<Storyteller> When last we left our fateful crew, they were devising a plan to carry out against a potential crazy cult. How was it discovered? Cora, some weeks ago, was grabbing a bite to eat in an alley when a woman came out and saw the deed, half-way anyway. She took it that her pastor, hip husband was making out with the pretty vampire girl, and Cora’s standout features,

mainly her hair, stuck in the woman’s head. Apparently, life got worse in hicksville, where the carnival continued to run its shows…

<Storyteller> The woman managed to actually not be a total loser and had some connections, which located Cora’s biggest hangout, presumably, the Devil’s Trill. She stormed in with a mission to call Cora a harlot, but also to ask for help and to figure out just what witchery was done to her husband and how to get it to stop. Things were not as they would seem though.

<Storyteller> The woman was desperate, anxious and furious, and unable to be calmed, but someone figured it out, studying her, that she was not her normal self, even if the emotions didn’t seem to be so out of whack for what she was describing. Her pastor husband had apparently met a new woman of mystery and their little church had 30 people once, but now boasted over 100 in

a few weeks time. She feared the worst, that they were going to commit a mass-suicide… as it turns out though, she was an intentional messenger.

<Storyteller> And she had a weird cephalopod that was sentient, stuck to the back of her neck, feeding her what to say and do. Was her story still valid? Was it a trap? After dealing with the clear breach that the woman was, after freeing her, the group was now going to venture onward to find out just what was going on in that little town to the north.

<CoraAnn> listens to the radio as she rides with Aaron and Katie, occasionally glancing into the mirror to check on the cars behind them.

■► Cassian ◄■ would be driving his vehicle and heading up as well in the suv.

Katie bounces her head to the music as she drives along, mindful of her speed so as not to draw too much attention.

~*Ramirez*~ drives his old beat up borrwed car from the mechanic shop. In a shitty town like this, it totally wouldn’t stand out much.

<Aaron> just chills in Katie’s car, window rolled down so he can feel the breeze as they head toward the small town. It felt good to be doing something again.

{Zo} is in the car with Cassian and Zoelie, watching out the window as they go by. He sighs a bit, but remains quiet otherwise.

<Zoelie> is riding with cassian in the suv. wearing her hoodie and typing away madly as she tries to hack into the power grid. she has her dad’s gerber multitool in her cargo jeans pocket, her glasses on one of those black braided leather lanyards around her neck, her tablet on her knees and the rest of her instruments in her crochet bag at her feet.

<Storyteller> Perhaps most known for the annual Louisiana Strawberry Festival, Ponchatoula has small-town charms–and plenty of strawberry-themed things—year-round. About an hour drive from New Orleans, the main Downtown strip here has cute boutiques, antiques stores, and stores selling an astounding variety of strawberry food items (plus meatpies, crawfish bread, and your

typical Louisiana road-trip food finds). <— This is where you were headed to. Otherwise known as ‘Hickville’.

<Storyteller> You’d find ample parking on some dead side streets near where the Cavalry Baptist Church was at. The church itself was on ‘Main Street’, which had a crosswalk on it to allow those members to get to the parking lot for the church itself, across the street. It wasn’t the best set up. On either side of the church was a bagel bakery sort of place and a sandwich

place. The main street had quite a few cars parked along it directly so finding parking there without going a quite a few blocks was going to be pretty impossible. Side streets offered some parking 2 to 3 blocks away.

<Cecilia> keeps Zoelie company, wearing a blouse, jeans and heeled boots.

Katie finds a place to park where they can bail back toward the cars if need be.

<CoraAnn> gets out and puts her duffle items in her jacket.

~*Ramirez*~ parks his car among some other cheap ass cars.

{Zo} keeps an eye out for trouble as they gather up on the edge of town.

■► Cassian ◄■ parks his suv and would get out. His hair was much shorter than usual and dyed a sandy brown color. He was wearing dark blue cargo pants, a random smart alek t-shirt that said something corny about Black Knight bridge security.. and a jacket, which he stored some stuff in.

~*Ramirez*~ pulled his dark hair back in a ponytail and had on some gloves, a plain black worn hoodie and some jeans and sneaks. Whatever he had on him was long hidden already. He’s such a thug.

