Lynn takes Robert with her to the museum, which despite being closed to the public still has a few cars out in the back parking lot. Night shift. She heads inside with him, a key on her keychain opening it right up. “Come on. And be nice.”

Robert nods, having learned that annoying older vampires was a terrible idea. And these wouldn’t be used to his… Abrasive personality.

Lynn smirks a bit and heads inside, glancing around for familiar faces and speaking softly so as not to disturb others. “This place is what we call an Elysium. It is meant to be a safe gathering place. No violence is tolerated here or anywhere on the grounds.”, she nods to people politely as she passes them, tipping her hat. “Mostly Elders come here but it is open to all.”

Robert listens as he glances to the artwork, trying not to look bored. “Even those guys from the warehouse?”, he asks, looking back over at Lynn.

Lynn shakes her head. “Mmmm, under some circumstances, possibly. Under current circumstances, no way in hell.”, she says flatly. “They have a city-wide blood hunt on the whole clan. And I don’t disagree with it.”

Robert listens and then nods in some semblance of understanding. “So what happens if they come in here? If no one is supposed to get violent?”

Lynn chuckles. “Well… We’d get them out. Coming in here and pissing off half a dozen elders is a terrible idea.”, she says before starting back out to the jeep. “Come on. I got another stop to make.”