<Angela> is sneaking around the alley between a flower shop and a bar, a old-timey camera hanging around her neck and dressed all in black. She is wearing headphones as well, and holds a small stick attached to a wire that leads up to the ear piece.

~*Ramirez*~ would put his hoodie up so like he wouldn’t be so recognized, tying his hair back. He’d follow Angela along to see about getting more evidence. He still wanted to talk to her about actually finding people who could talk to him about what he was, but his avatar was pesky enough to provide some answers.

{Maverick} was passing by when he sees the two snooping around. He parks his bike at the nearest legal parking space and decides to follow them

{Maverick} “Hey you two. What are you doing in this dark alley mate?”

*Katarina*  idly saunters down the street, hands in her pockets and slightly cocksure smirk in place. When she sees the little gang of superfriends, she raises an eyebrow and stops to watch, leaning against a wall.

<Angela> snaps a couple of pictures down the alleyway and then looks over her shoulder at Maverick and shhhhs. “Checking out the site where that hookman appeared.”

~*Ramirez*~ looks over at Maverick. “We’re checking around for stuff. What do you think we’re doing? Making out?”

<Angela> moves her stick around slowly, and winces the further back she gets… slowly walking toward the shadows in the back. “Man… this is weird. It seems to have come from… back here somewhere…”

{Maverick} shrugs “I don’t know, you could make out or do anything you want.” he turns to Angela “Oh Freddy Krueger! Have you found any clues?”

~*Ramirez*~ “I saw it emerge over here..” * he goes over to where he saw it first show up behind the woman that was murdered just prior to him.

Anet walks down the darkened streets, talking into her phone in rapid Czech. She gives the two shops a cursory glance, evaluating them. With a slight frown, she ends the call and tucks the phone into the inside breast pocket of her trenchcoat.

She tugs on the hem of her gloves as she approaches the site of the murder, then spots a number of people hanging around the alley to the side. Curious, she walks to the mouth of the alley, pulls one of her cigarettes out of her jacket and lights it. Leans against the bar’s outer wall, facing the street, but keeps the group in her peripheral vision.

*Katarina*  pushes off the wall and turns to look into the alleyway, watching the menagerie. “And what hookman would that be, hm?”

<Angela> turns around, probe still in ahnd and hooked into her headphones. “Hm, did you guys say… oh, hi there.”

~*Ramirez*~ “He’s not Freddie Krueger.. ” He turns to look toward the women that were there and more moves over by Angela. It was a good thing he noticed them or he was going to go on a whole description thing.

*Katarina*  smiles, her eyes glittering with amusement. “Hello, sweetie.”

<Angela> brings the probe up a bit and points it in Katarina’s general direction, then waves it slowly up and down. “Well… that’s… interesting. Hookman, yes. You know about the Urban Legend?”

{Maverick} stares at the two women “Who are you?” he hands reflexly going in his jacket towards his pistol

<Angela> shoots Maverick a glance and shakes her head like that is a terrible, awful, bad idea.

~*Ramirez*~ “Hey .. Are you two here to check out the murder scene that happened here too?” Might as well try friendly approach.

*Katarina*  flicks her gaze to Maverick, smiling a bit more as she watches him reach toward his pistol. “Call me Cat.”

{Maverick} “Hello Cat. Nice evening today isnt it? Have you come to seek Freddy Krueger as well?”

*Katarina*  frowns a bit, gaze sharpening as she watches the man. “Did you just look inside my head?”

*Katarina*  “Bad move, boyo.”

“I,” Anet turns her head to face Ramirez more fully, speaking with a thick Czech accent, “was curious as to why several young individuals such as yourselves, were handing around a pair of properties I was considering investing in. Doubly so with this one’s,” she nods towards Maverick, “reaction to the presence of others in a nominally public area.”

<Angela> glances at the woman and steps up, glaring at Maverick. “You can’t go around just jumping in people’s heads. Especially not freaking vampires. That can do that shit back.”

~*Ramirez*~ studies Katarina a moment and frowns slightly. “We’re curious about stuff that happened here. You both just made yourself real curious too I suppose. Forgive our jumpy friend. He’s not used to seeing dead people walking.”

“Now, isn’t yours the curious imagination,” Anet turns towards Angela, her gaze flickering momentarily, “how…delicious…” The corner of her lip curves upwards slightly.

*Katarina*  “Don’t do that again. Last warning.”

