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<+Terra> Marge waits in the park nearest the meeting place, watching the swamp thoughtfully.  Her bike can be seen from the street, despite her being further in.

<+Morose> <Martin> walks into the park from the direction of the cemetery, and gives a nod to Marge as he watches and waits for others to arrive.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  would make her way up, hands in her pockets.

<+D2D> Eden, arrives quite a distance from the swamp. Walks slowly into the swamp and saw Marge and Martin. Says “hi” and proceed waiting for others sitting on a chair-like tree.

<+MichaelM> Anet has her driver drop her off about a block from the meeting place. She takes the opportunity to stretch her legs a bit as she walks the rest of the way. As she reaches the park, she produces and then lights one of her cigarettes, taking in the local businesses with an appraising eye as she strolls.

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| is already waiting there. He emerges from the shadows “About time you all showed up”

<+Terra> Marge grins over at Kat, “so… Lets see these mad Animal Magnetism skills.”

<+D2D> Eden, excitingly awaits for Kat’s to do her thing.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  stretches out her hands and cracks her knuckles, before looking to Marge and grinning. “Oh, you’re about to.” She moves over to the edge of the swamp, looking to see if she could spot a gator.

<+Morose> <Martin> simply watches and waits, curious as to what is going on exactly.  “She is going to…  talk to it?”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  peers out over the water, spotting one crocodile, before beginning to speak to it however crocodiles address each other, with the instructions to come over here.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Alligator> swims up to the shoreline as Kat makes these strange grumbling noises in her throat. It sits close, just staring up at her from the water without trying to chomp on anybody.

<+Morose> <Martin> blinks, actually blinks.  “That… is a neat trick.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  looks to Martin, grinning.

<+Terra> Marge chuckles.  “You got no idea… Somebody pisses me off I’ll send a dozen cats to spray them with piss.  Or skunks to hose down their car.”

<+MichaelM> “To the delight of various sanitation services, I’m sure.” Anet observes bemusedly.

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “Nicely done”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Can’t do much more than this, unfortunately. And thanks.”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “So will this alligator track the two targets down?”

<+Terra> Marge nods.  “Reptiles not the brightest of critters.  But if you can convince it… More power to ya.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “I’ll give it a shot.”

<+D2D> Eden, “Miss Kat, just try your best but don’t endanger yourself.” Looks a bit worried.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  gives the order to track two targets down and move them back to where she’s standing, WITHOUT harming them and making sure other gators don’t harm them.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Alligator> swims off into the swamp.

<+Terra> Marge tilts her head.  “I wonder if it knows what a target is?”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  grimaces. “Fuck.” She calls the gator back and gives it the descriptions of the people, before sending it off again.

<+D2D> Eden, chuckles a bit while saying to himself “Adorable”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “You know, I could ask it to bite you.” She doesn’t look away from the retreating gator.

<+Morose> <Martin> chuckles faintly as he watches.  “I can see where that could be an issue.  I also imagine most animals not understanding time or color and whatnot could be a problem.”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| takes out two swords from the bag on his back, one shorter than the others and wears them on his waist “Just in case”

<+Terra> Marge raises an eyebrow at Mag.  “Why do I feel as though you will get us into fights we could otherwise avoid?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Alligator> swims off into the swamp for the second time, disappearing out into the water.

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “I have no intention of starting a fight. But there is no guarantee THEY wont attack”

<+Morose> <Martin> nods.  “Probably.”, he says and then watches the water for a few moments.  “So…  how long do you think it will take it to search the swamp?  Could we not also try… birds or something?”

<+D2D> Eden, “it was meant as a compliment, chill, Miss Kat” smiles calmly

<+Terra> Marge nods in agreement.  “Not a bad idea.  Birds should be easy to find… Might be some owls around here.”

<+MichaelM> Anet watches the swamp somewhat lazily. As the minutes begin to pass, she plucks the cigarette from her mouth, drops it on the ground, and grinds it under her boot heel before procuring and lighting a replacement.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Your go, Marge. Make us proud.”

<+Terra> Marge looks around and then lifts her head and hoots a few times.  In response, three owls land in a tree nearby.  “There we are.”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “Do you know what an irritated owl says when you call it too much?..Dont call me owl call you” heh

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  snorts.

<+Morose> <Martin> blinks, and watches what is going on before walking over to Anet, tilting his head as he watches her smoke.  “Why do you do that?”

<+MichaelM> “People like you is why my club’s don’t have stand-up night.” Anet says with a slight smirk.

<+MichaelM> “And I happen to enjoy the sensation. Doubly so now that cancer is no longer a concern.” She responds to Martin’s inquiry.