<Zoelie> curses from her seat in the suv “Just a second…”

<Zoelie> cracks her knuckles

Aaron gets out of the car, having prepared himself as much as he can beforehand.

<Cecilia> looks at Zoelie before getting out.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Time to get dangerous, Zoelie.” He smirks.

<Zoelie> types furiously on the tablet

<Zoelie> “time to take my hot sauce out my bag.”

{Zo} watches Zoelie, rather fascinated by the whole ordeal.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Hot sauce..”

Katie chuckles. “I am leaving that one alone…”

<Storyteller> There is a buzzing pop sound and a few sparks, and then the power goes out to the church.

<Zoelie> raises both fists “Victory!”

■► Cassian ◄■ “That’s our signal. Really.”

■► Cassian ◄■ heads down to the church entrance, watching precariously.

<Zoelie> then quickly stuffs everything in her bag and jumps out of the suv

~*Ramirez*~ “Never thought I’d be bustin’ in on some church. I’m sure I’m going to Hell in 10 different ways now.”

Aaron shakes his head. “That was nice.” He starts to head toward the building as well.

<CoraAnn> “Or to ten different hells.”

<Storyteller> About 15 people head out the doors of the church, with weird expressions across their face as they depart. They look confused and look back at the church..then forward..and move off to vehicles or just going down the street.

~*Ramirez*~ “That too.” He’d smirk to Cora.

<Zoelie> smirks at the others and follows cassian, her sneakers quiet on the pavement and the dirt

<Storyteller> The church has two big wooden doors, as if made for someone taller than 10 feet to accomodate themselves without trouble…which is a thing churches love to do that no one understands yet. Maybe they think angels are 10 feet tall.

{Zo} follows the others toward the church quietly, studying the people who left breifly before looking back toward the building.

<Cecilia> arches a brow at Zoelie, before moving toward the church.

<Zoelie> also checks out the people who left, standing near cassian and trying to stay out of sight behind some bushes

Katie eyes the door before looking back toward the others. “So if the people left… the plan is, what?”

<Storyteller> The people who left seem to be just confused and weirded out..but nothing really peculiar stands out about them.

■► Cassian ◄■ “I was just going to walk right in and see if I can stir whatever evil thing lurks within to come out and play.”

<Cecilia> looks at Cassian. “Good luck.”

<Zoelie> “Oh it’s like that?”

■► Cassian ◄■ “You can come in after, if you want. I don’t control your actions but I certainly do control mine and something very bad is happening here.”

<Zoelie> “Well at least we got some people out the way.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Some of you, if you aren’t so much into direct confrontation, you might want to work on how to get people together to avoid those silly breaches outside the walls.”

<CoraAnn> “I can move people.”

{Zo} “Something is waiting in there. Something corruptive.”

<Storyteller> Cora, Aaron and Cassian could note that a dark figure was on top of the church. Aaron and Cora’s keen eyes could make out Ethan, though he was sticking to shadows. Something of the wyld in his eyes or demeanor…it just gave the shifter away to them particularly, probably because Aaron was a kinfolk and Cora…she fears Garou like cray cray.

<Storyteller> Zoelie notices as well the figure and can take a guess since he was told to come as back up. Katie, you notice some guy down the street peeing in a mailbox.

Katie makes a face and ews, totally turning back the other way. “Fucking grody.”

Aaron looks up briefly, noting the look and then glancing to Coyote before simply standing off as backup for whoever was going in.

<Cecilia> looks around, focusing on Katie for a moment. “What did you see….no. I don’t want to know.”

<Zoelie> smirks up at ethan

<Zoelie> looks at katie curiously “Huh?”

{Zo} remains totally focused on the door and what lies past it, he nods to Cassian, also backing him up.

■► Cassian ◄■ nods back to Zo and then would head on to the door. He’d open the one on the right and walk into the church.

<Zoelie> “Ca va, Katie?”

Katie shrugs. “It was gros. Don’t worry about it. Not like cthulu gross. Just people gross.”

<Zoelie> “Like peeping tom gross?”

Katie shrugs. “Public urination technically qualifies as exposure.”

<Zoelie> sucks her teeth “And people say the city’s dirty. Come on let’s go.”

