<<Vaclava>> sends Selyri a text “It’s finished, darling. I’m anxious for you to hear it. Not the full orchestra, of course, but I would love to play it on piano for you so you can get a taste, see if you like it.”

A reply is sent to Vaclava’s phone. :: Meet me on the send floor of the museum. There are show rooms up there, a couple of them have pianos. We can have one brought in if those are not to your liking. ::

<<Vaclava>> <txt>”Excellent. I will be there shortly.”

<<Vaclava>> dresses in a simple black ao dai with white pants and tiny white rose embroidered on the collar. she puts her music pages in a leather folio and drives down to the museum in her delachappelle.

<<Vaclava>> will head upstairs and start testing out pianos while she waits for selyri

The museum is especially quiet this evening, though there are one or two people lingering about on the first floor. The show rooms on the second floor are comfortable and without any sort of windows, also oddly devoid of artworks, though there are spaces inside the room for some to be placed.

<<Vaclava>> finds the lack of windows less odd than than the lack of art

<<Vaclava>> nods to the lingering people amiably and continues her search for a decent sounding piano

William Dupre exits one of the other rooms upstairs, pausing and listening for a moment before locking that door behind himself and then watches Vaclava for a few moments. “Are they out of tune again? This climate, even with modern air conditioning is not very kind to such things.”

<<Vaclava>> she smiles “Ah, Monsieur Dupre, how vfortuitous you should be here. Yes, I am looking vfor a suitable piano…I did not hafve time to arrange vfor my own to be brought…”

<<Vaclava>> “And I hafve a new composition I vwould like to play vfor a particular dancer….”

<<Vaclava>> “It is a belovfed nuisance sometimes keeping my grand tuned in the humidity ofv New Orleans…but the results are vworth the sacrivfice.”

Dupre inclines his head at that and takes out his phone, tapping at it a moment before replacing it into his pocket. “Someone will be along quite shortly to see to the pianos, and then you have have your pick. The rooms themselves have been carefully built to cancel noise outside of them.”

<<Vaclava>> “Oh you’re so kind! You know, I vwould be quite interested in your opinion as vwell, perhaps vwhen she arrives, I vwill ask her ifv she minds ifv you stay? It’s only polite as she is the one I vwrote the piece vfor…”

<<Vaclava>> “But Monsieur Dupre, may I ask, I noticed there are no pictures or other art here on this vfloor…is there some reason?”

“That would be lovely, thank you.”, says Dupre. “If you ever find a piece, music or otherwise that you wish to spend more time alone with, that’s what these other rooms are for. We bring whatever piece you would like and you may spend as much time as you need with it without fear of anyone disturbing you. That is why the rooms are otherwise blank up here.”

<<Vaclava>> eyes widen “Oh my…I understand now…ofv course.”

<<Vaclava>> “It vwouldn’t do to become entranced downstairs…”

Dupre moves aside as a young man comes past them to tune the pianos, just as Selyri arrives as well. She is dressed in a long navy blue gown and her hair is put up neatly in a bun with little curls hanging off of it here and there. As she arrives she smiles and nods to both Vaclava and Dupre.

<<Vaclava>> “Ah, Madame Selyri, how nice that you hafve come!” clasps hands with her and then steps away “I’m sure you’re acquainted vwith Monsieur Dupre already….vwould you mind terribly ifv he joins us? As the composition is vfor you, you certainly vwould not offvend ifv you say no…” she smiles almost mischievously.

Selyri shakes her head ever so softly as she speaks up in her perfect French. “Yes, I do not mind at all. Such company can only make things better, no?”

<<Vaclava>> beams and claps her hands together “Perfect! As soon as the young man vfinishes tuning the piano, vwe can begin!”

As soon as the man in finished he makes his way out but only after checking very carefully to make sure it’s right. Once he is gone, Dupre smiles and gets the door for the ladies.

<<Vaclava>> tilts her head and smiles coquettishly at dupre as she passes through the door. she taps specific keys on the ends of the keyboard, testing the pitch. then sits on the bench and arranges her music on the stand.

Selyri and Dupre both follow and take up seats in the comfortable chairs in the room to listen to her play.

<<Vaclava>> begins to play, her eyes less on the music in front of her than would be expected. she fails to turn the pages as she continues to play until she gets to the second act. then quickly and deftly switches out the pages. some of it you can tell she’s actually playing snatches of what would be picked up by violin or flute, bassoon, etc.

Both of the Toreador listen carefully as she plays. Selyri closes her eyes and her feet move gently as if taking out steps in her mind. Dupre is much more reserved but also seems to be deeply enjoying it.

