A small black cat crawls out on the top of the balconies of the theater watching the people who are inside.

<Angela> takes a picture of the cat with her old-style camera hanging around her neck, dressed in old school goth clothes as she wanders slowly about the inside, occasionally snapping a photo of the dark corners lingering in the room. She also puts stuff away that was in the boxes downstairs, brought in by Jesse and Aaron… books mostly but some plants and fish tanks as well.

~*Ramirez*~ was going through books, lots of occult books, and he’d managed to drift off to sleep a moment, but jerked himself awake now as he heard the little pitter patter of kitty paws somewhere.

<Angela> brings a stack of books upstairs to the library that is starting to form and nearly drops them she she sees Ramirez. “Holy crap I didn’t realize anyone was up here. Sorry.”

The small toothless cat’s eyes drag on lazily and moves over to the back of Angela’s legs and let’s out a loud and literal “Me-ow” in a deep voice, then starts purring.

~*Ramirez*~ scoots back a bit as Angela shows up unexpectedly. “Oh.. um hey there. Sorry ’bout that.” He’d get up to help take some books if she needed assistance.

Kara walks into the theatre, dragging two large suitcases behind her. She brings them down to her makeshift workspace in the basement and begins to unload. Most of the contents are lab equipment of various forms and functions, but there are a small number of books that need to be placed in the library.

Kara heads up the stairs, making a note to find a way to stop them from creaking so loudly.

<ST> Maverick has found an old Theater set back into the other buildings downtown. The places strikes a chord with his inner street magician, as well as a wellspring of power he can sense coming from inside.

The black cat runs to the door as it opens and climbs up on top of Kara’s shoulder and whispers in her ear,”Who are these people that are in my lair?”

“People?” Kara whispers back, before realizing that she probably should be surprised or something by a talking cat. “Where?”

<Angela> frowns as the cat runs off, she rather liked black cats. She nods thanks to the man taking books off her hands. “There are a bunch more downstairs. Uhm, I’m Angela.”

Dan walks into the theater and looks around before calling out “Hey, I got an invite and it looked like people were around”

<Angela> starts to head back downstairs to gather up another load of books, and waves when she sees Dan. “Oh, hey. It looks like moving day around here.”

Kara turns to look back down the stairs, now hearing voices from both above and below her. She lets out a hefty sigh. “Aaand we have new guests. Why does nobody tell me when we’re going to have guests.”

The cat speaking again to Kara,”Yes other people, upstairs, they woke me up and I’m hungry. Call Arthur for me or feed me yourself.”

<Maverick> has arrived in NOLA yesterday. As with all new comers, he was riding his motorcycle through the streets, seeing the sights of this vibrant city. Whether by accident or by the unseen hand of fate, he is drawn to the theatre “There is something about this place. It..its like a concentrated region of otherworldly energy.” As he enters into the theatre, thoughts of performing on the big stage someday crosses his mind. Then he sees four other people inside and snaps into an alert state.

~*Ramirez*~ “I’m Marcos Ramirez, though most people call me Ramirez. Nice to meet you, Angela. I was told to come here by some other awoke people..whatever.” He set the books aside and then would go down the stairs to go help get more to bring up.

<Dan> Ah, you must be Kara, a pleasure to meet you. I’m Dan.

<Dan> Moving day I see, anyone need a hand?

<Angela> glances back over at Ramirez and smiles, her darkened lipstick giving her an odd look. “Sorry, that was probably Jesse and Aaron… who seem to be absent at the moment. But suffices to say, we’re all similar in that way.”

“Ein minuten, bitte.” Kara holds up a hand to Dan and then raises her voice to yell “Okay everyone in here, please meet me in the lobby. I’d prefer not to have the dragon hunt you down.” Then with the cat still on her shoulder, she heads back down the stairs.

Dan shrugs and grabs a seat in the lobby

~*Ramirez*~ “There’s a fuckin’ dragon in here?” He’d look around..and then head to the lobby.

<Angela> blinks and then decides to check it out, that counds pretty cool actually.

The small black cat narrows its eyes,”Other Mysticks? Good. More food then.” It turns into its Dragon form.”I am hungry now that they ‘awoke’ me. I expect Food. Do you know what happens when a Dragon is hungry?”

