I happened to find this while I was working on logs…  it’s an old game I was working on called Z0, a post-apocalyptic game.  Here’s one of the logs, thought I’d share:

Session Start: Mon Jan 16 13:15:10 2012
Session Ident: #Z0

<@GreyBishop> The camp was quiet except for the mewling of the hacks along the fence.  The sun rose up slowly over the horizon, offering the first bits of warmth to an otherwise chilly fall morning.  Most occupants were still sleeping away peacefully in thier homes, the only ones that were moving about were the ones that stood watch from the night before.

<@GreyBishop> Rasp stuck his muzzle just inside the curtain to Anu’s door and flicked his tongue in the air.  “Ssssst.  We gos.”, he hissed.  There was a general sense of urgancy to his voice that seemed more than the occasion called for.

<+Rethys> Anu rose from his bedding drowsily, donning his mottled green and brown cloak before slipping out the door after Rasp.

<+Meoki> grenade followed closly behind anu

<+Meoki> Grenade followed closly behind Anu, streching with a yawn.

<+Rethys> “Don’t ask,” Anu grumbled grumpilly to Rasp as he gave a telling and somewhat worried glance in Grenade’s direction.

<+Meoki> “It thwas only study, Anu” looking back angrily

<+Rethys> Scoffing off Grenade’s scathing remark, Anu turned to leave whilst pulling up his cloak’s hood.

<@GreyBishop> Ducking back out before the others had quite reached him, Rasp led the way toward the northern gate.  His head moved from side to side as he walked, in almost paranoid fashion.  His tongue darted out in true snake-like fashion, waving in the air for more than a couple of seconds before being pulled back again.

<@GreyBishop> As the group arrived at the first gate they could see a hulking brute of a man standing next to it and three backpacks at his feet.  The man towered over each of them, clearly taller than two meters.  His skin was black and shiny, like an insect, and at each joint were spikes that curved out like blades.

<+Rethys> Sizing up the giant of a man, Anu’s head withdrew into his hood almost instinctively, the dappled pigmentation of his face no longer distinguishable from the shadows that engulfed his features.

<+Rethys> Reaching down for the pack clearly meant for him, Anu never took his eyes off of the towering man.

<+Meoki> Grenade grabbed her bag, looking at the man with a tilt to her head in wondering thought.

<+Meoki> She put on her backpack, as the sun hit her green-ish scales.

<@GreyBishop> “Gramps says you three get to come huntin’ with me.  And we’re going to check the well, so we’ll be staying out overnight.”, said Bodie with a voice softer than one would imagine for one so big.  The plates around his face opened up to reveal his mouth as he spoke, giving him the temporary appearence of two mouths.

<@GreyBishop> Rasp waited until Brodie’s back was turned to him before darting in between the other two and snatching up his own pack.  Instantly opening it to rifle through, sniffing of the contents thouroughly.

<+Rethys> Dusting off his pack Anu slipped it on, “Never could get used to you Bodie, so unnatural.” Anu shivered as he spoke the last word.

<+Meoki> Grenade looked at the back of Bodie “Not that it’s a bad thing, i mean, it’s protective.” Grenade looks to the side trying to make the best of his size.

<@GreyBishop> Bodie made a sound that could have been laughter, but it was hard to tell through the chitin encased mouth.  “Ta’int nothin’ natural about any of this, or all of it is.  Depending on you philo- philosophy.”, he said as if pausing at the last to make sure he had the right word.

<@GreyBishop> Finally lifting his head from his pack, Rasp glanced to the others without a word.  He put his backpack on and crept along, bringing up the rear.

<@GreyBishop> As Bodie opened the first set of chain link gates, a pair of well-fed hacks approached on either side.  They eyed the four people as they came close before starting to purr loudly and rub against the fence.

<+Meoki> Grenade looked at the hacks,starting to feel her throat get scratchy, she looked forward without a word.

<+Rethys> Reacting quickly Anu bounded to the far side of the hack walk, moving deftly he unhasped the far gate and slipped through, not even taking the time to open the chain lock. “Not today boys! Took me four hours to get that fur out of my cloak last time!”

<@GreyBishop> Rasp covered his muzzle with his hands and followed Anu, running the short path between the inner and outer gate.

