[Rakshasa] is in the asylum library, flipping pages and taking notes from multiple books. Its mind boggling that symbols from cultures continents apart have been found in some cave outside a city like Baton Rouge

<Ghost>  makes his way over toward the Archery Range, going into the shed and pulling out a bow and arrow before setting up for some much needed target practice.

[Rakshasa] after spending a considerable amount of time rummaging through the books for any details, he decided to take a break. He carefully arranges his books and steps outside. “Time to get some exercise”

<Ghost>  growls as the arrow slips and when he goes to grab it he steps forward too far and drives it through his foot instead.  “Are you kidding me?”

[Rakshasa] as he walks out of the library, he sees Ghost at the archery range and decides to wait and see some impressive display of archery skill. Instead he sees the embarrassing display of Ghost shooting himself in the foot.

[Rakshasa] “Are you alright? That looked like it hurt”

<Ghost>  pulls the arrow out, and considers, if only for a moment, shoving it in Rakshasa to see if it really does.  “A little.  More my pride than anything else though.”, he says as he sets up to try again.

[Rakshasa] does a great job at holding back his laughter “Another try perhaps”

<Ghost>  steadies himself and ignores Rakshasa as he lets go of the arrow to get a perfect bullseye.

[Rakshasa] claps “Nicely done”

<Ghost>  glances over at Rakshasa, indicating the shed.  “There are more sets if you’d like to give it a try.”

[Rakshasa] shakes his head and laughs “Oh no no. I’m terrible with weapons. Thank you for the offer though”

<Ghost>  shrugs a shoulder as he lines up another shot.  “Never hurts to learn a new skill.”

[Rakshasa] nods “It doesn’t. But I doubt archery will compliment my style of fighting”

<Ghost>  lets go and gets another shot very close to the last.  “Perhaps, but I find it good not to limit myself to one style of fighting… you never know what a situation will throw at you.”

[Rakshasa] smiles “Have a good archery session” saying that starts walking

<Ghost>  glance back over his shoulder and then shrugs, nocking another arrow and firing.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° wanders over to where Rak and Ghost were practicing. He was walking quietly but certainly approaching them from behind. He’d stop a few feet from them, checking out how they were doing.

<Ghost>  lets go another shot, a little annoyed at the placement before trying again.

<Ghost>  lines up another shot and fires, getting another excellent placement on the target board.

[Rakshasa] stops in his tracks and thinks about trying some archery himself

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “You seem to be doing a great job at that. I didn’t think anyone besides me around here actually cared of such things.”

[Rakshasa] lines up with Ghost, and picks up a bow, wondering if this thing will work out. He looks at Ghost and says “On second thought, why not. It might be fun. But don’t laugh if I fail miserably” He focuses on his target for a few seconds, then draws back the bow as far as his strength allows and lets loose the arrow….The arrow hits its mark, not a bullseye but not a bad shot either “Hmm, I guess not too bad for a first attempt”

[Rakshasa] He draws back his bow another time and lets loose another arrow. The shot is worse than before but it still hit its mark. You can’t really expect any better from an amateur

<Ghost>  smirks a bit as he glances back over his shoulder… looking at Talwar.  “And i didn’t think anybody else could walk that quietly.  I didn’t hear you come up.  I believe in keeping senses and abilities sharp.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “We both believe in that and silence..that seems to also be a specialty of us both.” He smirked back.

[Rakshasa] glances at Talwar after his second shot “Good evening. Would you like to join us for some medieval sharpshooting?”

[Rakshasa] saying that he let loose another shot. “Uggh, same as before. I guess its alright for a novice like me.”

<Ghost>  nods his head and then fires again, nearly missing.  “We do seem to have quite a bit in common.”

<Sascha> comes out of the Chapel nearby, giving pause as she spies the group shooting at the archey range. She walks up slowly, just observing for the moment.

[Rakshasa] The fourth shot comes very close to hitting the bulls eye but it was just not good enough “Damn! Close but no cigar” He turns to see Ghost’s 6th shot “Perhaps it was the wind affecting the arrow. Are you trying this for the first time as well? If so you are doing pretty good”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° picks up one of the bows and some of the arrows. He’d notch one and aim for a target not already occupied.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° barely hits the target. “Maybe I need to actually practice too.” * he smirks.

