Session Start: Fri Mar 17 00:00:00 2017
Session Ident: #Aeons_Sabbat

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena, is sitting on a chair placed on the topmost step of the main hall, overlooking the courtyard. Her eyes are jet black and she is surrouned by four handsome men that seem to be doting on her while she ignores them.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> takes the side exit from the main hall, trying to avoid getting too close to Athena. She makes her way to the eastern courtyard and starts some target practice out there with a pistol.

<+MichaelM> Anne watches, having migrated from her usual spot by the wall of the main building to put some distance between her and Athena. She watches with raised eyebrow as Kitt emerges from the building brandishing a pistol.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° was out at the courtyard, wandering and checking security because one could never be careful enough right now.

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  is going about wandering around and ends up in the courtyard. Looking around and humming to herself while wandering the courtyard.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> fires a shot and then enhances her vision to look at the target and looks rather pleased she didn’t totally miss.

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  as usual is patrolling, and he smirks a bit when he bumps into Talwar.  “Fancy meeting you here?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° smirks at Ghost. “We do that too often. I take it you have found as much of nothing as I have.”

<+MichaelM> “Hold on there, pup,” Anne calls out as she pushes herself off the wall and starts towards Kitt. “Your sight might be nice, but your stance is a off. ‘f you’re not careful, you’re liable to shoot one of your eyes out.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “She has three. She’ll be okay.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  comes outside

<+MichaelM> Anne turns her head and shoots Talwar a glare over her shoulder before turning back to Kitt.

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  notices Talwar and Ghost and goes to them. “Hello there, what are you guys doing here?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Isabella. “Hello, Isabella. We’re checking out the perimeter. How are you?” He’d look at Anne a moment as she gave him her glare but he did not seem to do more than acknowledge he saw it.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> looks over at Talwar, actually a bit shocked but just nods to him and grins before looking back to Anne. “Uhm, okay. Didn’t think feet mattered so much for firing a little gun.”

<+MichaelM> “Fundamentals are important when using any firearm,” Anne lectures. “You mess up your stance with the little stuff, you’re going to start to really notice using the big stuff.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks around the area and just sees the people around and then looks back to Talwar with a puzzled look. “I’m doing better. Checking the Perimeter like security guards? Is there like a threat or something to us?”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  smirks a bit and nods.  “Nope, not a peep.  But there’s a lot going on here…  I even prodded a few of the packs to look busy and patrol around.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Things seem fine tonight but it does not hurt to check. How are you doing tonight, Isabella?”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  “I’m doing well. Not really hungry anymore also aside from the place to rest and the library still wandering around to get used to the place. How bout you guys?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° ponders that maybe that wasn’t an appropriate joke so later he will get something for Kitt and apologize xD. He looks over at Isabella and nods. “You will get used to the thirst but I am sure you will need to be tested. As for this place, it is large and there are things to discover. Try to stay out of the basement areas though.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> nods as she listens to Anne and tries to straighten up a bit. “Okay. Should i go again?”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] wakes up and decides to go for a hunt, but not before having a chat, like nice social vampire he is

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  tilts her head a bit with a puzzled look. “Test? I didn’t know there was a test. What would it be about? and what is in the basement?”

<+MichaelM> “Yeah,” Anne nods. “This time squeeze the trigger, don’t pull it. Anny sudden motion can affect your aim, especially at longer distances. Hell, if you want to use a sniper rifle one day, you’d have needed to time your breathing and heartbeats. That’s not a problem any more, of course.””

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Tests to ensure you know how to deal with a lack of blood in a good way. I am not certain how your Sire will train you with such things.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] and so he makes his way towards the courtyard. He sees an unknown woman on the steps. Talwar, Kitt, Anne and some other girl are also there doing..things

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  stands straight and starts swaying side to side. “I have no idea how that test would go. I thought it was something like written exams or something.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] speaks in a rough mix of Indian and British accents “I hope everyone is doing alright. Did the girl from the cult say anything new?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° shakes his head but gives her a slight smirk. “No, I don’t think you have those types of exams here.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Who’s she?” staring at Isabella

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> fires again and wrinkles her nose as she misses.

