<Jonas> has been out most of the day wandering around the forest still getting a feel for his new area. Some of the time as a man and others as a bear to better use his sense of smell. As dusk approaches he’s in ursine form and heading back toward the river. He’s relatively quiet as he’s quite comfortable in his bear skin, but something this large is never silent in the woods.

Kitt is releasing a bobcat down by the river, a young girl, maybe early twenties in white robes that stand out against the rest of the forest. The bottom if the robes are wet and muddy and her feet are bare. She lets the bobcat go before spotting the bear and tilts her head curiously as she watches it a moment. “Well hello there. You’re a big guy, aren’t you?” Her words are soft and calm, and she seems to give off a

gentle aura about her.

<Jonas> looks at Kitt and makes a bear noise at her comment, but otherwise pays her no special attention. He trundles over to the river and sniffs at it a second before just plunging his snout in for a few seconds. After removing it he takes a big breath of air and then shakes off the water before looking over at her again.

Kitt watches and walks a little closer, but carefully. “So what are you doing out here?”

<Jonas> blinks at her a few times, then points to the river and shakes his wet head around again a few times.

Kitt looks at the river, then back at the bear and leans against a nearby tree, playing with nearby dangling leaves. “Oh, is this your place then? I was just dropping off a bobcat that I found hurt yesterday.”

<Jonas> shrugs at her and starts heading toward her very slowly, all the while sniffing obviously. If she stays still he’s going to get right up to her and jam his nose into her and get a few really deep sniffs to get her scent. If she doesn’t stay still he’d just plop down and sit while looking at her and wave her over to him instead.

Kitt doesn’t retreat, but she does become momentarily more cautious as he gets within ten feet. It fades almost immediately though, and she giggles and puts her hands on his big furry head as he sniffs her. She smells a bit like herbs, and damp earth not anywhere he has ever smelled before. She is warm to the touch though there is the faintest hint of death in her skin rather than the usual human odor.

Kitt runs a hand across his fur and looks at him curiously. “You aren’t a Gangrel… And you aren’t a bear… What are you?”

<Jonas> backs off and then moves behind a large collection of bushes. After a minute of bones cracking and rearranging steps back out in his usual boots, jeans, t-shirt with a flannel over it and a backpack. He grins at her, “I heard a magic word and you don’t quite smell human. Definitely not Gangrel and only part bear. I’m looking out for the river and around it.”

Kitt chuckles a little bit as she watches him come back out. Wrinkling her eyebrows as she pieces that together before nodding. “Oh. Yeah… I’m not exactly human either. My friend and I live out here, deeper in the woods. We kinda look out for it too though. I like to help the animals when I can.”

<Jonas> “I saw. Very noble. I’m Jonas. Who’re you and your friend if you don’t mind sharing?”

Kitt shrugs faintly. “I just dislike seeing others in pain, even animals. I’m Kitt. And my friend’s name is Zaluut, but he tends to stay closer to home than I do.”

<Jonas> “I’m meeting so many interesting people since coming here for a really shit reason. I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop in a way. You mentioned Gangrel, so are you and your friend vampires?”

Kitt looks him over for just a moment and then nods. “Yeah. My Sire and I are Tzimisce. A bit different than Gangrel. You are like a were-bear?”

<Jonas> “Yeah, but don’t tell anyone, please. At least for a bit. The secret’s blown now since last night but I’m still trying to see how long it takes some people to figure it out. How is Tzimisce different from Gangrel?”

Kitt nods a bit at that. “Well, not exactly many too tell out here but I won’t say anything save maybe to Zaluut. Well, Tzimisce aren’t bound to just animal forms, for one. Though not as naturally tough, either.”

<Jonas> “I’m sure to other vampires that’d mean more, but thanks for answering. So you guys don’t get into town, then? Talk to the other vampires like at the Trill?”

Kitt shakes her head softly. “Think of it like someone else’s territory? We aren’t very welcome there so we stay out here.”