[Rakshasa] fires one last arrow. It hits the same spot on the target as before. He hears footsteps behind them and sees Sascha “Good evening, priestess” He gives a nod to her

<Ghost>  glances over and then shakes his head softly.  “I have done it a few times.  Though never had to use it in combat.  I studied it because it was quiet but effective.”

Anne, hearing the continuous twang and thud of bows firing and arrows landing, makes her way outside to see what all the ruckus is about. She spots the group milling about the archery range, and makes her way over. “Thinking of taking up deer hunting?”

<Sascha> is standing just a little off to the side, watching them. “I do not think so. But practice is always good.”, she looks thoughtful a moment, and then turns to face Anne just a little more fully. “So… Sinners?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° glanced over at Sascha and gave her a nod. “Good evening.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° then notched another arrow to give another attempt at doing better. This wasn’t the same kind of bow he was used to but it was worth it to practice on it anyway, just for that reason.

“Hey, I didn’t exactly have a paint can to do gang tags on me, did I?” Anne shrugs at Sascha’s inquiry. “I figured if I was going to have to write in blood, I’d have to make it fit some kind of stereotype.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° does better that time, moving closer to the center, but still not close enough to his picky liking.

<Ghost>  fires off another shot and then galnces over his shoulder at the others, blinking but keeping quiet as he readies another.

<Sascha> shakes her head. “Well, I was the first one ‘talked to’ about it but after seeing the sketches provided by witnesses… I realized who had actually done it. I am just letting you know… I got my ass chewed by a Bishop, and I had to deal with the Hand this week so I am not happy and shot rolls right down hill.”

<Ghost>  lines up another shot, letting himself concentrate and lets go with another arrow, closer to home.  “Wait, what happened?”

“Fair enough.” Anne nods in understanding. “I made a snap call, and you got flak for it. I’d apologize, but it wouldn’t do anyone an once of good either way. Still, I never figured anyone with two brain cells to rub together’d finger you.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “This has to do with what happened during New Years?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° took another shot because why not?

[Rakshasa] goes back to his archery. He’s starting to enjoy it now. He draws the bow all the way back and lets loose another shot. It hits the target a few millimeters to the right of his previous shot, away from the bullseye

<Sascha> nods her head a little to Talwar. “Yes. It was nothing too serious. I just dislike being lectured, especially when it had nothing to do with me.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I can understand that. I was not there for it either but knew some heat was going to come from it.” * his shot was that much closer to the bullseye and he was more satisfied. “So are there any repercussions for said act that we should be aware of?”

[Rakshasa] was listening on the conversation about the massacre at the drug den. He just wanted to put the whole thing behind him “I apologize Sascha. It was I who brought up the whole thing”

<Ghost>  glances back and then carefully goes out to his target, pulling out the arrows he has fired so far.

[Rakshasa] …saying that he lets loose another arrow. Surprisingly it was a good shot and almost hit the bulls eye

<Sascha> glances at Rakshasa and nods softly, then at Anne. “I know that Rakshasa, Fiona, and Anne were involved… the police sketches weren’t bad. That being said, they need to avoid town for a while, unless they alter their appearence first. They also need to take care of the car, there is a junk yard we take cars we don’t use anymore… run by some bratovich. That car needs destroyed.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I could go take care of it so that none of those 3 are spotted and thus no association would be likely made.”

[Rakshasa] nods “Anne and I will deliver to the junk year tonight” He glances at Anne and then back to Sascha “Speaking of which, I was looking to talk to either Kitt or Zaluut. It appears Talwar and I have had some strange nightmares with shared themes. I even woke up sweating vitae. I was wondering if this whole thing is related to that cave or the bunkers, or if the two are even related to each other” He pauses for a moment moving his fingers on the bowstring “I was thinking, if Zaluut would speak to the spirit from the cave..perhaps it can shed some light on this phenomenon”

[Rakshasa] looks at Talwar “Thank you. You can take the car then”

<Sascha> glances at Rakshasa, and sighs. “Do you think he hasn’t for some reason? Maybe he’s just keeping it in a jar on the shelf or something?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Raskasha. “The dreams most likely come from one of three sources, I believe. One of which is the sandmen.. it seems to be one of their abilities. Another is the tzimisce we seem to be hunting for but have not yet knowledge of who it is, and the third is possibly to do with the Fae, or a Kiasyd.”

