Session Start: Sat Feb 25 00:00:00 2017
Session Ident: #Aeons_Asylum

<+Nickolas> Christopher is walking through the compound gathering up supplies for his research and assisting with screening blood. He is seen carrying a small set of books with journals on top.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  would look at Christopher as he passes her room, idly toying with a phone. “The hell are you up to now?”

<+Nickolas> Christopher jumps and all the books he’s carrying go flying and land in a mess around him.”I didn’t see you there. I’m conducting research. I should have a major breakthrough in the near future. I have a few more books that I require however.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  eyes him. “Major breakthrough on what?”

<+Nickolas> Christopher picks up his books and walks over to a desk where he sets them down.”My experiments. I’ve completed a lot of research on various different methods of enchantment and I should be very close to building some working prototypes here soon. I intend on starting with creating containers that perfectly preserve anything placed inside, including its mystical and etheric properties.

<+Nickolas> This way I could preserve my blood, potions, and samples for further use in my research.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher walks over to the shelf and grabs another book then sits down at the desk and begins reading it. He takes some notes and transcribes them into another notebook with an ordinary pencil.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “…….”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Are you fucking high or something?”

<+Nickolas> Christopher blinks,”No, I assure you that I am quite sober… I’m sorry was there something else I could help you with?”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Are you sure? Because I’m certain that’s the fucking craziest idea I’ve heard. Like something out of a damn fantasy novel.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher laughs,”Our whole lives are like something out of a fantasy novel. Here I live with people who drink blood and are immortal. I myself was the result of an experiment that combined alchemy, sorcery and science to further develop a group of people who were created as an experiment using vampire blood and sorcery. We have the ability to recover from our wounds in front of peoples eyes, or move objects with our minds. None of this causes anyone here to bat an eye, but I talk about building a container that prevents the contents from spoiling and suddenly it’s declared impossible? That seems silly to me. We all know that ordinary humans live sheltered lives, the real fantasy is believing there is no magic and there are no monsters. They hide behind their small picket fences and try to pretend the world is perfect. Ha, what fantasy is that?

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Spare me the fucking speech. This isn’t a fucking Tolkien novel.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Just use a fucking airtight container.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher shakes his head,”That doesn’t preserve the magical qualities of a sample, only prevents food from spoiling for a short period of time. I intend on going beyond that and creating a hermetic seal and a sort of stasis field to prevent any form of degradation, not simply bacterial and fungal growths. Proteins break down, energies disperse and leak. An air-tight container doesn’t keep blood fresh.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The four cars from the night before are still there in front of the main hall, but the large steel box is now moved over to Chrys’s area. Two vans and a herse have shown up as well, and there are people unpacking.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “We’re…fuck it. No reasoning with you.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° looks out at the vehicles, watching to see what was going on. Apparently, the arch bishop was not leaving yet…and maybe even staying longer. Ah, the tension. At least he wasn’t asked anything yet, even though he was curious about what was actually going on in the background.

<+Nickolas> Christopher walks over to help with the unpacking as much as he can.”I will come back to my research later. Thank you for the advice, but I believe you will understand more when I have a working model to demonstrate to you.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “Save it. I see that shit, I’ll break it. Got it?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> One of the vans is full of musical equipment. Though after hauling all of that out and sending it into the main building’s West Wing, they start pulling out weapons and unpacking those as well. There seem to be a couple of different groups down there discussing amongst themselves.

<+Nickolas> Christopher lets out a long sigh and walks over to the group,”Is there anything I can help with?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° frowns and crosses his arms, watching as he leans on the wall now. This was good and not so good. They were preparing for a big fight obviously.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Echo looks Chris over for a moment and tosses him a couple of bags. “Sure, if you think you can carry all that.” Behind her Antol towers, his seven foot frame slight and elven looking. “We have two more Packs behind us that will need places to stay. You might put word out to get some space ready.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher slowly walks inside carrying the bags and begins to tell the people inside the compound to make space. Once inside he finds a place for things and gets other ghouls to follow suit.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  looks toward the entrance, making her way down to where Talwar is.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The two groups finish getting thier things inside, and the vehicles are taken around to parking so that they are not in the way. One group, which consists of Antol and his Pack, start to make their way inside. The other group seems possibly new to the area and is taking time to look around.

