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<+FreakLegion> Katie listens to her headphones, wearing jeans and a cutoff tank top under a lab coat as she walks along the sidewalk toward what seems like nowhere in particular.

<+Tachy> Dan walks down the same street in jeans and a hoodie, hood pulled up and mostly looking at his phone

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ headed out from a mechanic shop, a little grungy/oily from the ‘day’ job he was learning so he could have a cover for his drug and gun running stuff that made so much more money when he got into it. He meandered into a coffee shop and would emerge a few minutes later with a large cup of something terribly caffeinated with triple shots x2.

<+Nickolas> Arthur waited for Ramirez outside the mechanic shop and walks with him to get the coffee,”Hello! You’re filthy.” Arthur steps back a few steps,”Please don’t get any of that on my clothes. It’s hard enough keeping these clean.” Arthur is back in his typical white outfit with the golden celtic knots and his long platinum blonde hair flows down over his shoulders.

<+FreakLegion> Katie grins as she spies Ramirez and yells at him, music still blasting in her head.  “HEY!  HOWS IT GOING?”, she yells before it occurs to her she is not at a concert and pulls the headphones down around her neck, techno pumping out of the speakers and into the air around her.

<+Tachy> Dan spies Arthur, a face from the recent past, and start heading towards him

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ looks at Arthur and as he takes a drink of his coffee, there’s a mischevious gleam in his eye. “Yeah, I’m a little dirty. Why would you wear white, hombre, if you don’t wanna get dirty? Also, get yer own coffee.” He’d look over at Katie and wave to her. “Yo!”

<+Nickolas> Arthur buys himself a mocha and walks over and pours a ton of creamer and sugar into it and runs back out

<+Tachy> Dan keeps his head down in his phone mostly but wanders through the crowd expertly, not walking into anyone or anything as he finds his way to Arthur.

<+Tachy> <Dan>: Hey, been a while.

<+Nickolas> Arthur waves,”Hello, remind me who you are again?”

<+FreakLegion> Katie smiles at Ramirez and pushes her colored glasses back up her nose a bit as she turns the music off.  She eyes Arthur a bit, and then the one she doesn’t know for a moment before looking back to Ramirez.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Arthur, he was around the first time I showed up.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “And hey, Katie. How’s it going?”

<+Nickolas> Arthur nods,”Ah I see.”

<+Tachy> <Dan>: Hey, I’m Dan. Good to meet you Katie and… *looks expectantly towards Ramirez”

<+Tachy> Dan looks at the people as he’s talking but leaves the phone in his hand instead of pocketing it.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “I’m Ramirez.” He began to think he was around some of the most forgetful people around…but it wasn’t like he knew Dan’s name either so joke was on him. “And you are? I remember yer face but not yer name.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie looks back at Dan and nods her head, bed-head hair falling all about the sides of her face.  “Nice to meet ya.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur shakes his head,”So many new faces all of the time. The cast just keeps growing and growing. How is an audience supposed to follow the play?”

<+Tachy> <Dan>: Follow along in the Program, I suppose.

<+Nickolas> Arthur smiles,”Do you know where I can get one? I lost mine.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “You take notes, Arthur.”

<+Tachy> <Dan>: It’s all Programs really, hence the pun. That I suppose I’m the only one who gets. But yeah, google docs can also help.

<+FreakLegion> Katie nods her head in agreement.  “Or improvise.  I like to improvise.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur shakes his head,”I’d ask Zirathur to remember but all he ever does nowadays is sleep. He always wants food when he wakes up and it’s hard gathering up that much magic for him.”

<+Tachy> <Dan>: Yeah,the powerful beasties can be hungry things, and this area isn’t all that… giving. There are places though but they’re generally claimed.

<+Nickolas> Arthur nods,”Speaking of places… I have a place we still need to investigate. Are you all willing to come with me? I’ll go feed Zirathur and we can head over. We need to be armed up just in case.”

<+Tachy> <Dan>: I’ll come along, but I’m not terribly.. armed up.

