Marge sends Jonas a message from her phone and then chills out around the campsite in the woods. She listens every so often to the local animal calls or whiff of some scent to ensure it’s familiar as she waits. Hardly nervous, at her size very little bothered her, less so when she transformed, but she wasn’t quite sure what to make of this.

<Jonas> replies, also via text, “I’ll be out there ASAP.” He arms the newly installed alarm system before locking up his shop and then heads out. He’ll park his bike where Marge’s truck was the last time they were out here and then hike to the camp site.

Marge greets Jonas as he arrives with a smile and a friendly wave. She is carting a sawed off shotgun, though, after the last time. “Hey, good to see you.”

<Jonas> waves back, “If you say so. What’s with the hardware? Hope that’s not for me.” He chuckles a bit, obviously assuming the answer to the that is what he assumes it will be.

Marge grins as she shakes her head. “No, one… I prefer not to peeve you off by shooting you. Two, I prefer not to get my paws on any more gross spirit monsters.”

<Jonas> steps right over to her, “Have you seen any more of those?”

Marge doesn’t budge, but she sizes him up just a bit. “No. But not taking any chances. Only thing odd I have seen are some tracks that aren’t mine. Not sure if it’

Marge doesn’t budge, but she sizes him up just a bit. “No. But not taking any chances. Only thing odd I have seen are some tracks that aren’t mine. Not sure if it’s a territorial thing or what… but they look like bear, they smell like bear. Haven’t seen any bear though.”

<Jonas> “Hmm. Louisiana does have a black bear population. Maybe one caught a whiff of you while you were out and followed you home?”

Marge shakes her head. “This is bigger than me by almost half again. And if it did I would have seen it by now. I keep losing it’s scent at the river.”

<Jonas> “Makes sense. Show me the print?”

Marge nods and leads him out to where she saw the prints, hiking through the woods easily enough. She is very familiar with the area, especially around the campsite.

<Jonas> follows after Marge, not knowing the terrain as well as she but very at home out in nature.

Marge points out some tracks, and shrugs her massive shoulders. “It’s like it goes for a damn swim and disappears. If I didn’t know better I’d say it was a shapeshifter… seen a few different kinds before but never a bear.”

}Elena Selune{ lays in the water of the river, coming out from her Umbral scouting. She hugs the bottom, but sticks her head up just enough to listen with her acute hearing.

<Jonas> “Bears are pretty rare.” He crouches down to look at the print, “Yeah, this is a big one. You just notice them tonight?”

Marge glances around before looking back to Jonas and the prints. “Just before dawn and I had to go sleep. But there’s no way with all this moving back and forth something that big walked in under my nose. I’ve been keeping an eye out for more of those nasty things. Been out for a few days.”

<Jonas> “You worried something is out to get ya?” He stands and turns to look at her, wiping his hands on each other to get the dirt bits off them from poking at the track.

}Elena Selune{ moves forward to rest slightly against the shoreline, still just part of her head sticking up out of the water as she tries to get a better look at the pair.

Marge shakes her head, scoffing a bit. “Not really. It’s not one of those monsters, which I have no issues killing… but with the sudden boom in the Shifter population around here…”

<Jonas> “So you’re worried a shifter might want to hurt you and that it’s a bear?”

Marge shakes her head again. “Nope. See, it’s already been through my territory and not left any markings. No contest there. More worried about you or the others coming through here if it’s claiming territory.”

<Jonas> “I think if it was trying to tell you to move it might have crapped where you were sleeping or something.”

}Elena Selune{ listens curiously, and has to duck under the water to avoid laughing at the thought of that.

Marge nods. “Exactly. Anyway, you said you were partial to bears so, thought you might want to have a look.”

<Jonas> “I am rather partial to bears, yes. The shotgun wouldn’t spook one either, so don’t worry about carrying it. They don’t go from zero to pissed like the wolves do.”

Marge nods and walks down toward the water, checking the plants as she passes. “These seem to be growing back in, but very slowly.”

<Jonas> follows her a few steps behind, “Good. I met someone at the Trill the other night who mentioned the ick around here. She said her name was Elena, was with Yusuf and this other woman named Sparks was telling me about how she died but apparently it didn’t take.”

<Jonas> “You know any of them?”

}Elena Selune{ sticks her head up out of the water enough to speak clearly. “I have been working to repair the damage caused by the corruption.”, she rolls backward into the water like a furless otter, just bobbing in the river. “The spirits are very disturbed here.”

Marge looks over and blinks as she spies Elena, but doesn’t even go for the gun. “Nope… I know a mage or two that died but didn’t. But they’re both guys I think?”

<Jonas> blinks, “Speak of the devil and she appears. Elena, this is Marge. Marge, please don’t shoot Elena.”

}Elena Selune{ blinks in return and upon hearing that turns again in the water as she comes up near the edge. “Yeah, I’d rather not be shot. It tends to sting and make me cranky.”

Marge raises an eyebrow but nods as she looks between the girl in the water adn Jonas. “Hadn’t planned on shooting someone for skinny-dipping, she does hardly seem a threat.”

<Jonas> “You following me to find out what I am, Elena, or is this a chance meeting and you just happened to be in the river?”

