Sooooo…  pulling the logs in a different manner so a few of these will have the color codes in the names… sorry.  I just set it to strip codes and hopefully that works for future scenes.

Session Start: Tue Jan 10 00:00:00 2017
Session Ident: #Aeons_Sabbat

<+Dusk> 7[Rakshasa] woke up from sleep saw a note posted on the door of his little ‘haven’ He takes a look at it and immediately heads off to meet Sascha

<@Aeon-Rook> <Sascha> happens to be wandering just outside of the Chapel, as usual, tending to her garden. It seems to be blooming some strange flowers now, most of them in deep purple and blue and they seem unique in their unusual shape.

<+Terra> Chrys makes his way about the courtyard, exploring all along the edge of the compound.  As he heads north, he stops and nods to Sascha.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 comes up from the woods, stretching as she enters the compound and takes a look around.

<+MichaelM> Anne works in the center yard, going through her usual PT routine. She gives Fiona and Chrys cursory nods as they come into the courtyard, but remains at her calisthenics.

<+Dusk> 7[Rakshasa] approaches Sascha and gives her a semi-formal bow, lowering his head “Good evening Sascha. I read the note you left at my door. I have been looking forward to what the flayed man knows regarding the strange events going on”

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> comes out from the archery range and upon seeing the others, starts to head that way.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 would step out of some shadows and head over to where others seemed to be gathering.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Sascha> looks at Rakshasa and then the rest of them with a faint smile. “Well, he has been speaking of a book. And the visions I get from his mind are of something that looks like it is made of flesh… specifically, his skin. And I think he can sense it still, being a part of him.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 looks at Sascha as she approaches, nodding once.

<+Terra> Chrys raises an eyebrow, but keeps quiet on the matter so far.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 listened because the flayed man was exactly the reason he had wanted to hear things right now. He’d give a respectful nod to Sascha.

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> hangs back, arms folded as he watches and listens.  No real expression as he takes in the information.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] scratches his beard at the mention of the book. A furrow appears on his forehead “A book made of one’s own flesh. I have heard of -similar- books. Books written in blood, bound in flesh. I believe such books often contain esoteric knowledge considered too heretical for human society, like books for sacrificial rituals or summoning the dead” He chuckles a bit “I believe such things have been made popular in stories

<+Dusk>  and film as well namely the necronomicon”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “I also have a hunch the book is somehow soul bound to the flayed man, having been crafted from his own body. Thats why he can sense it”

<+Terra> Chrys smiles faintly.  “Tzimisce are known for turning people they don’t like into books.”

<+MichaelM> “Sounds like they’re good at reading people, then.” Anne says with a slight chuckle.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Point to be noted..considering the earth filled basin we found earlier”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Did he say anything about the location or whereabouts of this book? Or who possess it? What does it do?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Sascha> actually looks at Anne and laughs. “That is really funny actually. It may be that the man seems naturally psychic that ties him to it, I am not sure. I am not even sure that the book -is- from his flesh without seeing it in person… but i am positive this is not just raving insanity and that it exists, and is still there, somewhere.”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 smirks and winces at the bad jokes. They were amusing, in a morbid way. “Can we get any direction on which it might be? Does he see anything to give us any clues?”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Well until he comes to his senses and tells us. It would be impossible to track down this book, unless you have some ritual for that purpose?”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Sascha> narrows her eyes a little at Rakshasa. “If you will slow down a little… I have met Malkavians that were not so excitable, really. It is in that bunker, in the room… with the cage? I could see the metal he was bound to.”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 nods affirmingly.

<+Terra> Chrys looks about, and runs a hand through his short hair.  “We did not recheck that space.  Just the shadow room and the basin room. We might have missed something.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “I could go take a look again. Chances are the book may be hidden behind a cloaking spell though”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Maybe.” He looked thoughtful.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Sascha> “I think you should go back and at least check it out. As it was visions, they could have been of the past… it honestly may not be there anymore. But it could have valuable information.”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Alright, will do as soon as possible. I am up for it now if it will assist in things.”

