<Jonas> is busy in his shop just off Bourbon Street. His front door and small windows to each side are the only views into his shop, but bright light is pouring through the glass door onto the sidewalk. There are strong steel bars over each window and the door itself and the other places where store windows would be have been removed and now leave a nice, flat wall waiting for the local graffiti artists to do their worst. There is a posted

sign on the wall to inquire within if someone wishes to spray paint his wall, though.

Sascha tilts her head a bit as she studies the outside of the shop before going inside. She is quiet, and glances around after the little bell chimes. She is a pretty redhead in her mid twenties with freckles on otherwise pale skin. Her eyes are a soul-searching blue, but they have a wild, feral appearance.

<Jonas> has some 80’s hair metal playing over the several speakers in the place. The tune at present is Round and Round by Ratt. He’s sitting at one of the workbenches facing the front of the shop staring down the barrel of a pistol, but only the barrel and he’s holding it up to one of the lights. He calls over, “Be with you in just a minute!” before starting to silently sing along with the song again for another minute before putting the

barrel down on a mat with the rest of what will be a Colt 1911 when assembled. He heads over toward her and stops a few feet from her, getting a good look at her as he walked. “Welcome. What can I do for you?”

Katie arrives at Jonas’s shop, huffing a backpack and looking winded as she manages to get inside the shop. “This was harder to find than I thought… Or my GPS is being an asshole.”

<Jonas> looks past Sascha as Katie enters, “Your GPS is an asshole.” He looks back at Sascha and waits for her to answer since she was here first.

Katie looks over at Sascha, does a double take, then dumps her bag on Jonas’s counter. “I brought you six pounds. Is that enough?”

<Jonas> “Slow your roll. Someone else was here before you, Katie.”

Sascha raises an eyebrow at Katie, but smiles. “Hi there.”, she nods to Jonas. “You make custom rounds as well here? Say… Silver maybe?”

Katie sighs and nods. “Okay, okay. And funny thing about that…”, she chuckles at Sascha.

<Jonas> blinks, “Well that sort of coincidence usually only happens on TV. Yeah, I can do silver ammo. What sort of ammo are you looking for, and you know silver isn’t cheap, right? Just to be up front about the cost.”

Sascha looks to Katie, then back to Jonas. “Ahhh, well… That is interesting. Money is not an issue. I need it for a .44, doesn’t have to be many either. I just prefer a backup plan to something that would draw a lot more attention.”

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<Jonas> “.44 Mag isn’t a problem at all. Revolver or Desert Eagle?”

Katie leans against the counter and watches the two for a moment. “Thats some ouch.”

Sascha takes out her revolver and passes it to Jonas. It’s got a custom handle with the virgin mary on it, well used but also well maintained. “Revolver. No jamming problems.”


<Jonas> takes it and immediately ejects the cylinder to unload it if it is, then proceeds to give it a quick once-over and nods, “Not bad. You want hollow points or flats?”

Sascha looks thoughtful. “I want something that will make a Lupine reconsider its life choices if it is trying to eat my face and I hit it in the kneecaps.”

Katie snorts. “That was uhm… Subtle.”

<Jonas> “Well, a 44 is about the best you’re gonna do with a handgun. 454 Cassull would be better, or a Smith and Wesson 500 magnum.” He chuckles at Katie, “I seem to keep running into people that aren’t quite human so if someone wants to drop that sort of statement in my house after handing me their pistol I’ll assume they mean me no harm at least at the moment.”

<Jonas> “Well, I can cook you up 12 rounds for this beast and it’ll run you market price on the silver plus my labor. If I had to guess off the top of my head we’re looking at about a bill and a half, but that could go up or down when I check. Price gets locked just before the bullets get pressed into the brass since extracting them is extra work. Sound good?” He drops the rounds back into the cylinder, closes it and offers it to her grip


Sascha takes it back and nods. “I am sorry for being so blunt in your home. That will do nicely. And I have met Katie before… You, I read your aura. I also apologize for invading your privacy like that.”