<+FreakLegion> Katie shakes her head a bit and adjusts her glasses.  “We got Cleaners wandering around…  I aim to lay loooooow.  That does not sound like it will be lacking in attention.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”Well those who want to come along meet me at the theater.” Arthur then starts running so that he can go fetch his small dragon.

<+Tachy> Dan heads off, not in the direction of the theater immediately. “See you there in a half hour or so”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “About that, Arthur… wait.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur doesn’t hear Ramirez as he skips away towards the theater

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ heads after Arthur, going back to the theater. “Damnit.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie watches them starting to leave, and looks back to Ramirez.  “Well shit.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie sighs and follows Ramirez.  “Hey, wait up…  I’m a doctor, not an athlete.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ slows down for Katie, and maybe for himself. He wasn’t really an athlete either. He would have to work on that. “Alright..I know where he’s heading anyway and he needs to hear some stuff before he goes thinking on plotting anything.”

<+Nickolas> A few minutes later Arthur stops skipping and everybody else catches up as he continues at a walking pace.

<+FreakLegion> Katie looks over toward Ramirez.  “I feel like, as a smoker, you should not be able to outrun me.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ laughs. “I’m 19, so that probably helps. I also am used to running away from cops and stuff.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur turns his head and sees Katie and Ramirez following him to the theater,”I thought you weren’t coming Katie.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie leans back a bit in surprise.  “Well fuck me running… Now I feel like a pervert.”, she looks back at Arthur.  “I’m not.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “We need to talk so let’s get in the theater and do it.”

<+Tachy> Dan comes into the theater from a different direction than the rest

<+Nickolas> Arthur smiles,”Ah ok!” and starts skipping off again and out of sight.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ follows along though not bothering to run this time. “So, Katie, you’ll get to meet more of us it seems.” He’d finally eventually get there and hold the door open for Katie to enter the theater.

<+FreakLegion> Katie watches Arthur and then looks at Ramirez.  “Oh yeah, that is definately him.  OH, also…   it’s heavily encrypted but I do have Cornel’s research… I swiped it before i left cause… well…  kinda sensed it was going down the shitter.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Great. That’s some good news, Katie. Hopefully, one of us can get that decrypted.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur waves at them as they come inside,”Finally you arrive! What about a decryption? Are we raising the dead?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Zirathur> Zirathur raises his head lazily,”Arthur you know what decryption is. I’m a Dragon and -I- know what decryption is. Also quiet down or feed me.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “When I learn how to make zombies, you’ll be the first person to likely know. In the meantime… we need to talk about stuff, Arthur.”

<+Tachy> <Dan>: I know a thing or two about encryption, what’s in need of decryption?

<+Nickolas> Arthur looks at Ramirez,”So talk, I’m all ears. They’re even slightly pointy.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie raises her eyebrows as she looks Dan over a bit, staying near the doorway.  “Just some files.  I couldn’t make heads or tails but I’m… more a hardware person than software.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Well, first off, you owe Kara an apology, hombre. That wasn’t cool what you said to her about the priests and stuff. Second off, your padre, by what we were able to get, isn’t really a bad guy here, even if he did work on you. You have a vivid imagination but it’s time to start telling us the truth here. You have a twin sister and you never said nothing about her. How do you forget your own sister and yet make up a whole Fae community?”

<+Tachy> Dan smirks. “it’s all software really. And that’s my specialty”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Well, if you can decrypt that, it’d help a lot. We have technocraps around though so be careful with what you do.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur blinks,”Make up faeries? Seems like my father has been doing a lot of work to hide it. I also don’t know anything about having any kind of sister. Where is Kara anyway? You can tell her I didn’t mean anything by it if you see her.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie nods her head a bit, half-glancing off toward Ramirez and Arthur.  “Well, this should be fine since it’s just some files.  Now breaking in to the Lab would be a different story.”  She looks back at Dan.  “I don’t carry that crap on me but I’ll get it for you to take a go at.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “I’m not going to tell her jack shit. You owe her some respect. We’ve been trying to help you, Arthur, and you’ve been kind of a dick lately. We also have technocrats out there and I don’t think exploring your dad’s lab is going to help us really. We have no idea what those people know and we’re safer with going the route we had planned, which is to use the broken stone to try to find where Cornel went off to. He’s our main foe..him and his allies. I don’t think your dad is one of them by what we’ve learned. We have to focus on what we do know for sure.”

