<Dan> *Going through normal security measures, starts searching for more information on the White Rabbit Project*

<ST> The White Rabbit Project seems, at least on the surface, not to exist.  It’s not listed anywhere.  Finding it at all seems to have been a total and absolute fluke… If such a thing were possible.

<ST> Eventually it can be traced through it’s own ‘rabbit holes’ in various programs to a building right there in New Orleans.

<Dan> Ah.. local. Which building though? *digs into the history of the building, and looks for dark spaces… places in the building where there are no registered tennents/occupants*

<ST> A building that is currently owned by the Federal Government.  Seems to be some sort of listing for an FBI Office and Forensics Lab.

<Dan> FBI eh… so it’s either on their internal server, or paper records… could FOIA it, but that might tip them off. I know… *starts searching the federal contracting databases for an RFP asking for cleared contractors in the region for an FBI project*

<ST> Everything about it seems perfectly normal.  If this project is working there… It is getting assistance from somewhere else that is very, very good at not leaving footprints.  The whole FBI aspect though is scary normal.  So normal it looks fake.

<Dan> Ah… maybe a fake field office? Let’s see.. Check the history of the associate special agents, look up arrest statistics, compare that, court cases, appeals, etc vs  the field office in another equivalent sized place. Check the histories of the agents who work there. Might take a bit.

<ST> There are real agents working there.  But… There are a few extras.  Like… There are 40 people listed, but there are 50 actually there.

<Dan> Ah, progress! Now to figure how those ten people are, and what their background is. Where did the go to school, what did they study, who is on their W2 as their employer… information

<ST> Absolutely nothing.  They exist, but only as part of a non existent project.

<Dan> So… fake names, or fake people. One or the other. They must go somewhere when not at work. No magic yet though, but I’ll see if I can hack the local security cameras in a nearby building and watch the coming and going  from there, follow them. Try to get some good high res pics to run through various facial recognition databases.

<ST> Building itself… Fake windows.  Just a plain brick building.  Buildings nearby are all older small businesses, none with outside cameras.  Closest he gets in the street camera… There he can start.

<ST> He finds 3 people coming and going that simply do not exist.  A short woman , a man who seems to otherwise be an Agent, and a weird guy with long blonde hair.

<Dan> Fine, making my life hard. Street cam it is. At least those store history so I can watch at speed. Now.. do they come and go, or just… stay there, all the time?

<ST> The “Agent” seems to stay there.  He leaves but only for short periods.  The short woman has stayed overnight but seems to spend only half her time there.  The other that seems not to exist on record has only been there a couple of times.

<Dan> OK, we can work from this. Follow the third one backwards in time, where did he come FROM? The traffic cameras are networked, can walk him back

<ST> Oooooh.  He comes from an abandoned building… An old ass Theater.  Three others, including the short woman and two others he saw at the place that DO exist.

<Dan> Ah, the hidden.. base? Old theater doesn’t sound normal. I’ll look into the records. Who owns it, who bought it when, what’s the status, who lives/works there…

<ST> Alestier is the name of the one that owns the old building but its supposedly abandoned.  Street camera picks up the same 3-4 people though going in with tools and such.  And now, as in the last day or so, moving in boxes of stuff and plants and fish tanks…  No one works there.  This Alesteir guy has owned it for a long time though.  Looks like it was destroyed during Katrina, and never restored.

<Dan> ….fish tanks? setting up an office, or appearance of one at least. I hope. The other options are just disturbing. Hm. Any pictures good enough of them to run through facial recognition? I’ll do some more digging on Arthur as well while I’m at it.

<ST> Digging into Ale eventually leads him to the Order of Hermes.  The two people that do have records… One is named Aaron Whitefox, the other is Jessica (name escapes me, another PC).  Jessica is an LPN, and Aaron seems to be a drifter… Tad bit of a criminal past.

<Dan> Order of… Trad mages using FBI as cover? How bizarre. That’s normally a technoc thing. Maybe I should say hi. People with records have facebook/email addresses, see what I can track on them.

<ST> Jesse is easy to track.  She has FB, and seems pretty normal.  Late 20s, stable.  Though she hasn’t been online in about a week.  Which would be unusual given her previous habits.  Aaron has no online life, just a bit of a record… Some protests… A few bar fights… A couple b&e probably for places to sleep it looks like.

<Dan> Hmmm, I’ll send a Super Untracable (but replyable) FB message “So, local OOH? VA looking to meet up, new in town.  Regards, 0xdeadbea7” and then check for anyone googling 0xdeadbea7