{Maverick} smiles at Katarina, still unsure if she’s a threat. There is a bad vibe around her. He prepares to unleash vulgar magic if shit hits the fan, paradox be damned “I did. so you sensed it. I had to know if you are a threat or not”

<Angela> points the probe at Anet and flips a switch on her side. “I can make this fucker shoot lightning bolts and I am not afraid to use it. Perhaps we should maybe… just maybe start with some introductions.”

*Katarina*  is somewhat pissed. “Of course I sensed it. Not hard to sense someone digging around in your goddamn head.”

<Angela> takes a half step back, looking betwen them and then passed them out of the alley. “Look. Nobody wants to start a fight. I don’t usually have issues with you guys… why are you looking… OH. I get it. The bodies were drained of blood and that means it might attract attention toward you guys.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Really, you didn’t need to look into her mind, dude. There are better ways to do stuff..and it seems we are -all- interested in what happened here so maybe we can work together? No one’s beating anyone up yet.”

{Maverick} “Vampires?! Like immortal undead who drink human blood and die in the sunlight? You guys are rea? Now I have seen everything”

{Maverick} disbelief is clearly showing on his face with a big WTF expression

*Katarina*  hisses at him. “Keep your damn voice down!”

<Angela> reaches over and actually pops Maverick one on the arm. “Dude. Lower your damn voice.”

Anet chuckles softly at Angela’s suggestion. “Cordiality is such a rare trait in the modern age. I shall take it, even accompanied as it may be with mutual threat.” Anet takes the cigarette from her mouth with one hand and places her other forearm across her waist as she bows softly. “Anet Nicol Královna. Local entrepreneur.”

<Angela> then looks at Kat and just laughs, shaking her head a bit. She then nods to Anet. “I’m Angela Lunis. Photographer by trade.”

{Maverick} finally lets go of his gun, sensing no immediate threat

“Absolutely delighted.” Anet holds out her hand to Anegla. “And your friend is wise to adopt discretion.” Anet’s eyes flash slightly as she glances at Maverick. “People crying about mind reading, shooting lightning, and vampires might end up institutionalized if the wrong people hear them speak of such.”

{Maverick} but he still can believe the shit he’s seeing

*Katarina*  mutters something about damn fool idiots, looking around to see if anyone had heard Maverick’s little outburst.

<Angela> takes Anet’s hand and shakes it firmly before looking back down the alley and nodding to Ramirez. “Well, there we go. Told you I should have done this in the daytime. Anyway… so… you guys know anything yet, or you just starting to look into it?”

~*Ramirez*~ looks so intrigued at the vampires. “Yeah, this is true”, he’d say about what Anet did. “We need to be quieter. Some things the mundanes can’t take. At any point, it’s nice to meet you two. I’m Ramirez.” * he’d offer a hand to Kat and then to Anet.

<Angela> starts to moves the stick back about the alleyway again, seeming to be picking up on something. “So, the good news is with enough information… we might be able to detect it. Tracking it might be a whole other matter though.”

“Delighted.” Anet slips her cigarette back into her mouth with one hand as she shakes Ramirez’s preoffered hand with her other.

~*Ramirez*~ “I think it feeds on fear…like changes the fear to like a vapor of blood and takes it in. And it’s like a part of the being I saw.. Not the whole thing.”

*Katarina*  would step back out of the alley and look around for a moment before stepping back inside, shaking Ramirez’ hand.

~*Ramirez*~ shakes their hands and then gestures back to where he first saw the dude, behind the woman. “It was over here. Maybe I can try something..”

<Angela> tilts her head a bit as she listens through the headphones and frowns. “Where have I heard that story before..?”

“I believe it is the plot of an upcoming movie, for one.” Anet observes casually as she takes a lengthy draw on her cigarette. “Perhaps two?”

~*Ramirez*~ walks over to where Angela is and starts gesturing with his hands. ‘It was here.. like the area.. was enough entropy here to degrade stuff.”

~*Ramirez*~ looks at Anet. “Oh my gods, can I fucking have a cig, please!? I haven’t had one since I ..fell off the wagon.”

*Katarina*  moves over to look at the gestured at spot.

<Angela> chuckles faintly at that, nodding. “Sounds like it. But I know I have heard of something like that before. I just can’t recall where. A Collector.”, she says and then pauses, looking around and examining the brick and ground. “Huh, it does look all cracked up.”