<+MichaelM> “It was a good shot,” Anne remarks. “You’re just getting used to a new style. It’ll come to you. Fire again.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Rakshaha and with a smile. “Hello, I’m Isabella.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Hello Isabella. I’m called..Rak-shas!”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> does much better on the second shot, forcing herself to focus.

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  bows a bit then stands straight up again. “Nice to meet you.. Rakshaas?”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  smiles as he watches Anne and Kitt for a few.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] The man is about 6′-6’1″. Has an unkempt beard, greyish skin and white luminescent eyes with oblong iris, much like a snake or a cat.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  goes over to join the others

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Nice to meet you too. Where did you arrive from?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Fiona. “Greetings.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Hey to you too.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] Oh he’s also wearing some of the cheapest clothes Isabella has seen, like thrift shop stuff

<+MichaelM> “There you go, Pup,” Anne says with a tint of pride. “That’s the technique. Keep up that stance. If you bend your knees forward, that’s the pose you’ll use while kneeling, and if you shift your legs to the side after that, you’ll have your sitting pose.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks up to think. “No idea, first time to wander to a bar at night then was talking to a handsome guy then next thing I knew I was already here.” Sees Fiona and waves to her. “Helloooo”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Right..kidnapped and embraced. Who is your sire if you dont mind me asking?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> smiles at Anne and nods, taking a few more practice shots before putting things away. “Thanks. I figure it’s about time I avoid becoming a one trick pony as it were.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  looks over at Isabella. “Ah, it’s the runaway bride.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  closes her eyes and thinks really hard to try and remember. “Michael?”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Runaway bride?” he looks back at Isabella “Seriously?”

<+MichaelM> “Always a decent enough plan,” Anne grunts. “Allah knows there are worse reasons to learn how to shoot a gun.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  opens her eyes and looks to Fiona. “What?! I don’t remember being engaged.” Then looks back to Rakshasa with a confused look. “Oh my God! did something happen when I fell asleep?”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Meh, guns arent really that usefyl against the kind of enemies we face”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Anne is right…” He’d nod in agreement. He’d then look back at Isabella. “Michael is not her fiance. He is from here.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Ahh so her sire then. You from clan Lasombra?”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  “I thought the whole thing that happened before I clawed out of that grave was a marriage thing.” Then looks to Rakshasa “Clan?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Well, Michael would know the answer.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Yeaaaah. You’re not used to this are you? you know what exactly you have become?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Of course she is not used to this. She just became a Kindred and was changed as she described.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> comes back toward the main courtyard, glancing up at the throne set up on top of the stairs again and sighs. “Yeah, Lasombra. She’s Athena’s grandchilder.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  “Just an idea but still don’t know much. I’ve only heard and read stories about vampires.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Well, now you get to actually live this.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I apologize about the joke I said earlier, Kitt. I will owe you something.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks back to see Kitt coming out to the courtyard and waves to her. “Greetings.” Then looks back to Fiona. “A little bit unexpected, I feel stronger than normal.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> smiles a little bit mischieviously as she looks over at Talwar. “Maybe I owe you something.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Good” he says it in a tone that screams the superiority of vampires

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena stands and looks down over the courtyard, and instinctively most of those outside go quiet and turn to pay attention one by one.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° glances over toward Athena with a neutral expression, though polite, and was waiting to see what would transpire.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  looks over to Athena, falling silent.

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks up to Athena with a confused look as to thinking who she is.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] looks at Athena

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena addresses the small crowd. “Some things have come to my attention. First of all, we have far too many of you stalking around here without proper Packs. I suggest you find one by the end of the month. I will want a report from each Priest.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> With a dark gaze that seems to cast a shadow over the entire courtyard before her, Athena continues. “Due to enemy activity outside our own gates, our War Parties will be hunting a different kind of foe. We prepare in two weeks time to wipe out this Cult, and as many of its’ followers and creations as we can find.”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  appears beside Talwar and Kitt.  “I’m sticking with you two.”, he whispers.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  continues to listen to Athena speak.