<Zoelie> heads off after cassian

<CoraAnn> tries not to picture the guy on the roof changing… and shudders.

<Cecilia> grimaces, looking back to the church, and follows after a bit.

<Zoelie> looks at cora “Ca va, Cora?”

<Storyteller> Those entering the church, you see you are first in an area, a lobby with a place to hang coats and such on the left side of the wall, where a bunch of hooks are. You can see beyond that there is another set of double doors with two men standing outside of the doors, looking at the group of you walking in. ~

<CoraAnn> raises an eyebrow at Zoelie. “What?”, she glances up again and tries not to stare. “I’m fine. Just… jumpy.”

<Storyteller> You also can take note of two fancy holy water fountains on either side of the doors.

<Storyteller> The right side clearly is meant to be used to enter, the left to exit.

<Zoelie> nods slowly to cora and then shrugs, looks around

Aaron hasn’t died recently… may as well go check it out in person too.

~*Ramirez*~ follows along as well, inside. Curiosity killed the cat and he’s already died twice anyway.

Katie remains outside for now, just in case and to make sure they don’t get surrounded or something.

<CoraAnn> debates… and finalyl can’t take it anymore, going inside cause she’s scared of the thing on the roof.

<Zoelie> eyeballs the dudes watching them

<Storyteller> The two guards stare at all of you a moment and every one of you entering notices their eyes gleam an off blue eerie color for what seems to be a second at most. You were all just that attentive.

<Storyteller> The man on the right starts to reach behind his back for something.

<Zoelie> cries out “Watch out, homeboy got heat!”

<CoraAnn> is a blur of motion as she tries to stop the guy from either pulling a weapon or calling for help.

<Storyteller> The man barely gets his hand behind his back before Cora is up on him, grabbing that arm and breaking it with ease, and he falls forward to his knees. Her hand over her mouth to prevent him from crying out, he gets nothing out, and passes out. The gun then appears in Cecilia’s hand, that’s tucked in her jacket, to make it ‘no witnesses’ vulgar.

<Storyteller> The second man goes to move, his eyes turning feral with that gleaming blue, but Cassian holds out his hand and the man flies back against the wall, held.

<Zoelie> looks around to make sure nobody else is hiding in the area

<Cecilia> eyes the guards, reaching out and grabbing the man’s gun, slipping it away.

Aaron watches and concentrates, sharp feral-looking claws growing from his hands.

<Storyteller> Cecilia can take the man’s gun away, no problem. He’s rather stuck against the wall.

{Zo} walks over and touches the guy, then looks concerned as he steps back. “Hmmm, perhaps i have lost more of my power than I thought.”

<Zoelie> looks at cora with new respect as she just was a total blur and got that guy to the ground, unconscious, in a heartbeat.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Try again. You’re out of practice.”

{Zo} reaches up and puts his hand on the man’s head, then nods as the man falls asleep. “It does seem that i was a bit rusty.”

<CoraAnn> looks the guy over to make sure he wasn’t hurt too bad before nodding to the others and looking at the entrance they were guarding.

<Storyteller> The man is out and then Cassian smirks and lowers his hand, letting the guy slide down the wall helplessly.

<Storyteller> Both men were going to live, but they were out of your hair for the time being.

<Zoelie> checks around the room and then will check the guys over to see if they have anything interesting on them that cecilia didn’t already get heh “Nice job guys.”

<Zoelie> to cassian “Pretty sure whatever it is knows we’re here now!”

<Cecilia> would get there first! Or try to!

Aaron nods. “Pretty sure it knew before we arrived and is waiting for us.”

<Storyteller> The men have nothing in particular that is out of the ordinary. They have wallets with their ids and some cash money and credit cards.

■► Cassian ◄■ “Yes, you would both be correct. It knew we would come and now it knows we are here.”

<Zoelie> is totally taking the cash and credit cards heh

<Zoelie> to aaron “Yeah you got a point…” notes his claws “Several, as a mattaoffack.”

<Cecilia> would take one wallet and the items insid, arching a brow at Zoelie. “It’s polite to share.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Show time. Make sure no one gets out if we can help it, or at least try to get who they are if we have to go after them. This will..be a potential mess.”