<@GreyBishop> Shaking his head, Bodie reached out both armored hands and ran them along the cats, then nodded to Grenade to follow the others.  “You all get out that gate and I’ll follow.  These big fellas just want a good pet.”

<+Meoki> Grenade nodded back and went after Anu and Rasp “im not the fondest of hacks”

<+Rethys> “Says the bug man… Lucky for you their fur can’t get through that hide of yours!” Anu quipped before taking a wide berth of the outer gate, taking cover behind a large rock.

<+Meoki> Grenade walks out the outer gate and pulls off to the side, waiting for Bodie.

<@GreyBishop> As Bodie followed, he stopped only to close the outer gate.  The hacks went back to their routine of pacing or lounging lazily inside the fence, tails flicking with the standard annoyance had at not receiving as much attention as they would have liked.

<@GreyBishop> Rasp only took his hands off his muzzle once they were some distance away, and fell once again to the back of the group as they walked along in the dirt toward the north.

<+Meoki> Grenade had looked at the world around, feeling free and open.

<+Rethys> Anu took up his normal practice of gathering vegetation along the road as they progressed, slowly building up a layer of interwoven plant life over his cloak. Each time he plucked a branch or leaf he would hum a verse of his favorite song: Eidelweiss.

<@GreyBishop> The landscape to the north of the camp was nearly a desert.  Foliage was sparce, but still present in tough grasses and weeds that gnarled up out of the ground in patches.  It was slightly hilled, giving a decent view of the surrounding area and any trouble that might be approaching long before it could get there.

<@GreyBishop> The air was chilled, but not so cold that one’s breath could be seen.  As the sun moved slowly ascross the sky, so too did the small band move slowly across the land with hardly a word between them.

<@GreyBishop> The sun was nearly at it’s highest point when Bodie raised his hand and pointed toward a couple of trees which stood out against the otherwise flat backdrop.  “It’s time to eat something.”

<+Rethys> Anu stopped for a moment to ponder a particularly interesting clump of tall grass, however figuring that it would look strange coming out of a bush he decided not to add it to his already ‘overgrown’ collection. He hurried to catch up with the rest of the group, his Cat like feet a blur beneath him. “Did I hear something about food?”

<+Meoki> Grenade’s face had lit up with delight, and ran toward the trees “finally!”

<@GreyBishop> Rasp continued to shuffle along behind the others, his head never stopping it’s side to side motion during all his walking.

<@GreyBishop> The pair of trees were thick and full of leaves, this still being early in the season.  Hanging on a few of the branches there were still greenpears, and many more soft ones littered the ground underneath.

<+Meoki> Grenade layed on her soft snake-like stomach, with her tail flat and layed out she waited for the others. “come on guys!” noticing the trees and their graceful beauty she sighed picking up a pear off the ground

<@GreyBishop> Getting up to the trees, Bodie sat down just outside the ring of squishy fruit to rest.  He kept an eye out cautiously toward the northeast, but stayed quiet.

<+Meoki> Grenade looked up at Bodie with a puzzled look “So what are we hunting anyway?”.

<+Rethys> Anu tore past the others at breakneck speed, leaping over Grenade straight into the tree she was laying under. The branches rustled for a few moments before going quiet. A few moments later pear cores began falling from the tree at regular intervals.

<+Meoki> Grenade rolled into a sphere and covers her head, pulling out she looked angrily at Anu “Anu, you brute!”.

<+Rethys> “Don’t hate, you would be doing the same if you could climb and you know it!” the disembodied voice of Anu drifted down from the tree, as though the tree it’s self were speaking the scentence.

<@GreyBishop> After giving a few pieces of fruit a good sniffing, Rasp started stuffing several of the more chice pieces into his bag for later consumption.

<@GreyBishop> Bodie shook his head slightly and picked up a piece of near-rotten fruit off the ground.  “It’s a surprise.”, he said through a mouthful of fruit as it became mush in his mandables.

<+Rethys> A half eaten pear fell from the tree. “Not Natural!!!” the tree seemed to say.

<+Meoki> Grenade to busy trying to through pears back at the tree, only huffed and growled the only way she could.