<Maverick> slowly walks towards the group, still alert of the stranger. He cant shake off the presence  of magical energy. He is wearing faded jeans, a grey roundneck shirt and a light leather jacket. The grip of a handgun is just barely visible in the shoulder holster he seems to be wearing, although most of it is concealed by the jacket

“I am sure you can find a virgin sacrifice later, oh mighty one.” Kara says with a soft chuckle, scratching the cat behind its ears. “Come on. We’ll meet the others and then get you some food, okay?”

Zirathur immediately changes back to a Cat form as the man walks towards the group and hisses through it’s teethless mouth.

Zirathur whispers in Kara’s ears,”I do not eat virgins, silly girl. I eat magic, why else do you think I follow the pretty blonde around? Dragons need princesses after all.”

<Angela> glances over at Maverick, though not knowing any of the others save Dan, she has no reason to be bothered. “Hello.”, she then looks over at the cat and raises an eyebrow. “You know, you aren’t very scary without teeth.”

Kara turns to the rest of the group, then reaches inside her labcoat for a small, folded id container. She shows it to the assembled group. “My name is Kara Immelman. I’m with the FBI.” She points to the cat on her shoulder. “This is Zirathur. He eats people who mean ill. Let’s chat!”

<Maverick> sees the cat transform into a dragon and transform back. He instinctively reached for his gun. “Are you fuc..fucking kidding me? A dragon!!”

<Dan> Hello Kara, I’ve been following your work lately. Very interesting, and good to finally meet you.

You’ve been…following my work?” Kara asks, confused.

<Angela> looks around briefly, then back at Maverick. “And… that fact of not exploding probably means you are one of us so knock it off.”

<Dan> Yes, you do a pretty good job hiding things I must say. Still so much I can’t find. But I was teasing out some leads…

Arthur walks into the theater non-chalantly at this moment with no idea what is going on,”Am I late for Auditions or something? Kara who are all of these people?

<Dan> I wasn’t sure which.. ah… side you were on. I try to do my homework.

<Angela> looks back over at Ramirez as she shuffles the book in her hand. “So, what were you looking up, anyway? Maybe i can help.”

<Maverick> “One of you? What do you mean one of -you-? I sense a mass of extradimensional energy and I came to investigate and all I see is a dragon from a fairytale”

“I’m flattered?” Kara doesn’t look like she knows how to take that. She turns to the freaked-out Maverick. “I’d also not recommend pulling a gun on a Federal agent, please. Zirathur’s friendly. Mostly.” She nods as Arthur walks in. “Something like that. I was hoping you’d know who these people are.”

“And it’s not extradimensional energy, sir.” Kara corrects. “It’s transdimensional energy. Which is also classified.”

<Dan> Well all have our own names for it. No sense correcting people, it only leads to headaches

~*Ramirez*~ “I was looking up info on the guy that killed me and some others i was hanging with at a bar. I got some stuff but well, I want more. I want to find out what he is and then we’re going to have some discussions.”

The cat moves off of Karas should and runs over to Arthurs,”Feed me mortal, NOW.” Arthur let’s out a long sigh as the Dragon begins to pull the magickal energy from him. Arthur looks over the lot then raises his voice loudly above everyone else,”So I believe introductions are in order, If everyone will please take a seat in the front row.”

<Maverick> slowly releases the grip on on his firearm, letting it rest in the holster. “What do you know of trans dimensional energy?” An expression of one-third suspicion, one-third curiosity and one-third satisfaction manifests in his face

<Angela> nods to Ramirez. “OH! You’re the ambulance corpse guy that Aaron was talking about. He didn’t understand, but I do, a little. There’s a few others kinda like you in town. NOLA is kinda popular for that. I am pretty good at weird stuff, I’ll give you a hand in a minute.”

~*Ramirez*~ “There are others? Cool, I could really use an explanation on stuff. I’m just kinda going with maybe I did a lil too much Santeria or someone cursed me, but it doesn’t feel like a curse.”

Arthur speaks up again,”If everyone will please SIT DOWN IN THE FRONT ROW. Thank you.” He then walks up to the stage.

~*Ramirez*~ would go over and sit down in the second row and watch this Arthur guy while he waited. Sitting where instructed…pfft.

<Angela> rolls her darkly eyeshadowed eyes at Arthur as she moves further in, but remains standing, holding her old camera.