<+Nickolas> Christopher lets out a sigh and walks over to Talwar.”Good evening.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  looks to Talwar, then to Chris.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Christopher and Fiona. “Greetings. How are you both doing?”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  “As well as I can be after listening to his insane ramblings.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher smiles,”Perhaps. Any idea what is going on here? Are they reinforcements against the sandmen?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Where would we be without the insane ramblings of mad scientists?”

<+Nickolas> Christopher nods,”Everyone believed Einstein was insane before he invented the atomic bombs. It would be nice to be great like him.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° shrugs. “Yes, I think they are, or there could be something else going on that is keeping them here longer than anticipated. I have not really been informed yet.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> A fight breaks out amongst the newcomers, though it is quickly stifled it gets pretty rough. These guys coming in seem a lot more feral than some of those staying here currently.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “If you want to fight”, he pointed over to the side of the building, “Go there. I won’t promise you that you will not be hung up for your efforts in the main hall though. I get bored.” * he twirls a stake he pulls out from his jacket.

<+Nickolas> Christopher eyes shift to the fight and he pushes himself against the wall and finds a place to hide. These newcomers may be quite dangerous for his well-being…

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  sneers at Christopher as he scurries off, before looking back at the brawlers and cracking her knuckles.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> A woman in a black dress, and long black hair comes out from the main hall and stops on the topmost step for a moment. She turns her head to one side, taking in the sight of Talwar, Fiona, and Chris. Her gaze then drifts toward the newcomers with an unimpressed expression.

<@Death-of-Rats> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “If you want to fight”, he pointed over to the side of the building, “Go there. I won’t promise you that you will not be hung up for your efforts in the main hall though. I get bored.” * he twirls a stake he pulls out from his jacket. -repost in case

<@Death-of-Rats> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° now notices the woman in the black dress who came out from the main hall. He does not really make a comment to her though he does acknowledge her with a proper incline of the head.

<+Nickolas> Christopher moves out of sight of everything else and makes way to another room to carry on with his research. He does not want to get into the middle of a conflict with these people.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena’s voice seems to somehow command attention, even though the groups below are barely within yelling distance. “Save it for Gulfport.” Her shadow starts making lewd gestures at Fiona.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  looks over at Athena, nodding to her and eyeing her shadow.

<+Nickolas> Christopher moves over into another room and sits down to start reading again. He seems apprehensive as he scans through the pages.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° doesn’t seem to notice the lewd gestures or if he did, he wasn’t commenting on them. xD After all, they weren’t directed at him. He watched to see what the disgruntled fighty people were going to do in response to what she said.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena glances back and as she does the shadow disappears. She then glances toward Fiona and Talwar. “There will be more coming in as we prepare to move on Gulfport. I want to put a choke-hold on New Orleans.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The people down below straighten up quickly, a few growls back and forth but they keep it in check as they watch her. Finally they start to move up toward the main hall themselves, heading for their own place to rest for the time being.

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° lofted a brow curiously. They were still trying to contain a problem here but now more packs were going to head in and go to NOLA and he wasn’t sure what the advantage would be in that. After all, there was still a rogue tzimisce out there and weird sand people to contend with.

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  nods again as she listens.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena looks more directly at Talwar. “Something wrong?”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Far be it for me to question decisions from those above me unless they would wish to truly hear.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena goes from unimpressed to mildly annoyed. “Do not play with words, it does not suit us. It is your right to question if you think there is something wrong, but if you say nothing you give me no option but to not listen.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° was amused that he got that reaction so easily… but he kept that shit to himself. His face was the mask of neutrality!!!! “Very well then.. I am curious as to why we are using these forces to attack NOLA when we have a rogue Tzimisce out here and other problems that we have been working on rooting out present? Are you wishing for us all to do this mission to NOLA and what will our parts be? I am a strategist of sorts and tend to like to be able to opportune myself a little time to prepare and comprehend the goals at hand.”

<+Blackfyre> <Fiona>  looks between the two for a moment

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena’s lips curl just slightly. “We aren’t attacking the Cursed City. We are however, preventing anything from fleeing that and this area by taking Gulfport. I prefer not to leave anywhere for our enemy to escape to, working from the outside in.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “I see. Fair enough. Thank you for explaining it to me.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena nods her head to him. “Now, if you wish to join that War Party, I certainly don’t mind that at all. But it is not a requirement for residents, since we also need to defend our own position in order for this to work.”

<@Death> °¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “I will go hopefully where I am most useful.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Athena nods, and almost seems to smile before turning away and heading down toward one of the black cars down below, getting into the back after the driver gets out and holds the door for her.

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