<Martin(Spirit)> scouts out the area he heard the men might have been, not wanting to spook them by showing up in the flesh… yet. Not till he was ready. But he had to be sure first.

<Amy (Spirit)> makes her way downtown, coming back from what is left of Charity Hospital. She pauses when she spies Martin, watching him for a moment or two.

<Storyteller> Martin follows a lead and heads off to an address where persons of interest were supposed to be. Currently it’s daytime out and lots of activity with an upcoming holiday. The house is run-down, looks barely lived in and has plastic shades pulled down over the front two windows. The front door looks like its barely hanging onto the hinges.

<Martin(Spirit)> approaches the house, not really worried about the noise or being seen. He walks around to look in the windows, seeing if there’s anybody inside.

<Amy (Spirit)> hangs out closer to the street, watching and trying to understand what is going on before getting involved in someone else’s business.

<Storyteller> All the windows have those cheap, plastic shades pulls down over them. Looks like whatever is happening in there is meant to stay in there. There is soft music coming barely through the walls, though. It sounds like Lord of the Rings music or something along those lines.

<Martin(Spirit)> frowns and makes his way to the front door, passing through the door quick and taking a look around inside.

<Amy (Spirit)> creeps toward the porch, curious but not going inside. She waits and watches the door.

<Storyteller> The hosue doesn’t have a front porch, really. It has 1.5 concrete steps, though, and not even a railing of any kind. The front door has the standard knob and deadbolt combination. There is a little peep hole in the door, too. As Martin gets to the front door he notices Amy watching the door.

<Martin(Spirit)> turns and looks at Amy carefully a moment. “Who’re you? You following me?”

<Amy (Spirit)> shakes her head at Martin. “My name’s Amelia, or Amy for short. I wasn’t following you, just happened to be walking past on my way home.”

<Martin(Spirit)> glances off in the direction she was headed, then looks back to her. “I find that hard to believe, nothing out that way except the wizards… both alive and dead.”

<Amy (Spirit)> shrugs her shoulders. “Death is just another state of being. I was one of those wizards, just less… locked in my shell than most.”

<Martin(Spirit)> looks thoughtful. “You know Ramiel or Ramirez by chance then?”

<Amy (Spirit)> nods and smiles. “Yeah. They’re the other Euthanatos. So what’re you doing anyway?”

<Martin(Spirit)> shakes his head slightly as he glances back toward the house. “Just looking for someone.”

<Storyteller> The music changes from Enya to something classical.

<Amy (Spirit)> looks at the door and tilts her head curiously. “I’ll come take a look if you want. I won’t get in the way.”

<Martin(Spirit)> looks at her for a moment, then finally nods as she moves back toward the door again. “Alright.”

<Amy (Spirit)> waits, standing off to one side and letting him go in forst before following herself.

<Martin(Spirit)> sighs and goes inside, letting her follow him.

<Storyteller> Moving through the wall or door reveals a living room like you’d hear about in a Jeff Foxworthy joke. The couch has some cushions where the cushion is poking through, the fabric looks well worn, the rug is old and very dirty, the coffee table in front of it looks like it’s been kicked and broken at least once. The only things of real note in this room are the

60 inch flat screen TV on a stand with the stereo under it that’s playing the classical music and the smorgasbord of drugs spread out on the coffee table. There’s a 20-something sitting in the recliner in the corner facing the front of the house and the TV as you both move through the wall into the room. She says into her phone, “Vee, you gotta try some of this. I’m seeing ghosts

come through my walls now. This is awesome shit.”

<Amy (Spirit)> tilts her head as she looks at the woman, the over at Martin and back again. “I’d like to say this is the first time this has happened but it isn’t.”

<Martin(Spirit)> looks from the woman to Amy, then back again with a nod. “Not who I was looking for… but this is rather strange now isn’t it?”

<Woman> “Whoa, I can hear them talking, too. I gotta find that dude and get more than a sample. You gotta try this stuff. Huh? Oh, I dunno.” She moves the phone and raises her voice a little while looking toward Amy and Martin, “So what are you guys here for, huh? Vee wants to know.”