<+Tachy> Dan nods. “just send it my way. I can do better at home anyway”

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”First off. I respect Kara but not her hoagie religion. Her priests and their ilk have done so much harm to those like us I find it incompatible to even associate with them, unless you like burning. Meanwhile I had no intentions of going to any laboratory, I AM going to take me and my Dragon and we are going to scope out the University that my Father’s order operated out of. I doubt that they are involved because it would be utter blasphemy and break many of our oaths.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur then gets up and picks up his Dragon who is in cat form and puts him on his shoulders. Zirathur starts feeding as Arthur walks out and starts walking towards the University.

<+FreakLegion> Katie eyed Dan again, but the others trusted him so…  seemed okay.  “You have a secure way to transfer it I’ll do it as soon as I get home.”, she turns her attention half toward Ram and Arthur.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “If you doubt they are involved, why go there? You brought up the lab before and the university.. and I’m just trying to help you out before you do something bad.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur turns before he reaches the door,”I doubt they are involved… I’m hoping they’re not dead instead. If they are still alive I need to warn them… let them call in another pontifex and redo the wardings. I should have thought of this immediately and it’s started bothering me. It only later dawned on me that they might kill… or take the souls out of those college students…”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “If you go there, you draw attention to them. Cornel got what he wanted and left. Bringing YOU out is what is not the right thing to do right now. I would explain that to you more but you want to walk away anytime you hear something that doesn’t go with your agenda. You need more patience. As for Kara…you don’t have to respect her beliefs. No one has to respect someone’s religious beliefs at all. What you do need to respect is actual people or you ain’t shit yourself.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie nods in agreement. “No shit.  Belief is kinda what gets us into trouble.  Or out of it.  Anyway…  didn’t the tall guy with the long black hair say they needed Arthur too to make their shit work?  You might want to not be a walking target.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to get through to him now. Arthur…you are a key component. Don’t go to where they’d know to look for you. If they get a hold of you, we might not be able to find you right away. You -do- have a twin sister out there and there’s Zo’s kid too. We need to work together.”

<+Tachy> Dan hands Katie a card full of contact information and crypto keys. “if that isn’t sufficient we can of course hand the data over in person. Since you’re here I’m assuming you’re awakened?”

<+Nickolas> Arthur looks at them,”Well then you bettter come with and help keep me safe if you’re worried, because I’m leaving… also I have a brother as far as I’m aware, unless my father had a kid I’m not aware of. Anyway I’m done talking, I was just waiting to have enough food for Zirathur before I headed over there.” Arthur then turns and walks out of the theater and towards the University.

<+FreakLegion> Katie takes it and puts it in her labcoat’s inner pocket.  “That’ll work.  Yeah.  Son of Ether.  Totally misleading name.  But yeah.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ exhales sharply as Arthur pretty much blew him off. “Fuck that puta.. damnit.”

<+Tachy> Dan smiles. “child of ether. I’m a virtual adept. This is kinda my thing. So what’s Arthur up to? I’m out of the loop here and not sure running after him now is the best idea”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Someone make us all dart guns. I don’t really want to go chasing after his ass all the time because he refuses to listen.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie looks at Dan and grins.  “Awesome, man.  Yeah, I’ll get that stuff to you.  It’s someone’s research as he was going all Dark Side, so can’t be sure it isn’t disturbing to younger viewers.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ sighs and turns and heads out. “I suppose I should go see if it matters at this point. Leaving after his ass.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ heads out, wishing he had a dart gun.

<+Tachy> Dan looks to Ramirez. “should I go too? What’s the deal??”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ stops and shakes his head. “No, you shouldn’t. He’s being dumb and no one should get fucked up because of it. I’m not sure why I’m bothering really other than I want to see how this goes down.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie frowns and checks her pockets, then pats her pockets, then sighs.  “Guys I don’t wanna get shot at or disintigrated or anything else those guys do to people like us.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “So stay here and work on other stuff. I’ll be back.” He’d then walk out to go on his way to the university.

