Session Start: Fri Jan 13 00:00:00 2017
Session Ident: #Dark_Aeons

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| goes into the club towards the VIP room. He sees the two bouncers and knows the drill “Here, take care of my little pretties” He hands over his swords and marches inside

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 just saunters in, blowing a kiss to the doorman and makes her way toward the bouncers for the VIP room.

<@Aeon-Rook> 4<ST> Belle’s is quiet tonight, and in fact they appear to be doing some work on the bar in the main hall. The bouncers however, allow people of a particular nature to pass inside anyway. The place smells a bit of sawdust and the dust from the concrete being poured back there as repairs are made.

<@Aeon-Rook> 4<ST> The far back of the room, where the mirror is, the second set of guards watches the group carefully and yes, still disarms Magatsu before allowing them inside. They put the weapons in the safe and remain in silent guard, even in the mostly empty building.

<+Morose> 5<Martin> comes in from upstairs, taking the back entrance from Isabella’s private quarters to the VIP section and looking around.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| is wearing

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu|

<+Terra> Marge pulls into the parking lot and parks her motorcycle, then heads off into the club, chuckling a bit.  “Rough customer break some shit or what?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 makes her way over to the bar after entering the VIP room and looks around.

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<Michael Bishop> comes downstairs from Isabella’s private chambers as well, walking over to his usual seat by the bar where he can see through the mirror easily. He does give a slight acknowledgeing nod to those inside of the room.

<+Morose> 5<Martin> makes his way over to the small bar in the VIP section and takes a seat beside Katarina.  “Hello.”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 looks at Martin. “‘Sup?”

<+D2D> Eden, his driver drove him in front of the entrance of the club and he casually walks into the club and to the VIP room. He just smiled and nod to the two bounces and went inside.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| looks over gives a silent, semi-formal bow to the prince, the looks at the other two and gives a nod with a smile

<+Morose> 5<Martin> takes a moment to actually blink and then smiles to Katarina.  “Not much.  it is good to see you all well tonight.”

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<Michael Bishop> rises from his chair as the newcomer enters, and stands there for a moment in careful study of him. A wave of icy cold feeling eminates from him, chilling your very soul.

<+Terra> Marge sees the Prince doing his thing and heads over to sit with Kat and Marty.

<+D2D> Eden, he takes a step back, not intimidated but just for precaution. He slowly realises that this guy is a serious dude..

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| glances at the newcomer while taking a seat by himself

<+D2D> Eden, after a few seconds of awkward silence, I introduce myself without knowing anything about the guy who just gave me an icy cold feeling. “Greetings, I’m new here and my name is Eden,”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Why wouldn’t I be?” She looks over at Eden and griiiiiiiiins. “Howdy, mate.”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> nudges Katarina and shakes his head.  “Shh.  Don’t interupt while they are talking.”

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<Michael Bishop> looks at Eden carefully before nodding slightly. “And what is your lineage? Why are you here?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 looks like and is wearing

<+D2D> Eden, “I’m from the lineage of Toreador, I’m new in town so thought I should check out this club, and Sir, how should i address you?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 gives Martin a slightly rueful grin and shuts up.

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<Michael Bishop> seems to become even colder, so much that one expects the drinks on the bar to turn to ice, though they do not. “I am Michael Bishop, Prince of New Orleans.”

<+Terra> Marge glances over her shoulder once toward the pair and shivers slightly before shifting uncomfortably in her seat.

<+MichaelM> Anet, silently sitting at the bar, winces slightly at the severity of the Prince’s voice as he addresses the new arrival.

<+D2D> Eden, instantly lower down his head with utmost respect, “I apologize if I have offended you in anyway, I’m quite new here and I would like to ask for permission for me to establish myself in this city” “I have sources that the prince would be in this club, so I came by here to meet him in person”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> keeps quiet, but remains somewhat attentive of what is going on.

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 leans against the bar, tapping her left foot idly against her barstool as she watches.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| just looks at the way the novice presents himself

<+MichaelM> Anet sighs softly, keeping an eye on the new arrival as she pulls one of her cigarettes from a coat pocket. She idly chews on the end for a moment before lighting it.

