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<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The group starts to gather up to head out to the Lab to look for information. Meeting at the Theater, Zo quickly joins them as well.

<+Morose> <Aaron> loads a few things into the car that he or anytone else prefers not to be seen in public.  Including a couple of flare guns, and a metal baseball bat.

<+MichaelM> Kara takes a moment to utter a quick prayer before heading out, making sure her weapon and necklace are both in place.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ gathers up his stuff and heads out to the lab. He’d see if Hollow wanted to go too.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> is chilling out by the car, holding a large bag full of gear.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ heads over to Angela. “Hey! How’s it going?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) Hollow grumbles a bit but nods her agreement in going back.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> smiles a bit and pats her bag. “Pretty good. Think I am good to go. Hoping no more fishy guys though.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah..I need to get a sword or machete or something in the future. I got some weapons though.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> glances around and then nods to the others.  “Well, if you want to stick it in the car, we can take most of it over that way.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo watches Kara, and then looks toward the others before he starts walking. “I will meet you at the Lab’s surface.”

<+MichaelM> Kara nods back, somewhat anxious at the attention. “Alright, we’ll see you there.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> nods to Aaron and then dumps her bag into Aaron’s back seat. “Sounds like a plan. Lets get moving.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> After gathering the proper members and materials, the group re-gathers about a block from the Lab’s entrance and starts to unload the car.

<+Morose> <Aaron> passes out what was brought along, keeping the flare guns and the bat though.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Aaron, you got a job if you want it. I just sent you the info for where it’s located at. Thought you should know before we go into the depths of Hell again.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo walks up to where they are parked. “Hey, there’s someone snooping around the Lab’s entrance. Someone like you all.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> smiles and nods.  “Thanks.  Assuming we survive the trip.”

<+MichaelM> “Right. because our employment prospects are important right now,” Kara shakes her head at Ramirez’s statement. She turns as Zo walks up. “Another? Does this city attract us or something?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) Hollow cracks her knuckles and embers seem to float off of her. “I bet it’s one of those guys from below. Let me at em.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ nods and starts creeping over there to see who’s in the way of their mission!

<+FreakLegion> Katie kicks at a few pieces of loose rubble and inspects the stability of the elevator.  “What the fuck did they do to my lab?”

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods and follows, pausing as he spies the woman and waits to see what happens.

<+FreakLegion> Katie is wearing a labcoat over pajamas, ID badge, and goggles.  Her hair is fresh bed-head, and she wears only light makeup.  She is about 5’6″ and pretty athletically built for a lab rat.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ looks at Katie as he draws closer, lighting a cigarette as he does so. He’d head right over to her. “Hey you. What’re ya doin’ out here? It’s a little late to report to work.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> follows Ramirez for backup, kinda hoping he doesn’t realyl need it though.

<+MichaelM> “Hey. I remember you…” Kara tilts her head as she walks closer to the woman. Kara’s abut four feet tall, with shock white hair and a matching sweater. Her features are angular, but athletic in a manner similar to Katie. “You used to work here, right? I’m Kara. Kara Immelman.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie turns around and gives a look to Ramirez, then to Angela.  “No way!  How are you… ?”, then she looks down at Kara.  “Used to…  did those assholes fire me?  I wasn’t even near that Node when it flared!”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) “I get the feeling this is not the droid we are looking for.”, Hollow says, almost bummed.

<+MichaelM> “Well, it’s a bit of a long story…” Kara begins, scratching the back of her neck, “well, suffice to say the whole branch is closed for the foreseeable future.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie blinks.  “Wormhole, right?  I bet it was totally a wormhole.  I told them not to touch that portal till it was recalibrated.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) Hollow laughs a little bit. “Wow, i like her. She’s fucking crazy.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ squints his eyes at Katie and then nods to Hollow’s comment. He sucked on his cheeks a moment, watching the woman. “Yeah, she’s a bit cray cray.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> looks at Katie, “Wait, are you able to tell us exactly where the portal goes?”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, do you know where that thing is supposed to go?”

<+FreakLegion> Katie looks between them.  “Maybe.  If it was calibrated.  If not then the output of the far end of the wormhole is random.  Which let me tell you… there are way more bad places to end up than good ones.  We teleported a chicken once and the output was like two hundred feet above this spot.  Thank goodness it was a chicken and not a cow.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> glances to the others and then back at Katie… giving her much the same look he often reserves for Arthur.

<+MichaelM> “Wonderful to know the safety standards I adhered to were treated more as guidelines than dogma,” Kara retorts dryly. “So nice to know we were running roughshod over OSHA standards.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Okay, don’t really care about chickens and cows at the moment. Tell us where it was supposed to go and can you realign it, by any chance?”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ takes a drag off the cigarette as he watches Katie and the odd scenario unfold before them.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo looks at Katie, studying her for several seconds. “Where were you when the building was destroyed? It’s been in this condition for a few weeks now.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie looks right back at Zo, standing on tippy toes.  “I can, and probably, maybe.  Depends.  And I was on vacation.  Administrative leave really…  anyway, name is Katie Harlock.  What are you all doing here?  I see she works here but you guys… we don’t give tours.”