<@GreyBishop> Rasp picked up the fallen half a pear and gave it a sniff before shoving it in his muzzle and chomping it to bits with teeth clearly not designed for chewing as much as they were for tearing bits to be swallowed whole.

<+Meoki> Grenade gave in and sat back down, her body layed against the tree, ate in small bites and packing more in her pack, curious she looks in it.

<@GreyBishop> After roughly an hour, Bodie got up and strethed with a resounding popping of bone and chitin.  “We gotta get movin’ if we want to have something for supper tonight.”

<+Meoki> Grenade hissed at the thought of moving from her comfy spot of dirt and tree “oh all right.” she gets up, and brushes herself off.

<+Rethys> Dropping from the tree Anu slipped a few extra pears into his pack, closed it up and slung it on his back.

<@GreyBishop> “Yesh, hopper food not good.”, Rasp said as he spat out a stem onto the ground.

<@GreyBishop> “There is a water hole not far.”, said Bodie as he pointed off in the direction he had been facing since they got there.  “Should pick up some tracks there.”

<+Rethys> His camoflage complete Anu began watching for tracks along their route, keeping a weather eye for any possible food scurrying about.

<+Rethys> “Never know, we might find something good before we reach the water hole. I noticed a few game trails a ways back, they seem to criscross the road.” said Anu.

<+Meoki> Grenade decided to help Anu in search of tracks. “yeah i guess your right, you get that side i’ll get this one”

<+Rethys> “Hmmm… piglet tracks. Could be trouble if the sow is around, nothing quite like an angry Jawl mother to ruin your day. Tracks lead toward the water hole, I’ll scout ahead and make sure we are in the clear.” Anu said informatively as he pulled his hunting knife from his pack. Leaving the pack with Rasp, Anu vanished into the bushes and tall grass, the sound of his movements barely audible as it faded into the distance.

<+Meoki> Grenade looked at Anu disappear into the shadows, scoffing at his find in jealousy.

<@GreyBishop> “Don’t worry, if she spots you, bring her this way and I’ll keep her busy while you all grab some piglets.”  Bodie nodded to Anu as he left and then started to move that way himself, just slow enough to let Anu scout ahead and quick enough to be sufficient backup if needed.

<@GreyBishop> Rasp sniffed all over Anu’s bag before opening it up and sniffing the inside of it as well.  Not finding anything he wanted, he closed it with a sigh and dragged it along behind the others.

<+Meoki> “Wow Rasp remind me to never leave you with my pack.” Grenade said looking at him with a smirk.

<@GreyBishop> A fat sow and ten piglets stood by the pond, drinking and mud bathing along the side.  The sow, while not as big as the boars, was still a formidable nine hundred kilos and watchful of her little piglets.  The spotted baby pigs were roughly a twentieth of the mother’s weight and build, the prefered target of predators.

<+Rethys> Anu licked his lips in anticipation but chocked back the temptation to dash forth from the bushes bordering the muddy clearing. Tactfully he skulked away, his stomach achingly reminding him that his actions were in conflict with his instincts.

<+Rethys> Anu gracefully emerged from the shaows behind Rasp, “Still got my pack?”

<+Meoki> Grenade miss places her step and a loud croak comes from her foot.

<@GreyBishop> Rasp hissed slightly at Anu, tossing the bag to him.  “Yesh.”, he said with a palapable feeling of disdain.

<@GreyBishop> Bodie glanced back at the sound before his attention was immediately drawn back to the front by the snorting of the sow.  “Shit.  She’s mad now, grab what you can while i keep her busy!”

<+Rethys> Anu’s expression filled with horror at hearing the frog’s painful cry followed by the sow’s attention. Diving into the bush he had emerged from Anu cursed under his breath, “damned pangolin!”

<@GreyBishop> As the sow collides with Bodie, there was a resounding crunch.  Though at first, it was hard to tell if it was the skull of the sow or the chitin that it had rammed into that gave way.  The piglets scatter, darting into brush and squeeling loudly as they run haphazardly for their lives.

<@GreyBishop> One of the piglets, startled by Grenade, ran straight through the brush and toward Anu’s crouched form without seeing him.  Squeeling loudly, it’s galloping legs charging it forward as fast as it can go.

