}Elena Selune{ is at the aquarium, putting on a show as she swims around in the shark tank with her mermaid tail to the delight of viewers. It is the last show of the evening, but the lights they use at night make it simply stunning.

Jacob had wandered through the night looking for an interesting diversion when he heard about the show at the aquarium. Having purchased tickets he had sat himself in the front of the audience watching the show. Fortunately with all of the commotion and buzz he should have very little difficulty blending in with the crowd and enjoying himself. He watches the light show and the woman

with the mermaid tail with mild interest.

}Elena Selune{ swims alongside sharks and through hoops, being especially agile in the water. Every now and then she disappears behind some rocks and some bubbles arise as she swims back out again. As the main part of the show calms down many kids come up to the glass and she swims over to greet them, as they put their hands on the glass she does the same to reveal completely

webbed hands, which seems to fascinate the children utterly.

Jacob notes the web hand with curiosity. It could simply be a cosmetic trick but this town has a variety of magickal practicioners who seem to get away with these things more often than normal. Similarily the graceful movements of the fin seem far less crude than what would be expected of a mundane apparatus. He thinks all these things quietly to himself while watching and wondering.

He will need to find the answer to these questions later.

}Elena Selune{ disappears behind a curtain of seaweed as the show ends and the lights dim, waving one last time to the children especially, and with a last long swoosh of her tail she is completely gone.

}Elena Selune{ comes out of the employee section about fifteen minutes later, her hair still wet and smelling of salt water, but in normal clothes to include pants and shoes. She stretches and then eyes the tank a moment, watching the sharks from the outside before starting toward the main lobby.

Jacob watches the woman intently, having waited for her to come out. He casually sits back against a wall yet feigning disinterest to little avail. He’s a vampire this form of stalking should be second nature or so he thinks, but he finds himself feeling as awkward as he did in life. He leans back against the wall and forces air into his lungs in a deep breath, knowing he doesn’t

need to breathe doesn’t mean the habit isn’t still relaxing at some level.

}Elena Selune{ glances over and notes the guy watching her, studying him briefly with a wild and curious stare before moving the rest of the way into the main lobby. It’s quiet out here, most of the regular people and down to a few employees feeding the fish.

Jacob slowly follows her into the main lobby walking slowly over to her,”Intriguing performance. Those fins were very realistic. I wonder how they made such a costume.”

}Elena Selune{ “Well, they have a lot of interesting matierals to choose from nowadays. So, you following me for a reason, or just to tell me my costume was nice?”

There is someone else still sitting off in the theater, tapping out something on his smartphone.

Jacob smiles,”No just wondering about the costume. Have a nice night.”