<Ghost>  looks up for a moment and finsihes cleaning up his mess, walking abck toward the shed to put the equipment away.

<Sascha> nods slightly to Talwar. “I do know that Zaluut possesses that power of sleep and dreaming. But i do not know much about it. But I have seen him put an entire room of humans right to sleep so we could just walk through it. You could go ask him about it, just knock first.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “Alright.”

<Ghost>  walks over now that things are put away.  “I would not mind going too, if only for the learning experience and to be kept up on what is happeneing without having to relay it.”

[Rakshasa] turns around to fire one last arrow for tonight’s session. It was a very average shot, shame to end the session like that. He puts down the bow and goes back to the conversation “Oh I’m sure he has, since its no longer possessing Kitt. I’m just not sure if anyone has told him about this odd dream phenomenon. Or perhaps its me getting all anxious to get to the bottom of this mystery.” He continues  by saying “By the way has Chris reported about the bunker being cleaned out by someone? We also observed water training into some sort of secret passage. Now it could very well be just a drain, but it could also be an underground cavern” He shrugs

<Sascha> raises an eyebrow. “Or… if it’s a Tzimisce involved… an exit. If I wanted I could turn into a pool of blood and seep under doors and small holes like that.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I would probably go with it’s an exit but we could test for hollowness to see if a cavern could be found.” * he went over to the target and pulled out the arrows he had fired and brought them back over to the pile, where they should go. He’d then set down the bow where it belonged.

[Rakshasa] nods “It could be. Unfortunately I haven’t achieved the ability to turn to mist yet, or I would have investigated that. But then who removed the basin? It could be a ghoul servant, afterall we did find human blood on the door..or am I missing something?”

[Rakshasa] “Can we send a ghouled rat or a small robot through that vent and see where it leads?”

<Ghost>  shakes his head.  “Doesn’t it go underwater, like a drain?  Might not be good for a ghoul unless it can breathe water… not that I doubt our local fleshcrafters could do that.”

[Rakshasa] “Like you just said, Sascha can easily fleshcraft some gills on the ghoul”

<Sascha> openly laughs at Rakshasa for a moment. After a second, she regains her composure. “Oh, that’s a good one… A: I don’t make…. those things. B: It’s not as simple as slapping one part on something… it takes time, it has to actually be biologically hooked up right to function. Chrys I believe is good at that, and Zaluut does have some creations as well.”

[Rakshasa] shrugs with a smile “I was just making wild guesses again. The thing is, will it be worth the effort?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “You make it sound like a game of putting puzzle pieces together.”

[Rakshasa] “I do not know. I assumed it would be as easy as shapeshifting is to me, it comes naturally with little effort needed. I apologize for my thoughtless assumptions”

<Sascha> shrugs a little bit. “I can do some artwork on your skin, if you like tattoos… and my … an old friend of mine… I did some work on him to provide gliding wings once, some of my best work. But I don’t make ghouls, and crafting living things is… messy. Do it wrong and they just die.”

<Ghost>  listens, just tilting his head and taking it in, naturally fading into the background as is his nature.

[Rakshasa] nods “I understand, a tattoo does sound nice. Thank you for your offer priestess” he smiles

<Sascha> turns and starts to head back toward the Chapel. “Well, you all better go find Zaluut before it gets too late in the night. I need to go and pray a while. I will see you all later.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods and would go ahead and start stepping to go to Zaluut’s office and knock on the door.

[Rakshasa] “Good night Sascha.” He looks at Talwar “Lets me get a few of my notes”

[Rakshasa] goes into the library and gathers the sketches of the symbols and waits outside Zaluut’s office with Talwar

<Mikov> gets the door, hopping up on a little stand by the doorknob put there for that purpose. He tilts his head a bit as he looks at Talwar, then Rakshasa. “What want?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I would like to speak to Zaluut, if he would not mind.”

[Rakshasa] stays silent and lets Talwar talk

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Him too.” * gestures to Rak

<Mikov> hops down to the floor and nods. “Close door behind you. Follow Mikov to Master.”