<+MichaelM> “They’re with me,” Kara says with a nigh-imperceptible wry grin. “Call them outside contractors. There’s a mess that needs fixing.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> nods her head just a bit, chuckling faintly to herself. She wasn’t about to admit she liked this crazy ass lady too.

<+FreakLegion> “Well, the elevator seems stable but…  someone used it.  I was checking the code to see who went down there last when your boy there came up on me.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ nods and cracks his knuckles after flicking the old cig butt away. “Yeah, we’re outside contractors.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) “Some more than others.”, says Hollow.

<+Morose> <Aaron> “So the elevator is currently at the bottom?  Someone is actually down there?”

<+FreakLegion> Katie nods and starts to hit some buttons on the control panel.  “Yep.  This says they used a 0000 code though.  Which is like…  well, not possible.  There is no 0000, no 1234.  So they hacked the box.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ smirks to Hollow. He’d look at the box and Katie. “Too bad it’s not 12345. That’s the number on my luggage.”

<+MichaelM> “Wow,” Kara deadpans, turning to Ramirez, “you go all the way back to 1987 for that joke?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) Hollow laughs, sputtering good from her neck. “Heh heh, Spaceballs.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie chortles.  “Fucking Spaceballs, man.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> shakes his head a bit, ignoring all of -that- mess.  “So… when one of us bypassed the box before it set off a security system, you know, by accident.  So is that set off down there?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo frowns just slightly, seemingly found something he didn’t understand and chooses to leave it be. “What do you know about one of the experiments they were keeping here? A blonde child?”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ grins. “It’s an awesome movie. It can be quoted forever. You knew where it came from so the joke worked.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie looks over at Zo.  “Which one?”

<+MichaelM> “Yes, and I’m ashamed my college roommate for showing me that awful movie,” Kara sighs.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> keeps quiet, watching Zo and Katie for a moment.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “That was not an awful movie. I don’t think I know you anymore.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo looks down at Katie again. “What do you mean which one? There should be a girl.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Are you saying there’s more than one girl?”

<+FreakLegion> Katie shakes her head and pushes some more buttons on the elevator’s panel.  “There were twins.  A boy and a girl.  I wasn’t allowed near the project really so I only know rumors though.”

<+MichaelM> “You…knew?” Kara asks, turning dumbfounded to look at Katie? “You knew about this and you kept working for them?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo studies Katie for nearly a minute before looking back at Kara. “(quietly) She has no malicious intent. That may be why they sent her ‘on vacation’ when it came time to complete their plan.”

<+MichaelM> Kara’s gaze turns from confused, to angry, then settles on coldly stern as she looks at Katie. “If you say so,” she says cooly, though her hand drifts a bit closer to her holster.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Hmm weird. So now there’s at least 3 kids involved.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie nods her head and waits for the elevator to come back up, turning to face the group again.  “Yeah.  Like I said, wasn’t on that project but people talk.  Plus they’d run around sometimes kinda hard not to notice.  Arthur was always into shit, that one lived in his own little world, and he regularly shared that with others…  it was like getting laced with LSD whenever he got close.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> makes a bit of a face.  “Wow.  No kidding?  Kinda… glad he doesn’t do that now.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> pauses as he listens to the elevator coming up.  “Wait…  if someone was guarding the bottom of the shaft… wouldn’t they know the elevator has been called back up?  We might want to move.”

<+FreakLegion> Katie tilts her head a bit.  “Wait, you know him?  Oh, yeah… totally.  We should move.”, she makes for the wall and hops over the rubble, looking for a place to hide.

<+MichaelM> “Agreed.” Kara draws her gun and positions herself behind a nearby pile of rubble with a clear line of sight to the elevator doors.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> doesn’t hesitate in moving out of the way as well, moving into the alley not far from katie to make sure she doesn’t run off on them.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Everyone gets clear of the doors a few moments before they open up, since it is a long trip for the elevator to make. The elevator seems to stand empty, doors only remaining open for a few seconds before closing again, but it doesn’t head back down.

<+Morose> <Aaron> lifts his head over the collapsed wall and looks toward the elevator… then slowly approaches with the bat in hand.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo and Ramirez (and Hollow) follow suit, moving toward the elevator to make sure it’s empty. “This does not mean it will not be a trap below.”

<+MichaelM> “I’d be surprised if our luck holds until we reach the bottom,” Kara mutters.