<+MichaelM> “Seems like a lot of effort for an if,” Anne says with a shrug, “beats waiting around though.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Someone who is very good with auspex, should come along as well”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “In case the book is cloaked”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Sascha> “Kitt is becoming more advanced with that ability. And she has been there before.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 crosses her arms, listening.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] nods “Before we leave. I would like to share some info. I did a little bit of research on the Very basic stuff. It seems there has been a local legend going on about a cult of the feathered serpent in the areas surrounding the cave”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “the haunted cave that is”

<+Terra> Chrys looks over, and tilts his head as he thinks about it… Then starts to walk back toward the house.  “I need to grab a couple things.”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Feathered serpent like quetzlcoatl?”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Yes Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of wind or maybe its Mayan counterpart Kukulan, the serpent who tried to reach the sun but the sun burnt its tongue. Hence the serpent hates it. Does that remind you of some other deity?”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> comes out of the main hall and starts to wander over, yawning and then stopping to look at the others. “Uhm, hey?”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “There’s a roman/greek story of a boy who flew too high to the sun and melted his father’s made-wings for him. What other deity?”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Hello. I was just talking to everyone how there was once a cult dedicated to quetzalcoatl in the area surrounding the haunted cave, before the french occupied the region”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 nods at Kitt. “Hey, kid.” She then looks at Talwar. “Icarus?”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] looks at Talwar “Set. The god of darkness, who wishes only to destroy Ra, the sun after Ra cursed it for killing Osiris.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Set..the patron diety and antediluvian of setites..Hmm well the mesoamerican counterparts called themselves the….Tlacique, before they were allegedly -wiped out- hundreds of years ago. A curious bunch of setites they were”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 smirks. “I wasn’t listening then.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “Really.”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 nods to Fiona. “Yes, Icarus.”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “As for the setites, I can’t stand them and if they are around, I’ll gladly skewer the lot of them. Thanks for the occult lesson.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “And yes the greek legend was icarus who was simply a mortal. But I was pointing towards Set”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Still doesnt explain the cult’s hand in the cave spirit however, celtic symbols on the cave however. If the cult was responsible there would be aztec symbols and serpents drawn all over the wall”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Maybe it’s not so important and we should just see about getting that book. We do not want to lose connection to it entirely and if he can feel it, there could be magics that could find our flayed friend as well.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> nods her head softly. “Maybe… but they’d have a hell of a time getting in here. Book? Are we going somewhere? I sense… yeah, you are giving the lok. I’ll grab my shoes.”

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> smirks and shakes his head, usually already ready to go whenever needed.

<+MichaelM> “Do we want to grab a colour guard while we’re at it? Maybe a marching band?” Anne shakes her head slightly. “We’re not going to be very inconspicuous travelling with such numbers. Especially if they have the place under surveillance. Or trapped.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Sascha> looks to Anne and shrugs. “You don’t all have to go. Just a few of you to look around should suffice… and since you don’t have an much looking power, you may as well stay.”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Some of us can sneak on our own. I can do quietus for us as well. I’m not to the level where I can obfuscate a bunch of us though.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> looks excited for a moment. “Oh! I can! It’s not quite the same but i learned a ritual that can hide some of us.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “What ritual, kidlet?”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “That would be great then. Do you need much time for the ritual?”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> “It’s called Donning the Mask of Shadows. It’s like a spell that will make us hidden, kinda like Ghost does.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “You think there might be enemies? It was quite clear the last time we checked”

<+MichaelM> “That’s exactly what makes me think it’s trapped.” Anne turns to face Rakshasa. “Especially if there’s anything there worth any intel. Nothing better to help a trap or an ambush than giving your opponents a false sense of security.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> looks over at Talwar. “Not too long… less than half an hour.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Then we’ll wait till Kitt has finished her ritual”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> comes back after a moment, and then gathers up anyone that needs to be able to hide that currently can’t before casting.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 would wait apart. He had obf 2. Good enough. ~

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 would join the ritual.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] would join, if there is room

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughtfully at Rakshasa. “You can’t change forms or attack or you’ll come out of it.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “In that case I’ll pass. Thank you”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> shrugs and looks between the others, then uses it and starts to head off… byt now, they all know the way to the bunker.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] silently follows

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 would enter obfuscate and head that way.. and when they draw nearer, activate quietus around them.

