Session Start: Sat Jan 28 17:29:50 2017
Session Ident: #Aeons_Outdoors

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  makes her way from the place where she’s been squatting, deciding to explore the streets and find something to do.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> Flood has started to become a real issue, as the rain refuses to let up. It’s like being trapped inside of a hurricane out there. Marge and Kat have been able to go through their things, each taking away a haul worth about $5000.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  would make sure she’s appropriately dressed for the weather, and probably gets odd looks from people watching her.

<+Terra> Marge heads outside, but frowns as she looks to tge truck and bike.  “So not gonna work…”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> People are nowhere to be found. The streets, even the ones not flooded yet are pretty much devoid of human life. Though something seems to move in the water now and then.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  continues meandering through the streets, stopping to look at the rippling water.

<+Terra> Marge says screw it and takes the higher roads where she can, but heads off on foot.  When she spies Kat, she waves.  “Hey!”, she yells from across the flooded street.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  turns to look at Marge, grinning a bit. “We should stop meeting like this. People will talk.”

<+Terra> Marge grins back, looking at the water between them.  “Meh. They talk anyway.  Little leary about wading after last night though…”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Fucking zombies.”

<+Terra> Marge sighs.  “Id almost take zombies over fish… I hate fish. So… Find a way across?”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  looks around the street, trying to see if there was anything around to use as a makeshift boat.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  finds something usable! Now to look for an oar.

<+Terra> Marge throws her one of the hockey sticks from last night.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  catches the oar and gets in her makeshift boat, before paddling over to Marge.

<+Terra> Marge climbs on, rocking it pretty good given her size.  “This…  We can do this.  This is okay.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  brings the stick on board, eyeing Marge. “Easy….I don’t want to end up in the water….”

<+Terra> Marge grins and gives it a little jiggle.  “You sure?”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  just glowers a bit, gripping the side. “I’m sure.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  begins to paddle, trying to steer the ‘boat’ down the flooded street. “Anywhere in mind?”

<+Terra> Marge shakes her head.  “Dont know… Not like anyone else is out in this shit…”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> *something* bumps the underside of the raft in the dark water.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  abruptly stops paddling, rather. “Fuck.”

<+Terra> Marge frowns and takes the knife off her belt.  “Please be a gator…”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  looks at Marge. “Why don’t you go find out?”

<+Terra> Marge looks over and then gently peers off the side, looking into the dark water.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> *bump* The dark water looks almost like ink here… so dark you can’t see more than your own reflection rippled back at you. *BUMP*

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  decides to peer into the water.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> The water is just a reflective pool of black, it doesn’t even look like water anymore all around them.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  looks at Marge, then moves over to the other side, trying to see if she could spot a glimpse of whatever’s in the water.

<+Terra> Marge growls slightly.  “Careful… Now I dont want to fall in.  That is not normal.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “No shit. I’m trying to see what’s at the bottom.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> Something scrapes along the bottom of their makeshift raft.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  swears a bit. “Gator?”

<+Terra> Marge frowns, doubting it but hopeful.  “Try talking to it?”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “I can’t see for crap.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “I can try, though.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  …tries calling out in the voice of a gator.

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> Slowly a Gator starts swimming through the water toward the little boat… but as soon as it hits the black part of the water it seems to start thrashing around like there is a fight going on down there under the surface of the water where they can’t make anything out.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  blinks, watching the approaching gator get into a fight. “Well….that’s…interesting….?”

<+Terra> Marge grabs the paddle-stick and starts to push the raft in the other direction.  “Fuck this shit.  I need a drink and dry land under my ass.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Hitting the Trill again?”

<+Terra> Marge looks down each way before paddling further.  “As long as its not under water.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> It’s hard to tell what is happeneing back there as they can’t see through the strange black water… but it does seem localized and as Marge paddles away they get back to where the water is just muddy again.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Is it bad I kinda want to see what’s fighting the gator….?”

<+Terra> Marge nods.  “Survival instinct overriding my curiousity.  It might be more fish people.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  just shudders. “Fuck. Okay. I want on dry land.

<+Terra> Marge nods and manages to paddle to a bar on land… Not the Trill, not the killer place… But something that at least wasnt flooded out.  She looks around a minute as she stands outside… “Think you can get it open?”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  looks to Marge, then at the bar. “I probably can, with a few moments time.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Storyteller> She pops it open and they can slip inside the bar… having the place to themselves.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  whistles and looks around before hopping onto the bar.

<+Terra> Marge chuckles and steps inside.  “Well at least its dry.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Yep.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “So, drain the place dry, rob it, something else?”

<+Terra> Marge “I doubt they left money in here but I needed out of the rain anyway.”  She looks through the boarded up window and sighs.  “Storm is making me ansty.  Just feels wrong.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  shrugs and just drums her feet against the counter. “At least we have a place to stay for the morning.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Yes? No?”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  shrugs, before moving off to find a place to rest for the day.

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