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  whispers “Whats going on?”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] listens to Athena speak of an attack and thinks [Good. About time, we killed wipe them and their god off the planet]

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Ghost. “I agree. The three of us and whoever else.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] whispers to Isabella “War”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena gives once last sweeping glance. “You will be able to gain information on potential target locations and report to Zaluut or Antol. I will meet with the Priests of each Pack myself as well.”, then she sits back down in her chair and the men go back to fanning her.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “At least now some of the other packs will have more work to do and be less bored.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  “War? with who? are there others like us?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> nods softly in agreement. “I have training as a Priest. So we’re good there.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “We better wipe that clan and their God soon. We clearly have the offensive power, no point in sitting behind a barrier for long”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Kitt. “Should we go to see Zaluut and see what he has in mind?”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] looks at Isabella “Some wankers and their stone shaking god. Likely an ancient vampire himself. Yes, we’ll be fighting it soon enough”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “It is an infernalist and he uses this cult and there is a large creature of his creation to the north.”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  nods in agreement, listening.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “All the more reason to hate it.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “What about this pack thing?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> nods a bit to Talwar. “Yeah. I’ll get us a choice mission for sure.”, she sticks her tongue out a bit.

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks at Talwar. “So… pack huh? I’ve never really fought a vampire before. How does one form a pack? Is it like groupings in school?”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  nods to what Athena says. “You guys can start one. Grandma and I already are part of one.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Kind of like that”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Beth nudges Fiona, looking at Isabella. “Couldn’t hurt to have a Lasombra on board with us.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° smirks. “We can talk to Zaluut perhaps and figure out the best pack arrangements if we’d wish and Kitt, I think he will give us missions we can handle. He knows you are stronger than others see you as.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  looks to Beth when she’s nudged, then over to Isabella, assessing her. “Maybe, but we’ll have to see if she wants to join us.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “I do like Atanya, but I’ve spent the most time with you guys and bled with you. So I’ll join Kitt’s pack if you would have me”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Fiona. “I’d love to join. If it means going outside and doing something.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Rakshasa. I do not have a problem with this. It is up to the others.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> looks over at Rakshasa. “You’ve proven to be loyal and not leave anyone behind you were fighting alongside, so I don’t have an issue.”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  nods a bit in agreement.  “At the very least he makes a good distraction… unless we actually get some snow for him to hide in.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  stretches for a bit. “Are we fighting other vampires?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Beth nods her head, looking Isabella over. “Some. I heard some are humans. Some are monsters too, bags of sand with arms and legs.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] nods in respect “I thank you for your generosity. You honor me” he looks at Isabella “I..think you should not fight other vampires head to head until you are comfortable with this”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] looks at Beth “Yeah we fought them, ripped them to pieces too”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks nervous and just grins. “So… we have to kill humans, vampires and monsters? I didn’t know we had so many enemies.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Yep.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Beth looks at Isabella again. “How do you feel about the woods and nature?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “She needs to learn eventually.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> sighs and glances up toward Athena again before quickly looking back to Talwar. “Kinda not looking forward to meeting with her up close though. She does kinda intimidate me… just a little.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Beth. “Never been out there but I can go if needed. What do we need to do there?”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Search bunkers mostly for clues and info regarding our enemies. But I think we are past that now. Next time we go, it will likely be a fight”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Kitt. “I will be here with you. It will hopefully go alright. I can see why she intimidates nearly anyone.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Beth chukles a little bit. “We tend to camp outside and patrol the far borders. But you can join us girls if you like.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks unsure. “I’ve never been in a fight before. I can probably try to train. Is there a place here to train fighting?”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Yeah, inside. If you want, I can spar against you.” She refrains from looking at Anne.

