Session Start: Thu Mar 02 00:00:00 2017
Session Ident: #Aeons_Outdoors

<+Morose> <Aaron> calls up Ramirez from the bar they found him near.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ answers <p> “Hey.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> already sounds a bit drunk.  “(phone) Hey.  I need to talk.  Uhm.  Wow, guess it’s kinda shitty to ask you to the bar you died in.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ <ph> “If I was someone else, yeah, I might be kinda taken aback. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> hangs up and just chills out at his table, having another beer before Ramirez gets there and having them leave two more on the table.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ hangs up and shows up about 10 or so minutes later. He’d walk in, look around at all the repairs done that removed the death scene. Not a bullet hole in sight… no blood at all.. New walls definitely and he could tell the new floor vs the old. He’d head over to Aaron’s table and slide into the seat across from him. “Hey Aaron. Why’d ya wanna meet here?”

<@Death> * he takes a generous couple gulps from the beer in front of him.

<+Morose> <Aaron> shrugs his shoulders.  “It was close.  And I wasn’t thinking about it…  not till after I called you, honestly.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, you sound kinda drunk already.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods.  “A bit, maybe.  I just am not sure what the fuck I am gonna do, man.  Jesse’s pregnant.  Why she wasn’t with us for the Lab and stuff.  I didn’t want her to be involved in any of that…  but I mean… it’s not like we lead normal, safe lives anyway.  I don’t know what the fuck to do, man.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Is she pregnant with your kid? The lab was rough so it’s good she wasn’t there, but if she wants to do stuff, she is like us. You’re gonna have to concede at points.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> takes another drink of his beer and sighs.  “Yes, it’s mine.  Her magic is mostly healing kind of stuff so I don’t see any danger there but some of the people even we hang around are fucking nuts.  Not to mention the vampires and stuff.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Zane and his group seem cool. I don’t think they’d wanna mess with her anyway as it would violate their red death dance macabre or whatever..Masquerade thing. We do have some messed up people and I’m sure they do too, but I’ll keep an eye out too if you want me to. We can’t really stop her from doing what she wants to though, so has she told you what

<@Death> she wants?”

<+Morose> <Aaron> shakes his head.  “She agrees about keeping her distance from the Theater and the Lab stuff.  She’s been working a lot anyway, she’s a nurse.  But other than that we haven’t talked about it a whole lot.  I mean… it wasn’t exactly on purpose.  I am a drifter with no job, sleeping at her place.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Do you like her a lot? Do you and her want this kid? If so, thing I’d be doing is now looking for some kind of income to show it and help her out.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> sighs and nods.  “Yeah, and yeah I do.  Is that even possible?  I mean, she has kept her job but what she does kinda helps rather than hinders her work.  In my case…  I couldn’t hold down a job before because I’d be doing my thing and have some spirts just start talking to me and shit.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah..I get how spirits can be, but if they are common ones, you can sometimes get them to cooperate at least. What kind of things are you good at? Maybe you can do some work where you can work mostly alone, like security or something.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> sits up, rubbing his eyes.  “Ugh.  Well, I can fix things okay.  Other than that I can survive in the woods.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Like fixing as in mechanical?”

<+Morose> <Aaron> shrugs.  “Well, yeah.  I know my way around a car.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Well, maybe I could hook you up with a job if you don’t mind repairing some questionable well as legit stuff.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods.  “That’s great, man.  I could do that.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Alright, I’ll go check on it and see what I can do. I should have an answer in a day or two.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods.  “Thanks so much, man.  You’re an awesome friend.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “No problemo, Aaron. You’re a good friend too.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods, starts to get up, then sits back down dizzily.  “Maybe I should switch to coffee for a bit.  And I’ll be there to back you up tomorrow, we are hitting the Lab again, right?”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yup, we’re going back. I’ll have the answer before then hopefully. Come on. I’ll walk you back to the theater if you want.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods and forces himself up, after paying off the evening’s tab and a tip, he shuffles alongside Ramirez toward the door.  “Yeah, might be a good idea.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Alright, let’s head out then.” He finishes off his beer because hey, he was still not legal to buy it for himself everywhere…stupid country with legal age being 21. He’d then head out with Aaron, going in the direction of the theater. “I should have an answer for you tomorrow probably. I got some runs tonight and can hit some people up.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods and walks along with Ramirez toward the theater.  “Okay.  Yeah… I need to just go lay down a while.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, it’ll get better. Hang in there, hombre.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods as he goes into the theater and pushes one of the lounge chairs down, then falls into it.  “Yeah…”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ heads in and will get Aaron a blanket and then head off to go cause mischief and talk to a few people. ~

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