Marge heads for the Trill, looking to possibly blow off some steam… Maybe ask some questions.

*Katarina*  would join up with her, having got Marge’s notes and stuff.

<Martin> heads into the Trill, somewhat curiously looking about but seems to blend in enough with the palor and leather that he is easily ignored.

Anet orders an uber to take her to a corner about a block away from the Devil’s Trill. She’s dressed down for the occasion. Plan wear instead of merely humble-yet-fine tailoring. Other than that, her outfit is nearly identical to her usual one. She walks the rest of the way to the bar, looks it up and down. then lights herself a cigarette before entering.

Marge nods to Katarina, not seeming to mind the company.  “So… No clue what they are so scared of, but my thoughts are it might have to do with what those guys were talking about last night.”

<Zane> is sitting in his usual booth in the back, lounging in the U shaped seat while he reads a book, occasionally looking up.

Anet approaches the bar. She glances at Zane, then back at the bartender. “I’m here to see Zane.” She pulls out her phone from her trenchcoat and shows the bartender the screen. “He’s expecting me.”

*Katarina*  “Gotcha.”

<Erik> points off to the booth where the boyish man is sitting with his book. “You’d be looking for that asshole over there.”

“Thank you.” Anet nods cordially, returns her phone to a pocket inside of her coat, and walks over to the table the bartender indicated. “You asked for me?”

Marge perks up as she sees Anet going over to Zane. “Hmmm.  We might have a fun night after all.”

<Zane> “Yeah, sorry about not getting an intro or anything.”, he says as he puts the book aside and looks to her. “I’m Zane Calbeni. You may already be aware I am the local Brujah Elder. I might need something handled, at least checked into, and due to not wanting to start a huge fight… I can’t do it myself or i would.”

*Katarina*  looks over to Zane and his guest. “We’ll see, yeah?”

<Martin> looks around for a few moments and then makes his way to the bar, taking a seat there.

“Sounds reasonable.” Anet slides herself into the edge of the table’s seat. “What precisely do you need done?”

<Zane> “Do you remember seeing a young woman with me the other night? Pinkish hair? I am afraid she might be in some trouble… the other Brujah are far more violent in nature and recently she has been trying to assist in keeping the peace. She is not really Gangrel, but Ventrue, she just dares not let Samson know that… so as far as the boys are concerned, she’s a Gangrel.”

Marge looks annoyed, not being able to hear what is going on and shuffles over to the booth, sliding right in.  “Hey, what’s up?”

“That sounds like my kind of kin,” Anet nods in appreciation, “and defusing conflict is a worthy pursuit. I am curious as to why you asked after me, however.” Anet leans back in the chair and inhales her cigarette’s fumes. “Not many elders look to neonates for tasks that need doing. Nor many so far afield from their own clan.”

*Katarina*  moves alongside Marge, sliding in across from her and chuckling at the annoyed expression.

<Zane> looks at the other two and laughs, scooting to make room for them. “As I said, I cannot get involved directly. Samson is Brujah as well, and an Elder but we have very differing views.”

“I can imagine.” Anet nods, albeit slowly. She gives a cursory glance towards Marge and Katarina and bows her head again in greeting before continuing. “That still doesn’t explain why you asked a neonate ventrue for assistance.”

<Zane> “Well, partly because you are… not so much like your kin, now are you? I can see similarities between you and Cora and thought you might agree to help her.”

*Katarina*  fingerwaves to Anet

“Hmm. Very perceptive.” Anet chuckles, settling back into her seat. She moves her gaze Marge and Katarina. “Greetings, you two. You’ve been quiet thus far.”

<Martin> walks over slowly as well, nodding his head to the others but remaining standing.

Marge just grins a little bit.  “So… Rescue or we just doing a checkup?”

*Katarina*  “Just watching for a bit, learning stuff.

<Zane> “Just… look into it. Make sure she is okay. She’s tough, don’t get me wrong… she looks like a kid but she can pass for Gangrel for a reason.”

*Katarina*  “We will.”

*Katarina*  “After all, we look after our own, right?”

“That is not a salient point.” Anet glances from Katarina to Zane, “It is the right thing to do, so it will be done. It is that simple.”

<Zane> looks at them and smiles a bit, nodding. “Thanks. You all get VIPs to the next Rave for sure. Samson’s territory is more toward the slums for lack of a better term for them… there are some apartment complexes in particular that are just dreadful. He lets drug dealers take up in there… he cares nothing for any of the people around there.”

“Sounds like quite the responsible elder.” Anet says, her tone even, though her expression hardens.

<Martin> frowns a little bit, but nods in agreement.  “I do not mind coming along to assist.”

*Katarina*  “Agreed.”

Marge cracks her knuckles and gets up.  “Well, lets go have a looksee then, shall we?”

“Then I would be delighted to have and be able to render assistance.” Anet smiles slightly at the trio before turning back to Zane. “You realize, however, that Samson may not appreciate our presence in his territory, especially for investigation.”

<Zane> “Go tomorrow evening… they are having a ‘meeting’ of sorts and so there won’t be as many around. Secondly, don’t let them know you’re investigating. Just… pretend to be Anarchs.”, he says with a wink.

*Katarina*  makes a light face at the mention of Anarchs

“That’ll be easier than you think.” Anet smiles with a trace of mirth, taking another breath of her cigarette’s fumes.

<Martin> looks confused.  “What’s an Anarch?  I mean… I understand the word but…  you’re all Brujah and stuff, right?”

*Katarina*  “Just a bunch of wandering, somewhat pain in the ass rabble-rousers.”

“That is certainly the official line.” Anet comments noncommittally. “I’d imagine they’d disagree.”

*Katarina*  “If we find them, sure.”

Anet says nothing in response, merely continuing to smile and enjoy her cigarette.

<Zane> looks at Kat and shakes his head. “It’s… complicated.”

“Complicated indeed.” Anet’s smile grows slightly cold. “Though, reality rarely conforms to the nice categories we might deign to assign. Nothing is ever truly simple.”

<Martin> looks between them and shrugs faintly.  “Okay then well…  I shall meet with you tomorrow night to go look into this matter.”

Marge nods agreement and then stretches, looking toward the door.  “Well… Tomorrow then.  Till then I guess I need to go look up stuff in the library.  Yeah, that’s right… Not just muscles over here, I do read too.”

“No one insinuated otherwise.” Anet tilts her head towards Marge in slight deference. “As I implied, I do not subscribe to the veracity of stereotypes.”

*Katarina*  “What she said.”

Marge tilts her head and then gives a hearty laugh.  “It was a bit rhetorical girls.  I dont give two shits what people think.  But… I really do need to go look up stuff on local urban legends.”

<Martin> just looks confused and then shuffles off, waving to them before leaving.