}Elena Selune{ climbs up out of the water, and walks over carefully toward her duffle bag hidden in some bushes. Nakedness does not seem to bother her in the slightest, though the uneven ground proves difficult for her flat, fin-like feet. “I was inpecting the damage and conversing with the spirits. I need water to pass between worlds.”

Marge studies Elena for a moment as the girl gathers her clothes. “I’d ask if you have seen anything odd around here but… not sure.. that you’d have the same frame of context as myself.”

<Jonas> nods, “I can relate to special needs there.” He looks back at Marge, “Odd is a pretty relative thing to most of us, yeah. Hard to qualify that one.”

}Elena Selune{ glances back to Jonas curiously and then puts her clothes on, to include some shoes to help protect her feet. “This is true. You are both rather odd to me.”

<Jonas> “You’re curious to me, too.”

Marge chuckles at that and leans against a nearby tree. “Not going there. So you like… uhm… what are you?”

}Elena Selune{ tilts her head and wrings her hair out a little bit. “Uhm, complicated. You could say I am a water spirit in a mostly human form I suppose. Judging from your earlier discussion about Shifters going to guess that neither of you are totally human.”

<Jonas> “Nope. I can get fuzzy and angry and much taller and horror movie like.”

Marge nods as she listens. “Interesting… new on my list. And nope, not for a while now.”

}Elena Selune{ looks to Jonas. “If I had help I could restore the areas made barren by the creature. But i need at least two others connected to the spirits, like Shifters.”, she looks back to Marge and studies her a moment. “But you seem in harmony with things. Not like some.”

<Jonas> “I’ll do whatever I can help the river and the land around it. Tell me what you need.”

}Elena Selune{ “I know a cleansing ritual for the land that will bring life back to it. But we need at least one more, and even more than that would be better to make it go faster.”

<Jonas> “I know of at least two more.”

Marge listens to Elena and then looks to Jonas. “There are a couple more staying with the Mages, to my knowledge.”

}Elena Selune{ looks between them and seems relieved. “That would do. If they will listen.”

<Jonas> “I’ll see if they’re up for helping. What needs to happen for this?”

Marge nods again. “I will help too however, even if it is to steer clear.”

}Elena Selune{ “Nothing serious, mostly walking and sprinking blood and water, restore energy to the local spirits so they can regenerate the life below the soil that was corrupted. I think that we have to wait for the moon to be right, but that gives us time.”

<Jonas> “Do you mean full?”

}Elena Selune{ shakes her head a little bit. “No, but it should be growing. The blood doesn’t have to be anything special, any animal will do.”

Marge listens and glances upward. “Well, that gives us a couple weeks… since it’s full now.”

<Jonas> nods, “Growing moon and animal blood. Got it.”

}Elena Selune{ sighs a bit and starts to head toward the road. “Well, I shall go and make preperations myself. Jonas has my number.”

Marge watches Elena going and then raises a hand. “Hey, maybe I could drive you back? Can’t be easy hiking with uh… feet like that. My campsite isn’t far.”

<Jonas> “See ya.” He turns to look at Marge, “Well that was unexpected.” He looks down at his boots, “Feet like what? What’s wrong with my feet?”

}Elena Selune{ glances back at Marge, then looks down at her feet, then over at Jonas. “I got over here… I can make it back. But thank you.”

Marge nods to Elena even as she chuckles at Jonas. “Alright, take care then.”, she shakes her head at Jonas and starts back toward the campsite. As she does she leans over and gives him a sniff, narrowing her gaze at him a little.

<Jonas> “Derp. You meant her.”

<Jonas> walks with Marge. After being sniffed he sniffs his left underarm, “Do I stink? I didn’t shower before heading out here tonight.”

Marge raises an eyebrow as she hikes back toward camp. “Well, you smell a lot like those damn footprints.”

<Jonas> “You sure? That’d be pretty weird.”

Marge just looks at him for a moment. “Don’t make me hold you down to see for myself. Nope, I’m sure. You’ve been messing with me this whole time.”

<Jonas> “Hold me down? You’re moving fast, don’t ya think?” He chuckles a little.

Marge bumps him with her shoulder lightly. “This is not the Discovery Channel.”, she laughs a little. “So, seriously, are you a bear?”

<Jonas> “Smarter than the average. Don’t tell anyone, though. You and Yusuf are the only ones to directly ask me so far. Everyone else thinks I’m a wolf.” He grins over at her.

Marge smirks and nods. “I wouldn’t say anything anyway, but yeah… you don’t hear much about anything besides wolves so wolves are what people expect. I met a Qualmi once, interesting guy. So I knew there were others.”

<Jonas> “What’s a Qualmi?”

Marge smirks a little bit. “A were-lynx. Big fluffy cat in animal form. Only got about as tall as I am now in his warrior shape.”

<Jonas> “I’ve only ever met other bears and a few wolves. I get a lot taller than this when I decide it’s game time.”

Marge nods as they reach the campsite. “I can imagine. Given the paws on your animal form, your war-form must be pretty impressive. At least that mystery is solved. So you’re welcome to go on with me for the night while i look out for trouble, or go on and talk to the others. But I wouldn’t mind the company.”

<Jonas> “I think I’ll stick with you for the night.”