<+FreakLegion> Katie comes out of hiding and nods agreement.  “Yeah… I’d say there’s more than an 85% chance something will be waiting at the bottom.  Oh!  So the girl twin, sweet kid.  Six fingers on each hand and some bony protrusions near her shoulder blades.  Shouldn’t have had any genetic flaws though… they were made from the exact same DNA.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur comes running in through the door with Zirathur in tow,”So sorry I’m late, what did I miss?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The doors to the elevator open back up and reveal a small roomba-looking thing sitting in the floor of the elevator.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo turns his head as Arthur rushes in and looks at him, eyes narrowing. “What in Creation?”

<+Nickolas> Arthur looks at Zo with Zirathur on his shoulder in cat form.”Sorry, I’m late I overslept and Z is hungry. Catch me up to speed, have we found any Fomori yet?”

<+FreakLegion> Katie blinks.  “Fomori?  Whaaaaa?  Oh, nononono.”

<+MichaelM> “I think everyone should move away from the unidentified object in the elevator,” Kara says, glancing through the now open doors from her position of cover.

<+Nickolas> Arthur looks over to Kara,”Uhm ok.” and slowly steps back from the elevator and takes a position to hide in.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> nods after giving it a look, and snaps a few pictures of it before ducking down in her hiding place once more.

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods and takes a few steps back as well.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The disc moves back and forth for a few seconds, and then beeps a few times. A laser comes down around it and it moves forward, blocking the elevator doors from closing.

<+FreakLegion> Katie slowly backs away from the wall.  “Oh Fuck that shit.  Barrier is down, Technocracy is moving in.  My ass is outta here for they call up the big guns.”

<+MichaelM> “They can’t stop us,” Kara declares steelily as she flicks the safety off her firearm. “We have a job to do here.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur shakes his head and makes a circular motion with his right hand, tracing a line with his index finger then twists at the top and pulls down and whispering in latin,”Interficio Machina”

<+FreakLegion> Katie looks at Kara.  “Are. You. Fucking. Nuts?  Yes they can. That’s what they DO.”

<+MichaelM> “Crazy?” Kara shrugs, “perhaps. That doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to keep fighting for this.”

<+Nickolas> He walks up near the laser bot while casting his spell. He focuses intently on converting all the potential energy in its system into active electrical current. Sparks fly everywhere as there is a flash of electricity in the entire room and the device turns bright and red hot nearly bursting and falling to the elevator floor as a hot piece of molten metal.

<+FreakLegion> Katie looks at the light show.  “Well, I’d give that a 100% chance of having alerted anyone watching that scanbot to know we’re up here and that we’re what we are.  So I give it a 75% chance that since they may have anticipated an encounter, that they’ll have a HIT Mark with them.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur blinks and holds his eyes,”Ouch, I overdid that a little. I meant to disarm the thing not turn everything into a light show.”

<+MichaelM> “Intent only counts for so much,” Kara murmurs, holstering her weapon and stepping towards the elevator.

<+Morose> <Aaron> glances over at Katie, then to Kara.  “She isn’t kidding.  Coyote has talked to me about these guys she is talking about.  They are bad news.  Basically, they control well… everything.  Try to direct reality by influencing people to believe one way or another.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo looks toward Arthur, examining him for a moment before looking at the fried little robot and then to Kara. “It might not be required. Remember what I said about the feather? Arthur and Hope are one being.”

<+MichaelM> Kara steps forward, clasps the cross on her necklace with one hand, and stretches the other out towards the elevator. She kneels down and presses the cross to her forehead, collar, and to each shoulder. She mutters something under her breath, then straightens up as the elevator begins to shift. Within a few moments, it is once more in functioning order.

<+MichaelM> Kara wobbles for a moment, then straightens back up. “Amen,” she whispers, then turns back to the others.

<+FreakLegion> Katie sighs.  “Look, you can tell Cornel to suck it.  He’s a douche nozzle anyway.  I quit.”, she turns and starts to move away from the building.  “I only put up with that shit cause I felt bad for Al.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The elevator gets called back down the the bottom, from down in the Lab.

<+Morose> <Aaron> looks to Kara, then at Zo… then off toward Katie.  “I am not sure we want to be here when that comes back up.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur nods,”It may be better to cut the elevator and find a different way up.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> looks over at Arthur. “Uh… down. It’s like a mile underground. But she is right… Techies are bad. And they have some stuff that is resistant to us… altering it.”

<+MichaelM> Kara turns her head to Zo as she tucks her necklace back underneath her sweater’s collar. “What did you mean by Arthur and Hope being one being?”

<+Nickolas> Arthur looks over to Angela,”Are we going up or down?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo starts to back off away from the elevator. “The woman said they are twins, from the same DNA. This means, like the feather and myself, they are part of one another. It also explains why they could not complete the stone. They need both halves.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> “We aren’t going anywhere… but it looks like they might be trying to come up.  Also, if that is the case… then they could just be waiting for us to deliver them Arthur.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur blinks,”What do you mean ‘twins’ my mother is a Sidhe. Also if they wanted me to come down they shouldn’t have drawn attention to themselves. What fools. Maybe we should leave and deny them their prize. Why don’t we just bomb the whole place while we are at it.”