<Zoelie> smirks at cecilia “Oh my bad. Thought you already got some.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Are you two really arguing over wallets?” * he grabs a credit card from each of them.

<Cecilia> eyes Ramirez, snatching the credit card back. “No.”

<CoraAnn> glances back at them and sighs. “Really guys? Some of these people are probably really poor and not under control of themselves. They might need that money.”

<Zoelie> chuckles and lets them take whatever “Everybody gotta eat.”

<Cecilia> reconsiders, then hands it back.

<Cecilia> isn’t a hypocrite.

~*Ramirez*~ “Rude.” * he turns his attention back to the door.

■► Cassian ◄■ shrugs and then heads to the door. He had no care for money etc when he could just take what he ever wanted really.

<Zoelie> shrugs at cora “Or maybe these two are part of the problem, bullyin everyone of these poor folk in the name of this monster. Maybe they like they job.”

<Zoelie> turns to the door

■► Cassian ◄■ “So Zo, want honors?”

<Cecilia> looks around, casing the area.

{Zo} walks up to the door and draws his sword. He shoulders the door open carefully, keeping his right side against it so that it is half used as a shield upon entering.

■► Cassian ◄■ draws his sword as well and would watch ready to follow along through the other side.

<Zoelie> is letting the guys with swords go through the door first then following if nothing happens.

<CoraAnn> hangs back for backup purposes, but readies herself.

<Cecilia> stands with Zoelie, moving alongside the other Mage.

<Storyteller> Zo opens the door, shouldering the door and Cassian watches forward. Zo moves into the next room and inside you can see around 100 some people within, from men and women of varying ages and even children were within. The preacher that Cora remembers ‘necking’ was up on the pulpit and beside him, standing off a couple feet off to his left and behind him was a

woman with long stringy blond hair and the most pale blue eyes one could see. All of the people within were wearing white toga-like sheets that also had hoods and golden belts with crosses on them. Their regular clothes, who knew where they were? As Zo moved in, the members faced the pastor still. The pastor and the woman though looked over at Zo directly.

<Zoelie> jaw drops a bit as she looks around at the people then looks at ramirez and cecilia. shakes her head and mutters “I don’t know what else I was expecting, really…”

{Zo} frowns as he looks over the group as a whole before his startling blue gaze falls onto the pair looking at him.

Katie starts to walk around the church building itself, just making sure there are no outdoor surprises.

<Storyteller> The man looks at Zo and then at Cassian, and apparently seems to be even looking past them both. “Do come in, Angel and blood demon and do bring your friends. You are here to come join in our festivities of moving past this realm of pain and onto one of freedom. To cast away the agony of the flesh and its selfish world. To free you of your curses.. Come be

one with us. We will not judge you.” His voice was -very- convincing and so clear and concise. He believed.

<Cecilia> tilts her head, watching the gathering.

<CoraAnn> swallows. “Oh, all the heebie jeebies. Right there.”

~*Ramirez*~ “This is going to be interesting.”

<Zoelie> looks at cora with some concern, wondering what else she saw that zoelie did not. she puts her glasses on and studies the pastor and his acolytes.

Aaron remains where he is, in the first doorway.

<Zoelie> “Yeah man, that’s a hard pass.”

<Cecilia> looks at Zoelie. “What did you see?”

<Zoelie> “Oh I don’t need to see nothin more than what’s right in front of me. It’s what I heard, and I sure ain’t ready to cast any agony of the flesh away I might have.”

<Storyteller> Zoelie, peering through her funky glasses at the acolytes and the pastor can see that there is some weird cloud of blue with lines of blue connecting all of them. There are some weird symbols that seem to show up in the lines or clouds about now and then, fading and becoming more apparent repeatedly. Then you look at the woman with the long stringy blond hair.

The pastor seems to have the most of this eerie energy around him but the woman behind him…she has a presence that is not what you see in the flesh. Like an avatar within her, it rises to 8 feet tall, boned wings, gray skin, red eyes…and even a twisted halo above her head of thorns.

<Storyteller> You feel a person with a mundane mind, seeing this true form, would be instantly driven mad and compelled to do whatever it wanted, but you manage to stand your ground even as it looks right at you. You feel your jaw clench and your fists tighten instinctively as you bounce off whatever effect it was pushing from it just naturally.