~*Ramirez*~ “A like fear collector yeah.”

“But of course.” Without taking her eyes from Ramirez, Anet withdraws a single cigarette and a friction lighter from inside her trenchcoat and passes them over to him. “With my compliments, young investigator. To your health.”

{Maverick} “A being that feeds on emotions? like a psychic vampire?”

<Angela> glances back at Maverick and looks thoughtful. “Maybe… But if I remember… it doesn’t collect for itself. It’s like… the executioner of a sacrifice.”

~*Ramirez*~ laughs. “to my health. Thanks.” * He smiled and then lit the cig and passed her back the lighter. He’d look at Maverick then as he toked on the smoke. “It changes the fear to like blood vapor and then takes it.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I think we’ll find more on it. Now that I have a direction anyway.”

<Angela> nods her head and takes a few more pictures, some of the cracks in the ground. “Yeah… my memory isn’t terrible, but I only have room for so much weird stuff in my head.”

{Maverick} “So for this being to kill its victims, they have to be afraid, very afraid. Can sheer courage counter his attack?”

~*Ramirez*~ “When you are dyin’, I don’t think it matters, hombre.”

~*Ramirez*~ “We need to figure out something that fucks this bitch up.”

<Angela> looks thoughtful and then shrugs. “That will have to be researched, I am at a loss on anything else. Still not even totally sure what it is, but I can tell you it doesn’t appear to be a Spirit. And well, we can rule Vampire out too most likely.”

{Maverick} “-something- that fucks him up? You mean normal weapons dont hurt him?”

Anet simply watches the group, chewing softly on her cigarette as it smolders and mentally preparing an account of these events. Later she’ll decide who exactly she’ll give it to, if anyone.

*Katarina*  is standing inside the alleyway, a brunette of shorter than average height.

~*Ramirez*~ “I dunno.” He takes a long drag from the smoke, sighing with contentment. “Ah, that feels so good. .. So, it’s not like us and not like them so.. what other options we have man? Maybe some kinda wraith?”

<Angela> chuckles faintly. “Most things like that, no. Like these guys for example.”, indicating Katarina and Anet. “Why I shook my head about your gun. Just piss them off, if that. I saw one once that the bullets literally just flattened on his skin.”

<Angela> shakes her head. “I was thinking Spectre at first but… man, that is a lot of entropic force. It still could be one… and wraiths so collect emotional energy from living people…”

~*Ramirez*~ “they are kind of hot anyway…Do you guys really suck blood and are allergic to the sun and all that jazz?” * he whispered. lol

*Katarina*  “Let’s stake this place out, see what turns up.”

*Katarina*  looks to Ramirez.

Arthur walks down the street and behind Ramirez,”So what have I missed?”

~*Ramirez*~ “I know some stuff about them.. I can hear em.. It’s a fam thing.”

“My tailor will be thrilled you think so highly of his weave.” Anet says in response to Angela’s comment. “I think his work with the Kevlar is immaculate.”

*Katarina*  looks to the new arrival, studying him.

<Angela> rolls her darkened eyes a bit and looks back at the ground thoughtfully. “There have been some nasty Spectres coming in off the Gulf… a hook… it could very well be some sort of … I hate to say it but pirate ghost?”

~*Ramirez*~ looks thoughtful. “Could be. If it’s part of somethin’ bigger, it might make sense. How many of these murders have there been?”

Surreptitiously, Anet tries to catch the eye of Katarina with small, almost unnoticeable, innocuous gestures. She tilts her head slightly, hoping Katarina might catch the hint and move to accompany her.

Arthur blinks,”I was possessed by the ghost of a pirate previously, but it wasn’t the hook man. He was a pretty dirty old lecher though.”

{Maverick} was controlled his laughter just in time “Pirate ghost? Sure. I already saw one legend come to life tonight”

*Katarina*  watches Arthur with a sardonic smile. “Congratulations.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Hey Arthur.” * waves*

Arthur bows with a flourish to Ramirez.”Of course that was before Danu gave me her blessing.”

Marge jumps the wall from the other side of the alley and starts moving toward the group.  She is an imposing 6’2″, and very muscular, short blonde hair and slightly roughed up features.

~*Ramirez*~ “That chick must give great snu snu.” It was rotten but it was said. lol

{Maverick} “Whoa! are you..with the other ladies? A..vamp?”