<Maverick> would remain standing, alert as fuck “Who are these people? Are they like me? Thats impossible, what are the odds?” He mutters to himself

“I should know something about it, considering I did a masters thesis in, er, shall we call it non-traditional scientific principles?” Kara answers Maverick. “Among other reasons which I’d prefer to keep to myself for now.” At Arthur’s shout, Kara move to stand at the corner of the stage. From there, at least, she figures she can keep an eye on people.

Dan takes a seat and puts his feet up on the chair in front of him, leaning back

Jesse comes in through the side door, and then stops in her tracks, looking at the gathering in the lobby.  “Arthur doing some Shakespeare or something?”

<Dan>  Enter Prospero, in his magic robes…

Jesse looks around and then heads over toward Dan, Angela, and Ramirez.  She chuckles faintly but then looks upset.  “Aaron not back yet?  He said he was doing some Spirit Walking thing…”

~*Ramirez*~ snickers at what Dan said and leaned back in his chair, balancing on the back legs.

<Maverick> listens to what Kara’s said and it blew his mind, finally someone else who has been able to replicate his dad’s experiments

<Angela> shakes her head softly, looking to Jesse. “I haven’t seen him.”, then she adds a little quieter… “Remember to follow all OOHs with the appropriate, aah.”

Jesse frowns a bit at that, checking her phone again and then pocketing it.  “Hope he’s okay…”

~*Ramirez*~ ‘s smirk turned into an amused grin but then went straight like he was kind of serious about this meeting..maybe.

Arthur walks up to the stage of the theater and using his theater voice projects,”Now first thing first, I am Arthur Maison and I was the first one to discover and select this wonderful building for the construction of a sanctuary for those who dare to dream of things beyond this world. Until this point I have carefully vetted those who came into such a place, because it is necessary that we maintain order… to avoid such ‘drama’.” He waves his arms in a grand motion as he speaks, emphasizing the word.”With that in mind, those who desire to cooperate with us here and further our goal are welcome. The others must leave and forget this place. We should start by introducing ourselves, starting with the people who came here first, then moving on to those who have newly arrived. I have already introduced myself, so let me also introduce my companion Zirathur. He is a Dragon, and has been my friend since I have been a small child. He is missing some parts of himself which were lost when he was injured long ago, but he is still a powerful Dragon and he should be respected. Next, Kara, if you will introduce yourself again, and then we can move down the line.”

“Er, right.” Kara gives Arthur a glance of mixed concern and exasperation before turning to the others. “Like I said. I’m Kara Immelman. I work with the FBI, and I have a workshop downstairs. If you need something tuned up, or just made, I can probably handle that. I specialize in forensic and chemical examinations, and I’m probably the closest thing to a medical doctor here as well.”

“So,” Kara concludes, “er, hi.”

Jesse looks over, raising her eyebrow in a slightly annoyed manner.  “We all pitch in, it belongs to all of us.  I don’t work for you.  And I’m a Nurse, got a couple months left to get RN.”

<Angela> chuckles faintly, letting loose a little aaaah, before speaking. “I happened upon this place because of the Node in your ceiling. I was taking photos of ghosts, and when I noticed it had ‘woken up’ as it were. I grew curious and came inside, where I met Aaron and Jesse.”

<Dan> I’m Dan. I’m pretty handy with computers. You need code written, an app done, anything like that, no worries. Also if you need some computer security… subverted, let me know. Speaking of, I thought the FBI would have better protections on their computers. Also speaking of you have someone snooping around the inside of your network, looks like one of the employees. You all should be a bit more careful, lots of eyes watching around here.

~*Ramirez*~ “I’m Marcos Ramirez, though you can just call me Ramirez. I am pretty decent with occult stuff, particularly voodoo or Santeria.. and I work the streets. Okay, I’m a basic ganger, right. It can come in handy though when you might want something not so legit as the FBI stuff.”

~*Ramirez*~ “We ain’t gonna get arrested for criminal histories or something, right?” >.>

Jesse looks to Kara.  “Oh!  And Ram is the dead guy from the ambulance.  So…”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah.. I’m that guy.”

Arthur raises his eyebrow back at Jesse,”Thank you Jesse. We work for all of us, you can carve out our own spaces, share what you want to share, and keep what you want to keep, but we do need to try to get along in the common grounds. We may differ in our approaches and the nature of our dreams, but we should try to share and learn together. I won’t place any demands on anyone other than respect. Also welcome Dan and Ramirez. Also nobody should be arresting anybody in here.”

