Sparks seems to be at a local ice cream vendor at the moment, after all it was hot, she notices a bum outside and buys him a cone and smiles as she goes out to give it to him. “You seem pretty hot out here thought you could use something cool to eat.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< would be sitting in the trill, on a bar stool, drinking some concoction that was some form of margarita. He seemed to be savoring it and paying a lot of attention to the flavors.

“Perhaps I can get you something more then that from the trill perhaps a full lunch.” She smiles and offers the hobo a hand. “What’s your name? I’m known as Sparks but that’s just a nick name.”

<Bum> takes the offered cone and it’s gone in like 2 seconds. He then rubs his temples with brain freeze activating. “Uh, what’s it to you? Call me John Wick for all it matters.”

Sparks: “Alright John, I just figured you could use something to eat, I’ve recently came out of hard times so helping you feels like the right thing to do. After all where would I be if I wasn’t helped out either.”

<Bum-John-Wick> “Well that’s generous of ya, girl, but what do you actually want after that? It’s not like I have something to offer in return. If you want thanks, all you get is a word.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< sipped his margarita and turned around on his stool to face the door.

Sparks: “I don’t need anything from you, just being able to help my fellow man is more then enough thanks for me.”

<John> “Well that’s fine then. Go away now. Thanks, but go away now.”

}Elena Selune{ walks into the Devil’s Trill, hands in her jacket pockets as she looks the place over outside, then in before going and taking a seat off to the left of the front doors.

Sparks: she nods and waves to the man after all she didn’t want to force help upon the man. She goes inside the bar and looks around

<Bum> humphs and is grateful but he also wasn’t going to mince words. He didn’t want too much sympathy etc. He heads off grumbling.

>Yusuf Yamanu< glances over at Elena and gives her a polite nod. “Hello.”

}Elena Selune{ smiles softly and nods in return to Yusuf before ordering herself a Jack and Coke. “Hi.”

Sparks comes over near Yusuf and Elena and gives the two a wave and smirks and offers Elena a hug. “Oh hey again, hug?”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “Greetings, Sparks. How are you both?”

Sparks: I’ve been doing well, much better then before. *she grins softly to Yusuf*

}Elena Selune{ blinks as she looks at Sparks and shakes her head slightly. “Uhm, don’t really know you that well yet?” She takes her drink with a carefully closed hand and sips it. “Nice to see you though. How are you?”

Sparks: “Oh that’s fine I figured I might offer so you couldn’t say I didn’t offer.”

}Elena Selune{ nods slightly. “I uhm, don’t think that’ll be a problem.”, she politely gestures to one of the chairs. “You want to sit, maybe have a drink?”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “Offer what? That isn’t slightly confusing at all.”

Sparks: Sure I wouldn’t mind having a drink. *she looks over to Yusuf* “Oh I was offering Elena a hug.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “This margarita stuff is really good. I don’t even know why but Erik makes them great.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “I like hugs but usually do not want to hug people I barely know. It can be taken as creepy. Might want to think on that.” He sips the margarita. “Unlike this Margarita. It is not creepy at all.”

}Elena Selune{ looks over at Yusuf as he speaks before sipping her drink as well. Starting to think this was not the best idea.

Sparks: Perhaps we can all share a bottle of wine if you would like?

>Yusuf Yamanu< “I prefer this margarita and more of them, but please feel free to do what you wish to. I have never tasted something so good.”

}Elena Selune{ nods in agreement with yusuf. “Uh, yeah, mixing liquors is bad for you and i already started this one. But you go ahead.”

<Jonas> pulls his custom bike up outside the Trill and goes through what is now his usual ritual. He backs it into a spot, takes off his WW2-era German helmet, complete with goggles under it, and locks it inside his sidecar before heading through the front door. Immediately after getting into the room his left hand goes up toward Erik with three fingers raised instead of the usual

two as he heads to the bar.

Sparks: I suppose so, besides the guy in my head won’t let me drink anymore anyways

}Elena Selune{ glances over at Sparks and sips her drink. “That sounds like it sucks.”

Sparks: Ya he also restricts me from doing any kind of electrical work on my home

Erik nods to Jonas and slides him the beers. “Starting off with three? Everything okay?”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “Even the priests drank. That must be miserable.” He looked over at Jonas and studied him a moment, giving him a polite nod. “Hello.”

Sparks: mostly he restricts me from doing electrical work as I am not an electrocution

<Jonas> shakes his head and pulls out a $20 and slides it over to Erik, “Nah, I’m good. Just been working my ass off on the house. First floor is gonna be a show room and walk in shop and I’m getting it all sanded and everything set up. Lots of work and some of the benches and machines are heavy as hell. I’ve been going full tilt for the past 3 days and now it’s the weekend and

I’m gonna enjoy it.”

<Jonas> chugs the first beer in about 5 seconds and then turns to Sparks, “Hey.” He sighs, “So good to get outta the house.”

Sparks: “Hey sir.”

}Elena Selune{ finishes her drink and orders another Jack and Coke. She nods politely to Jonas but does seem to study him briefly.

<Jonas> looks over at Elena and furrows his brow slightly after a few seconds and then nods to her, “I’m Jonas. You are?”

Sparks: “I am Sparks it’s nice to meet you.”

