<Erin Summers> comes into the Trill and sighs as she looks around briefly, and then goes to sit at a table near to the door and orders a cherry coke. with extra cherries.

>Yusuf Yamanu< enters the Trill and glanced around a moment. He’d go to the bar and Eric would have a new drink for him to try, to which he’d accept the mixed drink and then head over to Erin. “Hello Erin.”

<Erin Summers> smiles up at Yusuf and then gestures to the seat across from her. “Hey, Yusuf. How are you this evening?”, she playes with the cherry from her drink a little bit, running it over her lips for the feel of it.

>Yusuf Yamanu< “I am doing well.” He smiles amiably. “How are you?” He slides into the seat across from her.

<Erin Summers> eyes him, and then her drink before eating the cherry finally. “Uhm… can I ask you kinda a weird question? I don’t wanna like, involve you in too personal stuff but…”

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods. “Oh feel free. I would be a bad mentor for you if I did not answer awkward questions.”

<Erin Summers> makes a bit of a face but hides it by taking a drink from her soda. “So… uhm… we are capable of having childen?”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “Yes, we are. There was a time that Amenti were not able to, and not all of us are, but most of us can.”

<Erin Summers> nods and sighs a little bit. “So how does that work? I mean… the baby is a normal child and all? Unless the other parent was something else like a shifter or something I guess?”

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods. “Yes, the child is normally quite healthy and exuberant because of our side. The ritual of life that was performed on us in the more modern era repaired much of the damage caused to part of us, and helped the other side as well.”

<Erin Summers> swallows and nods. “Well, that’s good. Having the Verbena around can’t hurt much either I imagine…”, she nods to herself and takes another drink of soda, fiddling with a cherry stem. “But I’d have to be careful, right? The ritual that protects me only protects me, right?”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “No, Verbena are pretty good with this sort of thing.” He’d sip his drink and admire the taste. Ah, Erik knew how to make so many drinks. “Yes, if you were to be pregnant, the child might be defended by your blood since it is part of you. After that though, it would be a child that could most likely be mundane, or might have some awareness.

These things can be sketchy.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “It would also depend on who the father was.”

<Erin Summers> coughs a little bit and takes another drink. “Uhm, about that… so… uhm… Cassian was under the effects of an Angel that made him mortal and alive and I really did want him to be happy and get to experience life again.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< lofts a brow curiously and then nods. “I see. Angel blood is unique. Some Kindred come after us Amenti for the hopes our blood can make them mortal. I can see why angel blood would even be more potent in that regard. You owe me no excuses for why. I just hope you are happy and he will be understanding. You two are pretty close friends.”

<Erin Summers> nods, though she looks sad for a moment into her drink. “Yeah… it was temporary even from that. I am sure he will be understanding… surprised, but understanding. And I am happy, but also worried. There is a lot going on right now. Setites, that werewolf… demons.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “I would advise you to not tell many people at all while this situation with the setites and bane werewolf situation is going on. They may try to use you or the child or both in some awful way.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “But… I will help to protect you and hide the situation from others being able to sense it. Who you tell…please tell me who they are so I know if something happens where to look. Otherwise..if you want this child, it can be possible to have it and let it grow up well.”

<Erin Summers> nods her head softly. “Yeah… at a certain point I am not going to be able to hide it though. And well… I tend to attract attention a bit. So I may have to remain more at the Chantry. It was the Angel that mentioned it in the first place, and most of the mages at the Chantry know. Especially the ones sensitive to Life. I will tell my parents eventually, but they

don’t even know about me so I am going to wait for a while at any rate.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods. “So, tell me about you and your parents some?”

<Erin Summers> chuckles faintly and orders another cherry coke, regular this time. “My parents are librarians, researchers for the Arcanum, like I was and sort of still am. It would seem I was actually concieved in Egypt oddly enough, but born in Boston. I grew up with some bits of knowledge of things like mages and vampires, and though we did some artifact collection, most of what

I dealt with was just knowledge.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods. “So they are with the Arcanum but you have not told them about what has transpired. Is there a reason why?”

<Erin Summers> shakes her head just a bit. “Not really. I mean, they knew something was going on when I came to them before… part of it is that i am afraid of leading trouble back to them. They are well-equipped there at the Chapter House though, much like the Chantry is… there are some mages present, or others that owe some of the other favors.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods. “Can you trust them?”

<Erin Summers> nods immediately. “Yes. While that may not be true of all those at the library, I can trust them not to tell anyone else.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods again. “Good. I take it that the Setites are the pain in this area and someone or two or so may be compromised at the chantry?”

<Erin Summers> shakes her head a bit. “Not here, not anymore. Well, they are still a pain but the Mages have upped their defenses. The unusal alliance with the vampires seems to be helpful too, since the sides seem to watch each other while the other is sleeping.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods. “Yes, this alliance is a good one, even if somewhat unusual.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “You will want to plan for this pregnancy. In another few weeks I could tell what sex it is probably.”

<Erin Summers> tilts her head a bit at that, sipping her soda. “Really? It’s only been a few days. Of course, as I mentioned, the mages sensitive to Life could tell immediately. The Verbena at the Chantry is pregnant. So… least i am not feeling alone in this or anything.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “Maybe you two can help one another out some. I know some things about it but won’t claim to be an expert. Fortunately, the person you are having a child with is a doctor too.”

<Erin Summers> nods. “There is that.”, she responds in agreement.

>Yusuf Yamanu< “Though you will be very healthy with normal situations, I’d suggest getting that advice. They will probably tell you to eat specific foods and vitamins.”

<Erin Summers> nods again, more faintly this time. “I will. I am happy to have plenty of friends and support.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “If something very bad happens, do not feel we cannot hide you, Erin. I know of quite a few safehouses, so come to me or call me if something happens that is dangerous to you. Do you have any other questions?”

<Erin Summers> smiles and reaches over, patting his hand momentarily. “Thank you. I will, and no… I think i am good for now. I am sure i will have more later.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “Alright. Be well, Erin and I hope this experience is a joyous one for you.”