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<+Nickolas> Arthur gets up and walks inside his theater and meditates on the chandelier from the stage. Calling upon his avatar to refresh him.

<@Aeon-Rook> <ST> Arthur’s Father is standing on the stage of the theater, arms crossed when Arthur enters, and watches him in silence for several minutes. Also on the stage is Cornel, a little further back.

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”Hi Dad… Hello Corny… what’s up?”

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> walks into the lobby and pauses, glancing between Arthur and the men on the stage curiously.  He holds a hand back for a second before signaling to the girls that it’s alright to enter.

<+Nickolas> Arthur takes a step back and walks over to Aaron,”Hi, I’m glad that you made it back… also perfect timing.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 12<14Angela12> follows Aaron and Jesse inside, but gives pause as she looks past Arthur. “Oh, boy.”

<+Terra> Jesse peeks past as well and then looks toward Arthur.  “Well.  Uhm… Yay?”

<+Nickolas> Arthur goes up front and sits down in a chair underneath the chandelier and closes his eyes to meditate. Hopefully he can recover a bit while he waits for his father and his strange FBI friend to reveal what is going on.

<@Aeon-Rook> <ST> Cornel steps up as Athur’s Father nods his head but still says nothing for the moment as he looks over the group as a whole.

<+Nickolas> Arthur opens his eyes, which seem to glow for a moment after his meditation. He looks up and sees Zirathur sitting lazily upon the Chandelier

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> watches the two men as he walks in more fully.  “So… are we getting the silent treatment, or what?”

<+Dusk> 8{Maverick} walks into the theater. It was too hard to resist not going back

<@Nox_Aegis> 12<14Angela12> edges in the rest of the way. “Okay, you got the creepy ‘I’m in charge’ vibe across… what is going on?”

<+Terra> Jesse frowns, also a bit uncomfortable in all this silence.

<@Aeon-Rook> 6<5Cornel6> steps up and then sits on the edge of the stage, letting his hands rest in his lap. “Sorry for the… theatrics. We needed to speak with as many of you as possible though, and this seems like most of you.”

<+Dusk> 8{Maverick} mutters “another one? How many of these guys are there in this city”

<@Nox_Aegis> 12<14Angela12> “Quite a few actually. Counting all the new ones… twenty-ish.”

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> goes in and takes a seat, just waiting and listening what the others had to say.

<+Dusk> 8{Maverick} “So you guys found anything new on the hook dude?”

<@Aeon-Rook> 6<5Cornel6> nods in agreement with Angela’s statement. “You are not the only ones. There are some that work with us as the Lab. And in some things we may find it best to work together. Though our methods certainly differ, and we prefer that you do remain autonomous.”

<+Dusk> 8{Maverick} “..and who might you be sir?”

<+Nickolas> Arthur’s eyes go wide,”Twenty?! When did we jump up from three to twenty? How are going to keep track of such a large cast?” Arthur nods in response to Cornel’s statement,”I agree, that was part of my intent when I invited others to this place. We should be able to work together… although I’m still not sure what your organization does Corny. Your group seems to be tied to the very banality that weakens us, yet you work with my father.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 12<14Angela12> looks between the mess of them and then makes her way over to a seat, topping up on the back of it.

<@Aeon-Rook> 6<5Cornel6> looks at them and listens, then nods. “I’m Cornel. I work with Kara, I also help run the Lab. Arthur’s Father and I are both from a group called the Order of Hermes.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur blinks,”Yes, but we are mythic mages, like the old days. What’s with the hypertech of the Autumn people?”

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> looks over at Arthur and blinks, but still pays attention.  “Oh, so generous not forcing us to work with you?”

<+Terra> Jesse sticks by Aaron, nodding in agreement.  “Why is this important?  We’ve been fine on our own.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur looks over,”You’ve never been on your own since any of you came into the theater Jesse. This place has always had ties to the Order of Hermes, because I have always been a member.”

<+Dusk> 8{Maverick} “oooh, secret societies”

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> nods his head not taking his eyes off the two on the stage.  “They work together because there are so few of us… and our enemies are many.”

<+Terra> Jesse looks to Arthur, then to Aaron and nods.  “Well, that explained the high and mighty routine.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur blinks,”No… that came from my Mother, I am royalty after all.”

<+Terra> Jesse snickers.  “Yeah a royal pa-“, and gets cut off by Aaron’s nudging.

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> just looks at jesse and sighs, then back to the others.  “So other than we just suddenly sprang up, what exactly is your interest in us?”

<+Dusk> 7{Maverick} “I’m surprised you are still alive after you went to have drinks with bloodsuckers”

<+Dusk> 7{Maverick} says to Arthur

<+Nickolas> Arthur eyes him back darkly,”Not now…”

<@Nox_Aegis> 12<14Angela12> glares at Maverick, “someone’s getting a voodoo doll made tonight.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”I don’t make voodoo dolls.”