<+MichaelM> Anne follows Kitt closely, not sure how far the range is on the ritual. She’s torn between pride at the younger woman’s abilities, and nervousness at exactly how potent she’s becoming.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> keeps moving along toward the bunkers, and when they reach sight of it, she pauses, looking around and giving Ghost a chance to check for traps.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 follows, cracking her knuckles and looking at the door before lowering her fists.

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> (obfuscated) looks around the area very carefully, in case it is trapped.  Not finding anything new, he appears near to the door and waves them over before retreating to the shadows again.

<+MichaelM> “Hey, look Firebrand. An intact door.” Anne mutters.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] stares at the bunker door to see if anything has changed since his last visit. There should be dried blood on the door and the door should be half open

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “If I remember correctly, the lights inside should be off. Unless something came back and switched those lights on”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 eyes Anne. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “Shut it, Grandma.”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 moves along with the others in obfuscate and then he’d check the door and around to see if anything had changed as well.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The door is shut. Clean, and seems repaired even. But nothing is trapped, at least not on the outside.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 eyes the door for a minute longer, before drawing back a fist and punching it, grumbling. “I hate you, Grandma.”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Someone has been here since my last visit”

<+MichaelM> “Then I shall enjoy the delectable disdain, Firebrand.” Anne chuckles, eyeing the damage to the door.

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> (obfuscated) just shakes his head.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] He was left dumbfounded as Fiona punched down a steel door “Un-fucking-believable! You seem to have a beef with door, even steel ones are not safe from you”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The door falls inward and then over with a crash against the concrete that echoes for miles throughout the forest (Or it would have… but Talwar was using Quietus and so it made no sound). Inside, it is very dark.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 looks at Fiona and shrugs, heading in. At this point, if something was down there, it might be smooshed if it was competition. He wasn’t going to waste time now so it was time to look for that book. He’d also use obten to reach out to the shadows to see if there were hidden things that they might not see.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 activates Eyes and looks around the interior, her solid crimson eyes peering around.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] His white eyes glow fiery red as as he stares into the darkness

<+MichaelM> Anne raises her head and tastes the air, trying to smell out any differences in this bunker from the last time she’d been here.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “This bunker had already been cleared out. What motivation could they have to come back, yet they clearly have come back”

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Perhaps they were looking for what we are looking?”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 sees Rak’s mouth moving and then shuts off Quietus.

<+MichaelM> “The air tastes clean.” Anne grunts. “If they made any additions, I can’t smell them.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The lights are still out all the way down, but Talwar removing shadows as you go does assist somewhat, plus most of the group either has Protean or Auspex to see better. When they reach the boom, nothing seems different, save for the lack of any signs anyone had ever used that bunker for anything.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “After we find what we came here to find. Perhaps we can take another look if the basin is back or not? I wanted to show you guys the drain as well”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “The floor’s been tidied up.”

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> (obfuscated) sits outside of the bunker, just watching the trees.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Yes it has.. I am not finding anything. The floors are all cement except in the cage, which is dirt.” He’d go over to the cage though and start checking the dirt itself, digging some to see if it was disturbed at all below that surface of cleaning.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “They removed tracks basically.” * he’d check around the walls with the obtenebration as well to see if there were any cracks or anything unusual.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> rubs her forehead a little bit, blinking her eyes. “That was super weird.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “What was, kidlet?”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 focuses back on the ground again. “Hey…Fiona. You have claws…want to come here and dig a bit?”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “There’s something under here, I am pretty sure. You’d probably be faster at this than me digging with my knife.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 looks to Talwar. “Yeah, gimme a sec.” She walks over and pops her claws, ready to dig.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Be careful with it. I am not sure what it is.”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> It’s slow going, perhaps she is being too cautious or the ground is more solid than she thought… but Fiona seems to have a hard time getting to whatever that is stuck down there. it’s obviously been buried for a long time.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> watches, tilting her head a bit… looking like she is starting to zone out. Her third eye opens, fixated on what Talwar and Fiona are doing.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 frowns and continues digging, redoubling her efforts.

