[Storyteller] It’s very cloudy, making the sky appear as a carpet of blackness.

[Rakshasa] emerges out of the shadows, slowly walking towards the asylum. He appears to be coming from the direction of the haunted cave. As the shadow of the clouds clear away, it is revealed he is covered in blood as if it oozed out of him. His moonlit eyes are have a strange look, almost catatonic. He has some rock samples and his notebook in his hand

[Rakshasa] His face is grim

Anne’s near her usual place in the Asylum’s courtyard, apparently taking out a rather long list of grievances upon one of the trees on the grounds. The tree appears to be weathering the assault as best an inanimate object can the fury of a fifty-some woman with supernatural powers and a chip on her shoulder.

Anne’s face seems remarkably dispassionate, though her body language is thoroughly savage.

[Rakshasa] just walks into the middle of the Asylum lawn. He opens his notebook and takes a look at the sketches of the symbols on the cave wall. After a long look he looks up and gazes at the dark clouds shrouding the moon “Death..Contain..Power”

Christopher walks outside, seeing Rakshasa he runs up to him and offers his arm,”You look low on blood. You should feed.”

[Rakshasa] pays little attention to Chris, still gazing at the moon lost in thought. “Death..Contain..Power” After a few seconds Chris’ arm snaps him out of his thought and he looks at him with unblinking gaze, the iris of his eyes glowing white and his pupils shaped like a viper “Contain, Power….Death”

[Rakshasa] His gaze is feral, but not that of hunger

Christopher blinks and walks causually over to Anne and patiently waits to get her attention not wanting to anger her and risk his own life.”Anne, can I speak with you? I think we have a problem.”

Chrys comes out from the house it is staying in, looking like …  Well, plain.  Sexless.  Hardly any defining features at all, and totally devoid of hair.  It growls and glances over at the cages with a ripple of its skin then stalks off to the courtyard.

Anne continues to work out a number of issues on a tree in leiu of a psychologist. An ever-increasing pile of kindling pools at her ankles.

Christopher huffs for a second and goes inside and grabs two books, a notebook and pencil, and a small light to read with. He then sits a little way off from Anne and waits for her to work off her frustration. The first book is on sedatives and the other is on kindred metabolism. He starts comparing notes hoping to come up with something that would help “calm the beast” using enhanced sedatives.

Chrys looks about, raising a hairless eyebrow.  “Looks like everyone is in a glorious mood tonight.”

Christopher,”Oh hello Chrys, I was waiting for Anne to work out her frustration. It looks like we may have some form of issue with Rhakshasa. He looks like Kitt did from that spirit and has been muttering the same phrase. I’m worried.”

[Rakshasa] is still lost in thought, just standing there beneath the clouds, staring at the night sky. He hasn’t blinked once

Chrys tilts its head and narrows its gaze at Rakshasa, studying his aura curiously to check for anything strange.

Chrys looks back to Chris.  “He seems fine to me… His aura shows he might be a little anxious but other than that… He is fine.”

[Rakshasa] Something snaps him out of his state and he notices Chrys and Chris staring at him. He turns his head at both of them “Yes?”

[Rakshasa] The blood covered gangrel walks towards the both of them. He gives a strange look at the androgynous Chrys “Pardon me I was lost in thought.” He pauses for a moment considering his words “Chrys I presume? Did any of you two had any..dreams last night?”

Christopher,”I saw you come back seeming to be injured, I wanted to know if you were alright. You were also muttering something similar to Kitt…”

[Rakshasa] He seems normal now, apart from being covered in blood

[Rakshasa] “Yes I was..contemplating on those three words. Did any of you two had any dreams last night?”

Chrys shakes its head softly.  “Yes, it is me.  But no weird dreams.  I slept like the dead as it were.”  It glances from one to the other, then off toward Anne.  “Something has Granny Panties in a wad though.”

Christophers eyes seem out of focus for a moment…”I dreamt of something… else last night. It’s probably nothing…” Christopher runs his hands through his hair and stares at a few stray hairs for a moment befor sighing and letting them fall.