*Katarina*  snerks, looking at Ramirez, before upnodding to Marge. “Join the party. And ignore the idiot.” She gestures at Maverick.

*Katarina*  “He suffers from both loudmouth and foot in mouth syndrome.”

Arthur blinks,”Vamp? You mean that boy-band? What is she a fan-girl?”

~*Ramirez*~ swats Maverick on the arm lightly. “Dude, stop.”

*Katarina*  looks at Arthur, deadpanning. “Fangirls are foul, evil creatures.”

{Maverick} “yeah something like that…boy band”

<Angela> looks up and frowns a bit as she looks around confused. “First off, hey Arthur. Second… 4… well, 3 plus you. And third. Shut the fuck up, Maven. They will just take you out back and shoot you you keep doing that.”

~*Ramirez*~ “It’s not cool. We’re working together. Can we move on here and get what we need and then maybe go out for drinks or something cool with these nice cool people? I’d like to learn more but not at the expense of pissing em off.”

Marge blinks, looking confused at the group before looking to Anet and Kat.  “Drinks sounds cool.  Bar right here.”

Arthur shakes his head,”I’m not old enough to drink at bars yet, sadly. I also don’t quite have the competence to trick anyone into believing I am either.”

~*Ramirez*~ “You don’t say you’re underrage. Where are you from?”

<Angela> looks thoughtful. “Uhm, pretty sure we can get you in. We are literally at the side entrance and have been in and out a few times and never even stopped. This is the bayou, drinking age is counter height.”

Arthur looks at Ramirez,”You know what? Sure, I’ll try some drinks.”

“I’m aware. It was on my list of potential acquisitions before I was sidetracked.” Anet nods to Marge, “though it is agreeable to see you once again.”

Anet then turns to Remirez. “Now, I must insist that you learn enough discretion to keep insinuations such as that to yourself. If you continue to refer to me or these two as such,” Anet indicates Marge and Kat, “I can provide a practical demonstration in the particulars of slander litigation.”

Marge nods and then thumbs toward the door.  “Well then lets go sit and someone can tell me what is going on?”

~*Ramirez*~ looks at Anet. “What did I refer to you as?”

~*Ramirez*~ “That was that guy.” * points at Maverick! Points again*

<Angela> looks between the group and smirks a bit before heading inside the bar. “Okay, Arthur… but uhm… why don’t we go slow, okay? I am not explaining to Z why you got sick.”

Arthur’s eyebrows raise,”Have you seen him lately? I haven’t seen him since yesterday. He said he was going to go look for Aaron.”

<Angela> whispers to Arthur, “And shhhh, do not freak out but three of those girls are vampires. They are looking into the murders too. So we are going to compare notes with them and chill and then leave politely and on good terms, okay?”

Arthur nods,”Yes, then we should also exercise caution… and have some fun!”

{Maverick} “I don’t think I’ll be joining you guys tonight. I have some things to do” he looks at the undead trio “Good night”

*Katarina*  “What’s your definition of fun, kid?” She absent-mindedly waves at Maverick.

{Maverick} “Perhaps another time I’ll tell you. There is too much on my mind right now” he says to Katarina, saying that he starts to walk away.

*Katarina*  said that to Arthur, not Maverick.

Marge goes in and grabs a table, counting chairs and adding a couple more, then ordering a pitcher of beer and setting it on the table.  Then she parks her ass firmly in a seat.

Arthur,”Normally my definiton of fun is a night of Shakespeare.”

*Katarina*  shrugs and follows, taking a seat at the table, but shakes her head at the beer. “Alcohol doesn’t agree with me.” She then looks at Arthur. “How exciting.”

Arthur claps his hands,”Very! The works of Shakespeare evoke the imagination so well! I can get lost in the dreams of the plays…”

Arthur,”So I believe I would like to have a ‘beer’ let’s start with that.”

{Maverick} gets on his bike and rides away muttering all sorts of curses and foul language

Anet nods cordially to Maverick as he leaves, then walks in and takes a seat near Marge at the table. She runs a gloved finger across the table’s undersurface, picking up a faint trail of grim. She eyes it, then smiles slightly. “Well, it’s not quite as agreeable a place as the Devil’s Trill.”

