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Session Ident: #Aeons_Sabbat

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> A notice has been posted to avoid the main building, and that Sascha has listed all of you by name to meet her at the guard house at the South Gate.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] is standing in front of the notice in silence. He then makes his way to the guard house and knocks on the door *Knock Knock* “Sascha?”

<+Terra> Chrys grumbles all the way to the South gate, and looks over at Rakshasa. “Hey.”, he says.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Good evening. Ready for some action?”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  steps out from between the guard house and the gate, dressed in black clothes and has a backpack on, a couple of flashlights and his knife.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] looks at Ghost, taking note of black clothes and his gear “I see you are already prepared. Are you carrying firearms?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> opens the door, she is dressed close to what Ghost is in. “Well, this looks good. And we won’t need them. Also, no shapeshifting unless no one can see you, and no shootouts with the police. If you take a bullet and we can’t drag your ass out, we’ll spring you from the morgue.”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  glances over at Sascha and nods.  “Yeah, not an issue.  I’ll drive.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] seems a bit confused at all the ninja like attire like its some mission impossible movie. Its all the more of a contrast given Rakshasa is dressed in a cheap lumberjack shirt, tucked out and ripped jeans “Wait, can we have a briefing of the mission first? Where exactly are we going? Doing what? Doing it how?”

<+Terra> Chrys laughs a bit, elbowing Rakshasa.  “That’s a good one.  I didn’t realize you had a sense of humor.”  He looks to Sascha.  “Should I grab some different clothes?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> nods. “Yes, and before it gets called: I get shotgun. Get Rak here some clothes too and then you two hop int he back. Ghost, get a jeep, muddy the tag.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “I’m serious. All I know is we are getting some clean blood. But from where and how?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> points off toward Chrys was headed. “You might want to go pick the clothes yourself, no telling what he’ll pick out for you if you don’t.”, then she nods to Ghost and starts to head off toward the parking lot.

<+Terra> Chrys chuckles.  “Maybe something lacey underneath?  Or I bet you are a commando kinda guy.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] gets a bad vibe about this. He silently stares back for forth between Sascha and Chris for a while then walks off to get the black dress, uniform, thingy

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  nods and heads to the parking lot with Sascha, getting into the driver’s seat.  “Hey, didn’t have a chance to say before… but we have a new chick showed up last night.  I put her in the guest house.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> nods her head as she climbs into the vehicle and waits for the others. “Okay. I’ll have someone run a check soon as i get a chance.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] comes back wearing black clothes, he looks almost embarrassed wearing them “This looks so ridiculous. Alright lets do this, whatever we are about to do”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] saying that he gets into the car

<+Terra> Chrys grins as he comes back, getting in the car and leaving her critters behind.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> points out the south gate for Ghost to head that way. “We are taking blood from the hospital before they can get exacuated. The idea is not to have headlines that read -Blood Stolen from Local Hospital- so we will do some damage in other places as well. Due to the outage they have emergency lights only but there are police around because that has become a heavily populated spot. We do have a back way in and out. Kill a few people, use blades or clubs, no claws. Too many witnesses. Avoid the children’s ward or I’ll stick a dick to your forehead for a month.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] nods, his confused expression fading away for good “Sounds good. I’d rather not kill”

<+Terra> Chrys nods as he listens, tapping the window button on the door handle.

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  listens and nods, driving off toward the hospital and making a circle around to a funeral home about 2 blocks away.  “Hooray for the back way in…”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> nods and gets out, shaking her head. “I don’t like it either, a bit closed in for my tastes.”, she says and then heads for the door, taking a key and unlocking it. “We’ll take the tunnel they used to use for corpses, and come out in the basement of the hospital.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Sounds lovely”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  follows Sascha inside, shaking his head.  “So… can I ask about the notice?  Does this run have to do with Zaluut?”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] follows behind Ghost and Sascha, listening carefully