<+MichaelM> Anne keeps watch, not entirely convinced they’re alone out here.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> On the next try Fiona manages to pull it free, her claws clicking against the metal lid of the box. It looks to be made of iron, and does not appear to have a lid, or opening… just a big iron cube about 1 foot in each dimension.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Curious”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Great, good job, Fiona. Let’s see it.” * he checks over the box and if it would need some tools to bust into, he had those. He has larceny to break into stuffs.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> sways slightly back and forth, two of her eyes not focused on anything though the third is staring straight at the box.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] glances at Kitt from the corner of his eye “You alright, kid?”

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> bristles slightly, letting the shadows pull around him in an effort to appear more threatening.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 will chizel into it since there’s no real clear way otherwise.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> half nods, but remains unfocused. Her eyes blink while the third does not.

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> hears the tink-tink as the grenade gets tossed into the bunker door and without hesitation he grabs it and launches it right back where it came from.  “GRENADE!”  gets out, just before the boom upstairs.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] “Motherfucker!” He exclaims as he looks at the grenade that almost fried them. Instinctively he starts shifting into his war form

<+MichaelM> Anne instinctively ducks and rolls, putting anything study between her and Ghost. As the grenade goes off, she pulls a pistol from her jacket and slides a clip in. “And my therapist said paranoia’s unhealthy.” She mutter to nobody in particular.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 turns toward the door, narrowing her eyes and brandishing her claws.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 looked into the box and then picked out the book. He’d close up the box and put it back into the ground, moving to cover it back up and dust things off. He’d then give the book to Kitt. “If you can get away, take that back with you.” He’d then obfuscate and draw his sword and a knife.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] looked at Ghost “Good job, you saved our asses”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Let us find out if our foes remain moving still and then solve that problem if they do.”

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] shifts and contorts into his war form “Rawr! Agreeed!”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> takes the book and nods, as he touches her she snaps out of whatever daze she was in. “Alright. Once i am sure I have a clear path I’ll head back with it.”

<+MichaelM> “Then stop talking about it and let’s move.” Anne growls, leaning out of cover to aim her gun at the doorway..

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 moves to take up a melee position, stepping out of line of fire.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 nods to Kitt and then moves for the side of the door, obfuscated to peer out.

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> blinks but grins, actually not having expected that to work but still proud of his reflexes.  He moves to cover Kitt’s escape as he sees what is going on, the explosion ebing enough of a pointer as to where they should be headed.

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] takes position on the other side of the door, waiting to pounce

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 activating celerity.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] a bullet came out of nowhere and grazed him, but his thick skin absorbed all the impact. He instinctively ducks back into cover trying to locate the shooter before going in for the attack “Get behind cover”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> Something dark, like a shadow stands up and fires what looks like a shotgun at Rak, but the slug doesn’t even seem to phase the beast.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 “Fuck. Damned shotgun bastards. I promise I won’t run straight at him, Grandma.”

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] IF Kitt is just standing in the open he grabs her and pulls her into cover as well

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 for memory, is there something out there to go dash behind with celerity?

<+MichaelM> “Good girl.” Anne snarks back, as she prepares to move up.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 moves into the closest spot for cover, hunkering down.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> is waiting still at the bottom of the stairs for there to be a clear path… listening in case someone tosses in another grenade so she can run. She also forces blood through her to increase her resistance to damage.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 will zoom out with celerity then to move behind a tree since he sees the shadowy thing over that way.

<+MichaelM> Anne activates her own Celerity, then moves up as well, keeping cover between her and the enemy. She takes careful shots, mindful of the limited ammunition reserves on her person.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] runs on all fours darting from tree to tree, using them as cover as he tried to close in the distance between him and the distant shooter. He might be a little big to hide behind the trees but he tries his best to maintain cover. He also uses some vitae to bolster his natural armor

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> concentrates and tries to force the shadows to cover the area around the bunker door but it fails, leaving the area open still.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 is using celerity to draw closer and try to get behind the foe with the shoddy.

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> The shadow fires again, this time at Anne, but her supernatural swiftness allows her to dodge it completely.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> stays put, concerned there could be more shooters if she tries to make a run for it alone… they were pack-oriented for a reason.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 would move up as close as she could.