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<Michael Bishop> nods his head somewhat curtly, but the cold feeling seems to subside somewhat. “Very well. You may remain here. The Primogen for your clan is named Kaitlyn, and my Senechal is also of your line. Consider yourself properly introduced, and please have a lovely rest of your night.”

<+D2D> Eden, lowers his head again as an appreciation “Thank you very much, i am glad to have your hospitality, Prince Bishop.”

<@Aeon-Rook> 5<Michael Bishop> casts his deep blue gaze over the rest of the room before turning and making his way back up the stairs again, his right hand pinching at the bridge of his nose as he disappears from view.

<+Morose> 5<Martin> watches Bishop go before getting up from his seat and letting his joints pop a bit as he flexes.  “Well, it seems that while we did not yet go to the bookstore, we could simply go to the garden district from here.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| gets up from his seat a good 10 ft away “I’ll accompany you sir”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| looks at Eden “Also, welcome to New Orleans..Mr.???”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Awesome. Got a few books that interest me.”

<+Terra> Marge gets up from her seat and glances off toward the stairs a second.  “Yeah, had my fill of people putting the whammy on me already tonight.”

<+D2D> Eden, He looks at the guy who said something to him, “Hey I’m Eden, Nice to meet you, so you been here a lot?”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| turns his head at Large Marge with a confused look “The..what on you?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Whammy. Mindslam. Bad juju.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Ahh..” he looks over at Eden “Good evening Mr. Eden I’m…Magatsu. Good to meet you, I’m new here as well.” he says with a soft smile as he adjusts the leather gloves on his hands

<+Morose> 5<Martin> nods.  “I believe she refers to the power over emotions which several possess.  That coldness, was a reflection of his power.”

<+D2D> Eden, “Hey Mr Magatsu, owh you new too? good to know… By any chance you know where is the Primogen named Kaitlyn?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 waggles one gloved hand in a lazy wave to Eden. “Call me Kat.”

<+D2D> Eden, “Owh hey there, Miss Kat I assume?” a friendly smile.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “I’m afraid, Mr. Eden, I have no idea where the primogen of the rose makes office. Perhaps you can ask the guards outside where can you find Miss Kaitlyn”

<+Terra> Marge looks thoughtful.  “Oh!  The lady with the tattoos… She hangs at the Trill with that other guy.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “In fact we were going to meet the sheriff, would you like to accompany us Mr. Eden?” he turns to the others for feedback

<+Morose> 5<Martin> nods his head as he looks from Marge to Eden.  “You should really not go there alone, especially not as you appear to be.  They might…  think of you as sport.”

<+D2D> Eden, “I’ll ask the guards outside later” paused for a sec, “meeting the sheriff? what purpose? I’m kinda need to meet my Primogen first or else I might get ‘frosted’ again” smiles softly

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Nah, come hang with us, mang. You might run into her on the way.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Relax, you wont get frosted. You met the prince, that will do for now. Also yes dont to the devil’s thrill alone you may get hurt”

<+Terra> Marge nods her head and glances toward Anet.  “You joining us?”

<+D2D> Eden, “Alright Miss Kat, I put my trust on you” Winks

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 grins. “Exceeeeeeeeeellent.”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 may have mimicked Mr. Burns, down to the steepled fingers.

<+Morose> 5<Martin> looks between them and then starts to exit the building.  “Then shall we go?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 hops off the barstool and shoves her hands into her pockets. “Yep.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| ties his hair into a small ponytail. He puts on his fedora and jacket “Lets go” and heads out to talk to the guards

<+D2D> Eden, looks at the guy who said “then shall we go?” “Hey I’m Eden and you might be?”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> pauses to look at Eden with a curious expression.  “Martin.  Or Marty.”, he says and then starts to walk outside.

<+D2D> Eden, follows the group out of the club

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 whistles a jaunty tune as she saunters out of the club.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| goes and collects his things. He comes out of the club wearing a long, thin, grey sheath like bag across his back

<+Terra> Marge heads out as well, following the directions they were given before as they make their way toward the garden district.

