Robert follows Lynn back out to the jeep quietly, but looks curious. He waits till they are driving before asking, “So… Where are we going now?”

Lynn smirks and lights up a clove on the way to the French Quarter in her jeep. “To check something out. Grab that case under your seat, would you?”

Robert nods and digs around under the seat till he finds the case and pulls it out to sit in his lap. “So, what’s in the box?”

Lynn grins as she pulls into the parking space and takes the case from him. “My guns. Special ones. Cora said this guy might be able to work on them for me.” She hops out of the jeep and heads inside, motioning for Robert to come along.

Robert hops out and goes to follow her inside. “Oh. Like collector’s pieces? I guess you collect some old stuff over time, huh.”

Jonas’ building is on a side street so there’s generally not a lot of foot traffic out in front of it. The building itself looks pretty old and the blue paint on it is well-faded. The downstairs windows are still covered over with boards and the door on the right side is currently open with some light coming out of it onto the sidewalk. Heading in through the open door reveals a large open area with some very large items with painting sheets

over them and drop cloth on the floor. A very large man, both in height (7 feet even) and general build, is in the far corner sanding paint off a wall. There’s a radio near him playing some 80’s hair metal.

Lynn knocks firmly against the doorframe to get the big guys attention without sneaking up on him. “Hello?”

Robert just keeps quiet. That is a big dude. He follows Lynn to the doorway and peers around.

<Jonas> turns around and then leans down to turn off the music, currently Poison – Fallen Angel, and then takes the mask off and sets it down next to his sanding block and heads over, “Evening. I’m Jonas.” He extends his right hand and tries to seem as unimposing as possible. IN fact his general demeanor and tone of voice is pretty mellow.

Lynn nods and smiles beneath the old cowboy hat, and shakes his hand. Her grip surprisingly strong for her size. She seems totally unphased by his size and has a friendly disposition. “I’m Lynn. You might know a friend of mine with purplish hair? I have some stuff she said you might be able to fix up for me.”

<Jonas> shakes her hand and nods, “So that would make you the infamous Shotgun I’ve heard about. Nice to meet you. She mentioned some old pistols that have seen a lot of service. I saw you in the Trill maybe a week ago or so, though you didn’t stay long.” He looks over at Robert and then extends his hand to him as well, “You are?”

Lynn smiles and nods. “That would be me. Yeah… Some boys were up to trouble. They’re avoiding me currently. Anyway… I tend to forget my strength when I get excited and so the guns haven’t had it easy.”

Robert looks at the big guy and sighs, trying to be as polite as possible. “I’m Robert. I do with computers what you seem to do with firearms.”

Lynn glances back toward Robert and nods before addressing Jonas again. “Sorry if you aren’t ready yet, since it looks like you are still fixing things up.”

<Jonas> “No worries. All I need are my eyes and a good light to take a look at a firearm.” He moves over to one of the sheets and lifts it up to expose some drawers. He opens one and pulls out a small headlamp before closing it and letting the sheet fall back down. He taps the open benchtop after putting it on his head, “Okay, let’s have a look at what you’ve brought me and see what kinda shape they’re in.”

Lynn nods and passes him the case she brought. Matched set of old colt revolvers. Taken care of, very clean. Also a lot of wear and tear. The fact that metal stressing strength has been used on the hammers and triggers is evident quickly.

Robert watches curiously, remaining beside Lynn. Though not outwardly nervous, he seems cautious still.

<Jonas> clicks the light on and angles it properly so he can see while he holds each revolver up to get a close look. He brings each hammer back a click so the cylinder can spin freely and checks for resistance, then checks the trigger and hammer springs before finally looking into each of the cylinder chambers and barrel. He speaks as he’s investigating, “Not bad pieces. Definitely seen more use than most I’ve looked at. Are you the first


Lynn shakes her head. “No. They were a gift to me and had been used before. I cleaned them up as well as I could and they hold up well but could use some work.”

<Jonas> “Yeah, you’re stronger than you look, obviously, from the wear on the trigger tails. Total cowboy shooter from what I can see here. How interested in preserving all the original pieces are you? If I have some leeway I can machine some replacement parts out of much tougher metal for these.” He sets them back into the case, clicks the light off and turns to give her his full attention.

Robert looks between them before glancing back at the door. “Hey, Lynn? I am gonna bow out and go grab a bite, okay?”

<Jonas> snickers a little when he says ‘bite’.

Lynn glances to Robert and nods. “Okay. See you back at the house later then.”, she says before turning her attention back to Jonas. “I don’t mind so long as it keeps the original style.”

<Jonas> “Replicating the original style is easy. I can completely disassemble the revolver and use the existing pieces as templates to machine the new ones. I’d start with the triggers but I’d go over each part individually. It’ll take time. Things like these deserve respect and care.”

Lynn smiles a bit and leans against the counter. “Alright. Not a problem. Neither is payment. Do you mind if I ask you some other questions though?”

<Jonas> “Related to these or is this new business?”

<Shotgun> glances back toward the door and then to Jonas once again. “Perhaps related, perhaps not. Cora said you are moving around the city pretty well armed. Not counting your… other talents. Expecting trouble?”

<Jonas> closes the pistol case before replying, “I wouldn’t say I’m quite loaded for bear, but I like to be prepared for the worst. If you’re worried about me looking for trouble, I’m not. It just has a habit of finding me and when it does I like to be ready. That’s all.”