<Zoelie> “Oh hellnah.” she says through gritted teeth. “Get thee behind me.”

<Cecilia> looks at Zoelie, then at who she’s focusing on, frowning.

~*Ramirez*~ “What?” He looks at Zoelie and then looks around. He’d failed to notice anything like what she saw, though this was his field totally.

■► Cassian ◄■ walks into the room and flicks his wrist, holding the sword. It lights on fire. “So, how about you free these people without killing them and just go away?”

{Zo} looks to the woman and his gaze hardens.

<Storyteller> The woman is silent but the pastor speaks instead. “They are willing to move beyond this pain and tortured existence. Aren’t you? Aren’t you all?”

<Zoelie> points at the woman, her arm trembling either with rage or fear and says “J’accuse. It’s her. Ignore her puppet.”

<Cecilia> thins her lips, arching her brow at the pastor. “I believe not. I’m comfortable as I am.”

Aaron growls from where he stands in the doorway.

<Zoelie> swallows and her face becomes even more grim “Don’t listen to them! Remember who you are and what you came to do!”

<Storyteller> Aaron stood quietly, his eyes going wide and then he went to his knees and fell forward. The claws on his hands faded as he seemed in some private war, in which he twitched now and then but wasn’t making any real headway with.

■► Cassian ◄■ stood with certainty but then a look of fury and even wild fear perhaps hit his features and he let out a gasp as he turned and fell over, writhing as if he were being tortured. The sword in his hand hit the ground but the fire still danced off of it.

<CoraAnn> growls faintly and steps back, looking more upset than angry. She shakes her head, the purple and black a blur together.

<Storyteller> The rest of you see your worst failures that have reminded you that life is just really fucking hard and shitty sometimes and it makes you lose focus for those split moments. Zoelie’s family dying and leaving her when they could have been smarter… Zo’s losing his angelic self and seeing his failures and desperate moments, Katie’s struggles and betrayal by

Cornel etc, learning what she was really a part of.. etc.

<Storyteller> The pastor speaks again. “You see? You all have things to regret and God doesn’t want it this way. All you have to do is let go of your pains and sufferings, or you could be consumed by them. Why not just be free? These people want free. They gave up their fights.” With these words, you see the 100 some people pulling out these strange serrated blades

with curves in them and they start moving them to various points of their bodies. Some bring the blades to their wrists, others to where their hearts would be..ready to plunge the blades into their bodies.

<Zoelie> tears roll down her cheeks “No!!!” she shouts. “Your god is false! Kill youselves and your pain and torment becomes eternal. It doesn’t ever go away!”

{Zo} grows angry, and he steps forward toward the woman. As he does, his true nature begins to show and he takes on an eerie light in his eyes that radiates outward until a halo forms around him. “You do not speak for God.”

<Cecilia> grits her teeth, but is mostly unaffected by whatever the woman did. That’s not to say she didn’t have things to regret. She does look at the pastor and furrow her brow as the man speaks, before looking to the congregation and moving to grab a knife from one of them. “Agreed. Your ‘religion’ is a blasphemy, and will be treated as such.”

<Storyteller> Cecilia can grab a knife from one of the members, who just seems to act like it’s still in their hand.

{Zo} looks toward the people and sighs. “She has taken the thing from you that God has given as the greatest gift. Your Will to do as you choose. Don’t let it be taken from you.”

<Storyteller> The woman with stringy blond hair looks at Zo and cants her head to the side. Her expression was so emotionless but her pale blue eyes were so magical, looking at him. “They are already mine and you cannot save them all. None of you can. Strike me, Angel, if you dare.”

<Cecilia> examines the knife, studying it.

{Zo} starts to speak again, the sound that comes from him is near musical in nature but not anything remotely human… it is not unpleasent, but the sounds are very strange… up until the point he finds himself flung into one wall like a bug on a windshield.

<Zoelie> “Zo!!”

<Zoelie> “Cassian!! get up!! Cora!! snap out of it….!”