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  smiles at Fiona. “Would you? That would be great”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  smiles a bit, looking around and then toward talwar.  “Well, you’re right.  Least now they aren’t going to be bored looking for crap to do and getting in our hair.  But that being said… I should go back to keeping an eye on things.  We’ll all get together later and talk.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] waves to everyone and leaves “I have to go people”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol walks through the courtyard, his elven form glowing in the moonlight. He stops just short of Talwar. “Talwar, I think that you will have to speak with the singing girl. She thinks we are going to melt her or something, and you asked that she agree to it.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  waves to Rakshasa. “See yeah!”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  nods to Rak and Ghost. “Yeah, just be prepared for a lot of hard punches and shit.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Fiona’s arms and then to her hands. Then looks up to Fiona. “Umm… Ok. If it means I’ll learn faster or something.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “Very well, Antol. Please lead me to her.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol nods and goes inside the main hall, walking right passed Athena and giving her a polite nod on the way. He goes to the room that Abequa is in and knocks lightly before attempting to open it.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° follows Antol along. He’d also nod politely to Athena as he passed her, and would stand outside the door to the room Abequa was in, opposite of Antol.

<+FreakLegion> Abequa hides behind the door, holding a shard of the metal bars from the window in her hand as a weapon.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Abequa, it is Talwar. Can we speak?”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  looks Isabelle over. “Do you even know how to fight?”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  thinks for a bit. “Mmmm No? Never had to fight before. I sort of thought fighting means like using my hand to punch or slap someone.”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa sets the bar down as quietly as she can so they don’t know she was armed before moving and speaking up.  “Yes.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “May I come in to talk with you? Will you open the door?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol unlocks the door from the outside, but then steps back to let Talwar go in first.

<+FreakLegion> Abequa moves forward and opens the door a little before stepping back again.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° stands before the door and nods to Abequa. “Hello.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “More than that. There’s more ways to fight, and I’m sure Grandma would be up for helping. Right, Grandma?”

<+MichaelM> Anne, having dozed off while leaning against a wall, starts awake. “Hmm? What?” she grunts, looking about for who called her.

<+FreakLegion> Abequa looks to Talwar and nods a litte, then looks past him at Antol and frowns.  “I don’t understand what is going on.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks Fiona and Anne and tilts her head. “Other ways to fight? Do vampires have powers that help them in fighting? Well… aside from strength?”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  laughs at Anne. “Dozed off there, Grandma?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Let us talk about it then. No one will make a move against you as we talk. I can assure you of this. Let us all speak in the room here and explain your options.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Fiona then to Anne. “I’ve wondered, why do you call her Grandma? Are you related?”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Fuck no.”

<+MichaelM> Anne rolls her shoulders with a grunt. “She calls me grandma ’cause I’m twice her age and she gives me as much shit as my own flesh and blood. What do you want, Fiona.” Her eye glances back at Isabella. “And who’s the new blood?”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Name’s Isabella, and she’s a Lasombra.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  nods to Anne. “Hello. Nice to meet you uhhh..”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa frowns but nods and moves further in, sitting down on the edge of the bed in the room.  “Okay.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° enters the room then after she sat down and he would sit if there was a place to sit. If not, he’d lean against one of the walls. Antol was senior to him so if there was only one spot, Antol would get it. “We are Kindred, Abequa. We are not human as you are now. We all became other than that some time ago…some recently, some ages ago. You would call us vampires. There are some movies and television shows about vampires…stories as well, though we are different than those depict us as, in quite a few ways.”

<+MichaelM> “Anne. Anne Savaşkar.” Anne nods back. “And to answer your earlier question, there are a lot of ways a vampire can fight. I just happen to be practiced in quite a few of ’em.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “You follow thus far?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol stands near to the door, and glances down to the bar behind it with a raised eyebrow before taking a half a step away from it.