<Shotgun> nods her head and smiles. “Given what I heard about what you and Marge found in the woods, not gonna blame you in the slightest.”

<Jonas> “That was a very disgusting little piece of work. Thankfully it was as allergic to lead slugs as people are. Hopefully next time Marge and I decide to go for a walk in the woods we can actually do it without being interrupted. Hell of a first time out with someone, but I guess that par for the course given certain details.”

<Shotgun> smirks. “Always nice when nothing out of the ordinary is required to take them out. And yeah, we’ve had a bit of an issue with a certain one around here we have yet to be able to track down properly. Partly because it crosses… politcal borders that halt our progress.”

<Jonas> “Nothing is ever simple. I’ve heard something about another group that I guess could be said differs from here politically. Was advised not to go out to certain areas or run the risk of them finding me. Not really sure who’d get the short straw there, though. I might take a wander during the day when they wouldn’t be looking for anyone new, though. Who knows where the wind might blow me.”

<Shotgun> nods her head a bit at that. “I really think they’d leave you alone. They tend to follow their instincts and I am sure that would lead them to avoid confrontation with one of your kind unless they had a strong numbers advantage. Just because they tend to be bestial doesn’t mean they to do anything to get themselves or their …packmates killed without reason.”

<Jonas> “Predators can usually sense a bigger predator. I’m one of the larger ones.” He shrugs a bit, “I’m more likely to take that day trip now, though. I can hunt and track when and sometimes where you guys can’t. Speaking of, how many are on the hunt for this other one?”

<Shotgun> shrugs her shoulders faintly. “A few of us… a few of the Mages and a couple of Shifters that are staying with said Mages I believe. But be careful, this thing isn’t alone. It’s working with what we call Setites… snake-like vampires who do actually worship the dark god. While you might avoid them during daylight, they have laid traps, and have things like giant alligators

at their disposal that aren’t harmed by sunlight.”

<Jonas> “Bullets tend to work rather well against things like that. I have quite a lot of those. If I do decide to go I’ll be careful. Speaking of, do you load your own?”

<Shotgun> tilts her head. “As in, make my own ammunition? On occasion. Mostly shotgun shells.”

<Jonas> “Yeah, ammo. I do all that, too, and have done custom shells. Once I get this place cleaned up the rest of the way and can set up my benches and make sure the place is unreasonable hard to break into, because this shit is expensive hardware, I’ll be able to do pretty big batches. What sort of shells do you usually load with?”

<Shotgun> laughs. “Well to be honest when I use a shotgun, usually it’s a ten-gauge with slugs. Sometimes warded ones if I need to make a point. If I am looking to kill something, I usually don’t use a gun. But I have found some things are not found of certain materials. In fact, I was considering having wolfsbane seeds loaded into shells for use on this thing we are hunting. That

way it won’t harm the other local Shifters like silver would.””

<Jonas> makes a surprised sort of noise and raises an eyebrow, “Wolfsbane hurts it? That’s news to me. I guess that was a trial and error sort of discovery? I could probably do that. I’ve done silver ammo before so I know how to be careful and not kill myself.”

<Shotgun> nods her head. “We didn’t use it on the creature but it has gone out of its way to destroy the stuff. I figure maybe it has an issue with it like some vampires are allergic to garlic and whatnot even though it’s actually really rare.”

<Jonas> “I’m pretty sure there’s no shortage of movie myths on both our sides.”

<Jonas> “I guess I should start looking for patches of the stuff and go from there if I can get a scent. Who should I call if I find anything?”

<Shotgun> writes down a couple of numbers and passes them to Jonas. “The Mages have been growing the stuff on purpose, they’ll probably have seeds available. Ramirez or Katie are pretty easy to reach and talk to. If you find anything you can’t handle, they or I can back you up or send backup… though obviously if you run into daytime trouble calling them is better.”

<Jonas> nods, “I’ve met Katie with the goggles a few times now. You wanna leave these with me or bring ’em back when I’m ready and have the shop all set up and ready for work? I’m good either way but you might want to use them until then.”

<Shotgun> nods and takes the case back. “I will bring them by for you to work on them once you’re all set up. If Cora annoys me I’ll make her bring them by.”

<Jonas> chuckles, “That reminds me of my father. I’ll give you a call when the shop is ready. Thanks for letting me take a look at them. Don’t really get to see things like that too often. So many people are concerned with the newest pistols and customizing them for match target shooting, or the preppers that want an AR-15 that can hit a dime at 400 meters but not have the skill to make the shot.”

<Shotgun> smirks a bit and nods. “Oh, I like modern guns too for certain things. These are mostly for sentimental value I suppose and perhaps the art of gunplay that I’d rather not see die away completely.”

<Jonas> “You do all the trick shooting, too? I’ve been to a few cowboy shows. I’m good, but some of those guys are insane. Shooting a match to light it without taking the head of the match off is just crazy. With iron sights, too.”

<Shotgun> chuckles and nods. “Yeah. Though actually at the time I didn’t… I picked it up as a hobby in the last couple of decades.”

<Jonas> “I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to hearing things like that. Then again I never thought I’d adjust to getting all furry and growly, either.” He stands up, “I should get back to work. If I don’t I might talk your ear off about this or that.”

<Shotgun> nods and waves to him before heading out. “Thanks a lot, and nice meeting you. Good luck with your work.”