Jesse finally gets her phone all set up again, after losing the other in the pond…  And frowns as she checks her messages.  “Uhm…”, she looks over at Aaron.  “First off…  Does that mean what I think it does from Kara?  That better not be a zombie she is talking about.”

<Aaron> frowns, looking at his own phone as he too finishes putting the new one together and getting it all set up again.  “It sounds…  it sounds like it.  Maybe.  And i don’t have an issue with the lab… aside from it’s… well, a lab.  Probably some escaped experiment or something.”

Jesse blinks at him, debating whether or not he is serious.  “I guess we’ll have to catch up to her and find out more.  But I got a weird facebook message too.  Here, look at it.”  ( “So, local OOH? VA looking to meet up, new in town. Regards, 0xdeadbea7” )

<Aaron> takes the phone and looks at it, starting to walk as he does.  “Could someone be confusing us for the guys with all the magic stuff that they had at the Lab?  And… that’s creepy.  And why I hate the internet.  Someone stalking us through a computer somehow does not make me feel good.”, he says as he starts to gives a look around the street.

Jesse tilts her head a bit and then grabs the phone back.  “I’m gonna reply.  Stalkers dont just say hello.  We could have them meet us… Uhm… Oh!  That coffee shop we were all at last week.”

<Aaron> frowns but lets her take the phone back.  “I don’t…  okay.  But as many of us as can make it go.  We need to meet up and talk about this wandering corpse anyway.”

Jesse writes a (FB Reply) “Not exactly.  But still friendly?  There is a coffee shop off Sixth Street, around the corner from Bourbon.  We can maybe meet there?”

Jesse sends her response and then shrugs, tucking her phone away.  “Speaking of… Coffee and something to eat sounds like a good idea about now.”

<Aaron> looks at her and then chuckles, shaking his head.  “Alright, lets go get something to eat and someting to warm up a bit.  I’ll reply to Kara and let her know we got her message… I make it a habit to study other cultures, it might be voodoo related, not that I should say that too loudly around here.”

Aaron sends Kara a (txt) “Jesse and I got your message.  We also got another message from someone else we are not sure of.  If you need us, or anything happens… we’re at the coffee shop we all met up at before.  I have suspicions about your case, but we should talk in person.”

Jesse nods her head and makes a beeline for the coffee shop.  She ducks in and waits for Aaron to catch up before ordering her usual hazelnut delight and some almond bars.

<Aaron> follows her in, but glances around from time to time, to the point of eyeing even the camera on the traffic light before ducking in behind her.  Now, he was on high alert.  He orders a chai and a cinnamon roll, and then once ready moves with Jesse to go sit at the same table as before, where they can watch the people outside somewhat.

Jesse looks to Aaron as she sips her drink.  “What are you worried for?  Seriously.  It’s a person.  That seems way less scary that some monster making a hole that sucked me into a world full of spirit creatures.  I mean… Think of it that way.  We fought scary monsters, what is left to be scared of.”

<Aaron> tries to smile, but keeps glancing outside from time to time anyay.  “More than I am glad you know of.”, he responds with a soft chuckle and sips his tea.