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<+Nickolas> Christopher walks outside toting his newest pile of notes that he had been researching along with a small vial of his own blood that he had taken out just a short while ago. The small wound has already healed and he sits outside with an old inkpen and begins to transcribe various symbols using the blood to write with.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] awakens from his sleep. He was dreaming of a grenade exploding on his face. He goes outside, finds a nice tree, cracks his joints and practices some shadowboxing

<+Nickolas> Christohper continues his writing, pouring over the page as he writes in his new leatherbound journal. The page glistens as he writes and the blood ink seems to dry quickly. Unlike his other scribbling the letters and images appear to be more ornate and follow with a combination of symbols on the next page that seem to be a mixture of alchemy and science. After a few minutes he stops and closes the book, the stands up and sees Rakshasa blowing steam on the nearby tree. He walks over slowly, still wearing his lab coat and a pair of glasses. The glasses are unnessary for his vision as he has perfect eyesight, however he has always liked the appearance and wears them more as an accessory. “Hello, Rakshasa.” He greets him as he stops between beats on the tree trunk.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] stops punching and kicking the tree “‘Evening Chris. What are you working on?” He notices the lab coat and the journal

<+Nickolas> Christopher smiles,”Just a new ink to help preserve my writings and keep them secret. I have been studying the nature of mystical energies. According to my research there is an energy called ‘mana’and it has various different properties or natures. Vitae appears to have a very advanced version of this energy that causes a sort of ‘preservation’ I hope to use this to create a form of stasis that can preserve samples and blood.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Mana? Like that blue stuff in fantasy games? You believe it is real?”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 comes downstairs, her single eye looking around.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 would then make her way outside.

<@Aeon-Rook> 4<ST> A very bright flash of light comes from the vicinity of the Chapel, followed by a short scream.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 snaps her gaze toward the chapel and moves in that direction.

<+Nickolas> Christopher stands up and puts away his Journal. He then runs in the direction of the sound to see what is happening.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “hmm?” he looks towards the chapel and starts moving towards it

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> steps out from the archery range and heads that way as well.

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<6Sascha5> is standing in the doorway of the Chapel, heading inside when the others arrive. She disappears from view inside toward the back.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] follows Sascha inside

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 walks inside, looking around.

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> stops outside, shaking his head to the others.  “Guys…. Tzimisce… personal space…”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “Stay outside then.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Someone could be in trouble. Given the situation we had a few nights ago. I’d say we investigate”

<+Nickolas> Christopher nods,”Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.”

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<6Sascha5> is standing in the back of the Chapel, looking down at Kitt, who is holding a scroll in her arm and laying on the floor appearently unconscious. The other man, who has since gotten new skin, is also laying on the floor, near Kitt. He appears to be dead.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] just stares silently at the two lying on the floor

<+Nickolas> Christopher,”Kitt’s eye is still moving.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 watches, before looking to Christopher.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> lays on the floor, still gripping the page she was working on. Christopher is right, the only part of her showing any signs of life is her third eye, which is shifting quickly under the skin.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “My apologies for the intrusion but what happened here? I heard a scream and saw a flash of light.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher points at the scroll,”Perhaps that has something to do with this. Also… besides myself I believe we are all sort of… dead. I don’t believe the lack of most vital signs indicates true death. Any possibility that it’s just torpor?”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Your eye doesnt move when you are in torpor”

<+Nickolas> Christopher nods,”Just unconscious then?”

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<6Sascha5> growls faintly but maintains her cool. “We were discussing the book that was found with the man you brought in before… I left to go grab a book, and there was a bright light, like the sun, indoors. Then I came back in to this.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher,”If it were the sun indoors there wouldn’t be much left of Kitt. That light may have been bright but it appears to lack the same properties that destroy the kindred.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Maybe she is possessed a trance like state”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> stirs and starts to sit up, looking very tired. “Wha-…”, she looks over at the dead body on the floor and scoots away slightly. “What happened?”

<+Nickolas> Christopher,”You survived, that’s the most important part.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 looks to Chris, then to Kitt.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] stares at the flayed man “Looks like he didnt make it”

<+Nickolas> Christopher looks at the dead man,”I believe that the light that blinded everyone may have been the extinguishment of the silver cord that tied his soul to this tortured existence. Perhaps there was a spell that kept him alive, and the reading of the book broke that spell. A book of the dead perhaps?”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> looks over at Chris and waves him closer. “Come down here, I need help.”, she says and reaches an arm out to him.

<+Nickolas> Christopher nods,”Yes, how can I help you?” and he gets closer.

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<6Sascha5> kneels by the dead man, looking thoughtful but decides against it. “Not going to attempt to embrace him… but it is a loss. We were going over a ritual that was found in the book, describing a fertility rite.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher blinks,”A fertility rite? What sort of fertility rite would do this? Are they trying to breed kindred?”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> grabs Chris’s arm and then bites into the inside of his arm, just below the elbow. She holds tight onto his hand and closes her eyes, her fangs acting quickly to draw vitae.

<+Nickolas> Christopher’s eyes open. Despite the number of times that he has offered blood by this method he had yet to ever been directly fed upon. Simulations had been run and his blood had been collected and ran through tests by his family. It had so far always involved needles however, not fangs. Christopher was almost expecting it to be painful, yet it was not. Just as it was described in the literature, it felt more like a kiss. He felt the blood leave him, making him feel weak at the knees as she fed upon it.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> pulls him down to the floor, not letting go as she continues to draw his blood, adjusting only to get a better grip on him. Despite her appearent hunger, she feeds slowly, drawing as much pleasure from it as she can in the process.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 watches, crossing her arms and not speaking for now.

