “I… uh… need to run. Sorry… work in the morning.” And with that Ashe fled with a bit of an embarrassed look at Maryska as he blushed. (Player needs sleep)

::Maryska smirked and stood up as she finished her second beer, setting the empty bottle on the table top.:: “I must leave as well, hopefully I will see you again.” ::she nods to Nephthys and Isabelle.:: “safe evening.” ::she nods as she slips out for the evening.::

<Nephthys> waved goodbye to Maryska and leaned forward to look over Isabelle “So. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about undoing vampire blood-magics now would you?” She asks cautiously.

<Isabelle> nods and smiles warmly to both the women; she was happy to hear that there was equality, at least among Nephthys kind. She sends Ashe a look equally amused and sympathetic, waving:: “I will be at the house tomorrow, perhaps I might see you there.” ::she looks at Maryska, briefly surprised, but nodding quickly:: “Of course, good night, Maryska. It was nice to meet you ….”

::her attention shifts to Nephthys:: “No, theirs is too different from ours to be easily understood. I do know who you need to speak to about it.” ::Provided that he was not the one that had done it:: “You did not, by chance, run afoul of one here in New Orleans …?”

<Nephthys> shook her head “No. it’s an ancient curse. And if you’re suggesting I speak to a vampire, that is out of the question.” She says visibly bristling, it was the second time tonight someone made that suggestion. “It’s hard enough trusting mages with this information, let alone the ones who cursed me and mine.”

<Isabelle> ::Oh boy. Well, she had been quite disblieving herself, too, in the beginning:: “I understand fully why you do not wish to,” ::she comments, softly:: “It is, nevertheless, your best chance. I can ask the other Mages, I will endeavor to find information about it myself, but it could take me ten years to even begin to grasp where to start undoing it. Very likely much longer,

if it is so old. But there are vampires in this city that are sympathetic to the Mages – if we asked, I am certain help would be given.”

<Nephthys> shakes her head “If vampires knew I was looking for such a thing, It could bring doom to me and my people. Ten years is nothing when we’ve been suffering under the curse of Set for millennia.” She says, tears in her eyes.”I’ve said too much. I should leave.” She says standing up

“I will not tell a soul until and unless you permit me to,” ::Isabelle reassures her, voice still soft, as she watches Nepthys:: “If you mean no harm to anywhere here, then you are among friends. And I will look.”

<Isabelle> “I will not tell a soul until and unless you permit me to,” ::Isabelle reassures her, voice still soft, as she watches Nepthys:: “If you mean no harm to anywhere here, then you are among friends. And I will look.”

<Nephthys> nods at that “Good… as long as the vampires don’t catch wind of this, we’ll be safe.” She says and breathes a sigh of relief “If you have any books on the subject, the spirits will let me read any non-encrypted volume despite the language if you require a translator.”

<Isabelle> nods with a speculative expression. “My family has quite a large library, but it contains for the most part old folklore and Mage lore … but I am overdue for a visit, and perhaps I might find something. I am certain the library here may contain hints as well.” ::The Tremere Bloodmagick was built upon Hermetic concepts, though it was long since twisted past anything that

could be recognized as it:: “What can you tell me about the curse itself? What does it do, who was Set, what led to it being laid upon you?”

<Nephthys> “I can’t give too many details… I’m breaking my oaths just asking for help, and if my family saw me doing this I’d be cast out.” She sighs “But long ago, we faced off against the children of Set, vampires. They ravaged our homeland. An alliance of my people and the guardian wolves of the Silent Strider tribe stood against them to keep the land under the control of Osirus…- And we failed. Wanderers

– And we failed. Wanderers we were cursed to be unable to wander… The striders, stoic guardians they were, were banished from egypt.”

(sorry meant to cut it up, my client doesn’t do that automatically)

<Isabelle> couldn’t help but wince with sympathy. A curse laid against so many, for so long … it was a heavy burden to bear. “You became trapped in Egypt yourself? How does it work, then, since surely you can leave, at least for a time – do you need to return regulary, or you die?”

<Nepthys> She looked at Isabelle and took a deep breath. She was breaking everything she was by saying this but she looks her in the eyes deeply “Can you do what Ashe did. Make everything outside this table silent? Make it so even the spirits cannot hear what I’m about to tell you?”

<Isabelle> nods and recalls what she saw Ashe use … Forces, but that would not prevent Spirits from listening in. “Using it now,” ::she promises softly, then she adds Spirit to the weave … but that, instead, turns it all wrong somehow. She was unclear on whether or not it worked, but it did not feel right. It felt fading. She frowns a little, pondering trying again.

<Nephthys> notices the magic failing “Maybe if there was a place with more magic this would be easier… Do you have such a place?” she asks curiously.

<Isabelle> analyzes carefully what went wrong. “I think, what went wrong, is that my grasp on the spiritual sphere is not strong enough for such an endeavor,” ::she explains, with a shake of her head:: “I think it would be better if I took you to see Ramirez. He is among our most adept on that field. If you will trust in the Mages as a whole?”

<Nepthys> Nods at that “Once my people trusted a mage to lead us. I see no reason why I shouldn’t trust your kind.” She says softly “As long as I have your word that this will not get to the vampires.”

<Nepthys> then looks thoughtful “Can your mages create new life from the old? Bring back a creature who’s kind was once dead?” She asks “This aspect I can speak about without angering the spirits.”

<Isabelle> “You have my word,” ::Isabelle assures her.It was a pity that Nepthys would not permit Cassian’s help, but with enough time, and with the other Mages, she was certain that she would find something of it. She reaches for her phone and texts Ramirez, then lifts her head to look briefly surprised:: “No … well, perhaps it is possible to bring back the recently dead, but that

would be … very advanced, indeed, to not simply return a soulless zombie. For something long since dead? I do not know how, unless speaking with it’s spirit would suffice.”

<Nepthys> shakes her head “I’m speaking of bringing back some of a species back from extinction… The Egyptian Kyphur” She says softly “Part of how we were cursed in the first place is that Set drove the animals to extinction.”

<Isabelle> “That is beyond our abilities,” ::she admitted, sounding sad about it. So many animals were becoming extinct these days. She glances at her phone, then quickly downs her tequila, coughing a little. Strong stuff. “But Ramirez will secure us complete privacy, if you are willing.” (( #Aeons_Chantry if she says yes ))

<Nepthys> Nods “Very well.” She says getting up, and looking dignified as heck as she dusts herself off and follows Isabelle

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