[Rakshasa] “After you Talwar”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods and would enter first. “lead on, Mikov.”

[Rakshasa] follows the group, closing the door behind them

<Mikov> leads them through a short hallway, looking like some sort of added entry. It is nicely decorated with a few very nice paintings, all of landscapes… mostly of forests and snowy mountains, one of a village with a castle behind it. He goes to another door and squeezes though a small door set in the bottom. “One moment.”

[Rakshasa] as he walks through the hallway he takes a good look at all the paintings “Lovely paintings” he says softly

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° would wait calmly as Mikov went off to do what he would. He looked at the paintings from where he stood, having no real desire to roam as it might be taken wrong.

<Zaluut> opens the heavy wooden door and looks to the two waiting. “Come in.”, he says and gestures inside his personal study.

<Kitt Bishop> is in here, dressed in her white robes and putting scrolls away into shelves. When one is too high, she hands it off to Mikov, who climbs up easily and puts it away.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° enters and would bow slightly to Zaluut and straighten up.

<ST> This room is very large and has another door at the far end. It has a few chairs, a fireplace which is lit, and several more paintings along with many, many old books. Everything in ehre is beautiful. The furniture is all intricately carved, and everything looks like it has always had the best of care, including and especially the books.

[Rakshasa] enters after Talwar and gives a semi formal bow by lowering his head a bit “Greetings lord Zaluut. I was wondering if you could spare a moment to discuss a phenomenon both Talwar and me have experienced”

<Zaluut> turns and simply gestures to the chairs as the fire dims a little, then takes a seat in his own chair at the only desk in the room.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° walks over to the chair nearest to him and settles into it. “Thank you.”

<Kitt Bishop> glances over and smiles a little bit before going back to making sure the leather scrolls get put away properly.

[Rakshasa] gives the same semi formal bow again and takes a seat on the other chair. He waits for Talwar to start the conversation, since he has been in the sabbat longer than himself

<Zaluut> looks to the two of them now that they are sitting as his door closes softly on it’s own. “What is it that you need to talk about?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Both of us seem to have had a dream, though not exactly the same, there are elements that ring true with both. I went to the library to discern what could cause such a dream, since I did not feel it normal to what I am used to and discovered 3 probable sources…all of which we could be dealing with. Two, we most certainly are.”

<Zaluut> listens carefully, his gray eyes flicking in the firelight as he watches them without blinking. “I see. It is true some of my clan are learned in a path of ritual that allows us to walk in dreams or to leave messages there. But they should not be capable of using that within my borders.”

[Rakshasa] “We both dreamed of an unseen entity chasing us, while all our powers and disciplines were useless. I woke up in the cave sweating vitae and nothing like that had ever occurred to me before. At first I thought it was something related to the haunted cave, then I heard Talwar and even Anne may have had some unusual dreams. Furthermore, I investigated the bunkers again, to find the basin and all other evidence missing. There was human blood on the door and a small drainage that could be an entry/exit route”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “The sandmen are wraiths and they also have this ability, which I suppose makes sense. Also Kiasyd could potentially do it as well, or Fae, which they connect to. The Tzimisce thought was also there since we know one is out there, even though we are not sure who it is.”

[Rakshasa] patiently listened to Zaluut’s statement then replies “I also found these strange symbols at the cave, from different cultures separated by oceans. Somehow they were there and they all signify Death, Power, Contain. Now I dont know what is the significance of these three but the most obvious one could be -Contain Power or..Death-” He pauses for a second “I heard the spirit trapped in the cave has been removed from Kitt’s body by you. Hence, I was wondering if you would kindly ask this spirit about this phenomenon, maybe it could shed some light”

<Zaluut> turns his eyes to Rakshasa without turning his head. “That… was fear. Plain and simple.” He sits back in his seat then, letting his hands rest on the arms of his chair. “The only way to see where the supposed exit goes is to follow it, but I can tell you that there are caves here, they snake here and there through the land like the tracks of a worm.”

<Zaluut> lets his gaze move back to Talwar again and he nods just faintly. “This is true, though I doubt the Kaisyd are involved. Wraiths are more likely as messengers, and since they are being used by the ones making the golems.”

