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<+Blackfyre> <Cecilia>  “In any case, it was a pleasure meeting the both of you.” She gives both a slight smile and gets up, beginning to head upstairs.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “I was just going to tell her about the technocrats.”

<+MichaelM> “Probably best to leave that until tomorrow,” Kara sighs, “at least let her sleep.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Well, as long as she doesn’t do one of those ‘ways of getting around it’, we’ll be okay. You alright?”

<+MichaelM> “That depends,” Kara mutters, still staring at the cross in her hands. “Do you want an honest answer, or a comforting answer?”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “You should know me by now. I want the truth. We’re a team.”

<+MichaelM> “Fair enough,” Kara sighs. She turns the cross around and around in her hands. “I’m anxious, I’m angry, and I’m mourning, but mostly I’m just trying to process all this. How about you?”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “I’m angry and ticked off that if we could have only been there sooner we could have got that asshole. I’m kind of hopeful though since we now have Alestaire. He can tell us stuff we don’t know and maybe he can even get through to Arthur. Sucks Angela had to die but she did all she could to try another way.”

<+MichaelM> “It sucks she had to die?” Kara snaps, turning to glare at Ramirez. “It. Sucks. She. Had. To. Die.”

<+MichaelM> “Is that all you have to say?”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ shrugs. “What do you want me to say? Death is a part of the cycle and she chose who had to die. She said someone had to, no matter what. She chose herself. She took one for the team and it sucks, but did you want her to choose someone else?”

<+MichaelM> “There wasn’t a single thing you said that didn’t make me angry,” Kara says, her glare sharpening. “She might be in a better place now, but that doesn’t make her death any more of a tragedy. Not to mention how much effort she expended trying to save us. That didn’t have to be her burden. She didn’t have to-” Kara cuts herself off as her voice begins to crack. Her eyes screw shut, fighting back tears.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ frowns. “I’m sorry you are angry at me, Kara. I’m sorry we weren’t there on time to give her another option. I just.. don’t want to play down her bravery either. She sacrificed herself. That’s who she chose to die because she said there was no other way. Someone had to die. I get it my view is different than yours.. but it’s not like I’m not angry she had to

<@Death> make that choice and it’s not like I am not going to miss her at all. I know you knew her more. I’m sorry.”

<+MichaelM> “It’s fine, I just…” Kara says, her voice wavering, “it shouldn’t have had to be her. She shouldn’t have had to make that sacrifice.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “No one else had the power to decide. Maybe if we were there sooner, but none of us knew.”

<+MichaelM> “It’s my fault,” Kara utters, her voice just above a whisper. “If I’d paid more attention to my dreams, if hadn’t been here cleaning, I could’ve helped. At least I would’ve given Cornel a better target.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Kara…don’t do that to yourself. It’s not your fault any more than it’s any of the rest of our faults. Cornel did this and he’s the one who’s going to pay. You did not kill her. He did. We’re all trying to stop him so if you want to think that way that it’s all on you, you’re wrong. We’d all be responsible.”

<+MichaelM>  “None of you asked for this, though.” Kara retorts, “you all had this forced on you.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “I was killed by some spirit pirate of some conglomerate dark force or group that feeds on fear and stuff. I think though we all have these avatars and aren’t really given a choice necessarily, are we?”

<+MichaelM> Kara raises a hand to cover her temples and eyes. “I was offered a choice, though. Cornel warned be about the changes that would happen if I went into the Umbra. Like the idiot I am, I jumped in blindly.” Trying to stop herself from crying, she bites the corner of her lip just hard enough that blood starts to trickle down to her chin. “I wanted a calling and I got a crusade.” She chuckles weakly.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Cornel saw you would become a Mage and when, Kara. That’s not your fault. If you didn’t do it there, you might have changed elsewhere. You have a brave soul and you are strong. You are who you are and that did not kill her. He did. He is the one who’s gonna pay and we need to try to make sure he can’t get any of the rest of us off guard like that again.”

<+MichaelM> Kara lowers her hand and returns her gaze to Ramirez, looking defeated. She doesn’t respond, not trusting herself to speak at the moment.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Kara, you are someone special who wants to do the right thing and you are going to. We cannot take her death and make it our faults. We should be taking her death and making it understood that she deemed those who remain in the living realm are here and going to fight and stop Cornel. She went through her options and made the choice she could live and die with. We have to live with it.”

<+MichaelM> “You’re right,” Kara sighs. “You’re right and I hate you for it.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “You help me out too when I don’t like what you say but hey..we’re good polar opposites sometimes.”

<+MichaelM> “A fair point,” Kara admits. “I’m going to order some food, I’ll need to call Alex, and then I’m not resting until I find something that can help us find and stop Cornel.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Alright. I’ll try to research some more on ways to stop Cornel too. See you tomorrow, Kara.”

<+MichaelM> “Yeah.” Kara takes out her phone and dials a number. “See you later.” She walks out on the front porch to make her call.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ nods somberly and heads on downstairs.

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