<+Rethys> Anu burst forward from the bushes, knife in one hand pack in the other as he flailed his harms wildly and shouted as loud as possible in an attempt to make himself seem to be a large angry predator bush.

<+Meoki> Grenade grabs her knife and times her pounce trying to snag the pig in a quick and swinging grasp, never taking her eyes off the piglet.

<@GreyBishop> The piglet squeels even louder as the knife rips into it’s side.  It turns sharply to the right in an effort to escape Grenade’s knife, veering off just in time to avoid hitting Anu in the legs.

<+Rethys> Anu chases after the pig, timing for a good hit on the piglet’s neck he nearly trips on a rock and misses his first swipe.

<+Rethys> Swinging again Anu curses his luck being saddled with a knife in a running fight as he misses once more.

<+Meoki> Grenade follows Anu’s swipe only to make a small cut, she mumbles in her breathe ” curse this swine.”.

<@GreyBishop> The sow pushes against Bodie, grunting and trying to knock him off his feet.  Bodie holds his ground, hands on the sow’s head and pushing with all of his might against one of the few things larger than himself.

<@GreyBishop> The piglet being chased turns sharply once more, whirling to face it’s attackers and gnashing it’s sharp teeth at any extremities it can reach.  It latches onto Grenade’s arm and breaches scale and flesh, leaving a bleeding hole behind.

<+Meoki> “Aah! you little winch!” Grenade yells in anger.

<@GreyBishop> Bodie brings one arm around, brandishing one of the long spikes attached to his armor and drives it into the sow’s jaw.  Blood spatters out and runs down his chitin, pouring onto the earth beneath their feet.

<+Meoki> Grenade swipes in blunt rage and misses knocking her on her knee “i will kill that thing if its the last thing i do!”

<+Rethys> The piglet distracted by Grenade narrowly escapes Anu’s knife hamstringing it. The blade glances off of the beast’s ankle leaving a narrow cut and a thin trickle of blood.

<@GreyBishop> Rasp looks surprised as the piglet tries to bolt past him, and he sticks out his knife while closing his eyes.  The pig does most of the work for him, unable to stop running it turns too late and cuts the side of it’s throat open with a rush of blood.  It stumbles a bit afterward, just squeeling as it falls down and stops running finally.

<+Meoki> looking at Rasp with releif and anger she looked at Bodie.

<+Rethys> “You… have GOT to be kidding me…” Anu muttters in astonishment at the packrat’s luck.

<@GreyBishop> Locking eyes with the sow, Bodie starts to stare her down, pushing back against her with as much force as he can muster.  After several minutes go by, the sow backs off, beaten in this contest of wills.  She looks at the younger members of the group and sniffs, surely smelling both her piglet’s blood and making note of the scent of these murderers.

<@GreyBishop> The sow turns and starts to walk off, grunting to her remaining piglets to follow after she gets to a safe distance from the group.

<+Rethys> “Time for a ham and pear dinner!” Anu exclaims as he starts dressing the kill. His blade slices effortlessly through the piglet’s flesh as he guts it. Reaching into his pack he pulls out his rope and begins hanging the body to drain it of the remaining blood, skinning it while he waits. “Anyone want this skin for anything? Waste not want not after all!”

<@GreyBishop> Bodie walks over to the edge of the water and then reaches down, using handfuls of it to wash some of the gore from his chitin.  There are cracks in the front from the sow’s original charge, and it’s quickly appearent that not all of that blood is hers.

<+Meoki>  “Rasp, i want to say good job, but i don’t feel so happy to do so.” Grenade hisses at Rasp

<+Meoki> looking at Bodie she walks toward him. “nice job out there. you need help?”

<@GreyBishop> Rasp hisses back between the gnawing sounds he makes as he chews on one of the piglet’s ears.

<+Rethys> Having skinned the pig Anu scoops up armfulls of intestines and starts waddling toward the water, intent on cleaning them up for saussages.

<@GreyBishop> Bodie shakes his head slightly before leaving the water and settling down on some nearby rocks.  “I’ll live.  It’ll just be tender for a couple days.”

<@GreyBishop> —–  To Be Continued  —–

Session Close: Tue Jan 17 00:00:00 2012