Jesse “We thought he might need a place to hide.”

Zirathur turns into his Dragon form and flies up to the top of the Chandelier where the Node centers.”We do need some better warding in here Arthur. Also more food.” He turns back into the form of a cat and begins licking his paw.

<Angela> “I can’t wait to develop that photo and see what his aura looks like.”, she says as she glances up at the cat.

“Okay. You guys seem really forthcoming about potential felonies to someone who has said twice that they work for the FBI.” Kara looks towards Dan and Ramirez. “I know a lot of people who will have quite a few questions for you.” Kara pauses, then quickly amends; “Not arrests! I do actually mean just talking.”

Jesse looks at the one person she never met.  Maverick.  “Who is the guy with the gun?”

~*Ramirez*~ looks at Dan. “We should team resources in the future, hombre.”

<Maverick> is not sure if he should introduce himself to these strangers, but he cant deny he is both curious and amused “I am Maverick. Street magician, physicist and engineer. When I’m not performing, I study..other dimensions as well as energy and brainwave manipulation” he pauses for a moment and speaks with hesitation “I am also..umm..looking for a place to stay and err..a place to build some instruments”

<Maverick> he points to Kara “You mentioned transdimensional energy? I study that”

<Dan> Oh, I’m quite sure that I left no forensic evidence and my claims here a good lawyer will claim as mere braggadocio to establish credibility. But I thought you’d be more concerned about your insider threat. Unless of course it was you trying to exceed your access.

Arthur’s eyes widen and he jumps down,”Another performer?! Yes! I’m mostly into theatrics myself, but we can alternate performances! Are you familiar with the power of Dreams?”

<Angela> looks to Ramirez. “Well, now that it seems we are semi-adjorned… would you like some help looking into that matter? I dare say i am most curious. May I take a picture of your aura?”

<Maverick> looks at Arthur “No I don’t. But I have a feeling I might be able to manipulate the subconscious mind eventually and affect dreams, if thats what you mean”

Arthur smiles, “It is and more. There are beings that come from the very Dreams, and Imaginations of people. Dreams carry power.”

Jesse looks around and chuckles to herself at the mess of people, but still looks faintly worried.  “Guess we need to fix up that kitchen for sure then.”

<Maverick> “I see..wait, how..how do you all have similar abilities I have. I could sense the power from outside the theatre. I assume you all were generating that?” He looks at Kara “Did your experiments lead to this? Did you tear open a rift as well?”

<Maverick> has a blightful aura of echoes around him, if there are mirrors, thin glass around him they may crack. Maverick also has no shadow and has crimson pupils

Dan looks at Maverick. “Did you think you’re the only one? Coincidence happens a lot around our type. You’ll get used to it. Try to pretend you’re not surprised when it happens”

~*Ramirez*~ shrugs to Angela. “Yeah, sure, go ahead”, he’d say about the picture. “I’m curious about this stuff.”

Arthur,”Ah yes, being that all of us here are Aware, to some degree. I know that it is possible to create extra ‘space’ through various applications of our art. My fath… my Mentor was telling me about how it would be a good way for us to expand our operations without getting in each others way.” He looks to Maverick,”This foci is being created through simpler means at the moment. I am simply bending some energy from the local Dragon Lines, but I intend on building a small dreamworld overlaying this one and pulling the sleeping minds of denizens to power of it. Think of it as a ‘Dreampowered generator’.”

<Maverick> “fascinating”

~*Ramirez*~ “Also, I’m tryin’ to figure out who went and killed me because I have a lil score to settle with ’em. He’s a guy with a hook for a hand and he manipulates shadows…and he’s fast and strong.”

Arthur has long blonde hair, richly green eyes with specks of gold and wears elaborate clothing of white laced with green and gold in celtic patterns. His ears almost seem pointy and he seems to almost have a glow about him.

<Angela> starts to pull out of the busy room, but she takes her camera and takes a picture of Ramirez with it. “I’ll show it to you after I get it out of the Dark Room. I suppose i could put one up in here somewhere. So… you… uhm, say you were killed? Was it a person?”