[Rakshasa] “Hmm, last I knew the Giovanni were masters at controlling wraiths through their art of necromancy”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “That is the thought I went with strongest as well.”

<Zaluut> turns his head just slightly toward Rakshasa again, and the fire flares to life a bit more. “It speaks, but it does not. It is… I suppose the best word for it is insanity, if a spirit can experience such a thing. It was removed from it’s home soil and abandoned, forced to try and join itself with this foreign dirt to survive and so it’s consciousness is rather shattered.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° frowns. His connection to spirits made him somewhat sympathetic. “Maybe the spirit that I had released the first night is out there somewhere.”

<Kitt Bishop> finishes up her work putting things away and makes her way off toward the door in the back. She nods her head to those present, including Zaluut before quietly going off into the bedroom beyond.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods back to Kitt respectfully.

[Rakshasa] carefully listens to what Zaluut is saying. He replies with a hesitant tone, as if he’s unsure of his theory “Could..could the anguish of this spirit resulted in psychic waves that caused these dreams? Or was this spirit trapped in the wall against its will by a hidden puppeteer that also made those constructs..Are these independent events are are they connected. I..I do not know”

[Rakshasa] gives a nod to Kitt

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Something very dark.. A very nasty wraith is out there that makes these Sandmen, I believe.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I felt it and that is why I told everyone to go.”

<Zaluut> nods his head in understanding. “I feel for it, being far from its’ home as it is. I hope in time to mend it through my arts, but it is not an easy task. It is possible. The Spirit was reaching out for help before, and sent dreams to the Kaisyd and my Childer. Though they were not the same message that you received. There is also the man that Sascha and Kitt healed that was found there. He seems rather gifted.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “How is he doing? The skinless person?”

[Rakshasa] “Yes. It was a good choice then we brought him here. If he has healed enough, perhaps he can tell us something?”

<Zaluut> looks thoughtful. “Atanya, the Serpent Priestess… she practices Necromancy and may be of help. The man has been healed, physically. He no longer speaks, except for with his mind. He seems to be a Telepath, and at the very least may be amplifying the effects you all have been experiencing.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Oh, I see.” He looks thoughtful.

[Rakshasa] nods “That is very likely, perhaps it was his pain and suffering that amplified this, but there was an origin. We also have the basin and some strange shadow phenomenon on our first visit to the bunker that looked like obtenebration..There are too many variables in this equation”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “It was obtenebration”, he’d confirm.

<Zaluut> nods softly. “Obtenebration I hear damages wraiths, and draws out darker spirits from their world.”

[Rakshasa] sinks into thought for a while “Well we already have the spirit and the flayed man here. If they do convey any important information, you would know” He pauses for a moment “You mentioned the Serpent priestess. Will it be alright if we go and speak to her about this issue. With your permission of course”

[Rakshasa] pulls out his notebook and scribbles down notes on what Zaluut is saying, especially the part about obtenebration affecting wraiths “Interesting. There is too much Cainite disciplines and clues involved to ignore the possibility of another vampire operating outside the asylum”

<Zaluut> smiles, an amused, if predatory expression. “As much as I enjoy you thinking I have that kind of power, that is not up to me, but to her. She is the Priestess of Sascha’s Pack, which… as I believe, was also Talwar’s Pack for a time.”

[Rakshasa] nods “Then Talwar would be the best man to approach this issue. I doubt she will take kindly to an outsider gangrel asking her anything”

[Rakshasa] “I would also ask if I have your permission to use the laboratory. I would like to run a few tests on samples I will collect from the bunkers, caves, etc over the course of this investigation”

<Zaluut> stands slowly, and gestures toward the door as it opens on it’s own. “Perhaps, but even I find her to be wise. I am sure asking will not cause her to become angry with anyone. But… it is late, and I wish to go and rest. The Lab down in the tunnels is open to all, and while you have not gone through Ritae, the servants will not be aware of that difference. Use it as you please.”

[Rakshasa] nods and gets up from the chair “Thank you” He gives the semi formal head bow again and exits the room leaving Zaluut to his solitude

<Zaluut> allows the pair of them to leave and then the doors close on their own and he retreats to rest in the large marble basin, covered in soft blankets and pillows, like a great nest.