[Rakshasa] he gives the same unblinking gaze at Chrys then lowers his gaze and mutters “I must speak with Zaluut.” Chris’ statement diverts his attention “What did you dream? Tell me, its important”

Chrys listens, tilting its head as it looks between the pair.  “Even we dream… So why so freaked out?”

Christopher is visibly uncomfortable as he speaks, his hands fidgeting,”It was… was nothing… just a nightmare… about work… and aging… that’s all.”

[Rakshasa] seems irritated at Chris’ hesitation “The dream is unnatural, and it connects to that cave, something is not right…Chris do you know how to carbon date or radiometric date?”

Chrys blinks.  “But Christopher didn’t ever go to the cave.”

Chris,”I don’t think it’s related to the cave at all. I believe it’s a personal matter… I have never tried carbon dating before. I ran a DNA test on the blood from the bunker however and the results came back.”

[Rakshasa] He looks at Chrys “Maybe its not related to the cave maybe it is, one thing I can feel is that something is coming, something with a lot of malice.” He pauses and looks at Christopher “What were the results of the DNA test?”

Chrys blinks and looks from one to the other before walking a few steps away, taking a look at Anne’s handiwork on the tree.

Christopher lets out a deep breath,”Entirely Human. Seems to be from an ordinary mortal. That’s what’s strange about it.”

Chrys pipes up a bit at that:  “Maybe a sacrifice?”

Christopher shakes his head,”Remember it was outside the bunker by the door. That’s what has me perplexed. We had cleared everything out, and then ordinary human blood shows up like that outside the bunker.”

Anne had transitioned from using her claws upon the tree before her to using her fists. She appears to be either winding down, or enjoying bloodying her knuckles as she knocks already-loosened chunks of wood from the tree. Perhaps both.

[Rakshasa] “Strange indeed. I passed out in the cave last night, but I managed to get the rock sample and the sketches of the runes. I’ll be running some tests and doing some research and hopefully get some answers..hopefully before something happens”

[Rakshasa] “One last thing, did any of you…sweat blood after waking up?”

Christopher gulps,”Not exactly. I think I… found a gray hair though.”

Chrys shakes its bald head.  “I didn’t wake up that I remember… Haven’t since that one time my luggage got lost and so I had to sleep without my soil…  That sucked balls.”

[Rakshasa] thinks on the words of Chris and Chrys “I woke up this night to find blood oozing out of my skin like sweat, something very wrong is going on. And human blood on the bunker door you say, perhaps a ghoul or a mortal servant? But who’s servant? We might need to install a few battery or solar operated cameras in the forest”

Christopher nods,”Yes, I am concerned. I am unsure why you would ‘sweat blood’. Perhaps whatever is attacking us has some ability to reach our beasts. I am hoping that my dream is not connected to yours, because if it is, I may not be the only one worrying about…”

[Rakshasa] “About what?”

Chrys frowns, looking thoughtful.  “Both Tremere and Assamites can make you sweat blood.  But I doubt theyd be around in the day.’

Christopher hardly chokes it out,”Our…mortality…”

Chrys laughs, nearly snorting.  “Sorry, not I.  I mean, going back to being human could suck but yeah… Death doesn’t really bother me.  I just start over.”

[Rakshasa] “No it was nothing like the Tremere or Assamite disciplines. It was the result of that dream, perhaps the key are those words Power, Contain, Death. Contain the Power or Death”

[Rakshasa] gives a grim look at at them “Vampires may not need to fear mortality but death can still come for us all”

Christopher eyes widen,”Perhaps it was the power of Death that reached me in my dream. I was dreaming that I was aging to Death. It must be that, yes! I’m sure I’ll be fine once we take care of this. Maybe I should keep some distance from it though, do my research from here.

[Rakshasa] “And I dreamed that I was trapped in my owl form, unable to fly as the sun rays devoured my undead flesh”

Chrys looks at Chris.  “Chickenshit.  Nah, you’re in as deep as anyone there, Juice Bag.”

[Rakshasa] gives an evil grin “If the lurking fear comes, it will come for us all and the weakest will be devoured first, such is the law of nature”

Christopher nods,”Then it may be wise that I start ingesting real vitae. My dream suggested that my own vitae.. may fail me. Fortunately we only need to imbibe in vitae every 6 months in order to completely stave off aging. I need to discover more about the nature of the serum and finally perfect it. I was the first working prototype. I am far from a perfect example.”