<<Vaclava>> ‘s ballet is definitely classical in nature, echoing prokofiev’s romeo and juliet with it opulence and grandeur but definitely taking some more modern chances with certain flights of fancy with solos for the lower range instruments. it’s as if there is intended to be a partner for the prima ballerina who is sometimes greatly oppressive and other times completely

absent, occaisionally completely supportive and complementary.

Dupre recovers much faster when it is finally done, standing and smiling to Vaclava. “That was entirely lovely. I can imagine it only more so when the other instruments come into play, but you did remarkable even without their assistance.”

Selyri also rises and goes over to Vaclava, hugging her lightly. “<French> Oh! That was amazing! You are truly talented!”

<<Vaclava>> hugs selyria back, she seems to have taken that moment to come out of her own performance haze and then smiles <fr>”You honor me, Selyri. But do you think you can dance to it?”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”Thank you, Monsieur Dupre….I am glad to hear it. Now I only need find a willing orchestra.”

Dupre nods. “That might take you some work but I do not doubt your ability to charm them into compliance.”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”I confess I have been a bit distracted from my calling since coming to new orleans. I have been amazed at the sheer vibrancy of the music here, I have been more obsessed with composing than actually performing.”

Selyri grins a bit, but makes a mock wounded gesture. “<French> I can dance to nearly anything, love, but you make it supremely easy with this level of work.”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”Ah, you flatter me, Selyri. But if you truly enjoy it, we will get it played and recorded so you can rehearse. Then…the performance! There will be supporting dancers, of course…but I am not really a choreographer. Do you do that yourself, usually, or work with someone in particular?”

“<French> I am sure I can find others who would love to dance to that as much as I.”, says Selyri joyfully.

<<Vaclava>> looks delighted <fr>”Wonderful! Perhaps Monsieur Dupre can introduce me to other classical musicians who would enjoy playing for your ballet..”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”I already know one violinist I am dying to request…”

Dupre smiles. “Emily could assist in that matter. Her and Alice are familiar with not only local musicians but some from other cities as well.”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”Briliant, I will send her a text immediately.”

Dupre nods and then gracefull bows as he steps back. “Excuse me, ladies, but I have business to attend to this evening. I look forward to the final product, Vaclava. It is very good work.”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”You’re welcome, Monsieur Dupre, and hope to see you at the opening performance.”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”I will text emily, selyri, and introduce you. We will make a grand production here in New Orleans!”

Selyri listens and then nods in agreement. “<French> It will be nice to see some old charm back in the city again.”

<<Vaclava>> texts emily “hello darling, i’ve just got done playing a new composition for m. dupre and a dancer friend i’d love to introduce you to. happily, the dancer loves it, so i can consider playing it for more people.”

Emily responds after a few minutes. :: Oh, that’s wonderful. Alice and I are currently at a show but we can come by shortly. Where would you like to meet? ::

<<Vaclava>> <txt>”why don’t i bring her out there?”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”Emily and her dear friend Alice are at a show, I’m not sure what kind but it might amuse you to meet them there?”

Selyri nods her head in agreement. “<fr> That seems like an excellent idea.”

Emily texts back. :: That is fine. We are at Red Rook, which is down Bourbon Street from the Trill. ::

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”Where did you study, Selyri? Was it France or Russia? I am guessing France but one never knows, there is always…migration…of talent…”she smirks mischieviously, offhandedly referring to the russian ballet tradition being pretty much completely assimilated and refined from the french who started it.

“<fr> France, though I did befriend a Russian dancer who was a Brujah, very skilled. She was just a child when Embraced though, so sad. I do wonder whatever became of her sometimes.”, says Selyri.

<<Vaclava>> looks horrified <fr> “A child?”

<<Vaclava>> <txt>we’ll be there shortly

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”Ah, they’re not far from the Trill, come, let us be on our way.” she will drive Selyri there in her delachapelle.

Selyri nods her head. “<fr> It was more common back then, but still sad. She could not have been more than ten.”

<<Vaclava>> shakes her head <fr>”It’s beyond me why someone would be so cruel.”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”I hope her existence does not weigh too much on her heart…terrible things happen as it is when we who have grown to adults have to accept the limitations of our bodies….”

Selyri simply nods in agreement as they drive toward where the other girls are. “<fr> It could not be easy, especially for one of that clan’s temperment.”

<<Vaclava>> shrugs <fr>”Perhaps not, but then, they are the warrior poets. Perhaps it gave her the spirit to fight instead of just driving her mad.”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”You say it used to happen more often once?”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”I suppose it’s a good reasons for the rules we have these nights.”

Selyri nods her head a bit more. “<fr> Well, up until recently adulthood was often thrust upon younger people than now.”

<<Vaclava>> <fr>”True enough I suppose. Still, 10 years old…ah! we’re here.”

