Dan looks around nervously, his hood up and his hands in his pockets

A woman with curly brown hair, sits at a table with a laptop and a keychain of different color-coded usb drives.  She is sitting with her back to a wall, and there is a cup of tea on her little table.  The arcade is almost dead this time of night, with only a couple of others inside at the machines.

Dan looks around and sees the woman, nodding to her as he approaches. “I assume you’re who I’m looking for?”

The woman looks up and at Dan curiously before putting her things away.  “You aren’t exactly what I was expecting.  But I think so.”, she gives a brief look around before standing to look at him more directly.  “Who the heck are you working for?”

Dan looks up at her sharply as she reads him, then punches a few keys on his “phone” and looks back at her.

<Dan> I work for myself at the moment, I’m just trying to figure things out.  And yourself?

Dan looks back at his phone even more perplexed and types a bit more and frowns at it harder.

She looks a little confused, tilting her head as she watches him curiously.  “Me too. I had thought you were… one of Them, but you’re not.”

<Dan> Which Them? I’m afraid there’s quite a few them rolling around here these days. You’ll have to be more specific

She looks around again for a moment, uncomfortable.  “The ones that watch everybody.  That control things.  But you seem… different.  They wouldn’t like you very much.  Why’d you get me almost caught?  It took me months to get in there where I could see what they were really doing.”

<Dan> As they say, the cobblers children always go barefoot. I spend so much time getting into other systems that sometimes I ignore my own security. You know how it can be. Open this port for a reverse shell, that one to spoof a server response, ignore updates because you can’t reboot right now… needless to say, a mistake I won’t make again. But tell me, who are you? I’m Dan.

<Dan> Also… the ones that watch everyone still doesn’t narrow it down. FBI? NSA? Secret government cabal? Vampires? Illuminati? Mummies*he watches her face carefully as he says vampires and mummies. the only two things from his research that don’t show life signs*

She looks him over again, but seems to relax a bit finally.  “I’m Alice.  I had been working on making a way to get into their servers from outside, but now I can’t get back in from inside to finish it.  I don’t know what they are.  I’ve always just called them the Watchers.”

Alice looks thoughtful for a moment.  “The FBI guys aren’t Them.  I was just curious about what they found, if it might be related.  I found the White Rabbit Project and well… down I went rather like my namesake.”

<Dan> Alice eh, then I suppose I should have been Bob *smiles*. Good to meet you Alice. And I think I may still have a way back in. I’m pretty good at this, usually. They’re good, and they have stuff hidden. If you know about the inside layout we can work together. I guess you mean the WRP are the watchers?

Dan laughs out loud at that

Alice studies him a moment longer, still eyeing him mostly with curiousity.  “Uhm, this might sound weird as heck but… what are you?  I can see your aura and it’s kinda weird, all sparkly.  Only ever seen …  oh.  Nevermind.  You’re not… a Tremere, right?”

Alice looks thoughtful, “I have a good picture of the layout of what I had clearence for at least.  And they don’t know it was me, yet.  My programs were very good at destroying my own tracks, why I left the door open for you, so it’d look like it all came from outside.”

<Dan> Hopefully they’ll track it to my old set up. Were you the one who knocked? Or them? Anyway as to what I am… I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I know you’re not alive. But I don’t know what a tremere is.

Alice tilts her head a bit at that, and then nods finally.  “Well…  I guess, you already know I am not alive it’s not exactly breaking the rules.  I’m uh, well for the simplest term a vampire.  And a Tremere is a magic vampire, they cast spells and stuff, makes their auras all sparkly, like yours.  I knocked, I wanted to see who was after me, but I guess you weren’t after me at all.”

Dan nods. That was my guess. Vampires can be hedge mages. Some of us still have the original power. I’m still learning but it seems something is drawing all sorts of special people here. And I feel I can trust you on this for now. I’m sure I’ll regret this choice soon enough but let’s work together.

Alice nods in agreement and offers her hand.  “Alright then, I’m okay with that.  I’ll get you some of the layout information… and for now at least I can still come and go as i please there.  But I dare not get back on the systems for a while.”

Dan nods again. “No problem. Great to meet you Alice. Here’s my card.” It’s black with green numbers only. She quickly figures out it encodes a secure way to contact him

<Dan> If you can tell me about the systems and what I’m looking for we can share the results too

Alice nods as she takes the card and looks at it, then tucks it away in her pocket as she grabs her laptop and tucks it under one arm.  “I will.  But it’s almost morning, so I need to go for now.  But it was nice meeting someone else who kinda understands.  I’ll be in touch, you be careful out there.”

Dan smiles. You too.