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| Looks at Anet with a smirk “You could have an escape artist instead…like the great..Hoodini”

<+Terra> Marge starts trying to communicate but something seems to have gone wrong because all that seems to happen is a bunch of ruffled feathers.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Dude. Quit while you’re ahead.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Sid Vicious was a better comedian than you.”

<+MichaelM> “You’re certainly making quite the case for you being locked in a box.” Anet retorts to Magatsu’s second poor joke, her smirk imperceptibly wider.

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| shrugs “Aaah, alright I’ll stop”

<+Morose> <Martin> watches a moment longer before turning back off toward the cemetery again.  “I do not have time to see if this pans out tonight.  But I’ll catch up to you later.”

<+D2D> Eden, “what a cozy atmosphere we have here in the swamp.” Laughs out loudly.

<+Terra> Marge looks thoughtful for a moment… “Wait… Do we know what these guys look like? I don’t recall being told… Not that I was totally paying attention…”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “I have heard animals can detect the undeath on you. Perhaps the birds can spot them through that”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “Thats why animals avoid the kindred”

<+Terra> Marge snorts.  “Unless they are in tune with Animals.  Then they can’t tell the difference.  It is the Beast, not death they notice.”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| nods “A gangrel would know better”

<+Terra> Marge speaks to the owls.  “Look for buildings in the swamp.  Any place that something my size could hide from the sun. Come tell me then how many and how far.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Owls> fly off into the swamp, quickly disappearing.

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “I guess we wait now”

<+D2D> Eden, looks attentively to Marge and says “wow u just talked to an owl.. This is fascinating to me”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  looks at Eden. “…..God, you’re new.”

<+MichaelM> “So cynical,” Anet says with a soft sigh, “that we might live so long as to see the fantastic become less than mundane is a disturbing prospect.”

<+Terra> Marge nods her head slightly.  “It could take a bit… But they have to be sleeping somewhere.”

<+D2D> Eden, “I don’t really have a lot of vamps friends” feeling a bit sad while saying it softly.

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “and I thought the toreador were good at making friends”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “He’s new, remember?”

<+MichaelM> “Very few Kindred do.” Anet mutters, taking a lengthy drawl on her cigarette. “Fewer indeed amongst the ranks of the Rose Clan.”

<+D2D> Eden, says to Magatsu “friends among mortal is more of my thing”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Owls> return, and relay that there are two buildings the found out in the swamp, not far to fly. One is in the direction the sun rises, one is in the direction the moon rises and is closer to the dry land.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  looks to the owls, then out over the lake, waiting for her gator.

<+Terra> Marge nods and releases the owls before looking out over the water as well.  “It’s a big area to cover… And they might have killed it.”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “I suggest we split up and search both buildings. Keep and contact and once the targets are spotted the other teams will be alerted and rendezvous”

<+Terra> Marge looks at the others and then back over the water.  “We can check out the buildings later… You could call up an alligator or two for backup and escort.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Alright. When we get out here next.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “And if they’re still here by then.”

<+Terra> Marge looks at Mag.  “Serious?  To the owls they arent far, but for us they could be an hour or more travel time… If half of us encounter trouble… The others wont get there in time.”

<+D2D> Eden, “I agree with the group. we should really stick together.”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “Too afraid to split up. We can search one building after next it will take more time. I also suggest not coming back another day, if they get suspicious they will leave”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Then when do you suggest we get back here?”

<+Terra> Marge looks thoughtful.  “I could have animals watch to see if they leave on their own… But since coming out here equals death by Anarch… I doubt they will flee.”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “I suggest we look for them now”

<+Terra> Marge nods. “Okay.  Be careful.”, she says and then heads off to where her bike is parked at.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “If you want to, man. Your funeral.”

<+Terra> Marge waves to Kat, patting the back of her seat.  “Need a ride, cousin?”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  looks to Marge. “If it ain’t any trouble, yeah.”

<+MichaelM> “Ah, the beauty inherent in democracy,” Anet says with a slight chortle, “it seems you have been out-voted, sir.”

<+Terra> Marge nods and starts the bike up.  “I’ll drop you off wherever, come on.”

<+Dusk> |Magatsu| “Alright we’ll come back later” saying that he heads off

<+MichaelM> Anet nods in response and takes another breath of her cigarette as she watches Marge, Katarina, and Magatsu leave. “You know, in my country,” she mutters as the trio abscond, “farewells were considerably lengthier.”

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  “Sure thing.”

<+D2D> Eden, “alrite i’ll be going too then” pulls out his cellphone and calls his driver, Abu, to pick him up where he was dropped off earlier. He waves goodbye at everyone and walks back to the distance where he came from to wait for Abu.

<+Blackfyre> *Katarina*  tells Marge where to drop her off.

<+MichaelM> “Yes, of course.” Anet waves Eden a brief farewell before turning back to the swamp. She remains there, near motionless for around an hour before starting to walk back to her still-waiting car.

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