<Amy Noir> comes downstairs, though she looks somewhat upset… though that might just be her usual expression as it is quite rare to see her smile.

<Isabelle> looks at Amy and flashes her a quick smile. The other Mage was seated with a book about gardening in one hand, and a steaming cup of tea that smelled minty in the other. “Hello there …” ::she tilts her head briefly:: “Are you quite alright?”

All along the road and path that leads up to the house, the plants there have begun to wither and die. The brown highlighting the paths specifically and it seems to be so bold as to come right up to the front door.

<Amy Noir> tilts her head and looks at Isabelle, then shakes her head softly. “I am… fine.”, she says and moves off toward the kitchen for some coffee.

<Isabelle> would have spent much time tuttering over that. She had slowly begun to garden a little – an interesting process, considering that the plants had to seem like random weeds; she was not going to break the overgrown image of the Chantry – and at least one of her plants had been caught in the withering. The book, opened on diseases and infections, wasn’t one that she expected to
give any answers; the affliction was clearly supernatural in origin. No, she was simply using it as a distraction for herself as she ruminated over it. She eyes Amy a bit more, then places the book down and gets to her feet. “Say … you wouldn’t happen to know why the greenery outside is dying, do you?”

<Amy Noir> shakes her head softly at that and takes a sip of coffee. “I have been kinda… out of it for the last few weeks. So not really… I know Entropy is involved in fairly large quantities. I can sense that.”

“Out of it? Why, what happened?” ::Isabelle regards Amy with the slightest furrow of her brow:: “Perhaps it is Hollow … ”

<Amy Noir> shakes her head. “I don’t know you and it’s personal. And it’s not the ghost. This is… different. One of the others probably knows more.”

<Isabelle> “I won’t pry,” ::Isabelle comments quietly:: “But you will find that I can empathize with inner demons – and outer ones – in equal measure. I’m Isabelle, by the way … Isabelle Temple, of the Verbena.”

<Amy Noir> glances to her and sighs as she takes her black coffee into the common room. “Amelia, Euthanatos.”

“It is nice to meet you, Amelia.” ::Isabelle returns to her seat and sinks back into it, nodding as she mentions Euthanatos. That explained why she was so sure about Entropy:: “If it is not Hollow, then I must confess that I am disturbed. But I will ask the others and hear what they know.”

Something is moving along the path outside, though its form seems hard to pinpoint. Something about it is just… wrong, very wrong. It shuffles, then walks, then moves into a gait more suited to something on four legs than two. All the while appearing to be nothing more than a shadow.

<Isabelle> stares out of the window, swallowing slowly. She looks at Amy for a quiet moment, to see if she was observing it as well.

<Amy Noir> is watching outside and frowning, she takes her phone and sends Ramirez a text before moving toward the window for a closer look. “That doesn’t look good.”

“Do you know what wards we have in place? Any at all!” ::she points towards where she last saw the creature:: “It should not be able to come this close is we are properly warded.”

<Amy Noir> shrugs her shoulders a bit. “I’m uh… fairly new to this whole Awakened business. I am barely passed being able to sense stuff. But I know the others have done stuff… Ramirez came back last night and said something about raising a gauntlet?”

“Raising the gauntlet helps alot.” ::Isabelle breathes, staring intently out the window:: “Against spirits, but perhaps it is not one. We need more defenses … and we need to figure out why it is here. It has not come to the door … ”

<Amy Noir> moves toward the door and peers out the peep hole with a frown. “What -is- it?”

<Isabelle> “That is the million dollar question, which I would give much to know the answer of. A spirit would be my first guess … but it seems to be something else.” ::she licks her lips:: “I am going to try something.”

<Isabelle> moves for the door and sloooowly opens it … watching carefully how the creature outside behaves. Eventually she opens it fully, ready to slam it shut if it attacked her.

The Shadow moves with a growl and a blur, appearing to almost be in two places at once. It is huge once they see it up close, standing as high as the doorframe before it envelops Amy and then disappears back into nothingness with it’s prize, her scream getting choked off mid-sound.

“No!” ::Isabelle screams, as suddenly, before she can even close the door, the creature is -inside-, and then back out, carrying Amy. Not again! She had reacted without thinking, trying to seize hold of Amy. She did not even know the woman, not properly, but this was -her- fault, and she would not loose anyone::

It disappears completely as Isabelle falls flat on her face out the front door. The grass all around the porch turns wilted.