<Jonas> nods, “No apology necessary. It’s rather refreshing for people to be so blunt about it. I can’t tell an average person from anyone like us so I have to dance around it. It sucks. Hardcore. Also, if it helps you, this area is public otherwise I wouldn’t be happy to see people walk through the door looking to give me money. Now, if you were to head through the door marked Private and up the stairs and raid my fridge I might consider

that an invasion of privacy. I’ll get started on the ammo for you pretty soon since I’ll be melting some fresh silver tonight anyway.” He heads behind the counter and pulls out a pad and pencil, “What number can I reach you at when the rounds are ready? Probably tomorrow night.”

Sascha nods and gives him her number. “Thank you. I am Sascha by the way. I may return as well… Some demons are also suseptible to silver or other metals that are considered pure. They are my usual targets.”

<Jonas> “Sure thing. If the door’s not locked feel free to walk right in. I’ll be in here doing something or another and we can talk business.”

Katie nods and listens, before nudging her bag toward Jonas. “So… This is some improved silver, but its pure, like built from scratch.”

<Jonas> “Improved? Improved how?”

Sascha just listens curiously to the pair, backing off a bit.

Katie just smiles and shrugs. “Uhm, magically infused? I made the molecules fit together tighter so that it’s almost crystaline in structure. It’s make the silver not as soft, and hit harder.”

<Jonas> “Can you maybe do that hardening part after I turn it into bullets next time? I might not be able to work with it if it won’t melt at a reasonable temperature. I guess we’ll find out.” He picks up the bag and heads over one of the back corners and fires up the blast furnace.

Sascha looks over and then puts some money on the counter. “I’ll bring the rest when I pick up the order… But I should be on my way.”

Katie shakes her head. “Sorry… Its easier to infuse during creation than after its been shaped. I could reinforce your furnaces though, and probably give you some fuel that would make for hotter fires if you need it.”

<Jonas> heads back over to them as the furnace needs time to heat up, “Okay. Down payment wasn’t necessary but I won’t say no to people leaving cash on my counter. Have a good night and stay safe out there, eh?” He looks at Katie, “Let’s see how things work now. If I crank this up to 2500 degrees and it doesn’t melt then we’ll talk.”

Katie nods. “I estimate the new melting point to be in the range of 2200 to 2300 so that should work fine.”

<Jonas> heads back toward the furnace when she says that, “Gotta turn it up, then. I hadn’t quite expect silver with a melting point close to iron.” After he makes the adjustment and drops the first pound of it into the crucible he heads back over, “I’ll take some time to get that to temperature. You’re welcome to hang around if you want, but you might be a little bored. What I work on is pretty mundane stuff. It’s fun to me, though.” He

heads back over to the 1911 he was working on when Sascha stepped in.

Katie shrugs. “It is not much different than me tinkering about my workshop in the garage. I have lots of machines though. And robots.”

<Jonas> “The automatic reloader is probably what you’ll find most interesting, but for the 44’s I won’t be using it.”

Dan walks into the random weapons shop off Bourbon Street. Could use something heavier after seeing.. what he saw

<Jonas> looks over from the counter near the front door where he and Katie are standing when Dan comes in. He smiles, “Another customer. What can I do for you?” The room is wide open and is a firearms workshop that can handle everything from simple repairs to custom fabrication. There’s a blast furnace in the back corner coming up to temperature now, some 80’s hair metal on the sound system and the HVAC system is starting to voice it’s

unhappiness that the furnace is alive.

Dan looks around… “I was assuming this was just a normal gun shop, not a full on gunsmith. Even more interesting. You do full custom work?”

Katie beams upon seeing Dan and rushes over to hug him tightly. “Dan! You’re okay! I was totally scared the MiB guys got you!”

