<Danny> After disposing of last night’s mistake, Danny rose as early as he could, already chain smoking from the moment he crawls out of bed. He puts on a simple jeans and white wife beater tshirt, heading from his loft down to his workshop…well, lab now. He kicks up the fans, making sure his ventilation was going good, blowing everything skyward to avoid people on the streets from smelling it too close as he snuffs out his cig, getting his first batch going again.

<Jonas> has the lights on and this time the front door of the shop is a modern steel one that’s two panes of glass but has strong bars welded over it. There’s a small counter near the door with some microfiber cloths on it and some magnifying glasses. He’s over in front of a loading bench and is getting it ready to process a batch.

Kitt wanders about the French Quarter quietly, as if looking for something or someone. She looks different than previously, from the new strawberry blonde hair to the normal jeans and t-shirt. She picks up something familiar, whether by sight or scent and goes inside, pausing briefly to take in everything.

<Jonas> The inside is very well ventilated with brand new HVAC all along the high ceiling and brightly lit. A little bell sounds a few times when the door opens and he turns around immediately holding a can of gunpowder which he quickly sets down before standing up and heading over, “Hey. What can I do for you?”

Kitt tilts her head and them smiles warmly. “Hello, Jonas. So this is where you actually make bullets and things?”, she inquires curiously as she looks about. “I looked different when we met in the forest… Like I said, not our territory. But I was looking for someone… He’s tall, not quite as tall as you, dark skin, long hair… Possibly carrying a multitude of knives.”

<Jonas> “Don’t sound like anyone I’ve met yet. Why you looking for him?”

Kitt looks thoughtful, then up at Jonas. “He is my packmate. And I need his help for something. Our mutual friend is … I don’t know. I am afraid he is sick. That’s why I need to find Talwar.”

<Jonas> raises an eyebrow, “Pack? If he’s curious about the new local gunsmith in town I’m sure I’ll meet him eventually, but I haven’t met anyone named Talwar yet. Why do you think he’s sick? Have you just not seen him in a while or did something happen to worry you?”

Kitt frowns a little, glancing back toward the door. “Yes, pack. We aren’t like the ones around here… Always back stabbing each other. We work together. Takwar isn’t the one that is sick… Zaluut is. He fought a corrpted thing some time ago and I am afraid it’s done more damage than he will admit.”

<Jonas> “What happened? Physical wounds I can normally help with, but then again I’ve never tried to heal one of you guys before. Or is it not physical and that’s why you’re worried?”

Kitt nods her head a little. “Physical wounds I could tend even if he couldn’t for some reason but this is… Different. He’s… Sleeping a lot. Lately he only wakes to feed and then returns to sleep as if it were still day out.”

<Jonas> shakes his head a little, “We’re definitely out of my area of expertise with this. What was he fighting?”

Kitt quirks her lips a bit. “It was sort of another Tzimisce… But it had been taken over by an ancient corrupted earth spirit. I don’t know how to explain more than that. The earth spirit had been corrupted by a demon. And Tzimisce are linked to earth spirits and thats how that one got infected.”

<Jonas> “Definitely out of my area of expertise. Some of us can cleanse corruption but I haven’t learned that trick yet. How’d it hurt him?”

Kitt frowns, and looks down. “It hitched a ride in my blood and when we got intimate it entered him and tried to take him over. He fought it off but… I am afraid it left him weaker than he lets on.”

<Jonas> “How’d it get into your blood? This sort of sounds like critican, need-to-know information.”

Kitt nods. “I was helping explore some bunkers out in the woods. It was in there. Thats how I got exposed.”

Kitt frowns, rubbing her forehead lightly, like it hurt for a moment. “I got it helping a man that someone had skinned alive. His blood carried it to me when I tried to heal him.”

<Jonas> “So you can heal people? How’s that work?” He leans on the counter a bit but is clearly very interested now.

Kitt looks at him and quirks her lip again as she thinks. “It’s a power I have… Like some can move fast or change their shape. My power can see if people are sick, take away their pain, protect me and those I am caring for… Stuff like that.”

<Jonas> “That’s a power I can totally get behind. So I run into someone that looks like you described I should let him know you’re looking for him, then?”

<Kitt Bishop> thinks about it for a moment before nodding. “He’ll be very up front if you meet him. His name is Talwar. But he likes weapons so he might come here… but he doesn’t use guns much. Sascha does though and they are together a lot. But their phones aren’t working… which is weird. And worrying.”

<Jonas> “How long ago did you last see them again?”

<Kitt Bishop> brushes some of the hair away from her eyes. “It’s been a couple weeks… but they aren’t back home so I thought they might still be here looking into the corruption here.”

<Jonas> “Some progress was made on the corruption stuff, but I don’t have the latest info on that. If corrupted things are still out there then they need killing. How do you feel about Setites?”

<Kitt Bishop> wrinkles her nose, which somehow comes off as cute. “Setites are bad. I don’t know anybody that likes them, unless they have been corrupted by them.”

<Jonas> nods, “I heard about them corrupting some gators and hiding out using them as guards. I’m probably gonna make myself annoying to them in the near future.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head before heading out. “Yeah… they do that. Good luck. If you need any help, I’d be glad to as well. I am gonna get back to looking… take care.”