:Isabelle beat both fists againsy the ground in fustration, before gathering herself back up – and going for Ramirez::

<Aaron> comes downstairs, holiding his head and limping a bit as he makes his way down to the first floor. “What the heck was all that noise?”

“Amy is gone,” ::She felt sick:: “Something took her.”

<Aaron> looks toward the door, and then looks at Isabelle. “Something? Can you be more specific?”

“No.” ::she shakes her head:: “Something of pure Entropy, that is all I kmow. Something capable of entering, capturing, and leaving, within mere seconds.” ::she looks beyond fustrated::

<Aaron> “I could be wrong on this but nothing is pure Entropy. Something broke in and grabbed her?”, he looks around, moving toward the entry.

“No, I opened the door.” ::Isabelle looks miserable:: “It had been nearly at our door before, the dead foliage spoke clearly … I closed the door as soon as I saw it approaching, but somehow it made it inside, grabbed her and went back out with her, in … three seconds, I think, max.”

<Aaron> looks about the area and frowns. “It used the Umbra to move, and to escape.”

“No, that’s not possible … the umbra here is heightened …”

<Aaron> “Nothing is impossible… and it’s not heightened outside.”

<Isabelle> felt like she was being choked. “We need to talk to Ramirez.”

<Aaron> nods and leans against the wall. “I am inclined to agree… I am in no shape to go actually look to see where it might have gone.”

~*Ramirez*~ conveniently pulls his car into the drive and gets out after a hard crappy day at work, running drugs and guns!

::He will find himself greeted by dead plants all the way up to the door::

<Aaron> nods to Ramirez as he comes in and stoops carefully to pick up Amy’s cup off the ground.

~*Ramirez*~ frowns and wanders his ass all the way to the door. This looked more like something else than a peculiar demonic thing…nope, that looked like something else and he went on up to the door and scanned about.

::Isabelle is inside, among with Aeron. The first is looking guilty::

~*Ramirez*~ walks inside after scanning and there’s so much entropy with himself and outside that he can’t sense anything.. seems appropriate. He walks inside and looks at Aaron and then Isabelle. “So… like..you look super guilty, Isabelle. What happened?” He’d give a nod to Aaron.

“I was talking with Amy about wards … it was near our door, could have entered, but never did … I wondered why, and i … I opened the door, and it took her. My fault. I couldn’t it -coulsn’t-

~*Ramirez*~ frowns and looks at Isabelle a moment and then at the door. “You do know what wards are for…right? They are seals, to keep bad things out. They don’t work if someone lets them in.”

<Aaron> glances from the door to Isabelle, then to Ramirez. “I can tell it was using the Umbra to move but that’s it. I came down cause I heard a scream.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I did raise the gauntlet in the house… but with the wards gone, maybe that affected that too.” He sighed. “I’m not sure how to track her really but by all the entrop that thing leaves behind but …going to try.”

“There was no invitation. Nothing to suggest it.”

~*Ramirez*~ “You opened the door and that creature is a very strong malevolent force. If something that weird and awful is outside, you don’t want to open the door or you break our protections. Not all of them…but we’re still working on stuff in here. How long ago did this happen?”

<Aaron> “Nearly an hour… if… something like that took her… it’s long gone by now.”

“It does not matter whom opened the door … if this place was properly shielded, it would -not- enter.

::Isabelle is packing everything that she owns::

~*Ramirez*~ “Isabelle, you don’t have to leave. What we need to do is try to find the creature and it goes in the umbra. I can too.’

~*Ramirez*~ “Aaron probably is right…it will be really hard to track, but I have to try.” He sighed. He had told her this place would be safe but now…it wasn’t. He supposed that the fates were true in that mark he saw on her and her death was inevitable but he wasn’t going to just let her spirit go either, if that was the way of things.

~*Ramirez*~ to note, Isabelle, does seem to be taking this rather well… lol.

<Aaron> winces and then half collapses into a chair. “I… may need help getting back upstairs at some point.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Alright, I’ll take you upstairs then and see what I can find. Maybe if she does die…she can get away spirit-wise and find us.” He’d head over to give Aaron a hand upstairs if he was ready.