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] murmurs “Now you are done for”

<+MichaelM> Anne sights in the weapon and lets of a single, well-aimed shot. She watches in absolute rage as the bullet shoots completely off-target. “(turkish) What the fuck kind of ganger bet his life on this piece of bullshit?!”

<@Aeon-Rook> <Storyteller> When Talwar finally gets close enough to it, the Shadow seems to not even fully be there, and radiates cold about it. The blackness seems wet on the outside, slimy almost and it gives way easily under the knife but the strange nature of it makes it hard to tell whether or not it was actually harmed.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 swung with the knife first and followed up with the sword but it didn’t seem it was too much, if any avail, which was quite unusual to happen to him. This might not have been such a grand move on his part.

<+Dusk> 7[Rākshasa] charges from behind cover and slashes it with his claws, but they seem to pass through its shadowy form doing no damage “This thing is like a mass of living shadow.”

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] “Its all cold and slimy, But I may have scratched it a little”

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> stays put, watching the others to make sure they are not flanked themselves.

<+MichaelM> Anne, with the only apparent target surrounded, dashes over to Kitt. “Come on, pup. Hop up. I’m getting you and that box out of here.”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 goes to stab it with the sword and he and it are about as confused.

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> holds the book, her third eye seems to be straining to see outside. Finally she nods and moves to follow Anne back toward the Asylum.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “There are more of these things out there. Keep striking and we must move.”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 slashes into the blobby mess with her claws, turning it into strips of blackish blobs.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 swung again and slashes at the blob, not connecting with anything of consequence.

<+Dusk> “Is it me or has this thing stopped attacking? This fucker doesnt seem to be taking much damage from physical sources. Its shadow we need bright light maybe?”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Keep hitting it. It is taking damage some. The others are reacting to it. I am watching them. Keep going.”

<+MichaelM> “Too slow, Pup.” Anne plucks Kitt up and begins to run, letting her enhanced speed carry them both back as quickly as possible. She keeps an eye and nose on the surrounding forest, fully expecting another ambush.

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] launches yet another attack on the shadow creature. The claws tear into its cold, slimy body spraying goo everywhere

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> moves to help Anne and Kitt move on, darting between trees.

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] “Ehh, disgusting creature”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Get away! Grenade!” * he will move off with his upcoming action and grab someone else if need be.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 grabs Fiona and moves out of there.

<+Morose> 14 <Ghost> is all about hauling buttocks back to the base with the others to rest and then regroup on that crap later.

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 swipes at the creature ineffectually as she’s grabbed.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Let’s go.” * starts heading back to the base, releasing Fiona once they were far enough away. “We have what we came for.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> taps Anne when they get close. “Can I walk the rest of the way so they don’t laugh at me for being carried in?”

<+Blackfyre> 5<5Fiona5>5 5 thwaps Talvar lightly as she’s set down. “I almost had it.”

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] Before he could react the shadow blew itself up with a grenade ravaging him with a explosive force and a barrage of shrapnel..-BOOM-. He managed to cover his face to save his eyes and somehow his thick skin saved his life. Although some injuries were taken

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] The explosion pushed him into the air threw him away a few meters “Aargh!”

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 “Well, it had itself.” * he smirks. He keeps an eye out as they continue back, checking for those weird ass gloppy wraiths.

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 of course would make sure Rak was getting up first.. yeah.

<+MichaelM> “Ha!” Anne lets out a bark of laughter. “Sure, Pup.” She lets Kitt down, then turns back towards the forest. “You get yourself, and that box someplace safe. I’m going back for the others.”

<@Nox_Aegis> 14<Kitt Bishop> nods in agreement and takes the book and then takes off for the protection of the Koldun’s magic.

<+MichaelM> Anne gives Kitt a fond glance as the younger vampire heads off, then makes her way back into the woods for the others.

<+Dusk> 4[Rākshasa|Yeti] gets up as fast as he can. His eyes are blurry at first due to the concussive force. As his vision clears he sees everyone running back to base. He gathers himself and stands up “Motherfucker! Tha..t hu..rts” He then starts moving towards the asylum

<+Death> 5°4¥ 7Talwar Khanna 4¥5°14 nods to Raks and then continues back, watching out for those spirits.

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