<@Aeon-Rook> 4<ST> The Garden District is beautiful, even this time of year. There are many large homes, all with large trees and flowerbeds everywhere. It is also the home of one of the more famous cemeteries of the region.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Lovely.” he looks around

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 whistles as she makes her way over. “Amen to that.”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> looks around at the flowers and trees, tilting his head and forcing himself to blink a couple of times.  “These are very nicely arranged.”

<+D2D> Eden, he looks around and silently appreciate the beautiful view

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 relaxes. “So, we’re smelling the roses, or do we have an agenda here?”

<+Terra> Marge looks around, getting her bearings… And then heads straight for the house that was described a bit to them before.  Red curtains, second one… That had to be it.

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 looks to Marge and begins to follow after her.

<+D2D> Eden, try to ask miss kat “yo where you gals going?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Pleasure.”

<+D2D> Eden, “May a gentlemen like I join too?”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> goes up the steps of the porch and waits for Marge, looking the large house over.  “I do not see why not.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “We are going to meet the sheriff” and walks towards the house with red curtains

<+Terra> Marge walks up the steps and then raises one of her rather meaty fists, banging on the door a few times.

<+D2D> Eden, looks at katarina weirdly, “aight aight coming~”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 smiles, looking innocent.

<@Aeon-Rook> 4<ST> A man in a suit answers the door, but is quickly pushed out of the way by the cowgirl looking blonde from the other night. “It’s okay, go on. Go… protect the back door or something.”, she says as she looks outside at the menegerie on her porch. “Well, hi there. What do I owe the pleasure?”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| lets large Marge do the talking, since she was given the task

<+Morose> 5<Martin> nods his head in a polite, friendly manner.  “Sorry to bother you, Ma’am.”

<+Terra> Marge takes the note from her pocket and offers it to Lynn.  “Cora asked us to give this to you.”

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> blinks and takes a look at the paper before standing aside and gestureing for them to come in. “Come on, I’d rather not talk about this on the porch. All of you are, of a kind?”, she says, looking toward Eden as she did not meet him before.

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 comes in, hands in her pockets and seeming devil-may-care.

<+D2D> Eden, “Yeah I guess?” Scratching his head while looking around curiously.

<+Morose> 5<Martin> nods.  “Yes, he met Bishop only a little while ago.”, he says as he passes inside.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| comes in and gives shotgun a bow “‘Evening”

<+D2D> Eden, waits for everyone to go in and introduce myself “Hello madam, I’m new in town just like Mr Martin said. I’m Eden, please to meet you.”

<+Terra> Marge heads inside, looking around, but waiting before sitting on anything.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Cora said something about sabbat in the city..bringing in some potent drugs or something”

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> nods her head politely and closes the door behind them, then heads into the livingroom herself. “Find a seat if that makes you comfortable…”, she says, gesturing to a pair of couches across from each other with a coffee table in between them. Everything in this place looks fairly expensive, though it is sparse on the decor, the furniture is all very comfortable.

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> tilts her head slightly, “It was not Sabbat, but Setites that brought the strange drugs into the city. They were fleeing the Sabbat… we showed them that was a bad idea.”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 fetches up against a wall and watches.

<+D2D> Eden, sits on the corner of the couch and start paying attention at everyone’s reaction

<+Morose> 5<Martin> looks at the couches and takes a seat on one, running his hand over the fabric a few times before looking up and over at Lynn.  “I can imagine.  She was concerned because the Anarchs were pursuing a pair of Caitiff, mentioned they were suspected of being spies for the Sabbat.”

<+Terra> Marge nods in agreement as she also takes a seat.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| nods and takes a seat as well

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> frowns but nods her head at that. “Creed and Jaspar, I know of them. They are acknowledged by Bishop… if Samson kills them, there would be repurcussions.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “There must be a way to peacefully resolve the issue..”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 looks to Magatsu, remaining by the wall for a bit before going to sit down on a couch.