[Rakshasa] “Who’s vitae will you ingest?”

Chrys blinks, doing the math in her head.  “Uh, no.  Once a month like a ghoul, can replace part of your own supply with it… But you’ll lose it if something happens.  I could make you a second stomach to store it though, that could work.”

Christopher,”I was hoping to recreate something similar to the vaulderie from those who are willing to donate from within the compound. A single draught from different vampires should be sufficient to avoid having disastrous effects from the blood bond. I wouldn’t want anything to interfere with my ability to conduct my research.”

[Rakshasa] stares at Chris for a while “Very well”

Chrys looks away toward the main hall for a moment. “That would depend upon who actually claims you I’d imagine.  Revenants don’t grow on trees…”

[Rakshasa] “I suppose being the slave that revenants are, Chris would belong to the master of the house..Zaluut”

Christopher,”Yes, most likely. Regardless I believe it would be Zaluut’s decision for me to be allowed to be bound to anyone. It is my understanding that feeding off multiple vampires would allow me to retain a clearer mind. Also being that I am a Revenant the feeding is not typically necessary for me to utilize abilities, but it can help me learn new ones and completely stall aging instead of the slowed aging typically of my kind.”

Anne gives the tree a final kick, causing it to sway slightly with the amount of abuse it’s already taken, and takes a few calming breaths. She finally seems to notice the small impromptu gathering in the courtyard, and meanders over, looking more like her normal self, just more testy.

Chrys tilts its head at that.  “I own a few.  The Arch Bishop has some as well I hear.  Though I do imagine most of those here would be considered his property by default.”

“Tiger, Polly Oliver.” Anne nods curtly at Rakshasa and Chrys. “Scrawny.” She turns her gaze to Christopher. “You’re due for training today.”

Christopher smiles,”Ah yes, it’s time for that to begin. I am looking forward to the rewards of the labor and will try to focus on the carrot, rather than the stick.”

“Don’t worry,” Anne grins in a manner to predatory to be mirthful, “I’ll handle the stick.”

Chris gulps,”So what first?”

[Rakshasa] looks at Chris “You think you’ll go around drinking the vitae of multiple vampires like some kind of whore to stall your aging and they will gleefully teach you their secrets? You must be kidding me!” His attention is drawn by Anne “Good evening. Is everything fine Anne?”

Chrys furrows its brows and then slowly heads back off toward the house again.  “I need to go feed the many minions…  I might be back later.”

[Rakshasa] “Later”

“Depends on what you want to build up. If it’s endurance, get ready for running. Lots of it.” She shoots Chris a last smirk before turning to address Rakshasa’s question. “Somewhere my therapist is smiling smugly, the prick, but yeah,” Anne shrugs, “I’ll get over it.”

[Rakshasa] stands covered in blood, although the blood on his skin seems to be drying off “Good, I have a feeling something bad may be headed this way. I think I may need a bath too”

Christopher nods,”For now I need to carry on with my research and training. Then I will worry about the logistics of what should be done… For now I believe I shall try that run Anne. Where do you have in mind?”

“I’m thinking ten laps, as a warm up.” Anne takes a glance around the courtyard. “Then calisthenics. And if you stop for more than ten seconds, I go get Polly Oliver’s hounds. Call it ‘motivating’ if you’d like.”

[Rakshasa] nods to Anne “I’ll be off, probably go an take a bath. I’ll come back later to see if the young one is still alive after all that workout” He smiles and starts walking

“Make sure to wash behind your ears, Tiger. I can smell you a mile away covered in that.” Anne shoots Rakshasa a smirk as he heads off, then turns back to Christopher.

Christopher nods,”Alright let’s begin then.” He heads to the line up area and prepares to put everything he can into this work out. Trying to remember that his life may very well depend on it.

[Rakshasa] “Heh, after you are done with the young one, I presume he’ll be covered in both sweat and piss. I’d say get a nose clip”

“That’s how I’ll know it’s working.” Anne retorts, her grin turning a bit more sadistic.

[Rakshasa] waves as walks away