Session Start: Tue Feb 21 20:08:10 2017
Session Ident: #Dark_Aeons

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  would be making her way down the street, whistling. She may have a few rats coming out to nose at her sneakers.

<+LordCanis> |Connor| spots Kat as he and his entourage get close to the nearest gay bar.  “Oh he-…” And then rats.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  bends down and one of the rats runs up her sleeve.

<+LordCanis> |Connor| just looks at the rats that she’s apparently housing in her outfit, shakes his head and walks into the bar.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  isn’t housing them anywhere. They came out of alleyways to befriend her.

<+Morose> <Aaron> chuckles a bit, looking at Kat.  “Hmmm, do they realize you are a Kat?”

<+LordCanis> |Connor| “HA!”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Ha, ha, ha.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  lets the rats stay on, one of the other ones giving her a gift of a bottlecap.

<+Morose> <Aaron> chuckles just a bit.  “That’s a need trick.  I’ve been working on something similar.  Is it something you do as… what you are, or is it a different kind of ability?”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “It’s different, I suppose.”

<+Morose> <Aaron> nods his head a bit, glancing to make sure Connor and Mag were doing okay before looking back at the street.  “Hmmm.  Well, since they seem occupied and all I should go ahead and go.  But good seeing you and thanks for the assist the other night.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “No problem. That was one of the more interesting Fridays I had.”

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