<+Terra> Chrys comes in last and closes up behind them.  “My guess is yes.  Koldun magic going all kinds of crazy.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> nods her head and leads the way down into an old rickety elevator that lowers them slowly into a damp tunnel. “Yeah. The others are currently about to make him more mad. Why Chrys and I especially had to be elsewhere. They are going to breach the inner parts of the hall to find him and a few that have gone missing.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Sounds risky, especially when someone can shapeshift into a dragon. Hopefully they have enough backup”

<+Terra> Chrys frowns at that.  “Yeah… If he is in intruder mode… He’d eat other Tzimisce first.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “So how do they plan to handle the situation?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> “Michael, Talwar, Anne, and Fiona will be armed with explosives to get them past some of the tougher doors and well, Fiona to get past the other doors. But they may be assulated by Szchlacta and the like as well, since it seems the whole house is treating everyone like an intruder. They are going to find him and try to find out what is causing this reaction.”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  frowns a bit and keeps walking along the tunnel, his footfalls totally silent.  “And if he can’t be reasoned with or brought back to normal?”

<+Terra> Chrys doesn’t even look up.  “They’ll have to kill him.  The whole place will turn on us.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Usually under such circumstances a vampire is staked. But good luck staking a drake”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Staked for his own safety and the safety of those around that is”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> “I don’t care to speculate. Michael is his Ductus, they have been in a Pack for five decades, I doubt he will let anyone harm him unless he really has to. Those bonds may also allow him to get close to Zaluut where others cannot.”, she says and then opens a hatch for them to file into the hospital.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Michael?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> nods once. “Yes. He’s the Arch Bishop’s childer… Lasombra. Not too bad to deal with, really.”

<+Terra> Chrys climbs up throught the hatch.  “Really? Compared to what?”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  climbs up as well, pulling one of the flashlights out and kicking it on.  “Same Pack for fifty years…  that’s something.  Isn’t Zaluut a Bishop as well?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> nods and climbs up after them. “Yes, though I am curious where you heard that… since he makes it a point not to mention it.”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  shrugs.  “People talk and they don’t notice me, so I hear things.”, he says and starts to shine the light around, getting a good feel for the old basement of the hospital.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “So we are taking blood. Did we bring a container for safe and cool transport?”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> points to Ghosts’ backpack and her own. “These, plus some of their own. Trust me, we’ll cause enough damage they won’t know what was taken. Now there should be some utility stairs… we can take those up to storage and…”, she takes out a map and looks at it for a moment, “Oh, then from there it’s just a right to their cold storage… which should still be working. They can run on emergency power for up to a week.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “sounds good. Lets do this”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> The groups makes it up the stairs through the dark, not really bothered by the overall creep factor as they come out into the hospital proper.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> tosses a bag to Rak. “You go to the room and start packing some up. Chrys, start messing stuff up, kill a few people if need be but provide a disctraction. Ghost, seal off this floor so we don’t get cops on us.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] catches the bag and heads of the room. He opens the freezer and starts packing the blood bags

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  nods and starts to go chaining off fire doors.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> Several minutes pass, there is a large amount of rukus by the doors as people do try to start breaking through once they realize that something is going on. All in all though, Chrys tosses some medical equipment out the windows, maybe a couple of people unlucky enough to be in the way… And the rest grab what they can in blood. Sascha even helps push some items out the windows and down the stairs, before checking the map and tossing some alcohol on the whole thing.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> points to the stairs back the way they came in. “Everybody out… unless you like being BBQ.”

<+Morose>  <Ghost>  nods and heads for the stairs, definately opposed to being BBQ.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] zips the bag, having collected enough blood bags and runs for the stairs

<+Terra> Chrys moves his ass that way as well, fresh blood on his clothes. He waits once reaching the hatch in the basement again, ready to head home.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Sascha> makes sure that all is set and then lays something on the ground in the room before bolting down the back way herself, not stopping until she reaches the hatch and starts getting everyone back. “Lets go.”

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] nods and follows Sascha

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> The group manage to get down and close off the tunnel behind them… they hear sirens as they go through the tunnel and pop out the other side, loading up in the jeep and using that to head back to the Asylum.

<+Dusk> [Rakshasa] “Well that went rather smoothly”

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