<Jonas> nods, “I do… and you two know each other. Awesome. Whoawhoawhoa… MiB? Suits and ray bans and flashy thingies and all that?”

Dan does a double take seeing Katie. “Hey Katie, long time”

<Dan> Yeah, those MiBs… we had some serious shit go down, and I ducked out for a while waiting for things to cool off. Which I guess means you’re.. .Aware as well. Even better!

Katie looks over at Jonas and nods. “Actually… Yeah, kinda. There are other mages that aren’t very nice to deal with.”

Dan looks back to Jonah and then Katie again. “So he knows MiBs but isn’t one of us?

<Cecilia> makes her way down Bourbon Street, looking towards the weapons shop, tilting her head and making her way inside. She looks to the three there and gives them polite nods, before turning to Katie. “I do hope you weren’t talking about me.”

Katie looks over at Dan and nods. “He’s a shapeshifter.”, she rolls her eyes at Cecilia. “No. I wasn’t… Though you do make the list at times.”

<Jonas> “This is the most foot traffic I’ve ever had in the place since I opened. I’m starting to feel like a bonafide arms dealer now.”

Dan raises his eyebrows. “A shifter. And he’s working with silver if my eyes serve me right. So apparently I have a lot to learn yet.”

<Dan> Fine purveyor of arms to the supernatural community of New Orleans, I suppose.

<Jonas> “Lesson one: Don’t shoot me with silver and we’ll get along fine. In return I promise not to turn you into meat-cake. Deal?”

<Dan> I think in general we can reach an agreement on those terms.

<Jonas> smiles, “Awesome. So you want a custom weapon?”

Yes. I’m looking for something in a heavy cartridge but with a higher rate of fire. And maybe some extra mag capacity.

<Dan> Yes. I’m looking for something in a heavy cartridge but with a higher rate of fire. And maybe some extra mag capacity.

<Cecilia> “Excellent.”

<Jonas> “Heavy is relative. Does it have to be a pistol or were you looking for something a little harder to conceal with more accuracy?” He then looks at Cecilia, “Jonas. Nice to meet you.”

<Dan> Perhaps one of each. I’d like a carry piece, though I may be able to be a touch creative hiding it. And something longer and more accurate may have its place as well, but I’m more looking for defense than offense here.”

<Cecilia> “Cecilia di Pasqua. It’s a pleasure.”

<Jonas> “Well, a nice .45 is always a great carry weapon. As for something heavier than a pistol a sub-gun that fires the same round is easily done if you have the cash and the paperwork.”

Katie dusts off her coveralls and just listens. Occasionally eyeing the furnace and taking some sort of mental measurements.

<Dan> I have a nice XDM in .45, accurate and decent mag capacity. But it’s slow to cycle. What paperwork do you need for a sub gun around here? Money isn’t a huge issue.

<Jonas> “If you already have an XDM what sort of carry weapon would you want from me? I mean, I.. wait. You said the XDM was slow to cycle?”

<Dan> Well, I’d like something that could go a bit faster. Sometimes I can pop off rounds pretty quick. And the 45 is slower than the 9. So, not sure if it’s easier for you to modify mine or make a custom one that’s “like an XMD but faster. And maybe more accurate.”

<Jonas> “Longer barrel for accuracy, maybe some Trijcon’s for better sights, but speeding up the cycling? I’m not sure about that. I’ve never tried. Are you sure you don’t mean to ask if I can get you something like a Glock 18 or a Beretta 93R?”

<Dan> That would also work. Also an integral laser could help. I want to put a lot of heavy lead downrange in a hurry.

Katie chuckles faintly to herself as she listens, making mental notes. Then she shrugs. “I may have to get a gun too sometime. Disintegration ray is all well and good but there are times it would be good not use something not so… Paradoxy.”

<Jonas> “Again, we’re talking a class 3 weapon and that’s lots of paperwork and red tape. The integral laser is something I might be able to do. Can maybe take one of the integral lasers they I’ve seen for Sig’s and retrofit it.” He then looks at Katie, “It’s official. Business is now booming.”

