<Ashe> The young man practically threw himself outside and from the deck, jogging a few feet to lean against a nearby tree and taking a series of breaths. He couldn’t believe that he’d walked into a nest of…. whatever that was. He wanted to find things that were real, but… maybe smaller… a magic bunny. Not a secret clubhouse of… dissembodied voices, werewolves, and vampires…. and mages. It was a bit much.

~*Ramirez*~ walks outside and moves onward watching Ashe as he jogs away some from the place. There was a lot of brush out here. He’d walk toward him, not making a rush and then heard the door shut firmly behind him. He could see Amy so he wasn’t really surprised. She was going to protect others whether they wanted it or not.

::Maryska steps outside, her hands in her pockets and she just leisurely saunters towards the man, smiling a bit, looking like a mix between a biker cowboy.:: “Fill them lungs..” ::she said with a smirk as she just moved a little closer then leaned on another nearby tree, crossing one leg over the other, head tilted forward a bit, then turned it to make sure she had some form of eye on him to make him realize she was in

fact paying attention to him.::

<Ashe> Was aware that he was followed, it would be foolish to think that they’d just let him leave now. He probably knew too much. At least they weren’t rushing him. He was pretty sure he couldn’t take on all of the people in that house. Ashe looked back towards Ramirez and then to Maryska, “You guys don’t need to follow me. You’ve got your… friends inside. I just need some air.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Well, you got the dose of reality no one really wants unless they are kinda nutty. So you wanna talk and ask questions at a slower pace? I’m here for that.”

::Maryska looks back at the building, then looked at Ashe.:: “I only know Ethan, an it’s only cause we shared beer in another bar and stopped a muggin..” ::she turned a bit as she leaned on the tree regarding Ashe.:: “I really didn’ feel like we were done talkin, you make blades, I like usin blades, sure we could call it done, but I wanna talk with ya.” she shrugs.:: “An yer cute.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I want a blade with a skull pommel and some deathy designs. That’d be so awesome..and that is functional.”

~*Ramirez*~ lights up a smoke. “I don’t think you’re that cute though.”

<Ashe> Turns around, leaning his back against the tree and stuffs his hands in his pockets, “Well, I am feeling like I’m going a bit nutty. I just… thought I’d work myself into understanding things…. but I don’t know what is real or not anymore. I mean, I figured some kind of magic had to be out there, but not this much.” He rubs the back of his head and blushes at Maryska’s comment, “C-cute? really?” Ok maybe it wasn’t all bad,

“I only ever used magic to make what I forged better… and…” He smirks at Ramirez, “I’

‘m ok with you not thinking I’m cute. I don’t suppose you can give me a summary of what the hell’s going on around here?”

::Maryska nods, she has a near predatory smile as she see’s the man stammer, but she keeps it sedate, listening to the rest of it, the man seemed to be having a genuinely difficult time understanding and processing everything he was witnessed to, and while she was used to certain things, all of that under one roof was a bit filling for the palette. “Think that it’s all real, then work backwards.” ::she was trying to keep

it real for him, but sometimes…:: “I belong to the werewolf community, but I don’t change, totally unable to, I didn’t even know mages were real, so meeting you guys is a fluke.”::

~*Ramirez*~ “Well, the honest truth is we’re dealing with an evil werewolf that hates us.. and took the body away from one of us already, and a demon or two doing some awful stuff..and one of the demon’s losers was a vampire but now is a spectre, causing all sorts of bullshit at an old abandoned hospital that used to house many homeless but now they can’t be

there.. there’s a lot going on and we’re just trying to fix what we can and stop some bad things from happening. We’ve made some progress but it’s rough. Cassian and Sascha are vampires from different sects, that apparently don’t get along all too well, but they are working together.. Ethan is a werewolf, possibly plagued by another demonic sort of being.. that stuff we’re trying to

help him and his friend Daedalus with… their enemies are creepy.”

~*Ramirez*~ “And..” He takes a long drag off his smoke. “We’re also wanting to help ourselves and others like us to avoid falling into traps by our enemies and the technocrats that sometimes lurk about.”

<Ashe> Was honestly trying to process all of this and finally managed a very quite, “Well. Fuck.” and shook his head, “So there are thinks out there that are quite literally monsters in the B-movie sense as opposed to… what we are which is less… ” Ashe didn’t have the words to describe it as he looked between Ramirez and Maryska, “Lemme guess, these enemies probably don’t care if I don’t know anything about this stuff?” He

figured it probably didn’t, “I didn’t know magic was real until a few months ago and I’ve been an idiot and looking for it ever since. Fuck, what if I’d ran into that werewolf, a demon, ora technolurker.”