<+Terra> Marge cracks her knuckles.  “Catch them first.  Before the Anarchs do.”

<+D2D> Eden, silently listen to the issues that is at stake

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> nods, smiling as she points to Marge. “Bingo. If you all can catch up to them first, perhaps we can talk to them. It would first off, allow us to determine if any of the accusations are founded… and second, keep them out of trouble.”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> nods his head slowly.  “Perhaps if we can approach them in a non-violent manner, we can convince them to go somewhere you can speak with them then.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| nods “Any leads where we should start looking?”

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> looks thoughtful, starting to pace about the room for a minute. “If I was desperate to avoid the Anarchs… I’d say the only place to hide would be out in the swamp.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Hmm, thats a big place. It will take a while to search. Any way to lure them out?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “I can try and harry them out with the local animals.

<+Terra> Marge frowns… “And there are alligators.”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Again, I can drive them out with the local animals.”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> actually smiles, looking to Kat.  “Can you make them scarier than the local Brujah they are fleeing?”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “That is a good idea. If Katarina can convince the gators to track the scent of undeath on the caitiff and drive them towards us, we won’t have to sweep through the swamp..That is if you have enough command over the predators and they dont eat the caitiff” He looks at Katarina

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “I can try, sure.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Whats the alternative?”

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> raises a hand. “However you do it, keep in mind… if they believe you are attacking them, they may defend themselves. If you can, get them to Howards Street, the back side of it is near the swamp… there is a park there and some old buildings that got hit bad by the hurricane. I can talk to them there.”

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> “In the meantime I will talk to the Sheriff and get him to give a little extra harassment to the Anarchs to slow them down.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| nods “In that case we can all meet outside the swamp tomorrow, if any of you have a better plan by then..”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> nods in agreement.  “Is there some way for us to reach you once we are done on our end?”

<+D2D> Eden, looks really confused

<+Terra> Marge listens, occasionally glancing toward Kat, then Lynn again.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| looks at Eden “You don’t have to get involved unless you want to”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 remains calm, watching.

<+D2D> Eden, “I wouldn’t mind lending a hand but I don’t really know whats going on” looks back at Magatsu

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> nods and takes out a card, passing it around. “There, add that to your phone or something… don’t call me unless it’s important, seriously.”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 takes the card, nodding. “Thanks.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “I’ll be heading off to the devil’s thrill after this. I can tell you about it on the way” he says to Eden. Maybe you can run into the toreador primogen as well

<+D2D> Eden, “Sounds like a perfect plan”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 grins as she slips the card away. “Excellent.”

<+Terra> Marge nods her head as she gets up.  “We won’t bother you if it is not a necessity.”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> gets up as well, folding his hands behind him.  “Agreed.  Then we shall leave you to your business while we attend to our own.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| turns his head towards Lynn as he gets up “Thank you for your time”

<+D2D> Eden, slowly stood up and lowers his head as a thank you gesture

<@Aeon-Rook> 10<Shotgun> nods and heads to the door, opening it for the group. “Good. Then I shall see you all later. Hopefully when you are not in trouble.”

<+Terra> Marge laughs lightly, nodding.  “One can hope… But with some of us you can never tell.”, she says as she goes outside.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| as he walks out of the house he gestures to Eden “Do you have a car?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 gets up and saunters out. “I’m never trouble.”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> snickers as he goes out behind Kat.  “I do not think even the new one believes that.”

<+D2D> Eden, walks out with Magatsu “I could call my driver to come over, you can give him the directions right? He is as new as me in this town”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 looks at Martin, innocent. “What do you mean? Look at this face.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “That would be great. It would save me the cab fare” He laughs

<+Morose> 5<Martin> looks Kat over, unblinking chocolate brown eyes going from top to bottom.  “Oh, you are most certainly trouble.”

<+Terra> Marge grins at Kat.  “He’s got you pegged girly.  Come on, lets get out of here before the neighborhood watch calls the cops on the lot of us.”