<Angela> follows suit, headed inside with the others and then takes a seat as well. She laughs and passes one of the glasses to Arthur and pours him half of one. “Take ti easy… I don’t think you are going to like it.”

|Magatsu| can be seen in a back booth smoking and drinking. He seems to be pouring a thin red liquid from a bottle. A long bag rests beside him. He’s dressed in semi formals

*Katarina*  reclines, not taking a glass of beer, before looking to Arthur. “I was being sarcastic.”

Arthur,”With the way I see people consume it, it must taste like the nectar of the gods.” Arthur then takes a large sip of the beer… holds it in his mouth a moment, blinks and spits it out.”IS THIS BEER?! EGHHH! I can’t believe I had that in my mouth!”

~*Ramirez*~ heads in as well, setting down at a table after ordering a pitcher of beer and pulls out some cash to buy it. Ah good ol gang money.

*Katarina*  snorts at Arthur, before looking to Angela and leaning over to whisper to her, eyes twinkling.

~*Ramirez*~ “Shakespeare.. ungh. People still read that?”

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Anet observes, refraining from chuckling at Arthur’s reaction.

|Magatsu| notices Anet, Katarina and the huge man-lady from a few nights ago. He notices them with a bunch of others who seem to have a skin tone, too lively to be vampires. He stares at them quietly then goes back to drinking

Arthur brushes back his long hair,”Do they have anything that tastes sweeter than that?”

<Angela> looks at Katarina and chuckles. “For me, or him?”

*Katarina*  gets up and goes to the bar, ordering a few shots of whiskey, before coming back and setting one down in front of Arthur. “Here.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, you can try a dark stout or a wine cooler or mixed drink probably.”

<Angela> shakes her head. “Oh man… just… drink it all at once. You’ll be fine.”

~*Ramirez*~ just looks at kat and then back at Arthur. This was going to be even worse.

*Katarina*  leans back and waits, schooling her expression into something approaching blank.

Arthur,”A cooled wine? That sounds wonderful!”

*Katarina*  “First try this drink. It’s really good, I swear.”

|Magatsu| glances at them from time to time as if taking mental notes

<Angela> nods. “After this one, we’ll get you some pucker, it’s like… jolly ranchers.”

Arthur eyes her suspiciously,”Alright then,” And takes the drink.”Jolly Ranchers in a drink?! That sounds AMAZING!”

~*Ramirez*~ “Just knock it back and let it roll over your tongue.

Anet returns a few of Magatsu’s glances as she tries to keep the entire bar in her perception. She does devote a portion of her attention to Arthur, and Katarina’s torture of the poor boy.

*Katarina*  is wearing http://www.polyvore.com/katarina_huntsville/set?id=203805898 minus the bracelets, red hair and guitar. She does have a leather jacket, though.

Arthur takes the drink and pours it down his throat, just in case it tastes as bad as the last one.

Marge just laughs a bit, watching this bit of hazing going on.  “So… Catch me up?  Why were we snooping around a dirty alleyway?”

*Katarina*  waits for it…..

<Angela> takes a shot of the table and knocks it back, following it up with some beer. “Okay, so we were investigating the murders that happened there.”

“It strikes me as something the police would be far better equipped and trained for, no?” Anet observes, raising an eyebrow slightly.

|Magatsu| silently listens to the conversation. Bar talk often reveals a lot of info

~*Ramirez*~ waits for the burn to hit. yeah.. and then looks at Marge. His voice was low like he was making some street deal. “So you see, there’s this guy with a hook, he comes out of shadows he can control and then moves fast, kills people, draws on their fear.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I think we’re probably dealing with some kind of wraith thing..very dark and it’s part of something bigger maybe. some fear collector.”

Arthur makes a face after pouring the liquid down his throat and shakes his head back and forth, his long hair whipping through the air slightly, knocking an empty glass over,”Ah, ah, ah! It burns! My throat feels like it’s on fire! Ahhhh!”

<Angela> looks to Anet and shakes her head softly. “We are looking for the same reason you are, which is why we can’t leave it to the Police. They have no clue what they are dealing with.”

*Katarina*  looks moderately amused.

Arthur,”Oooh, oooh… can I get that Jolly Rancher drink now?”

Marge frowns as she listens to Ramirez.  “That… I didnt understand all of that but it didnt sound good.”

<Angela> laughs and nods, going and getting some pucker shots and bringing them back for Arthur. “Here you go. Fruity stuff.”

“If you think that there aren’t departments specifically tailored to deal with exactly this, then I fear you underestimate your fine public defenders. Or perhaps, the old men sitting in darkened rooms who run them.” Anet smiles softly, continuing to listen and wondering whatever happened to subtlety, discretion, and healthy suspicion.