<+Nickolas> “Not with explosives though. We should bomb them with rainbows and dreams.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> shakes her head. “We’re in downtown and the building is already toast… save for the elevator. We can damage it, slow them down. And down there are not the same people looking for you.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> looks over at Arthur.  “I hate to get into philosophy right now but think… is it real because everyone believes it, or because -you- believe it?  You make your own reality.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”We share this mess of a reality. If the world were only what -I- believed we would be sitting in the faerie courts right now… Does anybody know how to step sideways anywhere yet?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The elevator has stopped and is now starting to come back up again.

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”Tick tock. Any plans? Anyone?”

<+Morose> <Aaron> raises an eyebrow.  “You know I can, but why?  I am for getting out of here.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> nod and glances off the way Katie went, then back off toward where the car is parked.

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”That’s exactly why. We should start learning methods of escape. It may also be useful for other things. Sometimes paths locked in this plane are open in others.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> looks around and then starts to walk back toward his car.  “Yeah, I am gonna explore that right now.”, he climbs over the knee-high wall and starts to walk back toward his car.

<+Nickolas> Arthur opens his senses looks around the room to see if their familiar ghost or any others are present.

<+Nickolas> Arthur looks over to Hollow,”Can you check out what’s in the elevator for us?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) Hollow makes a derp face. “No, they are Mages and it’s ghost-proof. We tried that before.”

<+MichaelM> “Great,” Kara mutters as Aaron and Katie walk away, and as Angela glances back towards the car as well, “so we’re just going to give up and leave empty-handed again.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur looks around,”That’s entirely up to all of you… Actually I have an idea. Maybe we should ask the vampires to help us.”

<+MichaelM> “That’s a bad idea for a number of reasons,” Kara informs him “least of all the threat the contents of that lab pose to them in particular.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> looks torn but finally starts to pull away as the elevator can be heard still moving. “We came for information about Arthur and the girl, which we got except she left cause we got MIB guys around.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”I’m not saying we should bring them along, but maybe they can help do something about the magical wards and stuff.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo looks down at Kara and Arthur as Hollow is already prodding Ramirez to move away as well. “We got what we came for. I say we cut the cable and drop that thing to the bottom.”

<+MichaelM> “What if there are people in there?” Kara asks.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> (Shadowlands) “Then there’s gonna be a mess in whatever is left of that metal box.”, Hollow says with a sputter from her throat.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo looks down at Kara. “Would you rather I allow them out and wait for them to kill one of you to determine if they are sufficinetly evil enough to slaughter?

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”Why don’t we just leave? Either we fight our way through for more things or we don’t. Besides… there’s a place I think we should all go to.”

<+Nickolas> “I know somewhere we might find more information and I think we should head for it.”

<+MichaelM> “You can’t just kill them on the chance they might try and kill us!” Kara protests. “How would that prove anything except that we’re exactly as bad as we assume they are!”

<+Nickolas> Arthur blinks,”Let’s just go guys. I need to show you the hideout that my father had on campus.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Zo reaches over and yanks a few hairs from Arthur’s head, then looks to Kara. “Fine, I won’t kill them. But I will slow them down while you all get out of here. You should go, or they’ll be able to track you to where you live.”

<+MichaelM> “Fine,” Kara drops the issue for the moment, though she still seems very put off. “Arthur, Angela, Ramirez, let’s move.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur grabs his hair,”Ow, that’s my precious hair you psychopath! Ugh!”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The group gets a decent distance from the building before there is a shaking of the ground and the sound of what is left of the building collapsing in on itself, namely crushing the elevator’s exit up top.

<+Nickolas> Arthur shrugs,”Would anyone like to come with me to check out the other spot?”

<+MichaelM> “I feel like I need to talk to a priest,” Kara says to herself more than any of the others.

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”What would you need a priest for? You’re not a little boy Kara.”

<+MichaelM> “I’m going to ignore that particular mockery of my Faith,” Kara retorts, trying very hard not to let any venom seep into her voice, “unless, of course, you’d like to press you luck.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur smiles,”No, not really interested. Let’s gather everyone when we’re ready to go and check out the other lead though, let’s not dally too long.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur smiles,”Go talk to your priest. Everyone should meet me tommorrow.”

<+MichaelM> “Fine by me,” Kara responds, her voice still cold, “I’ll see you later.” Clutching her coat close to her, she walks off in the direction of Father Thomas’ mission.
<+Nickolas> Arthur smiles as she walks away,”I’d tell her to chill but she’s already cold enough.” He then starts to walk back to the theater.

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