<+D2D> Eden, pulls out a cellphone and called the driver. “He says he’ll take a couple of minutes”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 gasps, and puts a hand over her heart. “Why, I never.”

<+Morose> 5<Martin> turns and slowly shuffles off into the darkened streets of the Garden District, looking like he might be headed for Lafeyette Cemetery.  “Goodnight.”

<+Terra> Marge watches him go and then looks off toward the direction of the swamp…  “I am going to go scout the buildings she was talking about.  Just give it a going over, check the layout and such.”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 nods.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “So then Mr. Eden, you have a driver. You must be rich? What is it that you do if you dont mind me asking?”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| nods at the others as they leave

<+D2D> Eden, a couple of minutes passed and the driver arrived , “not really rich, just enough to spend. I’m just a part time model”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 would walk over to the Devil’s Trill.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| turns to Katarina “Would you like to join..with Mr. Eden’s permission of course?” He looks at Eden

<+D2D> Eden, “Oh sure, Miss Kat is always welcome”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Nah. I’ll walk.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| nods “Alright” then motions to Eden “After you Mr. Eden”

<+D2D> Eden, Says to katarina”Oh okay”. “Oh don’t be so modest, we’re both new here hahaha”  By the wayHey Mr Magatsu I think I will drop the two of you off Devil’s Trill, I forgot that I need to settle in, you know new houses, a lot of stuff needs to be sorted out.”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 snorts. “I’ve been here longer than you. And don’t be a tease, mang.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “In that case could you drop me off on Broad street instead?”

<+D2D> Eden, “Anything you need, its all good”

<+D2D> Eden, as I closes the door, “So Mr Magatsu, what do you do?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 walks off toward the bar.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “So a part time model. Thats a very expensive car for a part time time model. Any particular reason for coming to New Orleans?…” “Oh me? I used to work for the Scottish camarilla before I came here. Mostly guard duty and a””

<+D2D> Eden, “Well, most of my wealth are inherited, collect some rents here and there. The car is quite cheap because I know someone who could get me the cheapest price” “Ahh, interesting, do you charge a lot?” Chuckling while saying the 2nd line

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “My services are a tad expensive. But I can give a hefty discount for friends” He grins “If you require a strong arm, please do let me know. I am looking for employment”

<+D2D> Eden, “I will keep that in mind, lets exchange number then” Hands Magatsu my name card.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| takes the card and gives Eden his number “Pleasure to meet you Mr. Eden”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| says with a smile

<+D2D> Eden, “So whats the place you’re heading to?”

<+D2D> Eden, “downtown?”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “yes, its near to the bar actually. He shows him the place on his gps”

<+D2D> Eden, “Oh ok”

<+D2D> Eden, “Alright bro, we shall see each others soon, still have to go find the primogen” feeling frustrated for a sec and wave goodbye to Magatsu

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Thank you for the ride Mr. Eden. See you tomorrow I guess? Oh right…” He leans in closer and speaks softly “There are rumors of setites distributing drugs in the city. There are also two caitiff on the run from the anarchs on suspicion of being sabbat spies. We are to extract those two before the anarchs kill them..So we can get to the real truth. in?”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “I hope you are..” he waves and starts walking

<+D2D> Eden, shouts softly “yeah sure, I need some friends in this city” Smiles wickedly

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| waves

<+D2D> Eden, “have a great night in the bar too, see yah”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| walks into the Devil’s trill. Despite his attire being more..refined and different than the other bikers no one seems to bother him. He exudes brujah-ness afterall

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 would reach the bar after a while and walk in, blowing a kiss to the bartender.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| waves to Katarina “We meet again! Shame Mr. Eden couldn’t join us for the evening”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Oh, yes, we do. I think this place would make him explode.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “I’m sure he’ll do alright. The place isnt that rough. The toreador primogen likes it after all”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14Walks into the Trill, looking around to see who is around

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “True, true.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “We never got properly introduced. I’m Magatsu from Aberdeen, Scotland”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| extends his right hand

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 would be close to the bar, wearing and looking like