“You seem pretty well off for a corpse.” Kara observes deadpan. “A lot more lively than most on the autopsy slab, at any rate.”

Arthur looks at Ramirez with wide-eyes,”My Dragon has seen this man before as well, and he chased Kara and I.”

Dan turns to Ramirez. “Do you mind if I take a Look at you and see about that whole killed thing?”

Kara pulls out her phone, and with a glance at Dan and Ramirez, sends a quick series of texts.

Jesse looks at them and leans her head over, just sitting back and watching while she starts getting the lighting stuff together for her herb gardens.

~*Ramirez*~ “I got better”, he mused in the Monty Python English accent. “And yeah, I suppose so.” He’d look at Arthur. “That’s good. Then I’m not the only who’s seen him. I was checking through some of these occult books and was using the internet to check out stuff.”

Kara, getting a response text, tightens her coat around her and calls out to Jesse. “I’ve got to go. I’ll be back in a few hours, maybe!” Without another word, she’s out the door.

Arthur sighs and walks over to Kara and whispers to her,”I do hope you’re not trying to bring any law over here. I’m not sure we are quite justified as squatters yet. Anyway, did you recieve my response about helping you in the lab? I’m plenty willing, just remember that, I need to keep my imagination flowing. That place lacks flair and is very rigid.”

Arthur watches her leave as he tries to talk to her,”Nevermind, I suppose I’ll try again later.

Arthur walks over to Jesse,”Did you say earlier that Aaron went on another spirit-walk?”

~*Ramirez*~ “I think after you die, you should be cleared of all criminal investigations and shit. Just puttin’ that out there.”

Dan pulls out a small phone like devices and starts quickly typing a few things, then looks at the screen for a second

<Dan> Well, Ramirez… it appears you were not in fact killed. Or that you got better at least. All life signs normal, no significant damage. Living, breathing, not a vampire or zombie at least.  *He says with a half smile, half serious expression*

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, I know”, he says because of course he checked his own vitals and stuff! and there were no wounds now either somehow. “I just got someone else inside me or something.”

<Angela> chuckles faintly, shaking her head. “Well, now that we have that out of the way… I could look in your past and see if we could get an image of the guy that uhm… did this.”

<Dan> Well, that trauma may have been what it took to awaken your avatar.

<Maverick> “You got killed and yet you live? My first day in this city and I see strange things already”

Jesse nods to Arthur.  “He said he needed to talk to Coyote about some of what was going on…  With a few things.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Death is just another side of stuff. It’s no big thing. I think I have work here to do though and one of those things is to find that a-hole who did this. I remember what he looked like. You could look if you wanna. I can’t forget what I saw. You going to do some telepathy thing? Everyone has such cool powers and stuff, like X-Men.”

Zirathur flies down and lands on Mavericks shoulder,”I have seen him before. The man with the hook.” Arthur looks to Jesse,”Zirathur needs to return there to find some things of his, and if Aaron has gone and not returned then perhaps we should find him. If you stay in that realm too long, he’ll lose his mortal body”

Jesse shakes her head softly.  “He went to talk about our dreams.  We dreamed about the… Not dead guy.  The night it happened… It was awful.  I didnt want to say anything…”

Zirathur curles up in his Dragon form on Mavericks shoulders like a cat.

<Angela> tilts her head a bit and then chuckles. “Well, not exactly. We all have different methods. I need you to step away from the others so I don’t catch them by mistake… and then I am going to use the long-term photo setting on you and I need you to think about the time it happened… and it will take a picture of you at that time and place.”

~*Ramirez*~ “It was really crappy but hey, no point for someone to be lost on my account. How can we get em back?”

~*Ramirez*~ nods and stands up, moving away from the others so Angela can do her thing. It was not hard for him to remember the hook guy so he focused on the thought of him, his visage.

<Maverick> was about to freak out when the dragon landed on his shoulders, but he decided to remain calm. Afterall he himself is a rather strange being “Hello Mr. Dragon”

Zirathur seems to chuckle for a moment,”Hello Mr. Human. Don’t worry I don’t eat your kind. It doesn’t agree with my digestion.”

<Maverick> “Oh what was your name again? Zatharur? Zarathur? No wait Zirathur right?”