::Maryska shrugs.:: “Convert or kill, it’s usually how they run.” ::she pulled one hand out of her pocket and took her hat off and shook her head a bit, she was needing a little fresh air up there, her head was getting a little warm.:: “No, they normally don’t give a shit what you know.”

~*Ramirez*~ “No…some do care. Just not how you’d want them to. You can try to hide you are an awakened but now you are open to it and eventually, whether you like it or not, this shit just..it comes after you and wrecks your shit. These guys here.. we’re awake and dealing with what we can, and there’s some nasty stuff out there, but so far, we’ve been alright,

working together. I don’t think they expect we’d take people here or there from different groups and actually work together. Problem is, of course, not everyone approves likely, but eh, we’re all pretty strong and getting stronger.”

~*Ramirez*~ “The Technocrats are like that..they will fight to convert you and if they can’t, they’ll just wipe you and your avatar if they can, out of existence.”

<Ashe> nodded his head in understanding. “Well, I guess I’m lucky I ran into you guys first… just… ” He looked back towards the plantation house, “It was starting to feel like a contest of who could freak me out more in there.” The spikey hands and disembodied voice had been the tipping point. He knew that wasn’t the case, but Ashe was used to at least pretending to seem normal. “So, you guys are just willing to take new people

like us in without a second thought? what if I was a technolurker?”

::Maryska smiled and pushed off the tree a little and rubbed her hand through her hair, then put the hat back on.:: “I got a feelin they got noses fer that kinda thing, an if it was true, well, no offense, yer cute, but a threat’s a threat.” she shrugs and has that sorry not sorry expression on her face.:: “an I assume they’d do the same t’me if that was the case I reckon.”::

~*Ramirez*~ “We can tell stuff. They read a certain way because of their paradigm and well, I’m not the only one who studied you to come to the conclusion it was okay to bring you here. We’re maybe paranoid but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to help others out who are like us. We won’t forget how we were all alone too.”

<Ashe> understood Maryska’s point of view. It was likely the case. He’d be trusted to a certain extent, but if he proved an enemy he’d be taken care of, “I kind of noticed a few people staring at me now and then, it was weird.” His eyes drifted to the house again and he let out a breath, “Well, I’d like to be of some help if there are dangers that affect all of us. I don’t plan on hiding and I don’t like bullies. So what does a guy

have to do to learn how to keep himself safe and help people around here?”

~*Ramirez*~ “I suppose first off we can try to help you learn what we can.. and well, try to find you a mentor that is an Akashic member. I know a couple Euthanatos who might be able to find me someone.”

::Maryska rolled her neck a little.:: “LIsten, learn, prepare…that’s all you can do.” ::she looked at Ramirez and then back to Ashe.:: “Oh, and recruit, but again, y’need to be careful.” ::she smirked.:: “You really are green to all this.” ::she looked him over again.:: “Oh, are you any good with the blade? or is making them the extent of your knowledge right now?”

<Ashe> “I;d appreciate a mentor, I want to learn more than just what I can do right now, but I’ve been hesitant to explore too far. There is danger in untempered power.” He looks down at his calloused hand and flexed it slowly, “To use a tool, it is best to understand it. Otherwise… things could go badly.” He nods his head slowly at Maryska, “I’m a little fresh, green, whatever you want to call it. This is the first time I met

people like me…” He grins a little as he looks up, “I know enough about a blade to manage not to kill myself with them while I am making them and I can do some simple patterns. Honestly, I am more a craftsman than anything else. I make traditional swords as well as modern. My personal swords are a pair of daisho that I forged.

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “I’ll look into finding you someone. You are welcome to stick around here or come around when you want. Take one of the rooms for your own.”

::Maryska would look at her watch and then at the building.:: “I got my own place, for now, I need some sleep.” ::She looked at Ashe.:: “I can show you how to use a blade effectively, I think we can trade.” ::she would nod to both as she pulled a key from her pocket and began heading to the road.:: “Nadobranich gentlemen..I will see you again.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Take care, both of you. Be safe.” He’d head back inside.


Ashe waved to the shifter woman and nodded to Ramirez, “Thanks, I think I’ll head home for now though. This place is a bit too wild for me to get a restful sleep just yet… and there is no forge. I’ll be back though.”