~*Ramirez*~ “It isn’t. Angela thinks it might be some pirate ghost.”

~*Ramirez*~ scoffs. “The cops try to think they get the occult. They only get some shit. The real stuff goes on under their noses all the time. I would know.”

<Angela> leans over and whispers to Anet. “Yeah, we happen to be part of those specialized departments, hence the fancy equipment.”

“Madam, you are either supremely trusting, or assume I am supremely gullible.” Anet whispers back, her tone still pleasantly cordial..

Marge looks between them a bit.  “Pirate… Ghost?”

Arthur takes a sip on the drink, his eyes open wide, and he drinks it down.”What are these called?! They’re like dreams in liquid form! I need more of this in my life!! Whoo! If only we partied like this at my fraternity like a normal one! Whoooo!”

Marge frowns.  “You are pulling my leg.  Like some scooby doo sounding crap.”

|Magatsu| finishes his drink and smoke and comes out of the back booth, his bag on his back. He pays the bartender then stops near Anet “Good to see you here tonight. What are the chanced…It seems you are you are investigating the murders?” He says in a cold, emotionless tone with a heavy Japanese accent

*Katarina*  looks to Magatsu.

*Katarina*  “You too, huh?”

|Magatsu| “Not yet..but what I have read in the papers…looks in..ter..esting” an aura of slight coldness emanates from him, like someone opened a refrigerator

“Good evening, Mr. Magatsu. It is a pleasure to see you again.” Anet nods politely as he greets her. “As a matter of course, I was just returning from a series of meetings with the neighborhood business and housing associations to talk about investments I am currently pursing in the area.”

Arthur downs another sweet drink and the licquor already appears to be working its magic.”I haven’t felt like this since the first time I stepped into the Dreaming… Hic. Are those fairies up there…?”

|Magatsu| “Good evening to you too Ms. Kralovna. I see you have already made new friends” he glances at the human trio.

<Angela> shakes her head slightly at Arthur and studies Magatsu somewhat curiously for a moment. “Well, that might be stretching it a bit yet. But we have similar interests at the moment.”

~*Ramirez*~ looks at Magatsu with some curiosity.

Arthur staggers from his seat staring at the cieling starts muttering shakespeare,”This above all: to thine own self be true!”

|Magatsu| he looks at Angela with pale yellow eyes. “Indeed. Curious case. Are you private investigators? Or are you with the FBI?”

~*Ramirez*~ laughs at what Magatsu just said. “Let’s go with the first one. The second one is hilarious.”

|Magatsu| “Yes agreed. The second one would be ludicrous” he says that looking at Arthur

<Angela> smirks a bit. “I prefer to freelance.”

*Katarina*  looks at Arthur, snickering at him, before looking to Magatsu.

|Magatsu| “And have you sought out permission from the -proper authorities- before pursuing this case?” He looks at the three vampires stressing on the words ‘proper authorities’

“And here we were getting along so well.” Anet says with a mock sigh.

Arthur continues spinning,”If we shadows have offended, think but this, and all is mended, that you have slumbr’d here, while these visions did appear… Hic.” He then spins a few more times and falls down.”Can I have another drink?”

<Angela> shoots Arthur a glance. “No. You cannot. Except water, lots of water.”

“It is a bit late to talk such sense.” Anet mutters. “He has had naught to eat before his little binge.”

*Katarina*  “Yes, you can. Bartender! Another Jolly Rancher!”

|Magatsu| glances at Katarina assessing the ‘gangrel’

*Katarina*  gestures to Arthur so they’d know who the drink was for.

<Angela> looks at them and leans in, whispering. “If you guys give him alcohol poisoning I will tell his pet fire-breathing dragon. Just sayin.”

Arthur jumps up from the ground,”YES! Jolly Ranchers are heaven. Like Glamour put into a glass!” He takes the drink and downs it with Gusto,”WHoo!” He then proceeeds to dance right on the spot as if music is playing.

Marge laughs again.  “Wow that gets better and better.”

|Magatsu| “What did you say?” He gives a sharp look at Angela “Fire breathing dragon?”

Arthur nods and chimes in,”Yep Zirathur is my Dragon all right! Been my friend since I was a small child! He’s off finding a friend right now but he should be back soon… hic.”