Zirathur blinks,”Yes my human steed. Now I am going to take a nap here for a while…”

<Maverick> “Oh I’m not too worried about you eating me. Sheesh I’ve seen some weird stuff today and I didn’t even smoke”

<Angela> sets up her camera and it slowly ticks away for a solid five minutes while pointed at Maverick before a sharp *click* indicates it’s done. “Well, hopefully when I develop this it’ll turn out something useful in the scene.”

<Dan> Interesting method there Angela, though it seems like it would take a while to get your results. Have you considered modern digital photography? *smirks*

Zirathur smiles again,”Would you like me to help you ‘smoke’ mr. Human? It wouldn’t be the first time I roasted someone.”

<Angela> grins as she glances over at Dan. “I have, actually. And I can do other stuff too… but I have a thing for the old-timey charm… and for some reason I get better results.”

Jesse laughs a bit at that.  “Maybe it’s the chemicals reacting to the magnetic fields generated by each person and object.”

<Maverick> was looking at the photo session when he heard the dragon pass that remark he passes a glance at the thing on his shoulder and smirks “Roast me huh? Would you like me to roast you with a blast of primal energy Mr. Dragon? I have done that before as well”

<Dan> I bet you could make a CCD coupled with an E and H field detector that would be more sensitive than the chemicals on the film you have there. Just no one has done it..

Zirathur shakes his head decides he’s not worth the trouble and flies back onto Arthur’s shoulders and falls asleep.

<Angela> looks thoughtful at that and then smiles. “Hey, that’s an idea. This working together thing might be pretty cool actually. Though this particular camera, along with some other stuff I have is pretty special… made for these purposes.”

Dan pulls out his phone like device “Yeah, oftentimes custom made tech works really well for us. Or custom made… I don’t know, wands?”

~*Ramirez*~ “We’re going all Harry Potter now.”

Arthur’s eyes go wide,”Wands?!”

<Maverick> sees the dragon fly away “Aww, we were just starting to become friends” its not clear whether the statement was genuine or sarcastic

Jesse looks about and then checks her phone again with a sigh.  “He knows what he’s doing.  That place isn’t scary for him…”, she tells herself.

<Dan> I’m sure there’s one of us, somewhere, who waves a wand around speaking in terrible fake Latin.

Jesse looks at Dan.  “Arthur had one a bit ago that shoots fire…  But I think Cornel has those things back now.”

<Maverick> “A custom made focus!” he remarks loudly “Well well. Indeed a focus works pretty dark well when its tuned to the spheres you are attuned to”

Arthur to Jesse,”We should go get him… besides Zirathur asked me to go on a small quest for him to make him stronger.”

Jesse looks at Arthur.  “I can’t do that.  Unless we use the Lab and Aaron mentioned spiders nesting there.  I cant imagine spirit spiders are any less scary than real ones.”

Arthur nods,”The issue isn’t the portal, it’s the location of it. The environment that it’s in draws those spider spirits. They need to make an environment that is less banal.”

Jesse shrugs.  “Us getting stuck won’t help him.  So I’ll stay and trust he knows his way around.  He’s been doing that a long time so… He understands that world.”

Arthur shakes his head,”Actually he only got through recently. When I met him he could only look through that mirror to the other side.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Well someone could point it out to him that he doesn’t need to be doing that search now.”

<Angela> glances over and listens briefly, nodding to Jesse. “If you need help, let us know… but if he knows the world of spirits, best to let him come back on his own. He sounds like a Dreamspeaker.”

Arthur narrows his eyes,”If anyone here is a Dreamspeaker, it’s me. My mother is a fairy Queen.”

<Dan> Spirit stuff was never my bag, sorry… though I’m pretty sure with some research I could call up orphaned nodes in the simulation and give them some cycles… basically talk to the dead. Neat huh? Been meaning to try that some day but the backup routines are… different.

Arthur looks at Dan,”You and Kara should probably work together on that stuff… downstairs. You could maybe use that stuff to funnel more power in here or something.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I can talk to spirits..depends what kind you mean.”

<Angela> glances over at Dan and chuckles, nodding her head. “I have a recorder than can pick up the voices of the dead. Oh, and I can make a special wired setup that makes it capable of touching a spirit inside. And you should see what I can do with a tesla coil.”

<Dan> All I could ever do was make the neighbor’s dog shit itself when I set mine off…

~*Ramirez*~ laughs at what Dan said. “Right.” He’d then look over at Angela. “I think I can even go to the other side now. The dead side.”