<<Vaclava>> pulls into a parking space near the red hook

Selyri gets out of the car and looks the place over from the outside. Music can be heard playing inside, the piano playing very distinct and the place smells of cigars and pipe tobacco.

<<Vaclava>> heads inside with selyri

Inside the lights are dimmed but it all looks rather tasteful in here. It is a bar, for sure, but definately not in the same class as the Trill. Up on the stage is a piano, and sitting there is Alice, playing away with her back to the room.

<<Vaclava>> smiles approvingly as she sees alice playing, looks around for emily wondering she intends to join alice this evening or is waiting for them in the audience

Emily finds them quickly enough, smiling as she guides them to a table to sit. “Alice is really shy, she can’t play if she can see the people. So she faces away.”

<<Vaclava>> gives emily a quick kiss on the cheek in greeting “Ah Emily, good to see you. This is my vfriend, Selyri.”

<<Vaclava>> sits next to Emily

Emily nods and smiles to Selyri, who returns the gesture in kind and they both sit down. Emily speaks up quietly, “Alice will be a while. When she gets lost in music she’ll sometimes go till dawn, just playing whatever comes to her mind.”

<<Vaclava>> chuckles “Easy enoughv to get lost vwith her…do you speak vfrench, Emily?

Emily teeters her hand a bit. “A little bit. William has been coaching me some, language of our Clan and all that, but I am not very good yet.”

<<Vaclava>> smiles and nods “Ah, it’s no matter, I just personally vfind it easier to convferse sometimes in vFrench…”

<<Vaclava>> “Selyri is a dancer, trained in ballet. I hafve composed a two act ballet for her to dance to…but I need…vwell…vwe need a orchestra.”

Emily looks thoughtful and then nods in response. “I know some people, and so does Alice. We could see about pulling some people together for you.”

Selyri seems to be focused largely on Alice’s music, just listening to it as it randomly goes on… no song in particular but the whole of it telling a story.

<<Vaclava>> claps her hands together “That vwould be vwonderful, Emily! I am calling it the Dragonvfly Suite…I vwill play it vfor you so you can hear vfor yourselfv….”

<<Vaclava>> listens to alice play

Emily smiles. “Oh that sounds wonderful!”, she glances back toward ehr friend and then the pair at the table. “I would love to hear it soon.”

<<Vaclava>> nods “Perhaps I vwill play and Selyri vwill dance? I do vwonder, do you know any choreographers, Emily?”

<<Vaclava>> “Selyri does know some dancers, I just vwonder is there someone they could vwork vwith to design the dance itselfv?”

Emily nods. “I do. Out of town, but I am sure they’d come for this.”

<<Vaclava>> “Vwell vwhy don’t vwe arrange something vfor next vweek? And perhaps Selyri vwill dance vhile I play…you do intend to stay in town vfor a time, don’t you, my dear?”

Selyri nods softly before her phone beeps and she pulls it out, studying it a moment before turning to the others. “I need to go, work calling. But you all take care and I look forward to getting that chance.”

<<Vaclava>> smiles <fr>”Of course. I’m so glad we had the chance to visit.”

Emily waves to Selyri as she goes, then looks back to Vaclava. “I will talk to some people, and I am sure Alice can talk to some people as well. We’d be happy to help.”

<<Vaclava>> nods “Vwe vwill also hafve to secure a performance vfenue…”

Emily smiles and pats Vaclava’s hand. “We have time for that. Don’t rush it.”

<<Vaclava>> squeezes hers back “I’m so excited, it’s been years since I actually…vfelt such inspiration and desire to conduct. I vfeel in my element again at last.”

Emily smiles before going glancing back over toward Alice. “Good, that’s wonderful. I should probably get her out of here so she doesn’t end up cuting it too close to dawn.”

<<Vaclava>> “Does that happen ofvten?”

Emily shakes her head. “Not too often, but she’s been stressed out lately. And when she gets that way she says the music gets so loud she can’t hear anything else.”

<<Vaclava>> stares at emily for a moment

<<Vaclava>> “She hears it? And it’s vwhy she plays?”

Emily nods. “Yes. She says she hears it constantly, and she plays to get it out of her head to share the message lessens her burden she says. She writes music too, she says it is its own language.”

<<Vaclava>> softly “I thought…I vwas the only one…”

<<Vaclava>> “The music led me here…to New Orleans.”

<<Vaclava>> looks at alice with renewed curiousity

Emily glances back to Vaclava. “Maybe you should talk to her sometime about it.”

<<Vaclava>> nods slowly “Yes…I think I vwould like that.”

Emily smiles and then goes to retrieve her friend. “I’ll let her know you want to talk. I think she’d feel better knowing someone else hears it too, herself. Goodnight, vaclava.”

<<Vaclava>> “Goodnight, my dear!”

<<Vaclava>> will then go hunt because she burnt blood on that performance