*Katarina*  looks at Angela. “Fine, fine. I promise I’ll stop.”

<Angela> looks at Magatsu and then the others and frowns. “I am beginning to wonder what exactly is it that you all are bringing to the table as it were? Since we’re the ones doing all the investigating?”

|Magatsu| “How..curious. Tell me more of your friend Zi..ra..thu..rr. Sounds fascinating”

Marge shrugs her shoulders a bit.  “Uhm… Bodyguards?”

*Katarina*  “Friends. Assistants, if you will.”

Arthur dances some more on the floor shaking his hair back and forth,”Zirathur… is… a dragon… very old… he was put… into a Dreambody… to keep his mind and spirit safe… after he nearly died…Whoooo!”

“If you wanted to talk business, my dear, all you had to do was ask.” Anet’s smile alters imperceptably, switching from polite to polite masking predatory.

|Magatsu| “Oh, and what might you be to be the friend of such a magnificent being of legend? A sorceror or wizard perhaps?”

~*Ramirez*~ rubs his chin and then slides up out of his chair. “I’m going to go check some things out. I just had a brainstorm. Take care and see you ladies again maybe sometime here at this bar”, he’d say gesturing to the vampires. “you others, totally will see you at home.” He then departs.

Arthur finishes dancing and sits down.”Yes, a Wizard like in the old days. Taught by fairies and such. Call forth mighty Forces they say, bend the elements and the storms daddy says, whooo! Those Jolly Ranchers are good.”

<Angela> lightly touches her nose as she sits back in her seat, letting Arthur go but keeping an eye on him. “Exactly.”, then she looks to the others at the table. “I don’t usually have an issue with you guys, not my first time dealing with some of you.”

|Magatsu| He diverts his attention to the other mages “I thought something like that. Is that why you are investigating this case? Because its so un…mundane?” He glances to the vampires and just stares

<Angela> waves to Ramirez and then looks back toward the others. “If we don’t make it back… send the dragon.”, she chuckles. “Anyway… I am willing to assist for sure anything we find.”

*Katarina*  stares right back at Magatsu.

<Angela> looks at Magatsu and tilts her head thoughtfully. “It makes sense for you all to be interested… since given the evidence left behind it could attract those that might have a beef with you.”

|Magatsu| immediately makes a mental note that this mortal knows about kindred

Arthur smiles at the man questioning him,”You know that Merlin was part faery too! He learned all the tricks… Magic, boom! Like the good old days when they walked the earth.”

Anet eyes Angela, then reaches into her breast pocket and pulls out a small, white card whose only feature is a string of numbers. She passes it over to Angela. “Call me later. I’ll see what I can find on my end, and I’ll see if I can keep you appraised.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Will do, Angela.” * he smiles and waves, slipping out.

Marge looks thoughtful and then nods.  “No shitting, huh.  Well, I’m in.  Not much of a brown nose but brownie points cant hurt.”

|Magatsu| “Yes. Do keep us posted. This case just became more interesting” He looks at Ramirez “Take care. The streets are unsafe”

<Angela> waves to Ram and then takes the card, nodding to Anet. “Thanks. I’ll keep in touch.”

“I could have my driver take you home.” Anet nods her head towards Magatsu. “As he said, the streets are unsafe this time of night.”

<Angela> glances over at Arthur to check on him. “Don’t Puke, Puck.”

|Magatsu| gives a predatory smile and taps on his swords “I think I can handle myself. Thank for for the offer however Ms Kralovna”

~*Ramirez*~ smirks to Magatsu. “Thanks man.” * he found that hilarious.. streets unsafe. he was a dead guy walking around. hah!

Arthur bows,”I think the show is over for me… tonight… I will go home now…” and he starts walking to the door and falls.

*Katarina*  looks at the thud. “Well.”

<Angela> rolls her eyes and walks over, giving Arthur a poke and then half picking him up. “Idiot. I guess I better drag your ass home then.”

|Magatsu| looks at Arthur “Charming fellow”

|Magatsu| its not clear if it was sarcasm or a genuine statement

“There is no need. I can have a car brought to you within two minutes. It’ll save you the walk.” Anet stands and pushes the chair in. “Consider it thanks for the pleasant diversion this evening.”

<Angela> sighs, looking down at him. “Sometimes. He seems a bit sheltered to me to be honest.”, she says and then looks toward the vampires, while friendly, she is still not stupid. Finally she nods her head. “Well… okay. No funny business though. I don’t know anybody here well enough for that sorta thing.”