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Anne. “Pleased to meet you Anne. You look like you’ve seen a lot. I would be honored to learn how to fight from both of you and Fiona.” Then looks to Fiona with a smile.

<+FreakLegion> Abequa nods a little though her expression is slightly confused.  “I do understand you are not human.  The uh, teeth and big hairy creature might have given that away.”

<+MichaelM> “Hmph,” Anne grunts, her eye tracing up and down Isabella. “Ever killed before?”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks dow at her feet. “Umm… no… well not in a fight but I did end up killing my mother when I fed off of her.”

<+MichaelM> “Eh, that doesn’t count,” Anne waves Isabella’s statement off. “Besides, nothing better than a dead mother to help build mental fortitude. What I want to know is if you could pull the trigger, draw a blade, or retract claws knowing that it would mean ending someone’s life. Someone who spent as much time, or more, as you living. Someone who wants to keep living, because they’ve also got a list of things they want to get to do before they finally kick the bucket.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “Yes, this is true. Among our kind, we have different Clans.” * he’d slide the bar over with his foot and then flip it up to catch it and then set it against the wall leaning. “These Clans are family blood lines, so to say, where we obtain specific gifts from and people within teach us things. You have the choice of what you would wish to become as one of us. Antol and the woman he was with were here to offer you the chance to join one of their Clans, in which then one would be your sire…or parent, for a simpler term. Since I brought you back here and chose that you should live, it is upon me to decide your change…in which I decided you should be the one to choose what you felt would most fit your personality and desire.  Antol was very respectful to me to grant me that right. We can explain our Clans to you, but that is basically what is going on.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol watches the bar carefully before looking back to Abequa. “For example, Talwar has no problem with that thing you planed to use on one of us, however I cannot touch the iron bar without physical harm. Part of my blood. But I am am here on Echo’s behalf, and she is not here because she lacks self control.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Anne and with a straight face. “Before I wouldn’t even think about taking a life. Now that I am a vampire, I’ve accepted this life. If I have to kill someone in order to survive and live on then I will do it.”

<+MichaelM> “Eh, I can work with that,” Anne shrugs. “Alright, Buttercup. I’ll show you some ways to put people back in the ground. Got a favourite? Guns, swords, claws, fists, explosives?”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  “I’ll go with fists and claws. I don’t really have any weapon on me.”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa listens, and looks between them.  “But if I die, my soul goes to join the others.  The earth will reclaim my flesh.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “No, that will not happen because you will be of our group. He cannot claim you when you are no longer mortal and connected to him.”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa gives a brief glance toward the open door, but recalls how fast Talwar can move and stays put.  “And if I refuse entirely?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I will be honest with you. It would mean your death. If we did not kill you, you would be taken by those you have fled from. I have given you the most merciful of circumstances…to choose your Sire and your Path, Abequa. If I were you, I would take it. We can express to you of our Clans and you may decide…or you may take your chances against Fate itself.”

<+MichaelM> “I’ve got a spare pistol if you want one,” Anne pulls a well-kept nine-millimetre sidearm from the inside of her jacket and offers it to Isabella. “Handy if you get into a firefight at range. You might not always have the opportunity to close.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “So it’s settled then? I’ll teach Runaway Bride how to fight with fists and claws, you teach her the rest, Grandma?”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks at the gun. “Thanks maybe I could also try learning how to shoot with a gun.” Then holds out her hand to take the gun from Anne. “I heard shots being fired earlier so there is also a shooting range here? This place seems like a military camp to train for a war.”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa narrows her gaze slightly, weighing her options mentally before nodding.  “Okay.  Then what is the difference I should be aware of?”