<Angela> shrugs her shoulders a bit and pats her camera. “But… most of mine can be slow in practice. You were able to scan him with an app and move on, but it’ll be tomorrow before i get my results.”

<Dan> Well, it’s not really a scanning app, actually I’m accessing a higher order database and parsing the results…. totally different.

Jesse snickers.  “Semantics at this point.  So… Hookman.  Uhm, what is the plan if we find it?”

<Angela> raises a hand. “I vote for noping the fuck outta there. I mean, if it’s a spirit we might be able to harm it… but it sounds nasty.”

<Dan> Semantics are important. Get them wrong and your code doesn’t work. If I just had an app that looked at him I could only observe what the sensors on the device had available. Which is all well and good, but very limiting.

Arthur nods,”I agree, it will be very dangerous. We should wait another day and see if Aaron returns from the spirit world. If he does not we should look into alternate routes to enter and possibly retrieve him.”

Zirathur perks up,”I can search for him.”

Jesse looks thoughtful, then nods her head. Then she looks at Z.  “But you’d have to stay awake and just get hungry again.”

{Maverick} “Hook..man? Like captain hook from peter pan?”

~*Ramirez*~ “If we went over there, couldn’t we just…sense for life vs the dead?”

<Angela> “Given the location… it could be a Spectre of some pirate that used to live here. But there’s like a million stories on that sort of thing… like Bloody Mary. There a ton of different versions.”

Zirathur,”I can enter and exit that realm fairly easily myself, depending on how strong the veil is in the area. If I get hungry I can return and get food or find something there to eat.”

<Angela> looks at Ramirez and debates a moment. “We could try to look around in the location itself, might not hurt to take some extra pictures at least.”

~*Ramirez*~ nods.

{Maverick} laughs out loudly “You mean to say there is some kind of boogeyman in the city?”

Arthur looks to Maverick,”I sincerely hope that it is not Captain Hook. If Captain Hook became a Nightmare strong enough to step out of the Dreaming and into our world like that it would be a monster.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I was getting closer to it. I think maybe we can isolate it if we can get some more research in too. I just wonder about that guy you have elsewhere looking into things on his own…and I am one of them and right here.”

<Angela> nods her head. “Well then, lets start getting these books organized and put up and you start studying. We can hit the alley when it’s daylight again… I don’t want to go down a dark alley right now.”

{Maverick} laughs again “Yeah that would be interesting to see. Like Freddy Krueger, coming out of dreams to manifest in the physical world. You seem like an jolly bunch. Maybe I’ll come visit again. See you all” Saying that he turns around and walks away

Zirathur climbs off of Arthur’s shoulder,”I will leave tonight and do a quick search the human Aaron and find a piece of myself.”

Jesse sighs and then just starts getting to work fixing the place up again.  Putting up plants and filling fish tanks.

~*Ramirez*~ would get to researching stuff again but eh, not expecting much more than he had before

Dan suddenly glances at his phone and sighs. “The cobblers kids always go barefoot” he mutters under his breath. “But I know who did this and why. We’ll have words later”

<Angela> raises an eyebrow at Dan but nods her head. “Trouble at home?”

Dan nods. “Apparently we’re not all friends here”

Arthur frowns,”We should try to look out for each other here and be a team.”

<Angela> nods her head a bit. “Well, if you end up needing more physical / less technical backup… just let us know.”, she says as she looks around thoughtfully for a moment. “Well, this many in one place, and so suddenly is bound to draw… unwanted attention.”

~*Ramirez*~ lofts a brow. That would be great. He just went to his research. “If you need some help, lemme know.”

<Dan> “Little Miss FBI told her friends go to hack me. I am not amused”

~*Ramirez*~ “Should find out where she lives, man.”

Arthur goes around the Theater and attempts to cast some faery wards, enchanting areas with misdirection.  He does this for a while before going back to the University for the night.

<Angela> tilts her head at that, looking thoughtful. “Maybe. Though to be fair, I believe you have been snooping about in everyone else’s business as well. So it would not surprise me, she did seem upset you knew so much about her.”, she says with a shrug. “I need to go get these pictures checked out. I’ll be back tomorrow, if I don’t find anyone, I’ll at least leave notes on my results.”