<Aaron> nods and allows himself to be helped back upstairs cause half his head was blown off weeks ago and he’s still healing.

~*Ramirez*~ helps him upstairs and into bed and then would go back down to the livingroom.

There is a knocking on the door, pounding, frantic.

~*Ramirez*~ heads down the stairs and goes to the door and peers out.

Amy can be seen through the peephole, looking pretty tore up and looking over her shoulder.

~*Ramirez*~ opens the door up.

(Spirit) Amy looks terrified and goes to rush inside, only to pass through Ramirez. She stops and looks back toward him and the door, confused. “There’s… there’s a monster! Close the door!”

~*Ramirez*~ “Just get in here and we’ll be okay.” * he then when she’s in shuts the door.

<Amy (Spirit)> looks back at Ramirez from inside, backing toward the stairs. She is openly crying, and covered in deep gashes. “It was big… and so fast.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah.. I can see that”, he says with a frown. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here.”

::Isabelle is frozen, staring, visibly crying, with a bag as if avout to leave::

“I closed the door as quick as I could, Amy …”

<Amy (Spirit)> looks over at Isabelle and then to the floor. “I don’t even know what it was. It smells awful. Like musky hair and dying vegitation.”

~*Ramirez*~ “It was this stupid corrupted werewolf thing that’s been defiling places like now our front yard. Amy…there’s something I have to tell you and it’s not going to be that comforting, but you are one of my Tradition so it shouldn’t amaze you too much.” He looked over at Isabelle. “And Isabelle, you shouldn’t leave. You didn’t know what would
happen and I suppose one of us who’s been here longer could have explained the wards to you, but hey, we didn’t.”

“Then please explain it to me.” ::her voice is tight::

<Amy (Spirit)> looks at Ramirez confused and then she slowly starts to examine her arms, going so far as to poke at the gashes a little. “I’m… not bleeding. And it doesn’t hurt.”, she looks over herself, her expression a wide range of emotion before she locks back onto Ramirez. “I walked through you. But you can see me… it’s so quiet… no… breathing noises… no

~*Ramirez*~ nods to Amy. ‘Yeah, so.. now you know. That asshole tore you up, but you’re still with us.”

~*Ramirez*~ looks at Suzy. “Amy is a wraith now. The creature werewolf corrupted asshat killed her. She’s here though now with us so that’s a good thing at least. It means it didn’t get her soul.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I can take you over to see her if you want.”

<Amy (Spirit)> winces as she thinks back and then shakes it off quickly. “So… I’m a ghost?”, she starts to look over herself and her form adjusts slightly, looking more like when she was alive, the gashes all disappearing. “Well, that’s… not the worst that could happen.”

::Isabelle was a mess of tears already, but she recognized readidy:: “I need to ask her forgiveness …”

~*Ramirez*~ nods and would hold his hand out to Suzy. “I can take you across to see her and talk to her.” He’d then look at Amy. “Yeah, you are and no, it isn’t. I’m glad you made it back here.”

::Isabelle accepts his hand::

~*Ramirez*~ side steps into the shadowlands with Isabelle.

<Amy (Spirit)> nods. “Me too. There are still things out there. Over here. They chased me but I couldn’t get in the door.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, the wards work, though we can get it so they acknowledge you now.”

“But … she was inside …”

<Amy (Spirit)> glances to Isabelle. “You know the rule about don’t break the circle? An open door is a broken circle. Not that it matters now.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Opening the door dropped the wards, sadly and all it had to do was then step out of the gauntlet to attack her and drag her off, get to the door and go back in. I didn’t increase the gauntlet outside the door because I need to set markers for that. A house border is easy”

~*Ramirez*~ “Like I said though…we didn’t warn you and also that creature is something we’ve been studying for some time and learning about. This is the first time it’s actually attacked one of us. If it’s attacked other supernaturals, we haven’t heard of it yet in this region.”

<Amy (Spirit)> sighs and looks to Isabelle. “Don’t beat yourself up… please.”, she looks to Ramirez. “I need to … figure this out a bit. But I am staying in here for now at least.”

~*Ramirez*~ “We can go see Krista later if you want. She might know how to help you. I’m sure you have a few things to think on.. including I have something else to say to you, now that the blood bonds are broken.”