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> peeks in from the doorway, and knocks.  “Uhm, Sascha?  Can I come in?”

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<6Sascha5> picks up the body and turns around, raising an eyebrow as she looks to Kitt and Chris. “Yeah, sure… Here, take this to Zaluut for me so he can take it apart and see if there is anything wrong with it.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher keeps himself as grounded as he can while Kitt feeds on him to recover her strength. He feels underprepared for this, like he should have created some form of monitoring system so he knows when it has gone too far… for now it feels good though he can let her keep going…

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> doesn’t look like she is planning on stopping, her grip is too tight still, and even a faint growling can be heard in the back of her throat, though ti rather come off like a kitten trying to stop you from taking it’s food, hardly threatening.

<+Nickolas> Christopher starting to feel slightly concerned,”You guys will help me stop her if she goes too long right… guys…?”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “Maybe.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher,”Kitt… that’s probably enough now. You can have more later.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “If she wants to continue, let her.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher,”I’m getting dizzy. If she keeps going I’ll be the one who needs blood.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “Poor you.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “I think we should stop her for now”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 looks at Rak. “Be my guest, then.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> starts to relax and she lets Chris go, licking her wound from his arm before laying on her side a moment, trying to regain her thoughts.

<+Nickolas> Christopher falls to the ground, exhausted and spent.”It… is… really… hard… to… concentrate… during that… I need a nap…”

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> takes the body with a nod.  “They okay?”, he says before he starts to shuffle off toward Zaluut’s.

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<6Sascha5> nods. “He’ll sleep it off in a few days. She at least looks more normal now.”

<+Nickolas> Christopher lays down and curls into a ball, falling asleep right where he is… head spinning. Feeding is too dizzying…

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] looks down at Chris “He has now idea how expendable he is”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> sits up, and then slowly gets up to her feet, wiping some of Chris’s blood from her mouth. “Zaluut has had to borrow some of my strength to help keep the shadows in the forest from getting in… so afraid I have been needing to feed a lot more…”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Those shadows were using firearms and grenades. Rather sophisticated”

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> knocks on Zaluut’s door and waits, body over one shoulder.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> nods her head softly. “Yeah… the rest of them were still in spririt form… but that one had enough power to become physical.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> looks at the scroll in ehr hand and frowns. “And the passages in the book… they are very… disturbing.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “What do the passages say?”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “From what you translated and what I saw. These things are made up of some slimy substance that looks like shadows. But it cannot be a shadow, a simple absence of light. I have a hunch its some kind of sentient alien matter that absorbs light giving it its appearance”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> frowns as she takes a glance to the scroll in her hand. “I’ll share this one too, but the gist of it says that this guy was studying some cultish group… and they’d essentially practice virgin sacrifice. They take… and a quote: ‘a newly fertile young woman’ and place her into a concave stone alter, which to me sounded like the basin we found.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 listens, growling a bit.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> continues, “While she lay there, they left and waited for it to arrive. The beast would go through the motions of mating as part of the rite involved, and the author says that the screaming of the girl could be heard echoing throughout the entire cave system. The people believed that any place the sound reached underneath would make the ground above more fertile.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “A macabre practice indeed. Human sacrifices happed in the past, but never heard anything as bizarre as this. Whatever this beast is, it enjoys defiling young women while probably devouring them as well”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 looks a bit disgusted.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> frowns, glancing to the scroll again. “The creature would then begin to consume the body, parts of it would become insubstantial and be forced into any exposed orifice, and then slowly she would start to be absorbed by it completely… becoming insubstantial and fluid as well. Eventually, they melt together into the basin, filling it with a dark liquid which the witch doctors would mix with wine and then drink to become strong.”

<+Dusk> 6[Rakshasa] “Do you think these shadow creatures that bombed me in the face were people once who partook in the ritual and were mutated by the wine?”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> shrugs her shoulders a bit. “I have no clue. It was just… messed up. I have been having nightmares. But it almost sounds like a Tzimisce in that it changes form… but a Lasombra in that it moves through shadows… I don’t know what it is. But the cults seemed to think it was their God of Agriculture, Quetzicoatl.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Well, it could be a vampire that knows both Obtenebration and Vicissitude. It can be a vampire outside both these clans”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Or maybe its some strange bloodline. If it has been compared to Quetzalcoatl then the serpent symbolism is also something we need to consider”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head slightly, glancing toward Sascha and then down at Chris. “I don’t know. But I doubt it. Have you ever seen Zaluut’s war form? It… looks like a winged serpent… a dragon.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “Let’s ask him?”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> looks to Fiona, “Ask him what? To see it?”

<@Aeon-Rook> 12<Zaluut> talks to Ghost for several minutes during this time, getting a rundown on what happened and then goes to start taking apart the body.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “Maybe.”

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> follows Zaluut down into the tunnels, still carrying the body.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a little bit, not looking up. “I’ll keep translating… but it’s in all kinds of languages, like it was written by a bunch of different people… over a long period of time. It’s more like… a scrapbook.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Technically a gangrel could also have a serpentine war form. Not all of us mimic werewolves”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Alright Kitt, take care and get some rest. I can bury this one, unless you wish you dissect him” he points at the flayed man

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<6Sascha5> looks at the totally oblivious Rakshasa. “I gave the body to Ghost to take to Zaluut like, an hour ago.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] nods to Sascha “Sorry for barging in like that. Have a good night.” Saying that he leaves

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> watches him go, and then nods to Sascha herself. “I’ll come talk to you later…”, she says and then turns to head off herself… making for Zaluut’s Study.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 heads out.

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