<+MichaelM> “Ah, I wish,” Anne chuckles. “Nah, it’s more free-form than that. ‘Learn to pull your own weight, ’cause nobody’s dragging you’ kind of deal. But yeah, Buttercup. Fiona here’ll teach you to punch stuff, and I’ll help you with anything else you fancy pickin’ up.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Antol, could you explain to her of your Clan and of Echo’s? I will explain of mine.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol nods. “Well, Echo’s clan have a power that is based in music. She wished to come hear you closer because she heard you. I stopped her because becoming lost in the song is very common for her and there would have been consequences. I am not taking a childer at this time but suffice to say you can see I have trouble walking about.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  nods and smiles. “Ok that sounds good.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I am an Assamite. We are combative, stealthy and serve usually as assassins or commandoes… It is important to note each Clan has reasons for why it is such. Echo wished to take you under her wing because of your voice gift. If this is not what you wish though, perhaps we can think of something that is best for all.”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa shifts a little bit, watching them as she thinks.

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Anne then to Fiona. “Are you both in the same pack? How does a pack work? Is there like a leader that leads them?” Suddenly thinking about wolves

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol looks thoughtful. “Well, I know Echo and if you want to be left alone then Echo will leave you alone. While she is currently fascinated by your voice she does not often remain such for long and is in fact likely to view you as a rival after your Embrace. So you could do as you pleased, join another Pack and she would leave you be.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Yeah, Beth’s the leader.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  smiles. “I realized the pack is filled with women. Girl power I guess?”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “You could say that.”

<+MichaelM> Anne shrugs. “If you like. Doesn’t matter what power you got ‘s long as it’s good in a fight.”

<+MichaelM> “I, for one,” Anne smirks, “believe in firepower above all else.”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa looks back over at Talwar.  “What about you?  Would I stay with you, or just be on my own or what?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “If you choose Echo, she will train you and be your caretaker. Then eventually you will be assigned a pack which may be mine or another, depending. If you choose me, you will be in my care and join the pack I am with.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Anne. “So what is your preference? Explosives or big guns? like rifles?”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa looks down.  “I do have a lot more experience singing than fighting…  I feel like I would be better at that.”

<+MichaelM> “Explosions since I lost the eye,” Anne grunts, gesturing up at the mound of scar tissue and the empty socket on the right side of her face. “Had a beautiful sniper rifle all to myself before that, though. Think part of it’s still fused to my arm, actually. We didn’t have the best surgeons at the time.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “If that is what you wish that is fine. I think you would do well with either since you seem to have the fighting spirit in you too. Maybe some sort of compromise could be made even, but Echo would be able to teach you how to use your voice even more than you can now.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol chuckles. “Not many try to fire a flare at the back of an Assamite’s head and get to live more than a few seconds beyond that.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  looks to Anne’s right side of the face. “Back then? When did this happen? It sounds like you’ve been in a war a long time ago.”

<+MichaelM> “In a few,” Anne shrugs. “I lost the eye to a bout of napalm in Afghanistan.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol looks thoughtful. “The Dark Gift ritual is likely to bring out latent talents… it could be so that you would still have the voice even if you went with Talwar. While not entirely certain, it is a thought. And better than ending up Pander.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “That is possible.”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa isn’t entirely sure what they are talking about but listens anyway, looking from one to the other.  Her eyes bounce off the open doorway again.  “When do I have to decide?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Very soon, Abequa. We are at war with this group and we have things we must do to prepare and take them on. We cannot leave you idle or you will perish or be used against us by being taken over.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “In which, you will still perish..but in that way your sister had. The choice is yours but time is not your ally.”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa nods her head slightly, still watching them.  “I understand.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “No, I actually do not think you do comprehend.” He looked at Antol and then back to Abequa. “You will make your choice now and be changed this night. We do not have time for your games and you are my responsibility. You will not besmirch my name by wrecking others’ hospitalities for you or trying to leave.”

<+Chezz>  <Isabella>  “Afghanistan? You fought in the war? When was this?”

<+FreakLegion> Abequa looks shocked for a split second before snapping up from where she was sitting.  “What?  No.”, she moves a couple of steps around the small bed.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  heads inside

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Antol summons an array of tenticles in the hallway just outside the door in case she makes it that far.

Session Close: Sat Mar 18 00:00:00 2017