<Aaron> gets up and stretches, sitting at the edge of the bed before digging about for his clothes.  He glances over his shoulder at Jesse and gives her a nudge.  “Pssst.  Hey, we gotta go work on the Theater today.”

Jesse groans to life, opening one eye to look at Aaron and bops him with a pillow.  “I bet if I feel around I can find your snooze button.”, she says with a giggle as she slides toward his side.

<Aaron> stands up and pulls his pants on, grinning as he looks over at her on the bed.  “Hey now, you want help moving those books or not?”, he says as he then rummages around for his shirt.  “We can push each others buttons later.”

Jesse sighs and rolls over, digging for her own clothes.  “Oh, all right.  I do suppose the books need moved and we need to at least start some of the cut plants so they can start growing.  I have some things I want to try out with them.”

<Aaron> nods his head and then finishes getting ready.  “Alright then.  You finish getting ready and I’ll start loading stuff in the car.”

Jesse chuckles and finishes getting ready herself before helping him get the car loaded with things to be taken over to their theater.

<Aaron> drives them both over to the theater and carefully gets his car down the alley some ways to make the act of lugging the items in more managable.  He has a hard time backing it in, but manages without scraping any walls or hitting any strays.

Jesse winces a couple of times as they back up, and sighs with relief when the car stops.  She gets out and starts gathering up things to take inside.

<Aaron> gets out and starts taking things inside as well, just setting it all inside the entry at first so they can get the car emptied before worrying where to put it all.  Once they get the last of it inside, he takes a seat on on of the boxes of books and gives a big, yawning stretch.  “Okay, I think we need a break.”

Jesse nods in agreement as she follows suit, sitting down on one of the boxes and holding an empty fishbowl in her lap.  “Not going to argue that one.  So…  I guess the hard part will be we are keeping the books… Up… Stairs?”

<Aaron> groans.  “That figures.  Okay…  we do that after lunch, or tomorrow…  we got the first load in at least.  We can get the little trees and stuff planted though, and see about putting in some lighting for them.”

Jesse nods, looking thoughtful at that as well.  “You know these places used to have dining… I bet it has a kitchen we could fix up.  Not today.  Not going down that rabbit hole… But an idea if we spend a lot of time around here.”

<Angela> carefully makes her way around the building, taking a few pictures of the windows before pausing and tilting her head, the dark locks trailing along her shoulder and arm on the left side. “Was that always there?”, she asks herself.

<Aaron> chuckles.  “Yeah, sure… add more work for us to do.”  He finally stands and starts taking some of the pots, getting them a bit more organized.

Jesse smirks and starts looking for places to install small tanks for fish, and walking about trying to get a feel for how to set up the plantwork she is considering.  “So… What do you think about getting vines to grow along the moulding here?”

<Angela> creeps closer and starts to edge around the building, taking note of the car in the alley, she puts her ear to the door and listens, then takes a step back and looks at the building again more carefully this time. She looks confused for a moment, and then starts to sneak around the back way, trying the door carefully.

<Aaron> frowns and pauses, bringing a finger to his lips as he looks to Jesse.  He grabs one of the hammers they’ve been using for repairs and starts to carefully stalk toward the back door.

Jesse nods and creeps over to the breaker box, thankful Kara is anal retentive about labeling.  She flicks the switches for all but the emergency lights up front, but leaves the ones in the back on.

<Angela> pauses as she hears the lights go out ahead after she slowly creeps in through the unlocked door. She puts her back against the wall in the stairwell for the fire escape, and listens for signs of movement.

<Aaron> goes a little further toward the back, still just holding the hammer in one hand.  With the other, he signals for Jesse to remain where she is in the dark for now.

Jesse sighs but nods and stays put where she is, waiting.

<Angela> hears someone coming, and decides to chance a friendly meeting rather than some sort of all out battle. “Uhm, hello?”, she says… totally breaking all the rules of horror movies. Never, ever call out hello to the dark.

<Aaron> pauses, keeping the hammer in his hand but not wanting to start a fight if he doesn’t have to.  “Uhm, hello back?”

Jesse listens, but for now stays still and quiet in case it’s a trick.

<Angela> slowly and carefully steps out from the wall and into the doorway, hands raised. She is wearing a long black dress and has an old camera hanging around her neck. “Uhm… I do ghost tours every year, take pictures of abandoned places… guess this… isn’t so empty?”

<Aaron> shakes his head softly, but carefully sets the hammer off to the side.  “Not so much, no.  But it’s not haunted to my knowl- oh wait… Arthur did mention something about a ghost bothering him here before.”

Jesse finally flicks the lights back on and comes out to get a look.  “Hey. So you go walking around hunting ghosts for pictures alone in the middle of the night?”

<Angela> nods with a half a smile. “Yeah, basically. But… what caused me to come in rather than taking pictures… was that.”, she says as she points up toward the Chandelier. “How long have you guys been here? I come around about once a year… don’t recall that before.”, she says as she starts to take a bit more of a look around.

<Aaron> looks at her, then moves over to the back door and makes sure it’s closed and locked.  “Maybe you should come talk to us for a bit.  But honestly, I’ve only been doing this for a couple of weeks, working on it.  A couple others were at it for a little while before me.”

Jesse raises a hand.  “I have only been here a couple of days.”

<Angela> glances back toward the door, then shrugs and nods as she comes inside further, lifting her camera to take a few pictures of the darker corners of the room. “Weird. But that’s cool. So what are you guys doing, fixing this place up? That’s awesome.”

<Aaron> watches her a moment and then glances toward Jesse.  “Yeah, kinda.  Uhm, I’m Aaron… this is Jesse.  We were just setting some stuff up…  we should probably go back for the load soon though…”

Jesse nods to Aaron and offers her hand to the woman.  “That is our cue to bail… And we shouldn’t leave you here alone.  But it was nice meeting you… And you should totally come back some time and meet the others.”

<Angela> nods her head slightly in understanding. “That’s cool. I’m Angela. And I’ll do that.”, she says as she shakes her hand and then turns back toward the exit. “And maybe I’ll use the front entrance next time.”, she says with a chuckle.

<Aaron> nods and lets her out before he and Jesse head back for another load of stuff to bring over.