<Storyteller> The woman suddenly gets this malicious smile and some of her flesh seems to crack with black weird veins beneath. She screams at him and it is something that makes everyone on edge, it is so inhuman and awful. He flies into a wall as if projected by the sonic power in itself.

<Cecilia> uses the knife she got in a risky gamble, after studying it.

<Storyteller> Cecilia, you study the knife and it seems to be a regular, just sacrifical funky blade. It doesn’t seem to be particularly special otherwise.

<Storyteller> You stab the woman and the knife sinks into her body. She doesn’t seem to be really experiencing any pain or even bleeding other than this black ooze that goes around the blade itself.

<Storyteller> Cora and Cassian feel the call of Zoelie, the desperation of the situation, and you both are so missioned in what you do, that you pull yourselves out of your nightmares and can get up again.

<Storyteller> Aaron would also find himself able to get back out of his daze.

<Storyteller> The people continue to move, going for their deaths. Zo’s words seem to make them hesitate, slowing their movements but sadly it just wasn’t enough as he was so rudely interrupted by wall.

~*Ramirez*~ brings his hands together and then inhales and exhales, his eyes looking otherwordly, connecting to the realm of the spirits. His tattoes beneath his clothes seemed to gleam through them as he focused and drew out his arms and then brought his hands together in clenching fists. As he did, the blades within the people’s hands turned to ash effectively. His

body trembled with the immense amount of power that took and he was exhausted, though he wasn’t about to show it, despite the slight swaying he does afterward.

<Cecilia> yanks the knife back and frowns, making another attempt and aiming for a higher spot.

■► Cassian ◄■ exhales and draws himself back up to his feet, picking up the flaming sword, with rage in his eyes. His expression otherwise is so dour. He’s not happy. at all.

<CoraAnn> extends her Presence outward and draws everyone’s attention toward her, trying to pull it away from that whateverthefuck.

<Zoelie> sighs in relief as the knives are turned to ash

{Zo} gets up, picks up his sword and starts to march straight toward the ‘woman’.

<Storyteller> Again, Cecilia’s blade sinks into the woman and now this time, the blade seems to be stuck in her form, surrounded by that weird black ichor.

<Cecilia> tries to yank it free, frowning as she’s unable to.

<Zoelie> “Cecilia, get out of there…”

<Cecilia> hasn’t moved from her spot next to the others.

<Cecilia> also looks at Zoelie oddly.

~*Ramirez*~ “I think you’re done with that attack, Cecilia.” He pulls out his gun.

{Zo} calls upon the air and begins to blur, moving steadily faster as he charges the demon.

<Storyteller> Cora uses her ‘Awe’ activating it in the hopes to draw the others to pay more attention to her. She ends up contesting the dark being and those acolytes who seemed so under control before start to dawn a look of confusion/bafflement.

<Cecilia> lets go of the knife, retracting her hand.

■► Cassian ◄■ draws his hand in and dark fire begins to ‘illuminate’ around it.

<Zoelie> retracts the statement because she didn’t actually see cecilia stab the demon

<Storyteller> Anyone else doing actions before combat begins?

Katie is wondering what is taking so long as she’s been on lookout and goes inside.

<Zoelie> will try to protect cora with a shield against fire.

<Storyteller> The woman’s body is hit, targeted by Zo with merciless swiftness. The wounds that she had sustained from Cecilia and now the angel that was really very very angry made quick work of her mortal shell. The body fell forward, black veins growing and expanding. Those who were sensitive to spirits heard a shriek coming from the spiritual other side, as a woman’s soul

was destroyed utterly. Before all of you stood now a being that was 8 feet tall, glowing red eyes, gray blue eerie colored skin, demonic angel wings that were severely burnt and a halo of thorns above her head. Her hair was a softer white and stringy, draping down her body to even her knees. It seemed to move as if some wind constantly blew by her and the air was chill.

<CoraAnn> “You know how in a video game the boss monster assumes it’s final form? Think we reached that stage.”

<Cecilia> “Ah. Unfortunately, I’ve never played video games.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “That seems to be the case. I think we need to lay off video games for a while.”

<Zoelie> tears stream down her face. she hadn’t realized a woman’s soul would be destroyed.

