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<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> It’s early in the morning, about 7am when Kara arrives in attempt to catch the workers during shift change. It’s just starting to get light out, and is moderately cold, dampness clinging to her.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> This building is the New Orleans Rehab Center, and it’s not one of the best maintained buildings. It’s main purpose is to handle drug users, but they also bring a lot of mental patients here, having no where else to put them.

<+MichaelM> Kara tightens her coat around herself, fighting off the morning chill as she ascends the building’s front steps. She slips inside, shivering slightly, and moves towards the front desk. She pulls an ID badge from her coat’s inside breast pocket and shows it to the receptionist. “Immelman, FBI. I’m supposed to see about a recent transfer? Some college girl the 7th precinct sent over last night.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The lady behind the desk looks across and down at Kara. “FBI, really? There’s a surprise. Usually don’t get that around here. Uhm… oh yeah, that poor thing. She is kinda banged up and out of it, not really talking. We brought in a social worker but she won’t talk to anybody.”, she slides Kara a temp swipe card.

<+MichaelM> “Thank you very much,” Kara nods appreciatively and takes the card. “We’ve had quite a few cases like this across the state. Some new recreational hallucinogen aerosol. If it turns out to be what we think it is, we can get her into specialized care.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The lady nods her head to Kara. “She ain’t gotten violent but ya never can tell. If you need help just yell. They’ll be people in the hall.”, and she starts checking her computer again.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The room is in the middle of the hall, and there is a hefty looking man in scrubs walking up and down the hall slowly. She swipes the card into the hallway, and then again into the door to get in. The room is sparse, painted green and has 2 beds in it though only one occupant.

<+MichaelM> Kara nods, turns, and takes a few steps down the hall. Then she stops and turns back to the receptionist. “Sorry, one last thing. Do you keep recordings of the patients?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> “Oh no, hun. We ain’t got money for that. Sorry. We had to push for the security cards, and only got em cause we convinced the department heads that keys could be used as weapons.”, the lady says seriously.

<+MichaelM> “That’s fine,” Kara says, “I just thought I’d check.” She nods to the receptionist, then turns and enters the room.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> sits on the bed with her back against the wall, dressed in a hospital gown with a plastic band around her wrist. She has her feet drawn up toward her, and doesn’t look up when the door opens. Her brown hair fallen all around her face.

<+MichaelM> Kara shuts the door behind her, then turns to the woman. “Hey,” she waves, somewhat awkwardly. “My name’s Kara. Can you tell me yours?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> only now looks up and over, reaching up to pull some of the hair out of her face. The confusion seems to leave her face as she studies Kara for a few moments. “Amelia, but most people call me Amy. You’re… different.”

<+MichaelM> “I’d like to think everyone is, in their own way,” Kara observes wryly, then shrugs. “But yes. I am.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> folds her arms across her middle as she watches Kara, otherwise not changing her position. “Why are you here?”

<+MichaelM> “In part to understand what happened at the university,” Kara admits, “in part to try and understand what happened to a friend of mine, but mostly,” Kara pauses, offering a reassuring smile, “I’m here to try and help.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> frowns slightly and looks down again. “Uhm, I shouldn’t have freaked out so bad… at the school.”, she looks back up at Kara, “What happened to your friend?”

<+MichaelM> “He freaked out pretty bad at the school,” Kara tells her. “He’s disappeared since.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> frowns slightly, her voice lowering just a little more. “Was he like you?”

<+MichaelM> “A bit more unstable, by quite a few metrics, but yes,” Kara nods. “He was.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> frowns a little more, thinking. She looks down again and twiddles her fingers together a bit. “I see. I don’t think that I know him. There were some others there but they were attacked. I kinda came in the middle… I shouldn’t have freaked out.”

<+MichaelM> “It’s alright,” Kara tells her. “From what I’ve heard, I don’t blame you. If it’s alright, I’d like to know what happened.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> rocks a little bit, rubbing at her arms. “There was a lot going on. These things… all around the building. And no one else even noticed. They didn’t see any of it.”

<+MichaelM> “But you did,” Kara says. “You saw exactly what was going on.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> nods her head a little bit, not looking back up. “Yeah…”

<+MichaelM> “You don’t have to tell me more if you don’t want to,” Kara says, “it’s okay.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> looks up at Kara, and then towards the door, reaches up to brush her hair back again. “I can get out tonight. Maybe… see you somewhere that isn’t here.”

<+MichaelM> “Or I can talk to the receptionist and see if I can get you released,” Kara informs her, glancing back at the door. She turns back to the woman. “Do you have somewhere safe to stay in the city?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> looks at Kara for a moment, her voice quiet. “I have a few couches I can sleep on if need be. If they say no, I have a friend or two that’ll come help me out.”

<+MichaelM> @How about I offer you a place instead?” Kara asks, softly. “It’s safe, and a bit more comfortable than a couch.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> looks down and shrugs softly. “Okay, I guess.”, she says as she twiddles her fingers again.

<+MichaelM> Kara bites the corner of her lip, eyeing Amelia concernedly. “You don’t have to come with me if you’re not comfortable with that. I’d just like to make sure that you’re safe.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> looks up slightly and tilts her head as she watches Kara. “It’s just… I mean… I don’t know you. I understand we’re both alike in our being different but… some of those with the monsters were different too.”

<+MichaelM> “I understand.” Kara nods solemnly. She reaches into her jacket and pulls out a small pen and notepad. She scribbles something down, tears off the top page, then hands it to Amelia. “This is my number, and the address of a mission in the city. Father Thomas is different too. If you need help, try and contact one of us, and we’ll help if we can.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> takes it and looks at it, then nods a bit. “Okay. Thank you. Like I said, I know someone who’ll come get me out tonight. I… I’ll be okay. If I see your friend… I’ll contact you.”

<+MichaelM> “Thank you,” Kara gives the woman an appreciative smile. “He’s tall, white-haired, a little crazy. You can’t miss him in a crowd.” She takes a step towards the door, then turns back to Amelia. “Take care of yourself, okay? Stay safe.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Amy Noir> quirks her lip slightly. “Safe is a stretch. But you be careful too. Those guys were looking for something there, not sure they found it.”

<+MichaelM> “I’ll keep that in mind,” Kara puts her hand on the door’s latch and offers Amelia one last smile. “Grüß Gott.” Then she opens the door and steps out.

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