Easier to be coincidental with something that looks “about right”.

<Dan> Easier to be coincidental with something that looks “about right”.

<Dan> How much paperwork are we talking? What lead times?

Katie nods her head at Dan. “Yeah… I could potentially increase the output of the gunpowder and such to make even a boring old normal gun hit a bit harder.”

<Dan> Yeah… accuracy, speed, power. I want all three. Fortunately between us we may be able to do just that. Just let me know how I can help. Probably Jonas will need to beef up the internals to handle a more powerful cartridge. We could have our own custom. Hmmm.

<Cecilia> looks around the shop, then back to the others.

Katie glances between them and grins. “I can totally help. Matter is my specialty. I can remove all kinds of tiny flaws that would normally interfere with performance.”

<Dan> Awesome! I need to figure out ways I can help out here more in the creation. Hmm.

Katie glances back toward Cecilia. “You should look into some stuff too. Cause spiking the demon with the teleporting knife thing was cool but if we get in trouble in town we need to be more subtle. Unless squid babies sucking peoples brains are involved. That was a 100% justified freeze ray moment.”

<Jonas> “Internals are all materials. I can do better than steel but it’ll take longer to fabricate.”

<Dan> Given some time I could probably increase the kick on the powder as well, but… Hmmm. I can probably work to make it less likely to jam.

<Jonas> “You’re risking blowing your hand off with that. The chambers can only take so much pressure, but whatever you do after I give it to you is your business.”

<Cecilia> “So a suppressed pistol for me, then. Something that won’t sprain my wrist when I fire it.”

<Dan> Well, I was hoping for something with reinforced chambers that could take an overpowered charge. Especially if Katie can help with the metallurgy. I think we may want a few of these made. Say the size of a .45 mag, but able to handle, maybe, one and a half or twice the power?

<Jonas> “Suppressed has nothing to do with the recoil of it. You can suppress a shotgun if you want to. You probably want a 9mm.”

Katie nods her head a bit at Dan. “I can reinforce it to make it more structurally sound.”

<Jonas> focuses on Dan, “I don’t have any of the forms you’d need to fill out for a class 3 permit, but NOLA PD will have all that stuff for you, or the Sheriff. He or she needs to sign off on it personally. Same is true of suppressors at the moment, but there’s a bill moving through congress to reclassify them. I hope that one passes.”

<Dan> I’ll look into it. Same papers for the suppressors as for the rock and roll?

<Cecilia> “Then I’ll settle for a 9mm.”

<Jonas> nods to Dan and then looks at Cecilia, “I don’t have anything in-stock but I can order anything you want with a down payment of half and a 10% stocking fee if you fail the background check. If you’re cool with that we can move forward.”

<Dan> OK, sounds like a plan moving forward, Katie and I will see how we can help work with you to make something better. Faster. Stronger.

<Dan> We have the technology

<Jonas> chuckles, “Speaking of, I need to get to playing with molten silver. If you see me with no eyebrows know that something went horribly wrong.” He flips to another page in his pad and looks at Cecilia, “Let me have your number and I’ll call you when I have some things to show you about a weapon?”

<Dan> Sounds good to me. We’ll get back to you. Here’s my card if you need to get hold of me.

<Cecilia> writes down her number in the pad, or tells it to Jonas.

Dan hands over an elaborate multi color hard, nods to Jonas and Katie, and heads towards the door.

Katie laughs and waves to Jonas. “Remember what I said… I don’t mind upgrading your furnaces either. Have fun and be careful. The Tass should be stable, even at the melting temperature for the metal. You shouldn’t notice anything strange.”

<Jonas> “Next time we hang out you’re telling me what a Tass is. Catch ya later, guys.” He’ll walk them all out and then head back to the furnace.

<Cecilia> leaves after writing her number down.