<Jonas> “I can understand that. I’ve been wandering around a lot. Is your territory marked so I can keep off it? I don’t wanna leave bear prints in your flower garden and piss you guys off.”

Kitt tilts her head and smiles as her hair brushes off her shoulder. “Well… Are you in tune with nature at all? I don’t want to assume or anything… But our territory is guarded by nature spirits.”

<Jonas> “I’ve talked to a few of them. Had to to learn some of my tricks. Why do you ask? Are they going to be more tolerant of a shifter? Come to think of it all shifters are pretty in touch with nature spirits. We have to be.”

Kitt shrugs. “I don’t really know anything about Shifters except for the like obvious stuff I guess. But you asked about boundries and that is how you might know. But they won’t bother you most likely. They confuse humans to keep them from wandering in accidentily… And keeping other vampires out.”

<Jonas> “Okay. I can appreciate wanting privacy. So should I find your place would knocking on the door be good or bad? I’m kind of a curious dude.”

Kitt giggles a little again. “I can understand that. Zaluut doesn’t usually mind guests as long as they are respectful. Knocking is encouraged.”

<Jonas> “I’m kinda territorial about my space so being courteous and respectful of anothers is just common sense. Hence my questions. If you told me that visitors that can get by the spirits aren’t welcome I’d do my best to not bug you.”

Kitt nods. “No trouble. Why I asked about your space as well. If you had an issue with my presence, I’d avoid the area.”

<Jonas> shrugs a little, “It’s not my river, but I am looking after it. As long as you don’t go encouraging corruption spirits to live around it you’re welcome to use it like anyone else is.”

<Jonas> “Or similar things that’ll abuse it.”

<Kitt Bishop> half-smiles and nods as she circles around the tree a bit. “Don’t thonk that will be a problem. Pretty anti-corruption spirit. We even destroyed a few in the last few months.”

<Jonas> “Marge and I got one last week. Nasty little worm thing living in corpse stew.”

<Kitt Bishop> makes a bit of a face, wrinkling her nose as she peers back around the tree. “Ew, that sounds awful. But maybe that explains the putrid cocoon we found a few weeks ago.”

<Jonas> “I hope so. I’d rather not have that sort of nasty still around here. Just out of curiosity you and your friend don’t use firearms, do you?”

<Kitt Bishop> laughs a little bit and nods. “Well… I don’t think I have ever seen Zaluut use a gun, just a crossbow once. But I regularly use a shotgun and have been practicing other firearms. I am getting better at target practice but haven’t had to use one in any kind of combat.”

<Jonas> reaches for his wallet and pulls out a few business cards and offers them to her, “I repair firearms and do custom work. If yours ever break I can put ’em back together provided they don’t explode. I also make custom ammo.”

<Kitt Bishop> takes them and smiles at him as she tucks them away in an inner pocket. “Thank you. That actually could be quite helpful. So you mentioned you are new to the area? Where are you from? Are there a lot of others like you?”

<Jonas> “None exactly like me, but there are a few others. I’m from all over. Came back in town to bury my grandpere and he left me his house so I decided to stay. You?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks off toward town for a moment before looking back to Jonas. “I grew up travelling around, but came here as an adult and my nautrally psychic abilities and curious nature ended me up in Zaluut’s garden one day. But he has taught me a deeper understanding of things and the powers I have can be used to heal and help people so I am not upset at what I have become.”

<Jonas> “That’s good. Not everyone can make that claim truthfully.” He puts his wallet away and checks his phone, “It was nice meeting you, but I need to head off. I’ll probably run into you again if you visit the river often.”

<Kitt Bishop> smiles and nods to him. “Perhaps I will make it a point to visit… It’s nice to have someone else to talk to sometimes. Perhaps one day you’ll find the house and we can visit there. Have a nice night.”

<Jonas> “I’m sure I’ll stumble across it eventually.” He waves and heads off toward where he left his bike.