<Henry> It was a fairly quiet night and Henry was working late, which wasn’t out of the ordinary for him. The little occult museum was closed for the day, even if the lights still shone into the darkness. Some might find it a little creepy, the old tools of voodun and it’s history on display in macabre glory. Perhaps some might even find that the rather normal looking Welshman added to the creepy vibe with his sometimes thick accent

and ability to go spout off Haitain Creole and Louisiana creole as one that was born to it, his accent switching to match. In all reality, The lone researcher was actually a shy man who just happened to have enthusiasm for his work and found some small delight in entertainment. He was actually a deeply caring and gentle man that was driven by intense curiosity.

<Henry>In the back of the little museum Henry was intently looking over a shipping manifest for a collection of crated boxes that had arrived earlier in the day from an estate sale. It was an old collection of voodun tools and paraphernalia with some rather rare tomes written by a practitioner. While the work of going through these boxes could have been accomplished at another time, Henry had two good reasons for being here alone.

First, he was terribly curious about the items and second, he was worried there might actually be items of power in this collection. It wasn’t something he could explain, but every now and then an artifact made it’s way into his museum that didn’t fee quite right and made his hair stand on end. Those items were tucked away into a private collection that wasn’t ever on display.