<+Tachy> Dan frowns as well. “that sounds bad. Count me out. Katie tell me more about this data?”

<+FreakLegion> Katie frowns, looking concerned, and then takes a full breath and looks back to Dan.  “Well, it’s kinda stolen from the Lab Chantry before it went to shit.  Not my fault, I was on administrative leave.”

<+Tachy> Dan nods. “These things happen. Not your fault. But there may be useful knowledge in there. ”

<+FreakLegion> Katie looks thoughtful.  “Well.  We could just go get it.  I don’t live too far from here.  Then you’d have it.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie glances around the place and then to the door.  “And…  it beats hanging around here.”

<+Tachy> <Dan>: Sounds good to me, let’s go

<+FreakLegion> Katie nods and then heads out, making her way toward her apartment.  She turns her music back on, but leaves the headphones around her neck.  When she reaches the complex and heads inside the hall, she gives the door a tap before putting her keys in and opening it up.  The inside of her small apartment is decorated in all kinds of sci-fi posters and models and replicas.  An full-sized R2D2 sits by her dining table, which is covered in drawings of plans for different inventions, and it beeps at her when she walks past.

<+Tachy> Dan looks around in awe.  “This place is awesome, I love it. I may just hire your interior decorator”

<+Nickolas> Arthur walks back into the theater his dragon back in cat form and napping on his shoulder. His eyes appear to be stunned as he walks through the door.”They’re dead…”

<+FreakLegion> Katie grins as the R2D2 beeps again.  “Don’t worry, R2… if he hires you I’ll make sure he pays you.”  She goes through some drawers and then pulls out a small box, checking in it before handing it off to Dan.  “Here.  Just a couple of drives worth.”

<+Tachy> Dan opens the box and peers inside.  “All normal interface spec, no technoc special interfaces it seems. I’ll clone them off before I start anything to be safe. Offensive forensics is an amusing hobby.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie nods her head a bit.  “Well, my understanding is that if the Techs went in there to clean up… they likely have their people decrypticing the copy that was on the main computer there… so it might be good to know what they know.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ heads in and goes off to where Hollow was to bother her for a time since he was going to be stuck for a lil while on the other side. ~

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) Hollow thumps Ramirez formly on the head and then blinks. “Oh shit. You’re on my side, my bad. hard to tell with the deathmarks on you.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Zirathur> the small black cat form of Zirathur comes crawling through the theater door alone and wanders inside. He then crawls around behind and finds what appears to be an old outfit and shapeshifts into a humanoid form.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah..and that kinda hurt!” * rubs his head* “So, I tried following Arthur and that totally didn’t work out. He wouldn’t listen to me that it’s a trap..though he didn’t go further in the building to go find some thumpy thing on metal in the basement. He’s like determined to not listen and work with us at all, even though I told him it was a danger for him to go getting captured.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Basically, all that stuff we found out, he’s insistent he doesn’t believe in any of it and I heard him talking and he doesn’t trust the mages here and wants to go get other people’s help elsewhere. Basically, I don’t even know what to do with that…so since I’m here, wanna go have some fun in the spirit world for a while?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) Hollow hugs him, getting her inky wound gunk on him but it quickly disappears. “Hell yeah! Lets go haunt some people.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Hell yeah!” That seemed fun. ~

<+FreakLegion> Katie pats the R2 on the head as she shows Dan out.  “Just catch me when you got something.  And be careful, not that I should have to tell you.”

<+Tachy> Dan nods to R2 as he heads out. “Thanks, I’ll keep you in the loop”

<+Nickolas> Arthur comes back a few minutes later and walks into the theater and finds Zirathur,”Zirathur, can you go check on my mother? It’s only a short flight for you and at least you’re a Dragon. I’ll have to figure something else out.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Zirathur> turns into the form of a bird and flies out of the theater.

<+Tachy> Dan looks between Arthur and Ramirez “Sounds like it was a good thing I didn’t tag along”

<+Nickolas> Arthur then walks back out of the theater and off into the night.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ sadly won’t be seen. he’s in the spirit world cuz he failed his roll to come out. lol

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