*Katarina*  looks innocent, putting a hand over her heart. “I promise, no funny business.”

|Magatsu| looks amused. He is interested to see if the two vampires will give into their predatory nature or not

“I assure you, my driver is both polite and discrete.” Anet eyes Arthur, “I would also prefer not to have the overworked street cleaners further overburdened. One can always buy new upholstery. Further, should you prefer, I shall find another way home. You need not ride with me if it would make you uncomfortable.”

Arthur is completely unconscious at this point, far into his own dreaming…

<Angela> looks thoughtful, and pats her camera before looking down at Arthur. “I am not about to kick you out of your own car. You know our nature, but maybe don’t understand what it means. But… I don’t have a problem with it. Though, uhm, I don’t think i can lift him.”

|Magatsu| smirks “Allow me” he takes a few steps and effortlessly lifts him

Arthur is actually very very light. Like a small girl, his frame built like a princess.

Marge chuckles and stands, nodding toward the others before starting to head out herself.  “I need to go check something out.  I’ll catch you guys later.”

<Angela> smirks and nods. “Lightweight.”, she waves to Marge, “Nice meeting you.”

*Katarina*  “Need backup?”

“Splendid. I shall have the car brought around.” Anet slides her coat’s sleeve up slightly, exposing a small, square watch. She presses a button on its side, and it beeps in confirmation. Thirty seconds later, a sleek, black convertible pulls up to the street in front of the bar. “That would be our ride.”

|Magatsu| carries Arthur to the car and puts him on the back seat “He was surprisingly light” Then turns to Anet, Angela and Katarina “Have a good night” then walks off

<Angela> leans closer, looking at Anet’s watch. “Holy crap that thing is cool.”, she looks to Katarina curiously. “I think we got it now. But nice meeting you.”

*Katarina*  was talking to Marge.

Arthur mumbles in his sleep,”Thank you for the carriage fairy godmother…”

Marge shrugs.  “Sure.  If you’re not scared of gators.”  She waggles her bushy eyebrows a bit.

“Time flies, and I must adjourn.” Anet turns to Magatsu, Katarina, and Marge. “It was a pleasure to see the three of you again. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of one another in the future.”

*Katarina*  snorts. “Honey, gators should be scared of me.”

<Angela> directs Anet to… her home… not wanting to lead them to the Theater, but not wanting to carry Arthur very far either.

Anet sits herself in the back of the car, on the row of seats facing the rear. She crosses her legs slightly and reclines back into the seat. She watches the scenery pass by during the drive back.

Marge sets out for the swamp then, eager to check out more of the strange signs she saw from before.

*Katarina*  follows Marge.

“You seem the most level-headed of your particular friends.” Anet observes after some time. “Though, I would prefer discussions of such import and topic be carried out well away from prying ears. I doubt you would accept my full hospitality, so this vehicle will suffice for a time. Is there anything you would like to ask with that in mind?”

<Angela> nods her head slightly. “As I said, I have known what I am longer than they, and I have known about your kind for a while too. Sorry about the new guy freaking out, hopefully he’ll calm down and just be cool with things in the future.”

“I am glad,” Anet nods, “as a matter of course, you have nothing to fear from me save in moments of absolute desperation. I do not drink blood not willingly offered, and I seek to ensure the safety and security of those within the city. Should you desire, I grant you permission to read my thoughts and verify this. I hope this will allow us to work together. I will not tolerate craven beings killing those who have no means of understanding the threat, nor defending themselves.”

<Angela> considers that for a few seconds before nodding her head in understanding. “I can’t do that, but I trust what you say. We all have different abilities, much like you all do. And I don’t see any reason we can’t work together on this matter. In a way, it clearly threatens us both.”

“I am glad we understand one another.” Anet smiles pleasantly. “Should you need anything, please do not hesitate to call. I enjoy investing in the community. Should you be able to help combat this new threat, I would consider that quite a community service. I would like to see how far your little group can go.”

<Angela> nods and then shuffles Arthur up a bit when they reach her home. “You’d be surprised. People in general are capable of great things. Especially when not held back by little things.”, she smiles and nudges him awake enough to zombie walk hmself toward the door. “Goodnight. It was nice meeting you.”

“Believe me,” Anet’s smile widens ever so slightly, “the pleasure was all mine.”