<+Dusk> 7{Maverick} laughs

<@Aeon-Rook> 6<5Cornel6> “Aaahhh, yes, the local vampire population. And aren’t you a little young to be drinking?”

<+Nickolas> Arthur continues to stare at Maverick coolly and doesn’t answer the question.

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> frowns.  “Did I miss something?”

<+Terra> Jesse blinks.  “Me too… Oh… We were uh… Busy that night.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”Maybe it was vampire mind powers or something. Like Dracula. Anyway, what are we meeting for? Is this more to do with the Hook Man?”

<@Aeon-Rook> 6<5Cornel6> and the other man exchange looks like -kids- and then looks back to them. “The thing is, we are trying to keep a bit of order to things going on. So many of you stirring the pot is bound to make messes sooner or later. Especially since more of you don’t have a clue.”

<+Dusk> 7{Maverick} “If you all want to catch that hook dude…you need bait, or you have to wait till it strikes again. What evidence and clues do you have?”

<+Nickolas> Arthur nods,”Very true. We have been growing our numbers so fast it has been difficult to keep track of all the new members. We will need help giving guidance and getting everything into a sense of order of our own. I do not plan on this group becoming the Order of Hermes, but I had every intention of it allying with them. Personally I was hoping to create some sort of Order of Dreams, but it appears we have become far more eclectic. Perhaps even moreso than Doissetep itself.”

<@Aeon-Rook> 6<5Cornel6> raises an eyebrow but glances over his shoulder to the other man before speaking again. “Anyway… on with the hookman issue. We don’t know what it is yet either, but would like to work together on this. We can keep the Sleepers off of it to an extent while you work, but we do not have the resources to tackle it and some of the other things going on ourselves.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 12<14Angela12> frowns a bit as she looks between them. “We’re the bait.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”Perhaps, or the strike team. Either way, we could use all the help and resources we can get from the Order. Twenty of us is not nearly enough to defend ourselves against all of those who would be our enemies.”

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> looks at them and nods in agreement with Angela.  “We have enough knowledge between us, and other resources to be a threat.  So they need to keep tabs on us.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”Much of the knowledge we have gleaned here is but scraps that came from the Order of Hermes. We are not a threat to them trust me. They could wipe us from existence with our current strength and defenses. They have only been around since before the Dark Ages. Ties to Egypt even.”

<+Terra> Jesse glances at the men, then at Arthur, then the others.  “We dont mind helping with this thing… It seems to be pretty nasty.  And deadly to normal people.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur “The Order of Hermes is a powerful ally, we would be wise to make full use of the relationship. I myself will be doing everything I can to provide assistance with this.” Zirathur stirs from his nap,”As shall I.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 12<14Angela12> rolls her eyes a little bit, and glances toward Aaron and Jesse, then Marverick. “So do you have any information that might be helpful? Or is that -our job-”

<@Aeon-Rook> 6<5Cornel6> slides off the stage and lands on the floor, the other man quickly joining him. “Your Euthanatos friend will likely have more answers than we do.”

<+Dusk> 7{Maverick} “In that case we just chill out till dead man walking comes back”

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> shakes his head softly.  “There are some things we can look into.”, he starts to walk off toward the stairs.

<+Dusk> 7{Maverick} “Avengers assemble” he chuckles

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”Who are the Avengers?”

<@Aeon-Rook> 6<5Cornel6> looks behind him and then both the men start to leave, making for the front door. “Just be careful.”

<+Dusk> 7{Maverick} “You are clearly not familiarized with pop culture of planet earth. Avengers are superheroes from comics”

<+Nickolas> Arthur,”I am plenty familiar, there was King Arthur and his Knights, the stories of Chuchalain and other hereos of course.”

<+Terra> Jesse giggles and then heads upstairs to rifle through the library.

<@Aeon-Rook> 6<5Cornel6> and his stoic companion leave through the front doors in silence.

<+Dusk> 7{Maverick} “You are a man out of your time Arthur” he gets up “I’m going out for a walk. Maybe I’ll meet captain hook. See you all later” he chuckles and walks out

<@Nox_Aegis> 12<14Angela12> chuckles and heads upstairs, clutching her camera. “Oooooh, books.”

<+Nickolas> Arthur shakes his head and says,”My time will return… Our time will return… my friend… Zirathur.”

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> follows the girls upstairs only after he watches to make sure that the other two men are completely gone.

<+Nickolas> Arthur then walks upstairs as well. He will see what books they’ve collected before trying to add more. Now that they are officially recognized and know of the Order he should be able to acquire more grimoires for them to collectively share.

<+Morose> 3<Aaron> lets the girls do their thing as he heads downstairs in the Theater, then heads out to go for a walk.  He takes out his phone and gets on jesse’s FB with her info, then sends Dan a message.

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