<Ashe> Was walking along the sidewalk with his hands in his jean pockets. He was an Asian looking man with long black hair and a lean well-muscled frame. His long black hair was left loose to catch the breeze on the night air and his soft grey eyes scanned the sidewalk of Bourbon Street for people he knew as he walked.

Nephthys walked around Bourbon Street as well taking in the sights. In homid, she looked to be a deeply tanned woman of north-african descent Jet black hair and green eyes. However, she’s dressed very much in a modern western style. A black pencil-skirted business suit with a golden eye of horus necklace and two ankhs hanging from her ears.

<Ashe> Ashe didn’t dress to catch the eye. A plain black T-shirt that proclaimed him as the “Worlds OKest Blacksmith” and dark jeans. A perceptive eye might catch the old burn scars and callouses on his hands, but otherwise, he looked like any other man on bourbon street. Currently, he’s paused at a street vendor to purchase one of those paper cones of popcorn that was likely over salted, but addictive. His grey eyes catch the

exotic looking woman as she makes her way down the street, mostly because of the gold jewelry in such an interesting design.

<Nephthys> isn’t paying particular attention to Ashe, mostly she’s trying to learn her way around. Her heels clicking on the sidewalk as she walks. However his shirt does get her to raise an eyebrow. And with a distinctly arabic accent she says “It’s not everyday you run into a humble blacksmith who’s actually humble.”

<Ashe> turns with his cone of popcorn in hand and gives the woman a warm and genuine smile as he chuckles. His accent is clearly american, possibly Northern Californian to those with an ear for accents. There is only the slightest hint of some other accent colouring his words, “If I was prideful, my grandfather would have boxed my ears. Though, to be honest. I am not exactly a blacksmith. I’d be pitying the poor horse I was

changed with shoeing. I’m a bit too specialized for that.” Ashe extends a hand to shake hers if she is up for it, “Ashton Blake, at your service. I am rather new around here.” Which might be a giveaway since he’d offered her a greeting in the same way someone might introduce themselves in a small town.

<Nephthys> takes his hand… it’s a curious custom the handshake, but she seems to take to it fairly readily. “Nephthys El-Mahdy” She replies. “And I just moved here a week ago.”

<Ashe> has a firm handshake, but it isn’t enough to be uncomfortable, “It is a pleasure , El-Mahdy-san.” The way his eyes squint happily would give the impression that statement was honestly true, “I have been here for a couple of months, but I was busy setting up my home. I have only had a chance to explore the city recently. Are you here for work?”

<Nephthys> nodded “After a fashion. It’s a bit more accurate to say that I’m here to study.” She looks slightly too old for college, but when has that stopped anybody. Her voice is cold, calculating. It’s clear english isn’t her first language and she wears every missed accent with pride.

<Ashe> nods and pops a piece of popcorn into his mouth, “Well… there’s a lot to learn around here. The University and College are pretty good, from what I hear, and there are a ton of museums, not just on the occult, but you can find a lot of those too. I’m sort of here to study as well.”

<Nephthys> visibly perks up at mention of the Occult, and looks Ashe over carefully. Her eyes seem to narrow, for a second almost like a cat looking over a mouse like she caught Ashe saying something he shouldn’t have “Interesting.”

<Ashe> The young man’s eyebrows lift in surprise at the predatory look. He really wished people would stop looking at him like that, “Ah… yeah… Well this is New Orleans. The occult is kind of a thing here. Voodoo, fortune tellers, you know… really bad french.” He waves a hand absently, but she was making him a little nervous.

<Nephthys> grins slowly “Oh I think you might know more about that subject than just what the average tourist might.” She says stopping just short of purring. She leans against the popcorn vendor’s cart and points to a Soda, paying for it and taking a sip. “Care to talk somewhere in private?”

<Ashe> really needed to find out how people kept picking him out of crowds one of these days, “Ah.” He rubbed the back of his head a bit sheepishly and looked around, gesturing to a park not far off, “Not many there this time of night. There’s a bench in a pretty secluded spot… Just…don’t try and mug me, ok?” He chuckled, but it was a little nervous as he moved to lead her to a secluded bench and then sat lightly on the edge,

“So… you figured me out then?”

<Nephthys> chuckled slightly “Not many innocent people bring up the occult the first time they speak to a pretty girl.” She answers. “Not many carry enchanted knives in their boots either.” Nephthys’ eyes looked Ashe over again. The predatory look definitely present.

<Ashe> rubbed the back of his head again and laughed a little, but his grey eyes were a bit sharper now, “Well, you are pretty new to New Orleans and… there is an occult shop on almost every block.” Maybe an overstatement, but it was a large part of the culture here. His eyes dropped for a moment to his boot and then lifted back to her as his lips tightened into a thin line, “Pretty sharp, aren’t you?” He sighs and leans back

fingers delving back into the popcorn, “Well… I haven’t broken any ways, so I think I still qualify as innocent, but you caught me on that knife. Which is for defense. ” A piece of popcorn aw tossed into his mouth as he looked her over, “Are you going to tell me how you knew about the knife and what -you- are? Or is this less a friendly talk and more an interrogation sort of chat?…. and can you maybe stop looking like you

might eat me?”

<Nephthys> Doesn’t answer right away, she sips her soda a moment which makes the predatory view dissapear “I can feel things that disrupt the spirits when I focus.” She answers, both clearly and cryptically “You arn’t one of mine though. You don’t smell dead, so I’m not quite sure what you are yet. So I’ll leave it as, I’m not one of yours.”