<Amy (Spirit)> blinks and looks at the lady a bit confused. “We were just looking for somebody but got the wrong house. This wouldn’t have happened to be some sort of absinthe would it?”

<Martin(Spirit)> glances over to Amy but keeps quiet, just studying the woman and the drugs she has laying around.

<Woman> “What’s that? I’ve never heard of absinthe before.”

<Martin(Spirit)> almost chuckles, but keeps it in. Lower class of addict here. “So then, what exactly did you take?”

<Woman> leans over to look at the table taking her time. She blinks a few times quickly as she moves, “Whoa.” She chuckles a little and looks at the table, “Umm, a little of column A, a little of column B, maybe with C and D on the side? I don’t remember.” She falls back into the chair on the phone again, “Nah, Vee, I’m fine. I had more than this when we were out that night

a week ago.”

<Amy (Spirit)> glances over at Martin, then back at the woman with a slightly concerned expression. “Where’d you get that ‘sample’ from?”

<Martin(Spirit)> looks around at the various items laying around again and just makes note of it before looking back to Amy, sharing her concern but not sure if it is for the same reason.

<Storyteller> Martin notices a little glass vial with white powder in it, a single edge razor blade and a mix of pills of various sizes and colors. There’s also a bag of dark mushrooms.

<Woman> “This guy we met last night at the Bourbon House.” She speaks into the phone again, “I know, right. He was cute.” She giggles a little after a few seconds.

<Amy (Spirit)> glances to the woman and then back to Martin before edging back the way they came. “Well sorry to barge in and all that then.”

<Martin(Spirit)> nods and follows Amy back out the way they came in. Once they are back outside, he speaks up. “Her eyes weren’t glowing blue, it’s not any form of Necromancy.”

<Amy (Spirit)> nods, glancing back over her shoulder toward the house. “Not a Mage, either, I don’t think. Though I have seen some that use drugs to see over here before.”

<Martin(Spirit)> nods. “We should get moving. I don’t like this at all. Perhaps it is a side-effect of the Demon’s influence?”

<Woman> “Necro-what now? I’ve never heard that word.” Her demeanor shifts a little suddenly, “You guys are real ghosts, aren’t you? Oh my god. Did I OD? Are you here to take me across or something?” She drops the phone and starts sniffling.

<Amy (Spirit)> looks thoughtful but then shakes her head. “Mmmm, I don’t know. For what purpose? Who the heck benefits from normal people seeing over here. But they do only seem to notice us… and not the walls and ground and just… near monochome world such as it is. Also, the first guy didn’t even notice I was a ghost, and she probably only did cause we went through

the door.”

<Martin(Spirit)> looks back at the woman since she followed them outside to overhear them. “We were trying to be polite. And no, you aren’t dead. But yeah, we aren’t hallucinations. We’re real people.”

<Amy (Spirit)> looks at the woman. “But you should probably get yourself cleaned up before you do end up this way. Trust me, I know.”

<Woman> seems still agitated but Martin’s words have stopped the ensuing water works. She nods to Amy, “Yeah, I’m starting to think that’s a good idea. Very good idea.”

<Martin(Spirit)> “Could you tell us where this Bourbon House is? We’re just curious and would like to go take a look for ourselves.”

<Amy (Spirit)> looks thoughtful and then looks to the woman. “I am going to give you a phone number. When you come down off this I would like you to call it and get some help, is that okay? *gives her Ramirez’s number*”

[[ How exactly are you leaving the number? Gonna do some ghostly juju or more like get her to tap it into her phone just for clarification? 🙂 ]]

<Storyteller> The woman grabs her phone, tells this ‘Vee’ person she has to go and she’ll call her later, then puts the number into it.

<Martin(Spirit)> watches and keeps an eye out on their surroundings.

<Woman> nods, “Right. Help. So what do you guys do all day? I mean. Life after death. Trippy.”

<Amy (Spirit)> smiles a little as she watches but keeps her distance. “I help my friends and study mysteries. I haven’

<Amy (Spirit)> smiles a little as she watches but keeps her distance. “I help my friends and study mysteries. I haven’t been this way very long though. A month or two.”

