Session Start: Fri Feb 24 00:00:00 2017
Session Ident: #Aeons_Daylight

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> arrives at the Theater and makes her way inside, calling out as she turns the lights on. “Hey, anybody home?”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ waves to Angela from a chair on the main floor. He seemed to be reading some book from upstairs.

<+MichaelM> Kara raises a hand from over the backs of a number of the theatre’s seats she lies across. “Hello,” she mumbles, “something up?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> shakes her head and slips inside, closing the door behind her. “Oh, no… I was just seeing if anybody was around. I was doing research on some religious material dealing with some of the cults that sprang up back when they had all those plantations active and stuff. Not the voodoo stuff, they stuff those guys were warding against.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Zo> is sitting on the edge of the stage, just eyeing the place over. He seems to have appeared out of nowhere, though looks as if he was there all along and is only now being noticed.

<+MichaelM> Kara pushes herself up, rubs her eyes, then turns to face Angela across the backs of the chairs. “What against? Spirits? Divination?”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “I know some stuff about voodoo and Santeria, if it’d help. I’m kinda glad I came here. There’s quite a bit here that references them, and I don’t think regular people see it.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> walks over, grabbing a table and dragging it into the where the chairs are. “Maybe. I know a teeny bit, but not much. I do know that there are some references to a void that eats souls adrift in the eternal storm.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “On the other side?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> nods slightly. “Yeah. I think it means what Wraiths call the Tempest.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Ah yeah, which anyway I was thinking…” * he looks thoughtful.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Zo> watches them but remains quiet for now.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “You know, why are we like thinking we can find this Arcadia place out of the blue? We should probably head to the lab and get more info so we can know what we are truly doing and find out more about these people.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> “Uhm, I am not sure anybody but Arthur was all for that particular plan actually… I could take some pictures down there in the Lab… use my time-lens.”

<+MichaelM> “That’s if the lab’s even still there,” Kara observes. “We didn’t exactly leave it intact. Besides, they’d have taken or destroyed the records we’re after.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “They left behind quite a bit down there. Maybe there isn’t so much but there could be something and we should try to figure out more about Arthur, his dad and this other guy. It might help us find more info on the girl too that we are looking for. Otherwise, we’re stuck doing nothing other than trying to follow a thread. I’d like to know more about this. This guy has obviously been planning to do this stuff for some time.”

<+MichaelM> “Perhaps, but time isn’t on our side,” Kara contends, “it’s on theirs. We need to find out there they are, or where precisely their destination is.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> nods her head in agreement. “This is true. But I highly doubt it was faeire land.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Hollow is looking her way and working on it. It can’t hurt to get some more info in the meantime. I don’t think Arthur knows for sure where they would go. Why do they ‘need’ to go to Arcadia? It doesn’t seem very clear to me when they have the girl to perfect the stone?”

<+MichaelM> “We should be so lucky for them to be heading into Fae lands,” Kara mutters.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Zo> drops down to the floor and walks up slowly. “Something like that would work for a whole group… they wouldn’t need like one each. Why… why would they look for faeries? I mean, Danu maybe.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Maybe. It just seems like we’re missing stuff, so I think going back to the lab is better than that. What if they are looking for Danu elsewhere too? It would seem really stupid to me to head for Arcadia if Fae actually rule there. How are they going to contest all those Fae?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> shakes her head. “They aren’t. Fae magic is scary as hell, especially in their own realm… why no one has found it and come back to talk about it.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, that’s what I was figurin’. It’s not like they are going to just let these people walk in and go disturb some sleeping Danu.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “So what if there was a sleeping Danu out somewhere else instead? Or something else they planned on using as a catalyst?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Zo> “Danu? They are Angels. Just a different kind of them… they kind of… they are where some of the Fae come from. The winged ones anyway.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> “The Lab sounds like a plan though… Their computers were still operational too.”

<+MichaelM> Kara sighs, then nods solemnly. “Alright. I’ll bless some more ammo. No telling what else will be down there.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “So any ‘angel’ would do and right now they have a half angel they assume will do. Do they really need someone else and if so… there’s an angel right in this room. Why bother hunting for another when they could just lure Zo here into a trap? If they caught the girl, they probably know of him too.”

<+MichaelM> “If I had a week I couldn’t list all the reasons *that* would be a terrible idea,” Kara deadpans.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “I’m just makes no sense to go looking for some mysterious fae land that apparently even the fae can’t find. If they had to have an angel… they’d surely try to go somewhere easier or lure bait to them.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Zo> “They know. They fled when I attacked the building. But I am not bound to this plane, hard for them to pin me down… It may be a Poena that caused this whole mess… he stole some of my blood and sold it to them. They used it to make Hope.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “What is a Poena? And I’m not trying to make like I get their plan exactly. I don’t. It just seems stupid to go off and chase after some angels in a mysterious place they know jack shit about and the fae can’t even find. They could still be anywhere and Hollow is looking. I’m just saying some guess work could be eliminated if we keep exploring the lab and actually look for stuff. Then Hollow will have the lock on we need hopefully with the orb. We can figure out what part Arthur’s dad has in this too. Arthur just isn’t very clear on some things and has his heart set on this Arcadia place…which I wonder if it is even because of this scenario or he’s imagining it up.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “He also gets fucked up on wussy booze.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> chuckles a bit at that. “Yeah, that’s true… and… he’s… just not all there. And after what Cornel said about him before… Arthur… I feel like he might have been in Quiet all this time, and already Awakened. It would explain a lot.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ nods. “Yeah, that would make more sense cuz homeboy is not all home.”

<+MichaelM> “I’m sure he’d appreciate all this gossip at his expense,” Kara says dryly.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ shrugs. “Yo no se…and I also don’t even care really. We have to talk because stuff’s getting confusing and we want to find Zo’s daughter. I just don’t want us to be looking in the wrong place.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> nods her head softly. “If you want to go back. I’ll go. Like I said, I can use my camera, even if they removed documents I might be able to catch the echo.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Okay good. Thanks. I wasn’t sure how well it would be received to bring it up.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Zo> “I will go too. We will be mindful though of tracing the orb. It is possible that it is a trap, or that they are reverse tracking us with it or something. I have no clue.”

<+MichaelM> “You know, some days I really regret not staying in grad school for my doctorate,” Kara murmurs.

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Alright, I’ll warn Hollow of that. She’s pretty good at this stuff.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> “Do we want to try and message a few people… go as a bigger group?”

<+MichaelM> “Maybe.” Kara looks uncertain. “Considering the things we were handling there…it may be dangerous to bring vampires into the lab again.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Well I think the one guy learned a lesson of not just going off on his own.” He chuckled. “They might care to come again but I think we’d be okay either way.”

<+MichaelM> “No, I mean…” Kara looks torn for a moment, then sighs. “We kept a bioweapon in the labs. From what I could analyse of it, the substance was specifically tailored to kill vampires in the most horrific way possible.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> winces a bit. “That sounds… nasty.”

<@Death> ~*Ramirez*~ “Ah, well maybe then we don’t want to bring them then.” He shrugs.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> nods. “Well, we’ll reach Aaron and Jesse and stuff. Maybe Dan can get at those hard drives.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Angela> “I’ll see who i can reach and we’ll get back together here soon.”

<@Death|Feasting> ~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, sounds good. I’m going to go check on Hollow and see if she’s made any progress with that orb thing. later guys.” He waves and heads upstairs.

<+MichaelM> “Night.” Kara waves to him as he walks off, then collapses back into her chair. “Let us know who you can reach, Angela.”

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