<Ashe> simply nods his head, his expression becoming more serious, “Ok, well that’s something at least. So what do you want to talk about if you aren’t -one of mine-” He picks up a piece of popcorn, examining it carefully as he waits for her answer.

<Nephthys> “Well, you’re the first ‘special’ American I’ve run into.” She says chucking “It’s a new experience. And I still havn’t learned where the hotspots are.”

<Ashe> tilts his head a little to one side, “Uh huh… well. New Orleans is a hot spot. There are… an assortment of ‘special’ people here.”

<Nephthys> Nods slowly and takes out a small notebook “Such as?” She asks ready to write down names and locations.

<Ashe> lifts an eyebrow as he watches her take out a notebook and leans forward, “You want me to give you information on others when I don’t know what you are, let alone if you are a friend?” Ashe grins and shakes his head, “Sorry, but there is trouble running around here too and I have no proof you aren’t part of it. I could… arrange a meeting with someone, but I’m not giving you information on my… allies.”

<Nephthys> Closes the notebook and laughs “Well it seems you do know how to keep a secret after all. Very good.” she says smirking “I’m not a part of any trouble running around here. In truth I’m here looking for answers that may not even be here. If you need help dealing with that trouble though, I have some talents.”

<Ashe> “Yeah… that was a fast lesson. I don’t usually keep a dagger on me, but like I said, some trouble is around.” Ashe smirked playfully, “I know that feeling. Looking for answers without knowing where they might be hiding. It took me a bit to find this place.” Someone with talents could be useful, but Ashe couldn’t really make that call, ” Well, if you are interested in helping. I do know someone I can call. You can meet

with them and they can fill you in. I’m a bit new to all this.”

<Nephthys> “Sounds like a plan.” She says opening the notebook and writing her number down before handing it to ashe. Not signing a name, but drawing an eye of horus with a feline pupil in lieu of one.

<Ashe> Took the paper and looked at it for a moment before slipping it in his pocket and in turn pulling out a cell phone and one of his business cards. The card offered was a simple white one with the kanji for sword on one since and Ashe’s name and number on the other. After he handed that over he dialed a number and listened to it ring for a bit, “Hey, Ramirez. I… ran into someone that seems to fit with the coffee club. Give

me a call back when you get this message. Thanks, Ashe.” He’d hand up his cell and shrug, “He should get back to me soon.”

<Nephthys> “Sounds good. I’ll be availible any time. Not like I have any other engagements.” Nephthys streached a moment and stood up, frowning a bit that a tiny bit of dirt got on her shoe. She brushed it off “I take it you’ve got to report to your people?”

<Ashe> actually laughs and shakes his head, “I don’t exactly have ‘people’. I only met more like me a couple days ago. I don’t really hold any allegiances. I just don’t want to put anyone else at risk, knowing that there is a… bane werewolf… thing… running around.”

<Nephthys> wrinkles her nose “Just like a dog to stick their face in things that they don’t belong in…” She looks back at Ashe “I think I really can help with that. I may not be as strong as a werewolf, but I can hold my own.”

<Ashe> narrows his eyes in thought, thinking of the sheet of paper with the symbol and her comments. Was she… a cat? Were werecats a thing? He wasn’t sure, “Well that is good to hear. I’m… not sure I could hold my own against something like that. I’m just a craftsman that dabbles in odd things. I’m sure they would love ytour help.”

<Nephthys> “Yes. I’m sure all the dogs will appreciate that.” She says sighing “The things I do for the Mother…” She sits back down on the bench “I think I have to meditate for now… I’ve got some thinking to do .”

<Nephthys> meditates for some time staring off into the clouds, but her mind isn’t in it. She doesn’t manage to put her report in the swirling weather patterns via cat-calls.

<Ashe> offers the woman the popcorn cone and gives her an inquisitive look, “Mother? Dogs? you sort of sound like you had an interesting childhood. I always wanted a dog.” He had some idea what she really meant in terms of dogs, but he couldn’t resist, “There is a large old oak tree to the west, in the park, that I like to meditate under if that helps.”

<Nephthys> is brought out of her meditations by the popcorn and she takes it and starts eating “Mwell.” She says with a mouth fulla popcorn “I was kinda raised to look for the answers I’m seeking here. It’s-” She swallows “The first time I’ve been outside of Egypt.”

<Ashe> leaned toward her with open curiosity, “Egypt? Really? Now that sounds exciting. What made you think that New Orleans would have answers, of all places?”

<Nephthys> “Like you said.” She says taking another mouthful of popcorn “It’s a place where a lot of magic happens. It’s a place where spirits gather, restless dead find no solace, and mortals just try to live their lives.” She swallows again “It’s perfect.”

<Ashe> “Yeah… there is a lot of all of those things, from what I gather.” He tugged out his cell phone and peered at the time, “I’m afraid I need to head out now. I tend to work at dawn.”

<Nephthys> “Not a problem.” Nephthys says finishing off the popcorn “I’ll be here.”

<Ashe> “If you… run into any problems. You can call me, ok?” It wasn’t an idle offer, but she might not take it as such. Still, Ashe felt obliged to make sure the exotic woman would have someone to call on if trouble found her. the offer made, Ashe gives her a wave and heads off into the night.

<Nephthys> Stayed in the park for a while. Deciding she can get started on building her den realm later.