<Martin(Spirit)> “I was a Private Investigator and am closing up some cases i never got to finish.”, he says honestly.

<Woman> nods at them, “Wow. Just…” She shakes her head but quickly slows down how fast and mutters, “Whoa.”

<Amy (Spirit)> “Not everybody ends up this way though. There is light and darkness and sometimes souls go to one or the other… that’s why you should really try to end your addiction. You don’t want to end up in the dark.”

<Martin(Spirit)> “Though some people deserve the dark.”

<Woman> “I’m not one of them. I don’t hurt people. I don’t even steal stuff! Uh oh.. Shit. Bad trip. Definitely getting bad.”

<Amy (Spirit)> shakes her head a little bit. “It’s really not a trip. Well, I guess it is… except that we are real it’s just normally people can’t see us. But we are… well… normal compared to some things you really don’t want to see.”

<Martin(Spirit)> “That is true. There are spirits with a lot of anger and darkness… they come back twisted. Some don’t even look like people anymore.”

<Woman> “I’m not sure I want to hear any more, but I’m also not sure I can’t not listen.” She still seems rather freaked but also really high.

<Martin(Spirit)> “Did they give you any warning, or say anything that would lead you to believe they knew what they were giving you?”

<Woman> “Sure, and if someone into drugs gets a new drug from someone and they tell you that you’ll see ghosts you’ll take them literally, right? I thought he meant it was just good shit.”

<Amy (Spirit)> frowns slightly. “That does mean someone is doing it on purpose.”

<Martin(Spirit)> “It would certainly seem that way. This is not a good thing.”

<Amy (Spirit)> looks over at Martin. “Doesn’t seem that bad to me. It just makes people more aware, that’s all.”

<Martin(Spirit)> shakes his head. “Not always a good thing. Some people can’t handle it. And then there are those… that would really prefer not to allow people to have that awareness.”

<Woman> reaches for her phone as it starts playing Tik Tok by Ke$ha. She reaches for it and answers it by saying, “I’m not dead, Vee. Chill. No, it’s fully charged, why? Awwww. That’s so sweet,” She looks over to Martin and Amy, “She going to talk to me while she’s on her way over to make sure I’m okay.”

<Amy (Spirit)> tilts her head and then nods. “Okay. This might be interesting. But as a warning, your friend might think you are crazy.” She glances back to Martin but nods in understanding. “I can understand that… I know some people like that.”

<Martin(Spirit)> nods. “We shall wait as well. Just till she gets here. But she is right… it may be best if she cannot see us to mention that you do.”

<Woman> rubs at her eyes a little with her free hand, “Well, I already told her I saw ghosts come through the wall. Blame the drugs, right?” She managed an odd chuckle.

<Amy (Spirit)> chuckles and nods. “Really that’s not a bad idea. Not sure how long this lasts but hopefully temporary.”

<Martin(Spirit)> hangs around the street and watches for a few minutes.

<Storyteller> About 20 minutes later a woman on a phone comes speed walking around the corner and straight to the front door. She doesn’t even know and just opens it right up and moves straight to the woman in the chair, “Chrissy, you’re not allowed to die on me from this. Are you thirsty? You look thirsty. I’m getting you some water.” They both hang up their phones and the

new arrival heads straight for the kitchen.

<Amy (Spirit)> watches the other woman for a moment as she passes by before looking to Martin. “Think we should just go?”

<Martin(Spirit)> “I need to go regardless. I need to get back to my work. I will talk to some people I know though, see what I can find out before anyone gets hurt over this.”

<Woman> smiles and waves to them, more to Amy than Martin, and mouths a “thank you” just as Vee gets back with a big glass of water and makes the chairbound woman start drinking.

<Amy (Spirit)> nods. “Okay. Nice meeting you. Ramiel and Ramirez usually know where to find me.”, she nods to the woman and then parts ways with Martin as well.

<Martin(Spirit)> Makes his way back toward the cemetery, cutting through Calliope’s territory on his way home.