<Ashe> Was sitting on a bench in the same park that he’d first met the large group of people. He had one of those little paper cones of popcorn that you could get from a street vendor. It wasn’t fancy, but it was building up a thirst and letting him think.

::Maryska had decided to come back to the same park that she was at the night prior, wearing just a black leather jacket, black T-shirt, and black cargo pants with her riding boots, and her mountaineering sunglasses, parking her bike on the side and then slipping her helmet into the side case, she started walking through, eventually she found a face she recognized and began heading over to him. “Well…how ya doin


<Ashe> leaned back as he heard a familiar voice and peered into the dimly lit darkness. It too him a moment to recognize the voice, but then he smiled warmly, “Maryska-san? Heh, I am doing well. Better than last night and the squirrels have not stolen my popcorn.” He shakes the little paper cone cheerfully.

::Maryska smiled and sat down next to him.:: “Good to hear, on both counts, you are acclimating yourself to the city alright?” ::she crossed one leg over the other and dropped her hand on the back of the bench as she sat down on it.::


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