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 looks to the hand. “Kat, from all over.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| is wearing

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| and has on his back

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| looks like this and has brown leather gloves on even inside for some reason

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14walks up to the bar, a bit overdressed for the place but on him it works. He nods to the other two at the bar and listens for a minute before talking

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “So you are from clan gangrel. What brings you to this part of the world?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “The sights and the sounds. Also, the history.”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14perks up at the mention of a clan name and looks directly at the two

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| nods “Traveling is great. Life would be so boring otherwise”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14 says in a charming Spanish accent. “You never know who is listening when you talk, you know.” He smiles openly showing he means no harm to them and is more amused than anything

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 looks to Santiago, raising an eyebrow. “Well, howdy.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| turns around to see Santiago and speaks with a heavy Japanese accent “Oh I’m sure you don’t. You really would not want to harm a bar patron anyway..not here” The bar is full of mean looking bikers, possibly brujah

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14bows deeply in what could come across as affected but works when he does it. “A pleasure to make your acquaintance.  Santiago Hernandez, at your service.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Good evening to you”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″And good evening to you, sir.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Magatsu…just Magatsu. Please to meet you san-Hernandez”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″A pleasure to meet you.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “and this lovely lady here is..I’ll let her introduce herself” he looks at Katarina

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| studies the man for a moment “I have a hunch you are from a certain clan..”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “But I can’t place it which one”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 gives Santiago a lazy salute. “Call me Kat.”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14smiles again and starts whistling Toreador from Carmen.

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″Ah, Kat. Well, I hope the claws won’t come out just yet.”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Only if you’ve been naughty.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Yes you should show us your claws sometimes. I’d love to see how lethal they are. Perhaps tomorrow?”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Perhaps.”

<+Tachy> %c2*%c12Santiago%c2* %c14″Well then perhaps later I’ll have to be…” he winks

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| nods

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 smirks back.

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″So, are we three it at the bar now? I’m new to town and just trying to see who is here”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Three that are of any significance yes. Have you spoken to Mr. Bishop yet?”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″I have not yet had that pleasure. As I said, I am very new to town.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| taps on a adjacent seat “Have a seat Mr. Santiago” he turns to Kat “Lot of new comers, I have a hunch something interesting is bound to happen soon”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Oh, most definitely.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “So what brings you to New Orleans Mr. Santiago. If I’m not wrong you are..spanish?”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14sits down with a flourish of his coat. “Yes, I think something is going on here. And yes, I am originally from Spain. But I’ve traveled and picked up all sorts of horrible linguistic quirks”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “As I was telling miss Katarina here life would be flavorless without travel” He leans forward two inches speaks softly “You think something is..going on here? Like what if you dont mind sharing?”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″Oh as to that I have no idea. Just a hunch now, but it seems there are a lot of players at the moment from what I hear. So who knows? Plus, can you think of a more enjoyable city anywhere? Even if it is full of French influence.” He says the word French as a mild insult

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Ah so you are here for pleasure and..a hunch”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″Why go anywhere if pleasure doesn’t play a role at least?”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “Sometimes its duty or responsibility that drives us to go places as well..”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″That sounds so much more.. boring.”

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “Agreed.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “You can always mix work and pleasure”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″Oh and trust me, I always do”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “So what does an interesting fellow like you do? I’m sure its rather interesting as well”

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14″Oh, this and that.” he motions disinterestedly. “I have certain skills that others find useful that allow me to earn enough to to do as I please the rest of the time. Really nothing that bears discussion, honestly.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| nods

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 “As fun as this was, I’ll leave you boys to it.”

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| “actually, I have somewhere else to be as well. It was good to meet you Mr. Santiago I’m sure we’ll meet again soon enough. See you tomorrow night Katarina” he nods to the both of them

<+Blackfyre> 11*10Katarina11*10 14 makes her way out

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14stands up as the lady makes her exit

<+Tachy> 2*12Santiago2* 14leaves, the party over.

<+Dusk> 6|Magatsu| walks out of the bar

Session Close: Sat Jan 14 00:00:00 2017