<Zoelie> sniff sniff sob

<Storyteller> The woman screeches and her clawed black taloned hands draw up fire and she strikes out at the two vampires first, but it seems to react to Cora’s shield and just diminishes, not even touching either vampire.

<Cecilia> is watching, with her eyes wide, and closes them, murmuring a prayer for the unfortunate woman who was this -thing’s- host. She has no idea the woman’s soul was destroyed, though.

~*Ramirez*~ looks really pissed. That was not how this was supposed to work. All he could get out as he took aim at the woman was “Puta”.

<Storyteller> Cecilia shoots at the corrupted angelic woman and the bullets seem to really have no impact, but they kept her busy as Katie stepped up and shot her with the ray gun. A big hole ripped through her abdomen. She actually gave off now that something actually hurt her, as her face scrunched up in agony. The scream again was heard through umbral and spiritual realm

connections but otherwise not heard. She was -very- pissed though now.

<Zoelie> blinks then yells “Pique toi, salop!”

<Zoelie> which is basically fuck you, whore, in lousiana creole.

Katie just shoots first, then yells. “You leave my friends alone!”

<Zoelie> can augment the results of the heat ray?

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ lands, in garou form, much to Cora’s dismay, from one of the surrounding balconies, throwing down a couple of very twisted looking guards from above. He shifts back to homid then.

<CoraAnn> looks more disturbed by his changing back than by his arrival, but tries to hide it.

<Storyteller> Zo lunges forward with super angel speed, slicing deeply, literally cutting the evil angelic thing in half, and then Katie’s gun fires with more passion than it has in the past, incinerating the top part of her body, so that the other half just turns to ash as well, having nothing to keep it in the really real world.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “The outside is secure.. but you will have to work on these people quickly. That woman is known to me. She is now free of the bonds that held her, but hopefully she is also returned to the deep umbra.”

<Zoelie> looks at ethan “You mean…she could come back from that?””

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods and shrugs. “Yeah, she can. She’s known as the Nameless Angel and she’s come back before..every time.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “These are just vessels she uses.”

<Zoelie> “She destroys…their spirit.”

{Zo} nods his head. “If I had my powers i could stop that, or Aeneas could. But i don’t so it doesn’t matter. Lets get these people to safety.”

<Zoelie> nods to zo

<Zoelie> will help talk folks into getting the heck out of that church and back to their homes.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “She makes people commit suicide and then devours their spirits.”

■► Cassian ◄■ nods and takes in the info and then starts working on Dominate.. a lot.

<Storyteller> the pastor just crumples to his knees looking around in tears. “What..have I ..done?”

■► Cassian ◄■ “Nothing you are going to remember.” * he becomes #1 victim of dominate a lot.

Aaron uses his Mind magics to assist in bringing the people around.

<Zoelie> starts to protest whatever cassian is doing but thinks better of it.

<Storyteller> Aaron and Cassian and anyone else who wants to stick around and rewrite people’s memories.. do so. Cassian would just give Zoelie the eye of ‘do you -really- want to let these people live with this’ look. xD

<Zoelie> honestly isn’t sure but figures it can be addressed later so just helps herd folks out of there for the time being.

Katie helps where she can and takes a few samples of things for later observation.

<Zoelie> will help ramirez get back to his car after as well.

~*Ramirez*~ would look around and accept Zoelie’s assistance, as he seemed to really not like whatever it was he saw and heard in the spirit realms.

~*Ramirez*~ was also pretty exhausted and well, just had too much paradox to be happy about it.

<CoraAnn> is not remotely comfortable this close to the full moon with … that guy … and this on top of it… plus the bad memories… was not her night.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ seemed oblivious to poor Cora’s worry as he had his own things to think about, like would that place serve yet again to keep him from harming others, because he could feel that full moon coming.

{Zo} also alters people’s memories alongside Cassian, getting things squared away before they leave.

<Zoelie> “You gonna be ok to drive?”

<Zoelie> will grit her teeth and use her 1 dot in drive to drive him home in his beater if he looks too exhausted.

<Storyteller> After hours of work, those doing the mind games to set people right, were set and the people within were saved from what all of you would carry with you for the rest of your days. A run in with someone you -knew- clearly was not utterly defeated and she could come back whenever.