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<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> This place, while on local maps was ridiculously hard to find for such a big complex of buildings. As it is abandoned, it does seem unusual to see the place looking quite active, as if in use. There is a well groomed lawn, and even a hedge maze which was not part of the original layout.

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| whistles as he wipes his brow, and carefully approaches the building.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Mikov> jumps down behind Lucas and growls, bristling up as he eyes the intruder. “What doing here?”, he asks and gives a cursory sniff.

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| practically falls over from the sight of the creature before him, and is also taken aback by the fact that it can apparently speak.  “I-I did-didn’t know this place was, um… inhabited…?  I-I just heard some rumors a-about this place being somewhat spooky a-and I wanted to see for myself, but I think I… might have made a mistake…”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Mikov> stalks forward a couple of steps, being about the size of a toddler only seems to make him more creepy, if a little less threatening. “You have made a mistake.”, he says with a nod. “I advise you to stay there, if you run, Mikov will chase. Mikov will catch.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| stops in his tracks, holding his hands up.  As far as he knows… that thing could run him down fast.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> comes outside, casting a curious glance over the back courtyard. “What is it Mikov? Oh. This is unusual.”, he walks down slowly from the steps, reaching down to pat Mikov on the head as he approaches. “Who are you, what are you doing here?”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| stares at the… person?  “U-um… I-I’m kind of a-an ameteur ghost hunter-type person a-and… the locals h-have stories about this place…”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| nervously rambles on about how he came to be fascinated in the occult and sciences like some leaky faucet.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> looks down at Mikov, and inclines his head toward the house. He then looks to Lucas as Mikov scampers off inside. “What is your name? I suggest we move this discussion indoors.”, he says and the motions for Lucas to head inside.

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| follows the person inside.  “M-my name’s Lucas… sir…”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> doesn’t look behind him as he heads inside and starts to walk toward the stairs. “My name is Zaluut.”, he says and his syes shoft over the people inside who seem to be working on repairs to the building. “I apologize for the mess.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| doesn’t know what to make of the mess.  “Wha… what happened…?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> heads upstairs, pausing to look at the workers before going fully up to the second floor. “Our defenses were breached from within, there was a fight. So, tell me… are you psychic in some way?”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| shakes his head.  “I-I’m… not sure, actually.  N-never really tried anything like that.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> frowns just slightly and begins to head down a long hall, pausing at a set of double doors just long enough to open them. “Hmm. Perhaps he breach caused the rituals to waiver… I shall have to look into that. See, what you would call normal people can’t just wander in here… they get led around in circles, eventually ending up where they started. So your making it all the way to the building makes me curious.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| seems to perk up.  “Rituals?  wh-what kind of rituals?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> walks down a shorter hall that has several paintings in it, all of landscapes, mostly mountains and snowy forests. The next door in front of him opens without him touching it. “Specifically ones to befuddle human minds. You so far seem to be taking all of this fairly well.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| chuckles, if a bit nervously.  “This is… kind of what I like to do… delve into the weird.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> steps inside his private study, Mikov is here, sitting by the fireplace and the walls are lined with bookshelves. There is a young woman here too, dressed in white robes and she seems to be missing her left hand. He gestures to a comfortable chair by the fire as he moves to sit in the chair by the only desk in the room. “Well, you certainly managed to do that.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| nervously sits into the chair, looking around like something’s about to happen.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> looks at Lucas for a moment, then at Zaluut but doesn’t say anything. Instead she just goes back to putting some books back up on the shelves.

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| sits there for a moment.  “S-so… what’s going to happen now…?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> studies him carefully for a moment, but he nods and smiles toward Kitt for a moment. “Well, you have to understand by now that I have no intention of letting you leave. However, what happens next largely depends upon you.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| just sits there, trying to keep calm.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Mikov> smiles wide at Lucas, revealing a full set of little needly sharp teeth.