}Elena Selune{ looks up at Jonas curiously, carefully grabbing her next drink. “I’m Elena.”

<Jonas> lowers his voice, “I can sense it about you. Any anger issues? Really love nature? See where I’m going with this?”

Sparks: “What can you tell of me Jonas?”

>Yusuf Yamanu< looks at onas and then Elena and nods to himself but then looks over at Sparks, curious of what Jonas’ answer would be.

}Elena Selune{ opens her hand along the side of her mug, revealing the webbing between her fingers before closing them again so as to conceal it. “I practically live in the water. Do you like the water, Jonas?”

<Jonas> raises an eyebrow, “Well, that’s interesting and not what I was expecting. I like the water very much. Rivers, specifically.” He looks over at Sparks, “Nothing just yet. Is there anything I should have noticed or that you want to share?”

Sparks: “I died once already so that’s a thing.”

}Elena Selune{ smiles faintly and sips her drink again. “Interesting. I have been looking for someone to help me with some plants along the river.”

<Jonas> blinks, “Hell of a conversation starter. I’m not even sure how to react to that.” He chooses now to take a long sip of IPA number 2 at this point. He looks back to Elena as she speaks, though, “Yeah, there’s something nasty out there and it needs fixing. I got some of it with another friend maybe a week ago now.”

Sparks: “Indeed it tends to smash the ice open with a sledgehammer and dynamite.”

<Jonas> looks back to Sparks, “Yeah, there is that. Not sure it breaks the ice in the right way, though. It implies that you want to talk about how you died, at least to me.”

}Elena Selune{ “Not to mention might draw the wrong kind of attention from the wrong people.”

Sparks: “Well I died basically from depression i gave up on life the first time.”

Sparks: “ya I should think about that next time

<Jonas> drinks more of his IPA before commenting, “You said you died, but I’m talking to you. Most people would say they almost died.” He furrows his brow again and takes another good look at Sparks.

Sparks: “It’s weird I still don’t get it either.”

}Elena Selune{ writes down a number and passes it to Jonas. “Maybe we should talk more sometime. If you’re not scared of sharks you can come see me at the aquarium too.”

<Jonas> takes the paper, “Nah, I’m bigger. I’ll call you.” He takes out his wallet again and folders the paper before stuffing it inside and putting it away again.

<Jonas> looks back at Sparks now and sighs again before finishing IPA number 2 and starting on number 3, “Okay, I’ll bite. How did you die?”

}Elena Selune{ chuckles and kicks out a seat for Jonas.

>Yusuf Yamanu< orders another margarita, just listening to the others. His face was joyful as he enjoyed the liquid. This might be his 5th one.

<Jonas> grins and nods to the chair offering and heads over. He sits down slowly, testing the chair. It protests with a creak but supports his weight. “Thanks.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< “Sparks, do you know how many times I have died?”

Sparks: How many times? I don’t know

>Yusuf Yamanu< “You don’t because it is not a good way to talk to people and most do not understand death as one of us might. You are a rarity and should keep in mind some people will harm you or kill you just for what you are. As someone far more experienced, that’s my advice for you for the night..and I’m also kind of warm and fuzzy. This stuff…is so delicious!”

He sips the concoction some more. ahhh

<Jonas> raises that eyebrow again and keeps his voice loud enough for only them to hear at the table, “Okay, so both of you guys have died before,” he looks at Yusuf, “and you clearly more than once from how you’re talking. Is it cards on the table time yet?”

}Elena Selune{ looks to Yusuf and snorts a little. “There is something to be said for being warm and fuzzy.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< looks at Jonas and then chuckles. “My apologies. I do not mean to be obnoxious or distract your conversation. I think I did put cards on the table with that, though it wasn’t intentional really. I do not mind though laying them out with good people.”

Sparks: “I I like fuzzy things and being warm, I mean who doesn’t?”

<Jonas> looks to Sparks, “We’ll get back to you.” He then gives Yusuf is undivided attention, which means he’s looking him right in the eyes if possible, “You might have said something that should tell me what your cards say and mean, but I’m not getting it. Any chance you can spell it out without being vague or hinting at things?” His tone is obviously inquisitive more than

anything else, almost like someone just hinted at something to a child and the child now really wants to know more.

}Elena Selune{ finishes her second drink and also looks to Yusuf somewhat curiously, or maybe just perhaps Jonas is being so curious.

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods to Jonas. “I am an Amenti. The ‘crude’ word in the world of monsters so to say, as many think in terms of, would be a mummy, I believe. Sparks is one too.”

<Jonas> “Okay, that’s a new one for me. We may have to talk sometime about what that means exactly if you’d be willing.” He looks back at Sparks now, “So what do you do exactly?”

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods. “Perhaps you will tell me what sort of nature being you are as well. I would be interested in knowing. I do love to hear about others and perhaps I can be useful in your future.”

}Elena Selune{ looks between them curiously, just taking them in.

}Elena Selune{ gets up and nods to Sparks, Yusuf, and Jonas. “I should be going. But this was very interesting. Have a wonderful rest of the afternoon.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< nods. “Yes, me too. Have a good night, Elena, Jonas and Sparks. There sometimes are not enough hours in the day.” He’d totally pay for a bottle mix of margaritas from Erik and then head out. ~

<Jonas> nods, “Night, guys.” He looks back to Sparks.