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| tries not to pay attention to the creepy thing.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> “So far you have been very well behaved, and so as long as you continue to be so, your stay while we learn a little more about you can be considerably more comfortable than having to deal with you trying to escape. I am finding you rather curious. Most humans in your position become rather… irritating.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| nods.  “Well… I… kind of know I’m in the deep end and… I know that trying to fight back would probably not be in my best interest at this point.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| “After all… something did end up killing the cat…”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> smiles, though someone it seems more predatory than friendly. “You have not even scratched the surface of the deep end yet. But perhaps, in time.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| audibly gulps.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> giggles faintly, and eyes Lucas as she passes by. She walks over to Zaluut and though they exchange glances, neither of them actually speaks. She then leans down and kisses Zaluut’s cheek before making her way out the way they came in.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> looks back to him after she leaves. “Do you speak any other languages?”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| “A little Mexican from my dad, but… that’s about it.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> waves a hand somewhat idly. “So, what is your impression of what is going on here?”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| “That I… stumbled into something that not a lot of people SHOULD.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| sighs.  “Such is what happens when one dives into the occult.  Sooner or later, you hit something that’s going to get you killed.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> actually has a small laugh at that. “Perhaps.”, he says and then looks toward the fire, which flares to life and causes Mikov to scamper away from it, looking annoyed like a cat. “I will tell you what you have walked into. We are vampires, well, some of us. Some of the workers you saw are not, Mikov there is not.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| sits politely, listening to what Zaluut is saying.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] is in the asylum library, going through some books

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> glances around for a moment before looking back to Lucas. “Though I do not doubt the place may also be haunted.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| “I see.”  He’s… not sure what to say.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> studies him for another couple of moments. “Kitt is preparing a place for you to stay during the day tomorrow. I think I would like to talk with you some more. You can borrow a book on the subject if you like, to pass the time.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| “U-um, sure…?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Zaluut> nods and glances to the shelf. He makes a small motion with his hand and a book sticks out, which Mikov promptly gets down and takes over to Lucas. “That should keep you busy, though I do suggest you try to get some rest.” As there is a knock on the door, it opens on it’s own, revealing the young one-handed woman from before.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> looks to Zaluut, then to Lucas. “Okay, follow me then.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| gets up and follows the woman, taking the book along the way.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> leads Lucas out the way he came in, through the hall with paintings and then onto the second floor proper. She goes down about three doors and then opens it up. “If you need anything, best to let me know now because the only one up here besides the guards is Mikov during the day and he can be… mischevious.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| looks around.  “U-um… maybe something to snack on…?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> shows him the room as she nods. “What do you want, like junk food or fruit?”, she asks as she walks inside with him. The room is coverted from the old asylum rooms, so there are bars on the windows but it has a comfortable bed and a small table with a chair inside and a lamp. There is also a door to one side. “There is a bathroom, just a toilet in a closet really but it’s better than nothing.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| thinks for a bit.  “Some fruit.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> nods her head a little bit and she watches him curiously as she starts to move toward the door. “As long as you aren’t freaking out and remain interesting, Zaluut won’t let any of the others harm you. I’ll bring you back some food and water. My name is Kitt.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| smiles at Kitt, and sits on the bed patiently.  “I-I’m Lucas.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> locks the door when she leaves, but comes back about fifteen minutes later with some apples, oranges and some bottled water. “Since we do have living people around we do have a kitchen. So if you want some real food tomorrow I am sure it can be arranged. I wish you luck, Lucas. I know you see where this may be headed for you, and i will tell you it is a distinct possibility. You should read up on it though. Goodnight.”

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| smiles at her.  “Thank you.”  He reads the book while eating the food, only really thinking rather loudly ‘what did I get myself into THIS time?’

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> smiles and shuts the door, locking it behind her before going back to the study.

<+LordCanis> |Lucas| relaxes, reads, eats, and eventually falls asleep… possibly with the book over his face.

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